Ellis Grove High School


The History of Ellis Grove High School

Ellis Grove (population 363) is located in far southwestern Illinois in the northwest portion of Randolph County. Illinois Route 3 is the main roadway that travels to and from Ellis Grove. The Mississippi River flows about 2 miles to the west of town. Ellis Grove is about 10 miles northwest of Chester and approximately 50 miles southeast of East St. Louis. Ellis Grove was established in 1852 and named after George Ellis, an early proprietor and first post master of the town (Place Names of Illinois by Edward Callary).

We learned of Ellis Grove supporting a high school via Illinois State Basketball Tournament scores from the 1930s and 1940s. Ellis Grove High School competed in the annual District Tournament in their area. Unfortunately this is currently the extent of the results of our research regarding Ellis Grove High School.

Based on other research of other communities of similar size we believe that Ellis Grove likely had a high school in place by the late 19-teens to early 1920s. It likely served the community through the late 1940s. We know that today the children of Ellis Grove attend high school in Chester (according to the IHSA website (

Ellis Grove High School Quick Facts

Year Opened:            late 19-teens/early 1920s (?)

Year Closed:              late 1940s (?)

Consolidated to:        Chester High School 

Team Nickname:       Needed

Team Colors:             Needed

School Fight Song:    Needed

Boys Basketball

We know that Ellis Grove High School supported a boys basketball program. The team competed in the annual IHSA state tournament for certain. Research via has discovered the following basketball scores. Other scores involving Ellis Grove High School are needed.

1937-38                   Red Bud District Tourney                    Coach’s name & record needed

                                1st Rd Beat Valmeyer 29-19

                                Remaining scores needed

1939-40                   Steeleville District Tourney                  Coach’s name & record needed

                                1st Rd lost to Percy 34-22

1940-41                   Campbell Hill District Tourney             Coach’s name & record needed

                                1st Rd lost to Willisville 51-27

                                Campbell Hill beat Percy in title game

1941-42                   Willisville District Tourney                    Coach’s name & record needed

                                 1st Rd Beat Kaskaskia St. Mary

                                 Remaining Scores Needed  

Other Activities at Ellis Grove High School

It is probable that the students of Ellis Grove High School participated in many activities. School plays, student government, FFA, FHA, GAA, dances, and many other activities were probably offered and a large part of student life..


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McNabb High School


The History of McNabb High School

McNabb (population 285) is located in north central Illinois. McNabb is situated in the east-central portion of Putnam County. Illinois Route 89 takes you along the east side of town. County Road 500, also known as McNabb Blacktop Road, travels through the center of town. Illinois Route 18 passes by about 3 miles south of McNabb. McNabb is located about 10 miles south of Spring Valley and 19 miles southwest of LaSalle.

The Geneology Trails web address of provides the following information regarding McNabb’s origin. The information comes from a book titled The Past and Present of Marshall and Bureau Counties, 1907, Page 81.

“The coming of the I, I. & I. Railroad in 1900 brought to the county an additional village. In Magnolia township one of the principal local promoters of this road was Hon. J. M. McNabb, at that time county judge. The railroad company felt that it was to its interest to establish a station somewhere in Magnolia township, so they bought Judge McNabb’s farm at the highest price that was ever paid for land in the county, and laid out a little town which they rightly named McNabb.

Its development has not been up to expectations, but what the future holds for it we may not yet discover. It is already a social and business center for the community. It has two or three good stores, two elevators, a lumber yard and a hotel. It also has two rural mail routes emanating from its office. A banking house under the name of the “Farmers’ Bank of McNabb” is managed by Judge McNabb, cashier and one of the proprietors. There is a thriving Danish church in the village, and a new school building to two stories and two teachers. The Toluca, Marquette & Northern Railroad also runs through the town.

McNabb can boast of one feature that no other town in the county possesses. They have a regular sale stable where public sales of fancy and blooded stock take place. They have a commodious hall in which social and literary entertainments are held. Taking all in all, the village has made an interesting social center.”

We have very little information regarding the the school system in McNabb. We know that in 1907 there was a two-story school building in town, likely for grades 1 – 8. We were told in speaking with a local citizen that McNabb school once offered a two-year course of high school study as well. Our source’s father attended the two-year high school in McNabb and then had the choice of continuing his education in either Granville or Swaney high schools.

If you have any further information to add regarding McNabb High School please contact us at

McNabb High School Quick Facts


Year Opened:        Possibly early 1920s

Year closed:          Possibly early to mid 1940s

Course of study:    2-year high school, could finish last two years at Granville Hopkins High School

                              or Swaney High School.

Team nickname:   Needed

Team colors:         Needed

School Song:        Needed





Very little information is available regarding the former McNabb High School. There are no listings on the IHSA website. It is possible basketball and other sports were offered at the school. It is also possible that plays, student government, band, chorus, and other activities were a part of the experience for the students of McNabb High School.




One basketball score involving McNabb High School playing in the IHSA State Tournament was located on a website titled “Illinois High School Postseason Basketball Scores.”


1918-19                   Peoria District Tournament                  Coach’s name & record needed

                                1st Rd lost to Washburn 39-14

                                Peoria Central Beat Averyville in the title game.


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Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.   60631

Aledo High School

Aledo High School Building
A flag on a pole in front of a building

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Constructed in the 1950s

The History of Aledo High School

Aledo (population 3,613) is located in upper-western Illinois in the center of Mercer County and has served as the county seat since 1857. Aledo is situated at the intersection of Illinois Route 17 and Illinois Route 94.  The Mississippi River flows about 12 miles west of Aledo. Country singing superstar Suzy Bogguss calls Aledo her hometown.

We know that Aledo was chartered as an official Illinois town in 1855.  It served as the home of Aledo AcademyRoosevelt Military Academy (1924-73), and William and Vashti College (1908-1917).  The history of the town and its educatonal system is in need of research.  The town’s official website can be viewed at .

Early Aledo HS – Later Southside Elementary School
A building with a flag on top

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Submitted by Linda Lasik

We are certain that Aledo residents began offering educational opportunities to their children in the mid 1800s.  Aledo High School was established during the later years of the Aledo Academy, and in turn contributed to the latter school’s demise. In Eric Long’s research of the Academy“… the Aledo Academy did its duty as a fine school until the Aledo High School became an academically stronger institution.” This took placed during the late 1880s to early 1890s. Aledo High School served the community through 2009. It was in 2008 and 2009 that Aledo residents and residents whose children attended nearby Joy Westmer High School began researching a possibility of consolidating their efforts.  This decision was agreed upon by both sides and finalized in 2008.

The 2008-09 school year would be the final one for the school known as the Aledo High School “Green Dragons”.  Beginning with the 2009-10 school year, Aledo High School became known as the Mercer County High School “Golden Eagles”.  Mercer County High School will hold classes in Aledo at the former Aledo High School building.

Aledo High School Quick Facts

Year opened:              Late 1880s-Early 1890s

Year consolidated:      2009

Consolidated with:      Westmer High School

Consolidated to:         Mercer County High School

Aledo HS nickname:   the “Green Dragons”

Uniform colors:           Hunter Green, Black, & White

School Fight Song:     “GO YOU ALEDO

Northwestern University Fight Song Tune

                                            Lyrics and information provided by MICHAEL REICK

Go you Aledo,

                                 Fight right through that line!

                                 With your colors flying,

                                 We will cheer you all the time!

                                 Rah  Rah Rah!!

                                 Go you Aledo,

                                 Fight for victory!

                                 Spread out the fame,

                                 Of our fair name,

                                 And go you Aledo

                                 Win that game!!

                                 Hit ’em high!

                                 Hit ’em low! 

                                 GO YOU ALEDO GO!!


The Aledo High School athletic program enjoyed many successful seasons.  State championships were enjoyed in the sports of football and boys golf.  Many student athletes of Aledo High would enjoy success on team and personal levels while participating in the sports program at Aledo High School.  Highlights of this program include the following:



4  –  “Other” IHSA Sweet 16 Appearances

8  –  “Other” IHSA STATE Top Ten Finishes!


9  –  Sectional Championships!

28 –  Regional/District Championships!

64 –  Medals Won in State Meet Competition!

Congratulations to this incredible program.  The records, scores, and information listed below were all located on the IHSA website. (


The beginning of the Aledo football program didn’t have the best results in it’s first season (1915-16). However, through the years the Green Dragon football program has been all about success. In 2007, Aledo entered a cooperative agreement with Westmer High. Four times the Green Dragons had undefeated years, with three of them occuring before the “playoff era.” And how about after the advent of the playoffs? How about THREE State Championships and THREE runner-ups, all occuring between 1988 and 2006! We’ll let the results speak for itself …

1915-16    0 – 4                                                            Coach Oliver Hostetler

1921-22    1 – 4                                                            Coach Alvin Almer

1922-23    3 – 1                                                            Coach Alvin Almer

1923-24    4 – 3 – 1                                                       Coach Kenny Constant

1924-25    4 – 4                                                            Coach Kenny Constant

1925-26    5 – 2 – 2                                                       Coach Kenny Constant

1926-27    8 – 2                                                            Coach Alphonse Barrett

1927-28    5 – 2 – 2                                                       Coach Henry Canine

1928-29    7 – 2                                                            Coach Henry Canine

1929-30    6 – 2 – 1                                                       Coach Henry Canine

1930-31    4 – 4                                                            Coach Henry Canine

1931-32    5 – 2 – 1                                                       Coach Henry Canine

1932-33    3 – 3 – 2                                                       Coach Henry Canine

1933-34    7 – 3                                                            Coach Henry Canine

1934-35    5 – 3                                                            Coach Henry Canine

1935-36    3 – 4 – 2                                                       Coach Henry Canine

1936-37    4 – 3 – 1                                                       Coach Henry Canine

1938-39    8 – 0      Undefeated Season!                      Coach George Pratt

1939-40    5 – 1 – 1                                                       Coach Rex Millikin

1940-41    7 – 0      Undefeated Season!                      Coach Rex Millikin

1941-42    1 – 4 – 1                                                       Coach George Pratt

1942-43    7 – 1                                                            Coach Stuart Vandorn

1943-44    5 – 3                                                            Coach Stuart Vandorn

1944-45    3 – 8                                                            Coach Percy Yard

1945-46    6 – 2 – 1                                                       Coach Percy Yard

1946-47    6 – 3                                                            Coach George Pratt

