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Mineral High School – Francis Vermeire
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MHS Homecoming 1955-56

“Not only did the gentleman pictured on this page (my father) teach me the game of baskeball that I still manage to play today, but the wonderful author of this site, Dave Nanninga (Skid), also helped me hone my skills. Thanks Dad, wishing you were still here. Many thanks to you, too, Skid.  Keep up the great work!” 

Darwin “Red” V.    Submitted March 10, 2006

“This web site is truly amazing, so much information. So glad to see all the knowledge of the Mineral Leopards.  Both of my parents are graduates of MHS. I especially enjoy the vintage photos, much like the one of my Dad, Francis Vermeire, on this page.  He was a great guy and is sorely missed.  He did love his Mineral Leopards! Thanks Again!”

Darrell “Pork” V.     Submitted January 07, 2006


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The following excerpts were taken from submissions of the Guest Commentary Page and School Submission Forms as well as direct e-mails from folks like you:

“I love this site!”

Frank McGill, Mt. Carroll High School, Class of 1972    Submitted September 24, 2023.


“I love your web site, and have for a number of years. I check it out often and find it very informative and interesting. Your site is FANTASTIC at preserving so many memories that otherwise would be lost.”

Fred Kroner   Submitted August 14,2023.


“First, allow me to thank you for the hard work that you put into running your website. As a student (and now teacher) of History, I appreciate greatly the preservation work that you’re doing. While we often think to preserve our history on a grand scale (as a nation, as a people, as a religion, etc.) we all too often fail to consider the importance of our everyday history – of our lived experiences. That history, the history of individual high schools and their communities, the history of real people just trying to live out their lives as best they could, is what will truly reflect who we were as a people. Thank you for the effort you’ve put into this.”

Professor K. Kohls – UIUC    Submitted July 18, 2022


“I LOVE this website having graduated from Lincoln-Way High School in 1972.”

Steve H.   Submitted March 14, 2021


“Love the IL HS Glory Days site. Keep up the good work!”

Rob P.   Submitted February 27, 2021


“It is very cool that there is a website dedicated to closed high schools in Illinois and we appreciate your dedication to spreading this historical information.”

Jill B.  Submitted September 29, 2020


“I love your site, I look at it all the time and have used it for PowerPoint projects in my classroom. If I ever find anymore information, I will send it your way.”

Justin K.   Submitted July 17, 2020


“Thanks for maintaining this great website!”

Robert R.  Submitted July 6, 2020


“Great job with keeping the history of our schools. Thank you!”

John S.   Submitted May 28, 2020 


“The Mendel piece was very well written. I wish I had it as a reference when Gary Krasno was submitted for the Mendel HOF. Kudos to all who assisted.”

Vic H.   Submitted February 21, 2020


“I love seeing a site dedicated to preserving our memories of the past. Thanks for all you do!”

Jay S.   Submitted November 3, 2019


“This website is awesome, thank you so much, and also, thank you for this great page.”

Angela A.  Submitted August 6, 2019 


“Thanks for having this website!”

Daryl D.  Submitted August 2, 2019


“Great info you shared on your website! Thanks for the memories.

Rev. Anthony Kelley Submitted June 11, 2019


“Thank you for making this website possible. Your website is great!”

Dwight B.  Submitted February 19, 2019


“Thank you for putting together the website, very unique find and I am grateful to have found it!”

Nicollete R.     Submitted January 27,2019


“I love your website!”

Jacob S.     Submitted January 3, 2019


“I enjoy the website very much!”

Paul L.     Submitted December 28,2018


“I just want to thank you guys for getting me involved in this web-site. Still love to look at the pages!”

Howard T.   Submitted December 14, 2018


“I will have more info to add later. Love the website.”

Mike F. Submitted December 11,2018


“First of all, the website is great. I go to it often to look up information, usually on “The Great Conferences” page. I love how in-depth and thorough all the information is. Keep up the wonderful work!”

Ryan M.  Submitted November 29, 2018


“….thanks goes to you.  I love that I have a website to go to and read about my hometown.”

Dave A.   Submitted November 12, 2018


“You do a tremendous job providing links to other sites on your pages. Thank you for your time and effort in putting this site together!”

Larry M.  Submitted October 26, 2018


“This is a great website!

Pete C.  Submitted July 8, 2018


“I enjoy your website a great deal.  Thanks for preserving so many memories.”

Fran W.   Submitted April 23, 2018


“Saw your web site and was really impressed.”

Don R.   Submitted November 28, 2017.


