On a regular basis, the Illinois High School Glory Days site authors receive questions about some of the schools that appear here. Some of them are simple to answer, others require a little more research. Let us give you an example of some of the more common ones and hope that these examples may help you if you’ve had a similar thought.

Can you help me find my transcripts? Well, let us say this….we do not have a physical location where we can store information. But if your school was later consolidated or annexed to another school district, try the new school district to see if they have someone that is in charge of transcript information. In Chicago, there are sites for public and Catholic schools that we know of. For the CPS, try this: (http://www.cps.edu/About_CPS/Departments/Pages/StudentRecords.aspx), while for schools that have been part of the Archdiocese of Chicago (http://archives.archchicago.org/). Both have information that can help verify your education to a prospective employer or institution of higher learning. Also, the state of Illinois keeps some information for private and technical schools that have since closed (http://www.isbe.state.il.us/pbvs/pdf/closed_school_list.pdf).        

How do I find a copy of a yearbook from my school? Usually, the best thing to do is see if there is a copy on eBay, or through www.classmates.com. Another thing to do is to check a local public library, the school library where your school consolidated to, or alumni/alumna association for your school.

Do you accept yearbooks, copies of programs, class rings, school uniforms, etc.? As much as we would like to, we unfortunately do not have a physical location to show or store them. Therefore, we have to decline these types of offers. In Chicago, the CPS and Joseph Cardinal Bernadin Archives and Records Center does accept some of these items for the schools that were open in their jurisdiction, so please check with them before sending them. Another good place to contact is the county historical society where the school was located. However, if you have no other avenue please do not discard these items. We will be happy to accept them from you and find them a good home to be enjoyed by others.

Is there a way possible to find a favorite teacher from my old school? Again, unfortunately, we do not have the means to locate those instructors who inspired you during your days in high school. However, if you attended a Catholic or private school, you may want to check with the religious order that was in charge of the schools and ask them if there is a way to find their whereabouts. Another place to look is with the alumni/alumnae association of the school. The same thing can also be said for locating former classmates, so please advise.

Sometimes we receive inquiries that read like this: “Hello, I was looking for information on Sr. (XXX). Do you have any information at all? My name is (OOO).” Please make certain that your request is as specific as possible. When you send us a message via e-mail at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net please make sure to list the name of the school that you are referring too. Unfortunately, our site does not let us know from which page your request was sent.

Do you have connections with alumni/alumnae groups and when the next all-school (or class) reunion will take place? Honestly, we do hear from a few groups, but not each school contacts us to let us know of upcoming events. Several schools have a dedicated time of year when they will meet (Chicago St. Philip, Evanston St. George, and San Jose are examples), but we will do our best to keep alums informed when we receive reunion information. All we ask is that they contact us and we’ll put the information on the school’s page.

Can you help with providing photo collages of our school? As much as we would like to, we simply do not have the means or time to provide something of this nature. Being that each of us have our personal lives, jobs, and families to attend to, the Glory Days site is a hobby for each member of the site author staff, and we are limited in what we can provide, which includes appearances at alum meetings or visiting the school sites.

Why has it taken so long for the information I have submitted to be posted on the site?  While we make every attempt to put information on the site within a week of receiving it, there are times when we are backlogged and unable to do so. If you do not see the information you supplied on the site within 3 weeks, please contact us via e-mail and ask for a status update.

How do I submit photos or documents to the site for publication? The best way to submit information is to scan and send it to us via e-mail (ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net). We prefer the items be submitted in .jpg or .jpeg format. PDF format is not accepted by the web server. If you send a document you have written please submit in “word” format so we may cut and paste your article onto the site. If you choose to mail items to us via USPS please be aware that your items will not be returned unless you provide the means in which to return the items.

Editorial Privilege:  The Glory Days staff reserves the right to make editorial corrections or alterations to any item submitted. We will not change the overall intention of the information however. We also reserve the right to refuse to publish information we feel is detrimental or not useful in regard to the purpose of the site.