1947-48    8 – 1                                                            Coach George Pratt

1948-49    4 – 2 – 2                                                       Coach George Pratt

1950-51    7 – 1                                                            Coach George Pratt

1951-52    3 – 5                                                            Coach George Pratt

1952-53    7 – 0 – 1 Undefeated Season!                      Coach George Pratt

1953-54    6 – 2                                                            Coach George Pratt

1954-55    7 – 1                                                            Coach George Pratt

1956-57    7 – 1                                                            Coach George Pratt

1957-58    5 – 2                                                            Coach George Pratt

1958-59    5 – 2 – 1                                                       Coach George Pratt

1959-60    6 – 2                                                            Coach George Pratt

1960-61    6 – 1 – 1                                                       Coach George Pratt

1961-62    6 – 2                                                            Coach George Pratt

1962-63    6 – 2                                                            Coach George Pratt

1963-64    5 – 2 – 1                                                       Coach John Thomas

1964-65    3 – 5                                                            Coach John Thomas

1965-66    5 – 3                                                            Coach John Thomas

1966-67    6 – 2                                                            Coach John Thomas

1967-68    3 – 4 – 1                                                       Coach Larry Reinhold

1968-69    2 – 6                                                            Coach Larry Reinhold

1969-70    4 – 4                                                            Coach Larry Reinhold

1970-71    4 – 4                                                            Coach Len Morehead

1971-72    3 – 4 – 1                                                       Coach Len Morehead

1972-73    1 – 8                                                            Coach Len Morehead

1973-74    0 – 8                                                            Coach Mike Wood

1974-75    4 – 5                                                            Coach Mike Wood

1975-76    6 – 4      IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                Coach Ray Harris

Lost to Eureka 28 – 14


1976-77    7 – 2                                                            Coach Ray Harris

1977-78    4 – 5                                                            Coach Bob Kniss

1978-79    4 – 5                                                            Coach Ray Harris

1979-80    2 – 7                                                            Coach Ray Harris

1980-81    5 – 4                                                            Coach Ray Harris

1981-82    6 – 3                                                            Coach Rich Hulkow

1982-83    6 – 3                                                            Coach Rich Hulkow

1983-84    6 – 3                                                            Coach Rich Hulkow

1984-85    1 – 8                                                            Coach Don McKillip

1985-86    4 – 5                                                            Coach Don McKillip

1986-87    4 – 5                                                            Coach Don McKillip

1987-88    5 – 4                                                            Coach Brian Applegate

1988-89  13 – 1      IHSA Class 2A SECOND PLACE!     Coach Brian Applegate
Undefeated Regular Season!

                            Beat Bushnell-Prairie City  13 – 10
Beat Prophetstown  18 – 13
Beat Morrison  33 – 0
Beat Genoa-Kingston  13 – 10

Lost to Carlyle 21 – 13


1989-90    0 – 9                                                            Coach Mike Shepard

1990-91    3 – 6                                                            Coach Bill McCarty

1991-92    6 – 3                                                            Coach Bill McCarty

1992-93  10 – 3      IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                Coach Bill McCarty

Final Four Finalist!

                            Beat Toulon Stark County 28 – 0
Beat Tremont  28 – 12
Beat LeRoy  21 – 14

Lost to Richmond-Burton 16 – 6

Richmond-Burton Won State Championship

1993-94  12 – 1      IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                Coach Bill McCarty

Undefeated Regular Season!

                            Final Four Finalist! 

                            Beat Morrison  14 – 0
Beat Byron 27 – 24
Beat Stillman Valley 42 – 20

Lost to Coal City 20 – 19

Coal City Won State Championship

1994-95    6 – 3                                                            Coach Bill McCarty

1995-96    4 – 5                                                            Coach Bill McCarty

1996-97  10 – 3      IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                Coach Bill McCarty

                           Final Four Finalist!

                           Beat Winnebago  18 – 12
Beat Sterling Newman 20 – 7
Beat Byron  27 – 14

Lost to Moweaqua Central A & M 37 – 14

Moweaqua Placed 2ND

1997-98  11 – 1     IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                 Coach Bill McCarty

                           Undefeated Regular Season!

                           Elite 8 Finalist!

                           Beat Fulton 33 – 0
Beat Chicago Christian 30 – 8

Lost to Stillman Valley  20 – 14(OT)

1998-99  12 – 2     IHSA CLASS 2A STATE CHAMPS!  Coach Cullen Welter

 Beat Beardstown  35 – 25
Beat Tolono (Unity)  22 – 20
Beat Illiopolis 39 – 20
Beat Casey-Westfield  49 – 7
Beat Rockridge  25 – 17

1999-00  10 – 2     IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                 Coach Cullen Welter

  Elite 8 Finalist!

                           Beat Peru St. Bede  41 – 8
Beat Morrison  27 – 12

Lost to Stillman Valley 13 – 12

Stillman Valley Won State Championship

2000-01    6 – 4     IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                 Coach Cullen Welter

Lost to Fulton 15 – 12

2001-02  13 – 1      IHSA CLASS 2A STATE CHAMPS!  Coach Cullen Welter 

                           Beat Carthage  48 – 36
Beat Westville  44 – 19
Beat Sidell (Jamaica) 40 – 0
Beat Forreston  35 – 26
Beat Moweaqua Central A&M 27 – 24

2002-03  14 – 0     IHSA CLASS 2A STATE CHAMPS!  Coach Cullen Welter

                           Undefeated Season!

                           Beat Forreston  34 – 8
Beat Amboy 40 – 0
Beat Poplar Grove North Boone 32 – 6
Beat Argenta-Oreana  28 – 7
Beat Carthage  41 – 40 (OT)


2003-04    8 – 2     IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                 Coach Cullen Welter

Lost to Lewistown  43 – 32

2004-05    6 – 4     IHSA Class 2A Qualifier!                 Coach Cullen Welter

Lost to Knoxville  32 – 14

2005-06  12 – 2     IHSA Class 2A SECOND PLACE!     Coach Cullen Welter

Beat El Paso-Gridley  38 – 7
Beat Knoxville  40 – 6
Beat Carthage  31 – 6
Beat Westville  50 – 14

Lost to Dakota  20 – 15

2006-07  13 – 1     IHSA Class 1A SECOND PLACE!     Coach Cullen Welter

Beat Alexis United   55 – 14
Beat Dakota  24 – 0
Beat Alden-Hebron  46 – 15
Beat Lexington 46 – 24

Lost to Tuscola 35 – 20

As the Aledo-Westmer Coop Football Team:

2007-08    9 – 2     IHSA Class 3A Qualifier!                 Coach Cullen Welter

Beat Monmouth-Roseville 44 – 16

Lost to Plano 41 – 20

Plano Won State Championship

2008-09  10 – 2     IHSA Class 3A Qualifier!                 Coach Cullen Welter

Elite 8 Finalist!

                           Beat Lisle Sr.  28 – 21
Beat Stillman Valley  30 – 22

Lost to Carthage Illini West  22 – 6

Carthage Won State Championship

Aledo High School has many records in the IHSA Football record books.  Check out the IHSA web address of to view these records, many of which will stand for decades to come!


The Green Dragon Boys Golf program was very successful during the 1980s: Five Top 8 finishes, a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in 1984 and a SECOND in 1985! Aledo not only had the team championship in 1984, but golfer Matt Ewing won the overall state championship that year! Here’s a look at their efforts:

1982                    IHSA Class ‘A’ 7TH Place!!                 Coach Bob Hoffman

Final Team Standings

1)  Pittsfield                                667

2)  place forfeited

3)  Bloomington Central Catholic  695

4)  Streator Woodland                 698

5)  Mahomet-Seymour                699

6)  Fulton H.S.                           703

7)  Aledo                                  708

1983                    IHSA Class ‘A’ 8TH Place!!                 Coach Bob Hoffman

                           Individual Medalist:

Matt Ewing   10th Place!

Final Team Standings

1)  Dunlap                                   644

2)  Elgin (St. Edward)                   649

3)  Bloomington Central Catholic   676

4)  Quincy Notre Dame                677

5)  Peoria Bergan                        679

6)  Pinckneyville                          689

7)  Rushville                                701

8)  Aledo                                   709

1984          IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONS!!         Coach Bob Hoffman

                 Individual Medalist:

                 Matt Ewing – STATE CHAMPION!


Final Team Standings

1)  Aledo                            660      Coach Bob Hoffman

2)  Monmouth H.S.              673

2)  Petersburg PORTA         673

4)  Princeton                       682

5)  Normal University H.S.    683

1985                    IHSA Class ‘A’ 2ND Place!!                 Coach Bob Hoffman

                           Individual Medalists:

Brian Hall       2ND Place!
Eric Ricketts   7TH Place!

Final Team Standings

1)  Monmouth H.S.                 638

2)  Aledo                               655

3)  Dunlap                              667

4)  Princeton                          668

5)  Aurora Central Catholic      671

1986                    IHSA Class ‘A’ 6TH Place!!                 Coach Bob Hoffman

Final Team Standings

1)  Monmouth H.S.           633

2)  Dunlap                        649

2)  Normal University         649

4)  Quincy Notre Dame     658

5)  Litchfield                     662

6)  Aledo                         683


The Green Dragon Girls Golf program won three Regional championships during the late 2000s. One golfer, Taylor Lane, had a Top 10 finish at the State Meet in 2007!

2006-07                Regional Champions                         Coach Aaron Heartt

2007-08                Regional Champions                         Coach Aaron Heartt

                            Individual Medalist:

                            Taylor Lane – 10TH Place!

2008-09                Regional Champions                         Coach Aaron Heartt


The Green Dragon Boys Basketball program had their fair share of athletic fame at the school. They won SEVEN Regionals in 12 years from 1940-1952! They won eight more Regionals, and made it to the Sweet Sixteen in 1963 prior the the split into playoff classes, and once more in 1977.

1939-40                       Regional Champions
1940-41                       Regional Champions
1942-43                       Regional Champions
1945-46                       Regional Champions
1947-48                       Regional Champions
1949-50                       Regional Champions
1951-52                       Regional Champions
1960-61                       Regional Champions

1962-63   21 – 7            IHSA Sweet 16 Finalists!!          Coach Don Naffziger

                                   Regional Champions

                                   Sectional Champions

Lost to Rockford Auburn 62 – 51

Auburn was later forced to

forfeit this game.