“Hey, I just wanted to give some good words about this site. I’m an ISU student and a life-long resident of Bloomington-Normal. I stumbled upon this page some months ago looking for info on the old Downs Kickapoo Union School that I’ve driven by dozens of times in my life and have been enamored with the site ever since! I never quite truly knew that all this used to exist, that every little town used to have their own high school with their own unique (and often ornate) buildings and stories and all sorts of things. It’s become a hobby of mine to browse your site and use Google Earth to see if old school buildings are still standing-tragically, far too few are. Thank you so much for what’s been an incredible time and a true eye opener for me!”

Patrick D.  Submitted November 27, 2017


“I was just checking out your site and was very impressed, you guys have done some great work!”

Justin F.  Submitted September 4, 2017


Great website!  Keep up the good work!

Eric D. Hultgren  Submitted July 21, 2017


“I find your web site to be great!”

Dale D.   Submitted January 09, 2017


“Really like the site. It was really informative. Thanks for providing the Glory Days.”

N.A.      Submitted December 01, 2016


“Thanks for having the site!”

Robert W.    November 23, 2016


“Awesome website, I visit it often!”

Jeff C.     Submitted November 19, 2916


“Thank you for putting all of this information out there.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going through the info. I really enjoy your website and used much of the info to do a “scavenger hunt” with my Illinois History students to have them find mascots and team colors for defunct high schools in Pike County. 

Mark H.   Submitted November 11, 2016


“My daughter found this great site and sent it to me on Facebook.  It’s very well done.  It is so nice to see that people like you will take good care of the legacy of Illinois sports.  Those kids in the small towns back in the day didn’t have much else to do.  You could see them shooting hoops on the driveway, playing one on one, two on two, three on three in the evenings.  I used to leave a basketball in the center circle of the gym when school was out for the summer.  I couldn’t be in the gym when they were, but, there were always several of them in there every night.  One time the ball disappeared, I put out the word that the doors would be locked until it showed up.  It was returned and back there that evening.Thanks for the time and effort to do this site.  I’m certain a lot of people appreciate it.”

Don C.       Submitted September 30, 2016


“I am enjoying your Glory Days website.”

Michele M.       Submitted August 28, 2016


“I would like to thank you for all of the hard work putting this site together. It’s great to begin this journey and have a site like this to start.”

Walter H.    Submitted July 31, 2016


“I have a lot of great memories of playing against all of the schools in the Indian Valley Conference. Thank you very, very much for putting together this web site.”
Thomas R.    Submitted July 17, 2016


“First of all, of course, I love your site!”

Dan P.     Submitted May 24, 2016 


“Thanks for including closed Grade Schools on your site. You’re right. Every little school and every child mattered.  Thank you again for a great website.”

Jeff C.    Submitted May 15, 2016


“I think your website is wonderful with a wealth of information.”

Rose      Submitted April 29. 2016


“I’m so very impressed with your website!  It’s truly amazing how much information you have on here. If I find any information – photos, etc. – I will forward them on to you for your wonderful website.  What a treasure!  Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done to create and maintain this site. Thank you!”

Jenn W.   Submitted April 14, 2016


“Love the site!!”

John F.   Submitted February 29, 2016


“As a transplanted Illinois resident now residing in Ontario Canada, I would like to thank you for this web page. I came from Rural Illinois and attended school in Wenona Illinois, I attended school there up until my 8th grade year, I graduated in 1978 from Putnam County High School, from there I enlisted in the U.S.A.F. and retired after 26 years of honorable service. Most of my family still resides in Illinois, I have come to this site quite a few times during the past years. I relive my childhood somewhat from the list of schools that are here as I played sports and had the honor of visiting a number of these closed schools. Thank you so much. Thank You!!!”

Lewis D.   Submitted March 02, 2016


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your “Glory Days” site. It’s one of the indispensible resources for those involved in Illinois history.”

Bill C.      Submitted February 19, 2016


“I so much enjoy your website and can look at it for hours……I sure do love the Illinois High School Glory Days site; good job. “

Gary B.   Submitted February 05, 2016


“It is so wonderful that you have the sensibilities allowing you to understand how valuable memories are for people.  Thank you for what you do.”

Phyllis D.     Submitted February 02,2016


“Thank you to all for putting up a good website!”

Summer    Submitted January 27, 2016


“I really enjoy your site!”

Joe M.     Submitted January 25, 2016


“I just wanted to write and say I really enjoy your site and all the information about the small schools that have closed over the years. The amount of time and work that has gone into it is very impressive.”

Andrew B.     Submitted January 06, 2016 


“Thanks for your website, it is great!”

