Additional School Information

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Hollywood High Schools

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Religious Orders & Their Schools

With the number of schools that started and closed in the state of Illinois, several of them were affiliated to various religious orders, due to their ties to the Roman Catholic Church.

In the Beginning… Where Closed High Schools Consolidated To

Great Conferences

How can you have a website about schools that are now only a memory without having a listing of the once hundreds of great conferences that they participated in? This one has skipped us for many months but here it is.

Closed Illinois Grade Schools

Mascots & Nicknames

This page was created to honor the mascots and nicknames of the closed high schools in Illinois.

Top 25 IL HS Football Teams

This page has been created to show the top 25 schools on the Glory Days site, based on total wins.

Special Buildings

This page will provide space for those buildings that have since been razed or replaced by school districts which are still in operation.