1964-65                       Regional Champions

1965-66                       Regional Champions

1970-71   11 – 13                                                            Coach Darrel Jackson

1971-72   10 – 13                                                            Coach Darrel Jackson

1972-73     4 – 19                                                            Coach Craig Kelley

1973-74   12 – 10                                                            Coach Craig Kelley

1975-76                       Regional Champions

1976-77   25 – 5            IHSA Sweet 16 Finalists!!          Coach Craig Kelley

                                   Regional Champions

                                   Sectional Champions

Lost to Morrison 54 – 53

1992-93   22 – 8            Regional Champions                Coach Lynn Cross
1993-94   22 – 8            Regional Champions                Coach Lynn Cross

1994-95   11 – 15                                                           Coach Lynn Cross

1995-96   13 – 12                                                           Coach Lynn Cross

1996-97     9 – 16                                                           Coach Lynn Cross

1997-98                                                                        Coach Tim Butcher

1998-99                                                                        Coach Carl Carlson

2004-05   10 – 18                                                           Coach C.J. Tracy

2005-06   13 – 16                                                           Coach C.J. Tracy

2006-07   24 – 5                                                             Coach C.J. Tracy

2007-08   15 – 13                                                           Coach C.J. Tracy

2008-09   no record available                                          Coach Brad Jackson


The Green Dragon Girls Basketball program won one Regional championship, in 1981. We are looking for any records after the 1987-87 season.

1977-78    8 – 9                                                        Coach Darrel Jackson

1978-79  15 – 6                                                        Coach Darrel Jackson

1979-80  15 – 7                                                        Coach Darrel Jackson

1980-81  18 – 6       Regional Champions                Coach Darrel Jackson


1981-82  16 – 4                                                        Coach Darrel Jackson

1985-86  11 – 13                                                      Coach Darrel Jackson

1986-87  11 – 13                                                      Coach Darrel Jackson

1987-88  16 – 9                                                        Coach Darrel Jackson


The Green Dragon Baseball program won one Regional championship, in 2002. We are looking for any records after the 2001 season.

2000-01     6 – 17                                                         Coach Scott Anderson

2001-02   11 – 12        Regional Champions                Coach Scott Anderson

2002-03     9 – 15                                                         Coach Scott Anderson

2003-04   11 – 17 – 1                                                    Coach Scott Anderson

2005-06   15 – 9                                                           Coach Chad Scott

2006-07     9 – 13                                                         Coach Chad Scott

2007-08     9 – 15                                                         Coach Chad Scott


Twenty-six State Meet medalists! The Green Dragon Boys Track program has had great athletes all throughout the school’s history: going back to R. Sheese’s 1925 State Championship effort in the 1 Mile Run, and going all the way to the 4×100 Relay teams 2009 State Championship and Kyle Tompkins’ efforts in the 110 High Hurdles as well. The efforts came just months after the community learned of the consolidation of Aledo and Westmer.

1925B                 Individual Medalist:

                          R. Sheese                1 Mile Run        State Champion!!


1946                   Individual Medalists:

                          Ernest Rush              Pole Vault        3RD Place!!
John Hofer               120 Yd. Hurd.    5TH Place!!

1982                   Individual Medalists:

Relay Team             4x800M Relay   2ND Place!!
Dave Engwall          High Jump        3RD Place!!


1983                   Sectional Champions

                          Individual Medalists:

                          Relay Team             4x800m Relay   5TH Place!!

                          Andy Boyce             High Jump        7TH Place!!

1987                   Individual Medalist:

Nate Baker              110M Hurdles    7TH Place!!

1988                   Sectional Champions 

                          Individual Medalists:

                          Scott Earl                100M Dash        4TH Place!!
Scott Earl                200M Dash        5TH Place!!
Nate Baker              110M Hurdles    8TH Place!!

1991                   IHSA Class ‘A’ 9TH Place!!

                          Individual Medalists:

                          Aaron Baker            110M Hurdles   State Champion!!
Aaron Baker            300M Hurdles   2ND Place!!
Relay Team             4x100M Relay  7TH Place!!

Final Team Standings

1)  Chicago Luther South        53

2)  Cairo                                46

3)  Harrisburg                         31

4)  Chicago University HS       29

5)  Princeton                          22

5)  West Frankfort Frankfort    22

7)  Mahomet-Seymour            21

7)  Shelbyville                        21

9)  Aledo                              20

9)  Clinton                             20

1996                   Individual Medalists:

                          Relay Team             4x100M Relay  4TH Place!!
Blake McCreight      400M Dash       7TH Place!!


1999                   Individual Medalist:

                          Cory Shook              3200M Run      5TH Place!!


2000                   Individual Medalist:

                          Michael O’Brien       Discus             4TH Place!!

2001                   Individual Medalists:

                          Relay Team             4x400M Relay  6TH Place!!

2002                   Individual Medalist:

                          Jeromy Swanson     300M Hurdles  2ND Place!!

2003                   Individual Medalists:

Sam Salmon            High Jump      6TH Place!!


2005                   Individual Medalist:

                          Jon Swanson           110M Hurdles  4TH Place!!


2006                   Individual Medalist:

                          Darin Blaser             Long Jump     6TH Place!!

2007                   Sectional Champions                        Coach Cullen Welter

Individual Medalists:

                          Darin Blaser             200M Dash      4TH Place!!
Darin Blaser             Long Jump     6TH Place!!

                          Relay Team             4x100M Relay  6TH Place!!

2008                   Individual Medalists:

Relay Team             4x100M Relay  4TH Place!!


2009                   IHSA Class ‘A’ 6TH Place!!

Individual Medalists:

                          Kyle Tompkins         110M Hurdles   State Champion!!

                          Relay Team             4x100M Relay   State Champion!!
Relay Team             4x200M Relay   4TH Place!!


Final Team Standings

1)  Oregon                   55

2)  Winnebago             37

3)  Stanford Olympia    33½

4)  Heyworth               32

5)  Herrin H.S.             29

6)  Aledo                    26


Eleven times did Aledo girls win State Meet medals in Track and Field.

1980                       Individual Medalists:

                              Relay Team      800M medley   5TH Place!!


1981                       Individual Medalist:

                              Teresa Paul      3200M Run      5TH Place!!

1982                       Individual Medalist:

                              Chris Ferguson   400M Dash    5TH Place!!
Teresa Paul      3200M Run      6TH Place!!

1983                       Individual Medalist:

                              Teresa Paul      3200M Run      6TH Place!!

1987                       Individual Medalists:

                              Relay Team      4x200M           7TH Place!!


1988                       Individual Medalists:

                              Relay Team      4x200M           4TH Place!!

1989                       Individual Medalists:

Relay Team      4x200M           5TH Place!!


1990                       Sectional Champions

                              Relay Team      4x100M           5TH Place!!

1996                       Individual Medalist:

                              Amy Hofmann   300M Hurd.     7TH Place!!

2005                       Individual Medalist:

                              Markie Bacon    100M Hurd.    4TH Place!!


We are looking for more information on the Volleyball successes of the Green Dragon program. They won a District Championship and a Regional Championship during it’s history.

1980-81                   District Champions
1988-89                   Regional Champions


There were 11 athletes in the Green Dragon Wrestling program that won medals at the IHSA State Meet. Two wrestlers, Kevin Clawson and Clayton Rush, won Class A State championships!

1979-80                       Individual Medalist:

                                   Doug Mitchell          1980A   155   3

1981-82                       District Champions

                                   Individual Medalist:

                                   Lane Paulsen    155 Lb. Class  2ND Place!!

1982-83                       Regional Champions

1983-84                       Regional Champions

                                   Individual Medalist:


                                   John Burns        132 Lb. Class  3RD Place!!

1986-87                       Individual Medalist:

                                   Sean Paulsen    167 Lb. Class  2ND Place!!


1987-88                       Individual Medalists:

                                   Sean Paulsen    167 Lb. Class  3RD Place!!
Evan Anderson  155 Lb. Class  3RD Place!!

1993-94    23 – 1           Team Qualified for IHSA Finals!  Coach Bill Breeden
Regional Champions

                                   Individual Medalists:

                                   Kevin Clawson  103 Lb. Class  3RD Place!!
Jason Clawson  119 Lb. Class  4TH Place!!


1994-94                       Individual Medalist:

                                   Kevin Clawson  103 Lb. Class   State Champion!!

1996-97                       Individual Medalist:

                                  Steve Speaker    152 Lb. Class  4TH Place!!

2004-05                       Regional Champions   

                                   Individual Medalist:

                                   Clayton Rush      103 Lb. Class 2ND Place!!

2005-06                       Individual Medalist:

                                   Clayton Rush     112 Lb. Class  State Champion!!

2006-07                       Regional Champions

                                   Individual Medalist:

                                   Clayton Rush     119 Lb. Class  State Champion!!

2007-08                       Individual Medalist:

Ethan Ball          145 Lb. Class  4TH Place!!

2008-09                       Individual Medalist:

                                   Austin Skiles      112 Lb. Class  2ND Place!!

                                   Ethan Ball          152 Lb. Class  3RD Place!!



Two Green Dragon tennis athletes took Top Ten honors at the State Meet:

1986           Individual Medalist:

                  Mickey Maule  Singles        7TH Place!!


1994           Individual Medalist:

                  Ryan Rader     Singles        7TH Place!!


Aledo High School could also hold its own in the activity scene as well. The 1943-44 Drama club had a Top Five finish at the State Meet, as well as winning the Sectional championship!

1943-44           IHSA State Finalist – 5TH Place!!

                       Sectional Champions

Final Team Standings

1)  Champaign (H.S.)   A

2)  Granite City            A

3)  Freeport (H.S.)       A

4)  DuQuoin (H.S.)       B

5)  Aledo                    B 


Aledo High had a successful “Schol Bowl” program under the tutelage of Paul Thielmann. They won two Sectional championships to advance to the IHSA finals.

1987-88   22 – 20    Team Qualified for IHSA Finals!!  Coach Paul Thielmann

                             Sectional Champions


1994-95   21 – 7     Team Qualified for IHSA Finals!!  Coach Paul Thielmann

                             Sectional Champions


There’s a lot more to Aledo High School than athletics, and the athletic records. We’d like to make this page even bigger with personal memories you may have about the school (and we know there are plenty of them).