Mike G.     Submitted January 01, 2016


“Thank you very much, I appreciate your work on the website.  I’m going through some of my grandmother’s papers, and if I find anything else relevant I will send it along to you.”

David F.   Submitted December 26, 2015


“I wanted to thank you for your interesting site…”

Michael F.  Submitted December 2, 2015


“I love your site and what you have done. Nice to hear the local radio spots. I just enjoyed looking back at the page on my hometown, Atlanta, which I contributed about 8 – 10 years ago. I did not attend high school there but have great memories just the same.”

Kevin H.   Submitted November 29. 2015


“I LOVE your site by the way!”

John P.         Submitted September 29, 2015


“Love the website!”

Bill A.          Submitted September 12, 2015


“Thank you to whomever developed this web site—lots of fun to look back.”

Donna H.   Submitted August 21, 2015


“I stumbled across your site today and was somewhat taken aback by your immense history of the school. Thanks for all your hard work, please keep it up!”

Kerry G.     Submitted June 18, 2015 


“Thank you for doing what you have done in accumulating the endless amount of information from around the State of Illinois – small high schools.  It has been a joy for me to read about the many conferences and successes of the coaches and foes from over the years.”

Bernard L.     Submitted June 7, 2015


“I was born July 27, 1932 on a farm in Douglas County a few miles north of Hindsboro. Your report was well done and brought back a lot of memories of Hindsboro and family. When I travel to the Camargo, Hindsboro, and Arcola cemeteries to pay my respects to deceased family, I drive past the building that was the Hindsboro High School.  Thank you again for a well done research article. I am a retired from State Farm Insurance Co. and a retired U.S. Air Force pilot.”

Norm W.    Submitted May 21, 2015


“Wanted to thank you for your site.  Seems to be the only place online that mentions the old Meridian Conference, which was my school’s conference.”

Brian I.        Submitted May 09, 2015


“Great website, I didn’t even know it existed!”

E. William V.    Submitted April 29, 2015


“I’m glad you have taken the time to create this website. It is very interesting!”

Melissa B.    Submitted April 16, 2015


“Thanks for writing back and being so kind. Also, thank you for having the website, a great source of information and memories.

Patty M.    Submitted April 10, 2015


“You have created an amazing website!  You are preserving history.”

Patricia L.   Submitted April 07, 2015 


“I appreciate the great work you are doing, a true labor of love.”
Dan M.    Submitted March 19,2015


“Thanks for the history. Lots of memories in that building!”

Andree S.    Submitted March 19, 2015


“Fantastic site, outstanding memories!”

David A.     Submitted February 28, 2015


“Your web-site is truly magnificent. The information and data gathered is truly a work of history and nostalgia. Ken Burns would be proud. What I really enjoy are the keystone moments that these historical accounts also played as our state was growing and changing. I always wondered looking at the trophy cases and wall plaques the young school aged athletes that earned their struggles through their hallowed halls of these private and public institutions. Many have left their legacy but many of the truly noteworthy legacies have yet to have an ear and need to be heard and presented. Your website truly encompasses that. The stories of uncles and relatives that have been told to us seem to vanish like mystic chords of their memories. But, they are kept alive here through the graciousness of so many that have contributed their accounts.  It tells a story how young athletes in the rural areas of Illinois had to give up secondary school and high school to harvest crops during the autumn season and could never forgive themselves for not bringing notoriety and fame to the schools and communities they loved so much. Some stories may never be heard like the potential great athletes that left their beloved institutions to answer their nations call to war and giving their measure of devotion. So many great athletes from Illinois still tell the stories of others who they considered “the most promising young athlete that they had ever seen”. The documentation within your website tells those stories and notes those recorded events so that the mystic chords can be heard again for other generations. It provides a wonderful history of athletics and lives that were touched by so many schools. Great job! 
Kevin M.    Submitted February 22, 2015


“I find the site to be nothing less than treasure and I am so happy that I found this. I really appreciate what you’ve done here for all these schools.

Erick B.    Submitted February 19, 2015


“Thanks and great job on the website!”

Jim S.      Submitted February 18, 2015


“I enjoy the website.  Thanks for all the work on it!”

Jake T.        Submitted February 01, 2015


“Great web site!”

John R.      Submitted January 13, 2015


“It was great to see the old high school building picture (Divernon), as it that was  “the” high school when I was there – the new one hadn’t been built yet. Fun site, keep it up. Thanks for the memories.”

Diane H.      Submitted January 09, 2015


“Thank you for maintaining this site!”

