Hollywood High Schools

This page was created to help memorialize some of the fictional high schools that you may have watched on television or movies when you were growing up. Contact us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net if you have more information to add.

The Andy Griffith Show

Mayberry Union High School “Bears”Year opened:         1960

Year closed:          1969

Team nickname:    “Bears”

Team colors:          Orange & Blue

Team Fight Song:  Mayberry Union High


Mayberry Union High

Victory is yours well nigh,

We’ll hit the line for points every time,

The Orange & Blue will try, try, try. try.

And when the victory’s won,

You’ll be our favorite son.

Proud waves your banner in the sky!

Mayberry Union High!

Archrival:              Mt. Pilot High School

The Archies

Riverdale High School 

Year opened:            1941

Team colors:             Blue & Gold

Rivals:                       Greendale, Midvale, Pembrooke Academy


The Brady Bunch

Westdale High School “Bears”

Year opened:          1969

Year closed:            1974

Team nickname:     “Bears”

Team colors:           Blue & Yellow

Team fight song:     unavailable

Archrival:                 Coolidge High School “Billygoats”

Red & Yellow

Raquel the Goat was the mascot

Happy Days

Jefferson High School “Ducks”

Year opened:          1974

Year closed:            1984

Team nickname:      “Ducks”

Team colors:            Blue & White

Team fight song:      unavailable

Leave It To Beaver

Mayfield High School “Bulldogs” 

Year opened:          1957

Year closed:            1963

Team nickname:     “Bulldogs”

Team colors:            Orange & Blue??

Team Cheer:            “We’re the fighting sons of Mayfield,

Onward Mayfield High,

We will always honor Mayfield,

Mayfield do or die!”

Archrival:                   Bellport High School

Petticoat Junction

Hooterville High School “Hawks”

Year opened:         1963

Year closed:          1970

Team nickname:   “Hawks”

Team colors:         Gold & Blue

Team fight song:   unavailable

Archrival:               Pixley High School “Polecats”

Welcome Back Kotter

James Buchanan High School. Bronx, New York

Year opened:              1975

Year closed:                1979

Student’s nickname:    “Sweathogs”

School colors:              Navy Blue, Light Blue, & Yellow (Gold)

Team Fight Song:        unavailable


Movie: All The Right Moves

Ampipe High School

Year Opened: 1983

Team Nickname:Bulldogs

School Colors: Black, Gold, and White

Archrival:Walnut Heights Knights

Notable Player and Coach: Stefan “Stef” Djordjevic (Tom Cruise) Coach Burt Nickerson (Craig T. Nelson)

Movie:  The Breakfast Club

Shermer High School 

Year opened:           1984

Team nickname:      unavailable

Team colors:            Dark Blue & Gray

Team fight song:      unavailable

Movie:  Grandview, U.S.A.

Grandview High School

Filmed in Pontiac, Illinois!

Year opened:  1984

Movie: Grease

Rydell High School “Rangers”

Year opened:        1978

Year closed:          1982

Team nickname:   “Rangers”

Team colors:         Red & White

Team fight song:

Hit ’em Rydell ringtails

Tear ’em apart , green and brown

Bash their brains out

Stomp ’em on the floor

For the glory of Rydell ever more!

Fight team fight

Chew ’em up spit ‘e out

Fight team.. Fight…!

Rydell Alma Mater

As I go traveling down life’s highway,

Whatever course my fortunes may foretell,

I shall not go alone on my way,

or thou shalt always be with me Rydell.

When I seek rest from worldly matters,

In place or in hovel I may dwell,

and tho´ my bed be silk or taters,

my dreams shall always be of thee, Rydell.

Though all the years, Rydell,

and tears, Rydell,

we give the cheers Rydell for thee,

Through ev´rything, Rydell,

We cling, Rydell,

And sing, Rydell, to thee!

Movie:  Halloween

Haddonfield High School “Huskers”

Year opened:          1963

Year closed:            2009?

Team nickname:     “Huskers”

Team colors:           Black &Orange

Team fight song:     unavailable

Archrival:                 Russellville, Smith’s Grove

Movie:  Hoosiers

Hickory High School “Huskers”

Year opened:          1954

Team nickname:     Huskers

Team colors:           Dark Red & Yellow

State Champions:   1954

Movie:  It’s A Wonderful Life

Bedford Falls High School

Year opened:       1946

Unique Feature:   The gymnasium floor opens up (retracts)

to reveal a swimming pool underneath.

Movie:  Magic Town

Grandview High School 

Year opened:           1947

Movie:  One On One

Highland High School “Huskies” 

Year opened:         1977

Team nickname:    Huskies

Team colors:          Dark Green & White

Famous Player:      Henry Steele (Robbie Benson)


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