If you have any further information you would like to share regarding Aledo High School, please e-mail us at  You can also write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

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Elliott High School “Wolves”

Elliott School Building Built in 1922
A picture containing text, highway

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Courtesy of Ross Brown
Elliott School Building
A picture containing building, outdoor, brick, house

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Povided by Ross Brown

The History of Elliott High School

Elliott (population 295) is located in east central Illinois in the south central portion of Ford County. Illinois Route 9 is the main roadway to and from Elliott as it passes by the small village to the south. County Road N. 1000 E, also known as County Highway 4, travels through the heart of Elliott from the north to south. Elliott is located about 5 miles due east of Gibson City and about 25 miles due north of Champaign.

Elliott is named after the primary donor of the land the town is located on, Samuel Elliott. The village was established in 1865. A railroad depot was constructed in 1872 and the village at that time was filled various businesses and was very self-supporting.

The businesses in Elliott included a school house. The first school in Elliott was a two-room frame structure for grades 1 – 8. According to a newspaper article submitted by   Elliott school offered two years of high school with the first graduation for the school taking place in 1898. The Elliott school building burnt to the ground in 1912 and was soon replaced by a new, brick school building in 1922. It is unknown when the high school courses offered at Elliott were discontinued, however it is known that kids who wanted  full 4-year high school education would have to continue at Gibson City High School upon leaving the Elliott school. It is only known that the school offered classes for grades 1 – 8 as Elliott School District #94.  Additions were made to the original portion of the school in 1948 which included a gymnasium.

Elliott High School Graduation Article 1898
A close-up of a document

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Submitted by Ross Brown

The Elliott school district was supported on its own through the 1953-54 school year. The Elliott School District consolidated with the Gibson City School District in the summer of 1954. Grade school classes continued at the Elliott school through 1964. From 1964 through 1982 the school building was utilized as the Ford / Iroquois County Special Education Association. This arrangement was discontinued in 1982 and the school building and grounds were remanded to the village of Elliott. The building served many purposes for the village until its use was eventually discontinued.  The Elliott school building was demolished in 1998.

Elliott School Building – 1998
A picture containing sky, outdoor, building, street

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Submitted by Ross Brown

Elliott High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                         1897(?)

First Graduation Ceremony:  1898

Year Closed:                          (?)

Consolidated to:                     Gibson City High School

School Team Nickname:        “Wolves” (Grade School)

School Team Colors:

School Fight Song:


It is possible that Elliott High School competed with other schools in basketball and baseball. However, we currently have no proof of this. We do know that the Elliott Grade School kids competed in basketball for certain and were known as the “Wolves.” If you have any further information regarding the Elliott High School athletic program please contact us at

Extra Curricular Activities

Band, choir, plays, dances, and many other activities were likely a part of the Elliott High School experience. An annual commencement exercise was also enjoyed.

Seeking More Information

We are hopeful an Elliott High School fan will forward a photo of EHS building to us.  We are looking for any information to accent the information already on this page.  There is NO information that is too trivial for this site.  You can e-mail us at or you can write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

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Elliott High School Building
A picture containing text, building, old, dirt

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Provided by Ross Brown
Elliott School Building
A brick building with a sign on it

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Submitted by Ross Brown
Elliott School Building
A large yellow machine in front of a building

Description automatically generated with low confidence
Submitted by Ross Brown
Elliott High School Inscription Stone
A sign on a brick wall

Description automatically generated
Provided by Ross Brown


Decatur Lakeview High School “Spartans”

Decatur Lakeview High School Building
A building with cars parked in front

Description automatically generated with low confidence
Submitted by Joe Caputo
Lakeview High School Front Entrance – 1960
A group of men standing outside a building

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Courtesy of Joe Caputo

The History of Decatur Lakeview High School

Decatur (population 81,860) is Illinois’ eleventh largest city.  The city is named after Stephen Decatur, naval war hero of the War of 1812.  It is located in central Illinois about 30 miles east of Springfield.  It is the county seat of Macon County and is located in the center of the county.  Decatur is nicknamed “The Pride of the Prairie” and has its own airport. Milikin University and Richland Community College claim Decatur as their home. According to the following roadways lead to and from Decatur; Interstate Highway 72, U.S. Routes 51 and 36, Illinois Routes 48, 105, and 121.  The following waterways flow into Decatur;  the Sangamon River, Finley Creek, Big Creek, Long Creek, Stevens Creek, Spring Creek, and Sand Creek. The following railroads also own tracks that are laid through the town of Decatur; Illinois Central Gulf, Norfolk & Western, Baltimore & Ohio, I.t., and I.c..   The city also has a nice lake in Lake Decatur.

Decatur was founded in the early to mid 1800s. It is believed the school system was started at the same time. Some history information was provided to us by Buena (Hall) Kaylor (Class of 1968)”

“Lakeview….was an independent school district which included Lakeview (Jr & Sr High were in one building) Brush College # 1 and #2, Excelsor South, Eldorado and Spencer Elementary Schools. Lakeview School District was “absorbed” into the Decatur School District in the late 50’s or early 60’s.  (One of the first things Decatur did was take away one of our scoreboards and the printing press used to print the school paper “The Echo.)

Decatur Lakeview Spartan Monogram
A picture containing diagram

Description automatically generated
Submitted by Karen Magee

Lakeview was not closed due to falling numbers in the area.  The Decatur school district appointed a committee to decide which school was to be closed.  The committee met for over a year and recommended that Eisenhower School be closed.  (No room to expand, the football field could not be used for games due to it’s location (next to St. Mary’s Hospital).  Football games were held at John’s Hill.)  And remember, Lakeview had just been rebuilt due to the explosion!    Lakeview was closed because ADM wanted to purchase it for an office building…pure and simple.”

Damage from Train Car Explosion – Summer of 1974
A picture containing outdoor, transport, old, handcart

Description automatically generated
Courtesy of Joe Caputo

One interesting story relayed to us by alumnus Ron Lanham was regarding the 1974-75 school year.  A tanker car exploded (See photo to your right) and leveled the new school addition to the Lakeview High School building.  The Lakeview building was rendered unusable until it was repaired.  The Lakeview kids attended classes in Stephen Decatur High School in the afternoon while the Stephen Decatur kids attended in the morning. The football team at Lakeview had their lockerroom at the Decatur Armory building with practices held in the morning.

The former Lakeview High School building was bought by a private company called Archer Daniels Midland Co.  A nice article regarding the use of Lakeview HS can be read at

Decatur Lakeview High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                        1950

Year closed:                         1982

School nickname:                 the “Spartans”

School colors:                      Green, Gold, & White

School Fight Song:               (See Below)

LHS Class of 1974 alum Joe Caputo tells us that Lakeview High School utilized two different fight songs during its existence. Joe provided us with the words and years that each song was used. Thank you Joe!

 School Song from 1949-1962:

  We’re loyal to old Lakeview’s green and white
With those colors flying, we will cheer with all out might
We are proud to say that we’re from Lakeview High
For it’s honor we will die

      (10 Rahs)

   Yea, Lakeview, let us get right in and win
Come on, Lakeview Spartans, may you never give in
We shall rise triumphant, victory will be won
For we never are outdone

      (15 Rahs)

   Yea, Lakeview!

School Song from 1963-1982:

    LHS our hats off to thee,
Green and white shall claim all our loyalty,
Fight and win for our victory,
Give a cheer for the green and white,
Fight, fight, fight, fight,
Fight for the green and white, 


    Watch those Spartans go for that ball,
Let them know that we cheer them one and all,
Keep that spirit we’ll never fall,
Give a cheer for the green and white,
Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight,
Fight for the green and white 


Decatur Lakeview Spartan Mascot
A close-up of a logo

Description automatically generated with low confidence
Submitted by Karen Magee


The Lakeview High School Spartans had many successful seasons in both boys and girls and sports.  The boys competed in football, basketball, track, golf, baseball, wrestling, and possibly more.  The girls competed in basketball, track, volleyball, softball as well as other sports.

Buena Kaylor tells us the following:

“Lakeview was part of the Cenois Conference before joining the Apollo Conference.  The Cenois Conference was made up of Lakeview, Mt. Zion, Warrensburg-Latham and Argenta- Oreana.”

Great teams, coaches, and players are all items we would like to learn about and share regarding Lakeview High School.


The Spartan football program is covered extensively on the IHSA website (  None of the Spartan teams qualified for the State Football Playoffs, however many good seasons were enjoyed. Harold Perry, Ron Wisher, and Gary Hunt all spent significant time coaching the football program at Lakeview High.

1950-51       6 – 3             Coach Harold Petty

1951-52       4 – 4             Coach Harold Petty

1952-53       3 – 4 – 2        Coach Harold Petty

1953-54       3 – 4 – 1        Coach Harold Petty

1954-55       5 – 2 – 2        Coach Harold Petty

1955-56       0 – 9             Coach Harold Petty

1956-57       1 – 7 – 1        Coach Everette Lamar

1957-58       2 – 7             Coach Everette Lamar

1958-59       3 – 6             Coach Ed Corcoran

1959-60       1 – 7             Coach Ed Corcoran

1960-61       3 – 6             Coach Frank Chizevsky Jr.

1961-62       3 – 6             Coach Frank Chizevsky Jr.

1962-63       4 – 3 – 2        Coach Ron Wisher

1963-64       2 – 6 – 1        Coach Ron Wisher

1964-65       6 – 3             Coach Ron Wisher

1965-66       9 – 0             Coach Ron Wisher

1966-67       3 – 6             Coach Ron Wisher

1967-68       4 – 4 – 1        Coach Bob Flaugher

1968-69       1 – 8             Coach Bob Flaugher

1969-70       1 – 8             Coach Bob Flaugher

1970-71       2 – 7             Coach Gary Hunt

1971-72       2 – 7             Coach Gary Hunt

1972-73       2 – 8             Coach Gary Hunt

The “Hot Dog” Play of 1973 vs. Paris HS
A page of a newspaper

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Submitted by Joe Caputo – “Left Click” to View Enlarged Version)

1973-74       4 – 5             Coach Gary Hunt

                                       2nd Place Apollo Conf. (3 – 2)

Beat Clinton, Mt. Zion, Paris, & Newton

School Record 60 pts vs. Mt. Zion (60 – 8)

All-Conf. Players: Tim Cruz (QB),

Joe Caputo (Rcvr), Tim Cox (OG),

Rick Heiser (DT), Marshall Herring (LB)

1974-75       1 – 8             Coach Gary Hunt

1975-76       2 – 7             Coach Gary Hunt

1976-77       4 – 5             Coach Gary Hunt

1977-78       3 – 6             Coach Gary Hunt

1978-79       3 – 6             Coach Gary Hunt

1979-80       0 – 9             Coach Gary Hunt

1980-81       5 – 4             Coach Ed Boehm

1981-82       7 – 2             Coach Ed Boehm

Boys Golf

Boys golf brought Lakeview High its highest team finish in state competition. The teams of 1973 and 1975 both had top ten finishes at the IHSA State Match.  One golfer, Ray Goodman, even finished 2nd overall in the state for the Fall of 1974!  Team standings in State Competition are listed below.

1972-73     Team Finished SEVENTH at STATE MATCH Competition!!

                 Team Won District Championship

                 Final Team Standings

1.)  Belleville West HS                    619

2.)  Pekin HS                                 623

3.)  Hinsdale Central HS                  627

3.)  Homewood-Flossmore HS          627

5.)  Peoria Richwoods HS                633

6.)  Rockford Guilford HS                 634

                 7.)  LAKEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL       635

8.)  Edwardsville HS                        638

9.)  MacArther, Prospect, Griffin, Normal U-High, all tied with 642.

1974-75(Fall)  Team Finished SIXTH in STATE MATCH Competition!!

                      Team Won Sectional Championship

                      Individual Medalist

                      Ray Goodman              2ND Place Medalist

                      Final Team Standings

1.)  Rockford Guilford HS                          616

2.)  Barrington HS                                    618

3.)  Naperville Central HS                          619

4.)  Decatur MacArthur  HS                       620

5.)  Belleville East HS                               627

                      6.)  LAKEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL                628

7.)  Pekin HS                                           629

8.)  Homewood-Flossmore HS                   631

9.)  Lake Forest HS                                  632

10.)  Bloomington HS                                  633

1978-79     Team Won District Championship

Boys Track

One male trackster earned a medal at the IHSA State Track Meet.

1971-72   Individual Medalist

               Mark Larson        1 Mile Run         5TH Place    Coach Charles “Gus” Heath

*Coach Fred McKenzie served as head coach of the Lakeview thinclads from the mid 1970s until the school closedin 1982.

Spartan Mascot of Lakeview High School
A picture containing text

Description automatically generated
Sent to us by Joe Caputo

Boys Basketball

The boys basketball program had some real nice seasons during their existence. They were also said to have shot very well from the free-throw line in the 1950s.  Many season records and most of the coaches names are absent. Coach Jack Fabri had a stop here during some point of Lakeview’s existance; he had a career record of 387-113.

The best records from Lakeview are listed below.

1958-59      14 – 13

1965-66      13 – 13

1969-70      16 – 9

1978-79      22 – 5

1979-80      14 – 11

East Alton-Wood River Tourney (Consolation Champs)

Beat Piasa (Southwestern) 89-63

An example of their free-throw prowess: Lakeview players made 540 of 936 from the “charity stripe” during the 1952-53 school year. On December 30, 1954 in a game against Mt. Zion, Lakeview players made 47 of 60 shots, which is the fourth best shot total in state history!

*One of the great basketball players said to have donned the school colors of Lakeview High was Wayne Dunning who would go on to star at Milikin University.

*Dave Marquis set the single season scoring record for the city of Decatur a season average of 26.2 in the 1971-72 season for Lakeview High School . This record may still stand to this day. Dave scored 653 points that year which at that time was a single season record.

**Decatur Lakeview High School at one time was a regular participant in the Shelbyville High School annual tournament.  Some results from this participation include:

1958  Consolation Champs

1970  3rd place

1972  3rd place

1973  Played Neoga for 3rd place. HC was Don Walker

**Results from the Collinsville Tournament from Mark Jurenga:

1954-55 – Collinsville Tournament

Championship- Collinsville 77 Decatur (Lakeview) 65

1955-56 – Collinsville Tournament

Championship- Collinsville 72 Decatur (Lakeview) 50

Girls Basketball

The Lady Spartans had some great seasons as well.  The team of 1979-80 in fact made a Sweet 16 appearance in the State basketball tournament.  Coach Brenda Clark led the team from 1974 through the 1982 season.  The best seasons are listed below.

1974-75     9 – 1                                                    Coach Brenda Clark

1975-76     8 – 2                                                    Coach Brenda Clark

1976-77     7 – 3                                                    Coach Brenda Clark

1977-78     8 – 7                                                    Coach Brenda Clark

1979-80   16 – 7    IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist             Coach Brenda Clark

                           Team Won Regional

                           Team Won Sectional

                           Team Lost to Peoria Richwoods

1980-81   14 – 9                                                     Coach Brenda Clark

1981-82   18 – 5                                                     Coach Brenda Clark

Seeking Your Assistance

Please e-mail any further information, especially a photo of the high school building, to us at  You can also write to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

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Students Bid Farewell to Lakeview HS – 1982
A picture containing text

Description automatically generated
Submitted by Joe Caputo
Lakeview HS Farewell T-Shirt of 1982
A picture containing text

Description automatically generated
Courtesy of Joe Caputo

Chicago Best Practice High School “Panthers”

The History of Chicago Best Practice High School

Chicago (population 2.7 million) is in northeastern Illinois in eastern Cook County. Lake Michigan, along with the Chicago and Des Plaines rivers, are the main waterways to and from the city. Interstates 55, 57, 90, & 94 will all lead you to the “Windy City,” as will numerous state and U.S. highways. From what started as a small village in the early 1800’s along the banks of Lake Michigan, Chicago has grown to the nation’s third largest city and one of the most famous places in the world, as the result of an ethnically diverse community that adopted the city.

Best Practices High School was formed from a belief by Marilyn Bizar on more efficient and effective ways to get the most for children who attend high school. Ms. Bizar even worte a book titled “Rethinking High School: Best Practice in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership”.  Best Practice High School was opened in the fall of 1995. The school was locared on the Chicago’s west side at 2040 W. Adams Street.

Best Practice High School served the are proudly for the next 15 years. Budget restraints in the Chicago Public School system led to the decision to “phase this school out” in 2010. By December of 2011 there were no longer students attending classes at Best Practice High School. The students who attended Best Practice High School were relocted to other high schools in the neighborhood.

The following internet links provide further information regarding Best Practice High School. (Nov 2011)

Chicago Best Practice High School Quick Facts

Year opened:          1995

Year closed:            2011

Team nickname:      “Panthers”

Uniform colors:        Dark Blue & White

School Fight Song:  ??



Best Practice High School was a member of the Chicago Public League. The school participated in several boys and girls athletic programs. We are searching for information regarding season records, coaches names, and the school fight song for BPHS. The information we were able to locate on the IHSA website ( is reprinted below.


The only record we were able to locate is from the 2007-08 season. If you have any further information please contact us via the means listed at the bottom of this page.

2007-08      17 – 11           Coach Kevin Iverson




The IHSA website only lists the record and coach of the 2007-08 season for girls basketball as well.

2007-08        5 – 15           Coach Dennis Jackson 


*Information regarding other sports offered at Chicago Best Practice High School is welcome.


We are certain that Best Practice High School offered many clubs and activities for the students. Choir, band, and other activities were probably a part of the curriculum at BPHS. If you have any information on these activities please send us an e-mail message.


If you have any information regarding Chicago Best Practice High School please complete a Guest Commentary Form. You can e-mail items to us at As you can see, we are missing a lot of vital information in our attempts to keep the memories of Ursa High alive. You may also write us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

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White Heath Academy High School “Indians”

The History of White Heath Academy High School

White Heath (population 290) is located in the upper southeastern portion of Illinois in the northeastern portion of Piatt County. Interstate Highway 72 runs just north of town and offers an exit ramp that allows you to visit White Heath. The town was originally located on old Route 47 which is now known as East Mead Street.  Meridian Road also passes through town. White Heath is located about 15 miles west of Champaign.

According to a Wikipedia article, the town has a plaque which offer some limited history information. The basic statement reads that White Heath is named after two men, one named Mr. White, and the other named Mr. Heath.

The fact that White Heath one offered two years of high school curriculum was discovered by Roberta VanBriesen. An article found at the web address of advises the following small tidbits about White Heath High School:

“July 15, 1893 – On July 12 work began on the new White Heath School. Many called this The Academy. White Heath got two years of high school.

– After the Academy was built in 1893. The class includes grades 3 though 10. No doubt their two year high school reached its zenith under the leadership of Mr. Alfred Ewington.”

We know that White Heath High School offered a two year course of study beginning in 1893. Another portion of the article discusses a school reunion formed in 1903, so the school was still going strong after 10 years. This is the extent of information we currently have.

Our best guess is that White Heath High School lasted through the 1930s, possibly into the 1940s. We know that the children of White Heath today attend high school in nearby Monticello. We also know that White Heath continues to support a grade school for grades 2 and 3 for the Monticello School District. Another article located on the internet stated that when WHite Heath did support a grades 1 – 8 school the team mascot was the “Indians”.

White Heath High School Quick Facts

Year opened:            1893

Year closed:              1930s/1940s (?)

Consolidated to:       Monticello High School

Team nickname:       “Indians” (?)

Team colors:              ??

School Fight Song:    ??



We are curious if athletics were a part of the White Heath High School experience.  It is quite possible that basketball and other sports were offered to the boys of White Heath HIgh School.  If so, we are in need of the school fight song, team colors, and team nickname.  Coach’s names and team records are welcome as well.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Were school plays, dances, field trips, band, chorus, and other extra-curricular activities a part of the White Heath High School experience too?  If you have any information to share, please contact us via the means below.

To Provide Information On White Heath & White Heath High School:

A photo of the former high school building and any information would be greatly appreciated.  E-mail items to us at .  You can also write to us at:

IHSGD Website

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.  60631

Evansville High School

Evansville High School Building

A picture containing tree, outdoor, building

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Evansville High School Building Front View

A red house with a tree in front of it

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The History of Evansville High School

Evansville (population 701) is located in far southwestern Illinois in the west central portion of Randolph County. Illinois State Route 3 is the main roadway that leads you to Evansville and passes by the western edge of town. Schuline Road and Nathan Road also lead to Evansville. The town is located along the banks of the Kaskaskia River and is located about 45 miles south and a little east of East St. Louis.

Evansville was officially established in 1834 by a businessman named Caldwell Evans. A post office was established there in 1849.

Evansville at one time supported a 2-year high school. We found basketball scores involving Evanston High School as far back as 1932. We have also observed a high school class photo from Evansville High School taken in the early 1920s. It is likely the school offered high school courses beginning in the early 1900s. It is probable that the high school was discontinued in the late 1940s as most 2-year high schools were forced to close at that time.

Evansville continues to support a Lutheran high school and a public grade school. The original school building that once housed 1st grade through 10th grade has been razed. High school-aged students of Evansville now attend Sparta High School 12 miles to the east. Any further information regarding the history of Evansville High School is welcome (

Evansville High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                    Early 1920s, possibly earlier.

Year closed:                     Mid to late 1940s

Students Now Attend:      Sparta High School

School Team Nickname:  Eagles

School Team Colors:

School Fight Song:


We are certain the boys competed in basketball. It is quite likely that baseball and track were a part of the sports program as well. Evansville High School may have offered many activities such as student government, FFA, FHA, GAA, and many other clubs or activities to choose from.


We found several basketball scores involving Evansville High School on a website titled “Illinois Postseason High School Basketball Scores.” These scores are copied and reprinted below.

1931-32                  Pinckneyville District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

                               1st Rd Lost to Willisville 30 – 11

                               Marissa beat DuQuoin in title game

1932-33                  Sparta District Tournament                  Coach’s name & record needed

                               1st Rd Beat Percy 30 – 18

                               Semi-final lost to Willisville 27 – 16

                               Willisville beat Marissa in title game

1934-35                  Belleville District Tournament              Coach’s name & record needed

                               1st Rd Lost to Waterloo 33 – 17

                               Lebanon beat Belleville in title game

1935-36                  Belleville District Tournament              Coach’s name & record needed

                               1st Rd Beat Prairie du Rocher 35 – 18

                               2nd Round lost to Waterloo 40 – 22

                               Mascoutah beat New Athens in title game

1936-37                  Red Bud District Tournament               Coach’s name & record needed

                               1st Rd Lost to Lebanon 30 – 20

                               Freeburg beat O’Fallon in title game

1940-41                  Campbell Hill District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

                               1st Rd Lost to Percy 67 – 32

                               Campbell Hill beat Percy in title game

1944-45                 Steeleville District Tournament              Coach’s name & record needed

                               *1st Rd Lost to Steeleville 67 – 11

                               Steeleville beat Percy in title game

*Last score located for Evansville High School boys basketball team in the IHSA State Tournament.

Seeking More Information

If you have any further information, including photos, to add regarding the history of Evansville and its former high school please contact us at the following addresses:


USPS:    IHSGD Website

             6439 N. Neva Avenue

             Chicago, Il.   60631

EVANSVILLE HS BASKETBALL TEAM 1937 – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 1937 GRADUATION PROGRAM – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSIVILLE HS 1937 GRADUATING CLASS MEMBERS – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSVILLE HS CLASS OF 1928 GRADUATION PROGRAM – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSVILLE HS CLASS OF 1928 GRADUATING MEMBERS – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSVILLE HS BASKETBALL PLAYER 1937 – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSVILLE HS TRACK TEAM MEMBER 1937 – Submitted by Cathy Obernuefemann
EVANSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OF JOHN BAUER, CLASS OF 1939 – Submitted by Ida Bauer Girouard Ida states her father also played on the baseball team. P
He enjoyed playing checkers with the principal al lunch every day, however he was more interested in baseball.

Chicago St. Mary

Chicago St. Mary High School Courtyard
A pink building with tables and chairs in front of it

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The History of Chicago St. Mary’s High School

Chicago (population 2.8 million) is located in northeastern Illinois in eastern Cook County. Lake Michigan, the Chicago and Des Plaines Rivers are the main waterways to and from town. Interstates 90, 94, 55, and 57 will all lead you to the “Windy City,” as will numerous rail services and highways with federal and state designations. From what started as a small village in the early 1800’s, Chicago has grown to the nation’s third largest city and one of the most famous places in the world.

St. Mary High School was opened as a all-girls school in 1899 on the near West Side, located near the site of the present-day University of Illinois Medical Center and the Eisenhower Expressway (I-90). Five members of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) were in charge of the school, as 72 girls were enrolled in a rented three-story building at the corner of Taylor & Cypress Streets when the school opened on September 5th, 1899.

A new facility was opened in 1900 on West Grenshaw Street, with wings added in 1903, 1911, & 1924. St. Mary claimed to be the first central Catholic girls’ high school in the US, and was ranked as the largest girls’ Catholic high school for more than a decade. In 1925, there were 600 girls were enrolled, which represented 47 parishes. St. Mary also had a commercial department that began in 1902 as 33 students graduated in the first class in 1903 along with the first class of 18 academic students.

The school continued to educate young ladies well into the 1970’s when a number of changes that had been taking place for some time led to its eventual closing. The Congress Expressway (now known as the Eisenhower Expressway) was built in the ‘50s just north of the school and took away a good amount of houses that were homes to possible students, as did the expansion of the Illinois Medical Center nearby. Also adding to the downfall was a shift in ethnic groups that moved away, replaced by other groups. Through it all, the school kept focus on uniting religion and culture to its students while making secondary education accessible.

St. Mary was also receiving inadequate funding from the Archdiocese of Chicago to address financial needs, including building repairs. The school changed hands from the Sisters of Charity to a private corporation in 1973, which also allowed boys to enroll for the first time in school history. During that time, the school was also referred as the St. Mary Learning Center or St. Mary Center for Learning, and lent itself to be an alternative to the changing needs and population of Chicago’s youth.

However, the enrollment continued to slide dramatically from that point. From having 532 students in 1972-73, the numbers dropped to 420, 200, and 150 in the last three years of the school’s operation. The high point of enrollment in St. Mary history was at 850 in 1966-67.

Following the 1975-76 school year, St. Mary closed its doors as the building was sold to the Illinois Medical Center for expansion purposes in 1977, and razed in the same year.


Year opened:                      1899

New building opened:      1900

Boys admitted:                   1973

Year closed:                       1976

Building razed:                   1977

School nickname:             unknown

School colors:                    Blue & White

School song:                      “The Bells of St. Mary’s”

                                                  Lyrics provided by “Clare”

The bells of St Mary’s
Oh hear they are ringing
To welcome, to cheer us
At work or at play

And we shall go forward
Through life’s pathway singing
We’ll praise your name
And sing your fame
And loyal stay


From what we can tell, it appears the school offered interscholastic athletics while it was an all-girls’ school, according to prep historian Robert Pruter. It may have offered others, and this is where we can use your help if you know. Please contact us at the addresses below.


We are aware that St. Mary was a member of the Catholic High School Girls’ Basketball League from 1927-31, but did not win a conference title. Other schools that competed were St. Catherine (later known as Siena), VisitationLoretto HighLoretto AcademyLongwoodMercySt. XavierAlverniaAquinasEvanston Marywood, and Wilmette Mallickrodt. The conference was broken up by the formation of a new league by the Catholic Youth Organization in 1932.


We do know from our fact-gathering that the school was big on journalism. It’s weekly paper, The Herald, won awards in the 1930’s and ’40’s, while a later version called The Catalyst from 1968-76 played an important role in informing parents, students, and faculty alike. In fact, moderator Sr. Ann Christine Heintz was nominated for the national “Educator of the Year” award by the Chicago Tribune in 1971.

St. Mary also took a step away from traditional school practices in the later part of the 1960’s as the country was going thru a great deal of change. For instance, the school did away with uniforms and the BVM order discarded their habits for a simple dress code, and teacher-student relationships became less formal as both parties were involved in governing the school thru teams that made everyday decisions about the school, including disciplinary actions and hiring of faculty.

Alumni, faculty, and other interested individuals were also part of fund raising for the school. Television star Leonard Nimoy (“Mr. Spock” from Star Trek) even came to the school’s aid by narrating a television special that aired on the NBC affiliate in Chicago (WMAQ-TV) called “If the Mind is Free” to help raise funds for St. Mary. Faculty even took pay cuts as much as 50 percent as well as donating parts of their salaries to help keep the school afloat, and also helped with maintenance duties around the school.

But in the end, it was simply was not enough as increased tuition made it almost impossible for middle and lower income students to attend St. Mary as conditions on the 75-year old building had deteriorated to the point that funds were not available for repairs.

Some of the school’s records are now in the hands of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s library, which includes photos, yearbooks, meeting minutes, gradebooks, and much more.

Other activities had to have been offered to students to enhance their educational experiences, such as chorus, band, dances, and much more. We are hopeful that an alumnus might be able to tell us more about St. Mary extra-curriculars.

Marjhorie Noga added the following memories of St. Mary High School:

“The school colors were blue and white. The school song was titled “The Bells of St. Mary’s.” I don’t recall any sports teams but there was a Drama club. The first yearbook was published in 1968.”


**From Kathy Skinner Frank:

“I went to St.Mary ’60 to ’62 and would have been in the class of ’63. When I was there my last year, I was in academy building in the Peoria room. The board job I had was in the dish room.”

**From Ofelia Flores (Class of 1968):

“I am a graduate of St. Mary High School – May/June 1968. I have memories of the most wonderful Sisters. St. Filibert (music & Business Teacher) is the one that left a great impression in my life of St. Mary.”

**From Nan Brennan:

Adelaide Brennan, 1914-2014

Former nun kept alive memory of her father, who brought order to Chicago’s street system

By Patrick T. Reardon, Special to the Tribune

April 1, 2014

Adelaide Brennan’s father, Edward Brennan, did more than anyone in Chicago history to rationalize the city’s street system.

But she remembered him for spending most of his weekends with her and his other two young daughters, Mary and Agnes, taking trips around the city on the “L”, teaching them how to swim and going to Benediction at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Rogers Park on Sunday afternoons.

“He seemed to have time for the important things,” she said. “There wasn’t a (weekday) night we didn’t run down to the corner to look for him walking home.”

Ms. Brennan, 99, who taught for 36 years in Chicago schools, many of them as a Roman Catholic nun, died of heart failure Thursday, March 27, at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, her second cousin Pat Gorman said.

Her father was a building superintendent at a Loop firm who, starting in 1901, successfully lobbied to make State and Madison streets the center point for the street numbering system. He also was influential in eliminating hundreds of duplicate street names and in enacting a variety of other measures to make Chicago one of the easiest cities in the world for finding one’s way.

Edward Brennan, who attended an estimated 600 City Hall meetings in his efforts to straighten Chicago’s streets, died in 1942. For much of their adult lives, his three daughters worked to keep bright the memory of their father and all he accomplished. Their mother, Beatrice, died in 1953.

Agnes Brennan died in 1999, and Mary Brennan McGraw in 2004. So Adelaide Brennan was alone when the capstone of their efforts came with the honorary designation of State and Madison as Edward Brennan Way in August. It was her 99th birthday.

“This tribute today,” she said in a statement at the ceremony, “is the fulfillment of my hopes and dreams for many years and a very special gift for me today.”

Born in 1914, Ms. Brennan entered the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1937 and took the name Sister Mary St. Beatrice, BVM. During her time with the order she obtained a bachelor’s degree from Clarke College (now Clarke University) in Dubuque, Iowa, and she was one of the first women to obtain a degree from the University of Notre Dame, earning a master’s in economics, Gorman said.

From 1950 to 1967 she was on the faculty of St. Mary High School at 2044 W. Grenshaw St. in Chicago, teaching commercial classes including bookkeeping, typing and shorthand.

After leaving the religious order to care for her ailing sisters, she taught disadvantaged teens in the Chicago Public Schools system. Those who knew Ms. Brennan were struck by her serenity and good humor, even in the face of worsening physical ailments. “I tried to let Adelaide know that her impact on me, my family and the lives of all she touched was extremely important to this world,” Gorman said.

Ms. Brennan and her sisters helped their father create a one-of-a-kind historical record — seven thick scrapbooks containing hundreds of newspaper clippings from 1884 to 1942 relating the city’s history, as well as documents and correspondence on the street system.

In 1958 the sisters donated the scrapbooks to the Chicago History Museum, where they have been an important resource for scholars.

Edward Brennan’s lifelong fascination with a rational system of street names and addressing is seen in the scrapbooks he compiled on the subject over several decades,” said Chicago geographer and historian Dennis McClendon.

“These seven volumes provide a unique insight into the system Chicagoans take for granted.”

Ms. Brennan leaves no immediate survivors.

Services were private, and a memorial Mass is being planned.

From Joan Sadek Gacek (class of 1954):

“In my Senior year, we had a magazine drive and got points for selling magazines. These points were like votes given to us to vote for a girl. The prize was a modeling scholarship to Estelle Compton Modeling School on Michigan Avenue. I was not a popular girl because I did not live around or even close to the school. I traveled by streetcar my first year and 3 busses the next 3 years. My mother wanted my to have a good education and St. Mary’s was one of the best girls schools in Chicago. I made many friends at the school.

“I learned this when we had our 50th reunion and was remembered by all. On the day they announced the winner, we had the Four Lads, a very poplar singing group, on stage to give away the $300 scholarship. I was shocked when they announced my name, but overjoyed that I got the most votes.

“I went to modeling school for over a year but learned how to walk, put on make-up and most of all that I did not want to be a model especially after I heard a phone call from someone looking for a girl with the biggest bust. This was not the way I wanted to be known. I often think about the wonderful years at St. Mary’s and proud to be a graduate of this school.

“After I graduated and got my driver’s license, l drove over to Taylor Street to see my old friends. I think they were so glad I remembered them. To this day I follow how I should look and take pride that I was loved by so many. I teased the girls at the reunion that the only way I won was because they felt sorry for me, because the way I looked and dressed and we had a laugh, but they denied that statement.

“I got a wonderful education, and to this day, my kids and grandkids always ask me how to spell a word or a math answer.”

From Dianne Morrissette Caliendo (class of 1963):

I was a student at St. Mary’s from 1959-1963. There were many wonderful drama productions at St. Mary’s. Boys from neighboring schools would take the male parts in the plays. I remember being in the chorus for “South Pacific.” In fact, a recording was made of the play and put onto an LP.

“They also did “The Desk Set.” My father was the custodian at St. Mary’s until he passed away in 1969. He designed the large computer for the play, “The Desk Set,” which showed the computer lights flashing like the original computers of the day.

“I traveled from the southwest border of the city near Archer and Harlem to attend St. Mary’s and went on to attend the University of Illinois, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. I fondly remember my years at St. Mary’s. There wasn’t a better all-girls’ school in the city.”


We can use all the help we can get here, folks. Please contact us at or by clicking on this CONTACT US link. Or just send it to us at the address listed below. Photos of the school, nickname, words to a school song, any win-loss records of possible athletic teams are welcome. Please contact us at:

Illinois High School Glory Days

6439 North Neva

Chicago, IL  60631

**A newspaper article regarding the Adelaide Brennan’s remarkable father Edward Paul Brennan is available at the following web address:

Westchester St. Joseph High School “Chargers”

The History of Westchester St. Joseph Catholic High School

Westchester (population 16,718) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the middle-western portion of Cook County. U.S. Route 12/45 (Mannheim Road) passes through Westchester and connects it to Interstate Highway 290 (Eisenhower Expressway) which passes by the north side of town. Illinois Route 38 (Roosevelt Road) also passes through Westchester. The town is located 15 miles due west of downtown Chicago. It was established in 1924 and named after Chester, England.

St. Joseph High School was established in 1960 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers. It was located at 10900 W. Cermak Road. The school functioned as a boys only school from 1960 through 2005. That year the nearby, all-girls catholic high school, Immaculate Heart of Mary, also located in Westchester, was closed. The school merged with St. Joseph. The name and mascot for St. Joseph High School remained the same however all school functions were moved to the Immaculate Heart of Mary school building and facilities.

St. Joseph continued as a co-educational catholic high school from 2005 through 2021. That spring it was decided due to financial concerns and declining enrollment that St. Joseph High School would be closed. The original St. Joseph High School building and facilities have remained empty but maintained since 2005.

St. Joseph Catholic High School Quick Facts

Year Opened:              1960

Year Became co-ed:    2005

Year Closed:                2021

School Team Mascot: “Chargers”

School Team Colors:   Red, Black, & White

School Fight Song:      Charger Fight Song

Oh, when the Saint Joe Chargers meet their foes,

You can be sure that they will greet their foes,

In every game they’ll rise above the rest

For as we know the Chargers are the very best.

So now let’s cheer them on and they’ll know that we,

Will always be behind them faithfully,

Our team won’t let us down, they’ll take the crown,

So go Chargers GOOOOO!



Westchester St. Joseph had a great tradition in athletics. Two IHSA State Championships were won in boys basketball along with four other top 4 finishes. In boys soccer the school earned 8 IHSA final-four trophies including three IHSA State Runner-Up finishes. In addition several Regional and Sectional titles were earned over the years. Below are the athletic accomplishments of the St. Joseph “Charges” as located on the IHSA website.



The Chargers were well known for their incredible boys basketball program. The very early years were not available however the season records from 1963-64 through 2016-17 are posted below. Coach Gene Pingatore led the Charger basketball program for 50 years, from 1969-70 through 2018-2019. A total of 32 Regional titles were won, along with 12 Sectional titles, 9 Super-Sectional titles, and 6 trips to the final-four The teams of 1998-99 and 2014-2015 earned state championship honors. Coach Pingatore became the winningest coach in Illinois High School basketball history compiling an overall record of 1,035 – 383, a 73% winning percentage. Coach Pingatore is one of only 15 coaches nationwide to have won over 1,000 games in his career. He has received national recognition for his success and the success of his program.


1960-61                 Coach’s name & record needed.

1961-62                 Coach’s name & record needed.

1962-63                 Coach’s name & record needed.


1963-64   13 – 8     Downers Grove Regional Tourney      Coach Pat Callaghan

                              1st Rd lost to Proviso East 53-51

                              Downers Grove Beat Proviso East in title game.


1964-65   13 – 10   Villa Park Grove Regional Tourney     Coach Pat Callaghan

                              1st Rd lost to York 59-56

                              Glenbard East beat York in title game


1965-66   17 – 9     LaGrange Grove Regional Tourney    Coach Pat Callaghan

                              1st Rd Beat Riverside-Brookfield 62-60

                              Semi-Final lost to Lyons Township 75-69

                              De La Salle beat Lyons in title game.


1966-67     6 – 17   Villa Park Grove Regional Tourney     Coach Pat Callaghan

                              1st Rd lost to St. Mel 91-72

                              St. Mel beat De La Salle in title game.


1967-68     7 – 17   Proviso West Regional Tourney          Coach Pat Callaghan

                              1st Rd lost to Riverside-Brookfield 61-39

                              Riverside-Brookfield beat Hinsdale Central in title game.  


1968-69     3 – 20   Willowbrook Regional Tourney            Coach Pat Callaghan

                              1st Rd lost to Glenbard East 96-50

                              Glenbard East beat Downers Grove North in title game


1969-70     3 – 13  Glenbard East Regional Tourney         Coach Gene Pingatore

                              1st Rd lost to Glenbard East 74-56

                              Willowbrook beat Glenbard East in title game.


1970-71     9 – 16  Lyons Regional Tourney                      Coach Gene Pingatore

                              1st Rd lost to Oak Lawn 88-62

                              Oak Lawn beat Lyons in title game.


1971-72   15 – 10  Elmhurst Regional Runner-Up          Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Semi-Final Beat Elmwood Park 76-71

                             Title Game lost to Lyons 70-41


1972-73   10 – 13  LaGrange Regional Tourney                Coach Gene Pingatore

                              Semi-Final lost to Proviso West 71-60

                              Proviso West beat York in title game.


1973-74   16 – 8    Villa Park Regional Tourney                 Coach Gene Pingatore

                              1st Rd lost to Lyons 106-60

                              Lyons beat Willowbrook in title game.


1974-75   16 – 7    Hillsdale Regional Tourney                   Coach Gene Pingatore

                              Semi-Final lost to Lyons 60-47

                              Lyons beat Proviso West in title game.


1975-76     7 – 18  LaGrange Regional Tourney                Coach Gene Pingatore

                              Semi-Final lost to Proviso West 65-46

                              Hinsdale Central beat Proviso West in title game.


1976-77   16 – 10  Maywood Regional Tourney                Coach Gene Pingatore

                              1st Rd Beat Hinsdale South 88-64

                              Semi-Final lost to Proviso East 91-69

                              Proviso East beat Lyons in title game.


1977-78   31 – 2    IHSA STATE TOURN. RUNNER-UP  Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Regional/Sectional/Super-Sectional Champs

                             LaGrange Regional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Hinsdale Central 71-68

                             Title Game Beat Lyons 67-51

                             Hinsdale Sectional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Proviso East 76-59

ST. JOSEPH (76): Thomas 27, Johnson 21, Clark 17, Lenc 6, Brewer 4, Gonzales 1.

PROVISO EAST (59): Rivers 19, Mahone 10, Wordlaw 10, Smith 9, Karstens 6, Thompson 5.

                             Title Game Beat East Leyden 73-67 

ST. JOSEPH (73): Thomas 28, Johnson 17, Brewer 8, Clark 6, Lenc 5, Behrendt 4, Callahan 3, Gonzales 2.

EAST LEYDEN (67): Fashoda 30, Danhoff 14, McDonald 12, Goodman 9, Owen 2.

                             Super-Sectional Sweet 16 Game

                             Title Game Beat Barrington 71-69

                             Elite 8 Quarter-Final Game

                             Beat Westinghouse 63-60

                             Final 4 Semi-Final Game

                             Beat Rockford East 60-56

                             IHSA Class AA State Championship Game

                             Lost to Lockport 64-47


1978-79   26 – 3    Berwyn Regional Champions           Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Semi-Final Beat Hinsdale South 72-44

                             Title Game Beat Lyons 74-64

                             Hinsdale Central Sectional Runner-Up

                             Semi-Final Beat St. Patrick 79-60

                             Title Game lost to De La Salle 59-58

DE LA SALLE (59): Burich 22, Brown 17, Allen 11, McHale 4, Williams 3, Calloway 2.

ST. JOSEPH (58): Thomas 26, Arand 12, Brewer 7, Clark 6, Mapp 5, Gonzalez 2.

                             De La Salle lost to Maine South in Quarter-Final

                             Maine South won state title


1979-80   19 – 6    Riverside Regional Runner-Up         Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Semi-Final Beat Morton West 87-65

                             Title Game lost to Lyons Township 62-54


1980-81   24 – 4    Bensenville Regional Champions    Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Semi-Final Beat Addison Trail 64-49

                             Title Game Beat Proviso West 60-48

                             Elmhurst Sectional Tournament Runner-Up

                             Semi-Final lost to Weber 62-61

                             Proviso East beat Weber in title game


1981-82   29 – 2    IHSA Elite 8 FInalist                           Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Riverside Regional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Hinsdale Central 51-36

                             Title Game Beat Lyons Township 59-43

                             Hinsdale Sectional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Lincolnway 89-45

ST. JOSEPH (89): Reeder 20, Vaughan 14, King 12, Callahan 10, Johnson 9, Dragas 6, Thomas 4, Williams 4, Early 4,  Hughes 3, Thomas 3, Whaley 1.

LINCOLN-WAY (46): Bakker 14, DeGroot 9, Mackay 6, Ducett 5, McGivern 4, Chlazar 4, Lihani 2, Hatje 2.

                             Title Game Beat Rich Central 62-47

ST. JOSEPH (62): Thomas 18, King 15, Johnson 10, Reeder 9, Dragas 8, Vaughn 2.

RICH CENTRAL (47): Lipner 11, Lira 11, Robinson 8, Lang 5, Nelson 4, Velasquez 4, Marotta 2, Brown 2.

                             Super-Sectional Champions 

                             Title Game Beat Palatine 52-50 (O/T)

                             Elite 8 FInalist

                             1st Rd lost to Chicago Marshall 79-59

                             Marshall placed 4th in Tournament.


1982-83   26 – 5    IHSA Elite 8 FInalist                           Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Darien Regional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Riverside-Brookfield 81-36

                             Title Game Beat Hinsdale Central 72-39

                             Hinsdale Sectional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Bremen 65-64

ST. JOSEPH (65): Williams 18, Thomas 14, Reeder 13, Buchanan 10, Pickens 6, Funchess 2, Early 2.

BREMEN (64): Pullum 19, Jones 17, Watts 14, Mines 8, Welch 4, Whittier 2.

                             Title Game Beat Lyons 72-61

ST. JOSEPH (72): Reeder 26, Freeman 16, Thomas 13, Buchanan 10, Williams 5, Early 1, Pickens 1.

LYONS TWP. (61): Struckman 17, Robinson 15, Rochowiak 10, Satek 10, Panos 8, Callaghan 1.

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Title Game Beat Arlington Heights 49-38


                             Elite 8 FInalist

                             Quarter-Final lost to Peoria HS 71-60

                             Springfield Lanphier beat Peoria HS in title game.


1983-84   25 – 8    IHSA FOURTH PLACE                      Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Riverside Regional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Hinsdale South 64-39

                             Title Game Beat Lyons 60-48

                             Hinsdale Sectional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Lockport 50-43

                             Title Game Beat Bloom 60-59

ST. JOSEPH (60): Funchess 22, Freeman 20, Buchanan 10, Terry 4, Stanback 2, Early 2.

BLOOM (59): Nardi 26, Howe 14, Whitfield 7, Perkins 6, Ruffin 4, McKinley 2.

                              Super-Sectional Champions

                              Title Game Beat St. Charles 60-50


                              Elite 8 Finalist

                              Quarter-Final Beat Harvey Thornton 52-50


                              Final Four Finalist

                              Semi-Final lost to Evanston 58-56


                              Consolation 3RD Place Game

                              Lost to Aurora West 55-54


1984-85   20 – 7    Villa Park Regional Runner-Up        Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Semi-Final Beat Willowbrook 72-46

                             Title Game lost to Proviso West 84-64


1985-86   30 – 1    IHSA Elite 8 FInalist                           Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Villa Park Regional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Willowbrook 73-39

                             Title Game Beat Proviso West 81-75

                             Elmhurst Sectional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat De La Salle 59-55

ST. JOSEPH (59): Freeman 22, Molis 10, Scales 10, Mahan 8, Stanback 6, Dragas 2.

DE LA SALLE (55): Banks 23, Brooks 12, Davis 8, Taylor 8, Morris 2, Ciaravino 2.

                             Title Game Beat Weber 73-47

ST. JOSEPH (73): Freeman 19, Mahan 10, Molis 10, Stanbeck 9, Dragas 9, Hribal 8, Scales 4, Aldridge 2, Mister 2.

WEBER (47): Redfield 24, Houston 8, Tate 4, Myles 4, Farbisz 2, Lorenz 2, Trieb 1.

                              Super-Sectional Champions

                              Title Game Beat Chicago Leo 61-49


                              Elite 8 FInalist

                              **Quarter-Final lost to Romeoville 51-50

**This game was later forfeited by Romeoville due to the school using an ineligible player during this season. Romeoville placed 4th in the tournament but later had to forfeit the trophy back to the IHSA.


1986-87   28 – 3    IHSA THIRD PLACE                            Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Villa Park Regional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Willowbrook 83-34

                             Title Game Beat Proviso West 71-69 (O/T)

                             Elmhurst Sectional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Proviso East 72-69 (O/T)

ST. JOSEPH (72): Molis 21, Scales 17, Hayes 13, Dragas 10, Mister 8, Cesair 3.

PROVISO EAST (69): Williams 20, Daniel 18, Miller 14, McCall 6, Swilley 4, Buchanan 4, McCullough 3.

                              Title Game Beat De La Salle 57-55

ST. JOSEPH (57): Scales 21, Mister 13, Hayes 10, Molis 10, Cesair 3.

DE LA SALLE(55): Banks 24, Hill 12, Claravino 8, Davis 7, LoCoco 2, Bolton 2.

                              Super-Sectional Champions

                              Title Game Beat Chicago Leo 77-65


                              Elite 8 Finalists

                              Quarter-Final Beat Rockford Boylan 85-67


                              Final Four Finalist

                              Semi-Final lost to Chicago King 60-58


                              Consolation 3RD Place Game

                              Beat Quincy 72-65

                              East St. Louis beat Chicago King in title game.


1987-88   26 – 4    IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist                       Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Villa Park Regional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Willowbrook 94-58

                             Title Game Beat Proviso West 57-52

                             Elmhurst Sectional Champions

                             Semi-Final Beat Proviso East 56-40

ST. JOSEPH (56): Cunningham 18, Murphy 12, Hayes 10, Gates 10, Bishop 4, Orr 2.

PROVISO EAST (40): McCullough 15, Conner 7, Freeney 5, Williams 4, Perkins 3, Buffkin 2, Leach 2, Brown 2.

                             Title Game Beat Fenwick 63-53

ST. JOSEPH (63): Hayes 18, Gates 16, Murphy 15, Cunningham 14.

FENWICK (53): Sutton 18, Walker 14, Kilo 7, Abramavicous 6, Sloan 6, Brewster 2.

                             Super-Sectional Finalist

                             Lost to St. Francis de Sales 67-58

         St. Francis de Sales lost to East St. Louis Lincoln in state title game.


1988-89   23 – 5    Villa Park Regional Champs              Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Semi-Final Beat Willowbrook 77-54

                             Title Game Beat Proviso West 73-51

                             Elmhurst Sectional Runner-Up

                             Semi-Final Beat Fenwick 65-49

                             Title Game lost to Gordon Tech 68-65

                             Gordon Tech lost to Thornridge in Super-Sectional game.


1989-90   25 – 4    Riverside Regional Champs             Coach Gene Pingatore

                             Semi-Final Beat Morton 82-54

                             Title Game Beat Fenwick 69-64

                             Elmhurst Sectional Runner-Up

                             Semi-Final Beat Proviso East 71-60

                             Title Game lost to Gordon Tech 69-64

                             Gordon Tech lost to Chicago King in state title game.


1990-91   23 – 4    Elmhurst Sectional Tournament          Coach Gene Pingatore

                             1st Rd Beat Willowbrook 80-58

                             2nd Rd lost to Nazareth 63-57


1991-92 26 – 2 Elmhurst Regional Champions Coach Gene Pingatore

Semi-FInal Beat Riverside-Brookfield 67-26
Title Game Beat Lyons 60-56
Elmhurst Sectional Tournament
Semi-Final lost to Oak Park 63-59
Proviso East beat Oak Park in title game