James K.      Submitted January 01, 2015


“Thanks for adding my comments and having the glory days web page, much appreciated.”

Jim D.          Submitted November 20, 2014


“I appreciate what you have done for the area schools in Illinois.”

Harold K.     Submitted November 16, 2014


“Just love the site – very special!”

Bob A.        Submitted November 15, 2014 


“You’re doing a great job!”

Sally H.       Submitted October 26, 2014


“Thank you for running this site, its great!”

Robert I.      Submitted October 25, 2014


“I really find your website extremely interesting!”

Kevin B.    Submitted October 24, 2014


“I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you must have put into this project.   What a great job.  Thanks for your work!”

Graham B.    Submitted October 19, 2014


“The website is very interesting! I was doing some genealogy and happened to google “Kaneville High School” and the high school glory days website came up.Thank you for your time in researching Illinois high school history!”

Deanna C.   Submitted October 15, 2014


“I came across your Illinois High School Glory Days website this summer. You have an awesome website chronicling the past of Illinois high schools!”

Terry B.       Submitted October 09, 2014


“I think your site is SO interesting!”

Pamela D.    Submitted October 07, 2014


“Your site is excellent and we share it with our grads due to Woodruff being closed. They all appreciate it. I shall keep my eyes open for anything else that turns up. Keep up the good work!”

John K.      Submitted September 25, 2014


“I enjoyed your website on Harrison H S. I attended from 59-63 and graduated from Harrison in 1963.”

Dale N.       Submitted September 23, 2014


“Thanks for posting this school info..I have been looking!”

Theresa H.    Submitted September 09, 2014


“You folks do a nice job!”

Jim S.        Submitted September 06, 2014


“Love your website!”

John P.        Submitted September 05, 2014


“I also want to let you know how much I have enjoyed cruising around your site……AWESOME!”

Craig V.        Submitted August 31, 2014


“I was just visiting the Glory Days Website.  This is a great website.  I am glad I came across it!”

Doug M.       Submitted August 30, 2014


“Thanks for a great site!”

Darrell R.      Submitted August 23, 2014


“Congrats on your great high school site. Love how thorough it is.”

Matthew N.     Submitted August 20, 2014


“Thank you for investigating Donnellson.   My grandparents and parents lived most of their lives there.   When I was growing up there were two grocery stores, Pulliam’s and Krimmel’s, a barber shop, the post office, and 2 garages.   There was a bank , but it had closed so I don’t remember it being open.  There’s some things in your bio of Donnellson that I didn’t know.   It brings to back good memories from the past.   Thank you so much for the memories.”

Bea B.            Submitted August 4, 2014


“Thank you for your IHSGD website. I really enjoy it.”

Kathy B.              Submitted July 26, 2014


“Nice site. On your blogs…extremely interesting and I will tell my buddies.”

Smith        Submitted July 15, 2014


“I really enjoyed reading this. I also graduated from GHS home of the Buffaloes!”

Deb R.      Submitted June 12, 2014


“Many thanks & great website!  I really enjoyed it!”

Kevin G.      Submitted May 28, 2014


“Really appreciate your work to help others reconnect. Good job!!!

M Pat     Submitted April 24, 2014


“Thank you for the interesting website!!!”

David C.    Submitted April 07, 2014


“I enjoyed reading the article on a Loring school for girls.”

Jane M.     Submitted April 04, 2014


A nice page. Thanks for sharing all that material with us old folks. My niece showed your page to my 90 year old brother who is far along with Parkinson disease and he recognized the old building. His daughter was so pleased that he could still function to that degree. She said that made her day. Your efforts are appreciated. “

Janet V.D.       Submitted March 26, 2014


“Thank you for what you do, I really enjoy the site!”

Tom A.         Submitted March 25, 2014


“Thanks so much for your help and honoring high schools who no longer open.  I enjoy sports history and each school has a lot to be proud of the rich history.  I really enjoy your website!”

Dwight U.    Submitted February 26, 2014


“I very much enjoyed perusing your unique website set up for Kankakee Westview back in some of their glory days. Congratulations … Your site is great! “

Bill F.      Submitted February 20, 2014


“I am grateful for this site. A look of work and dedication. A wonderful place to go back to old memories!”

Antoinette T. A.          Submitted February 15, 2014


“I found your website very interesting!”

Jim P.     Submitted February 04, 2014

________________________“I was just reading the history of Whiteside County Country Schools.  Very interesting!”

Linda T. P.      Submitted February 03, 2014


“I would like permission to tell our readers about your wonderful website on our daily history blog  (you can just google Lawrence Lore and it should pop up.)  This is a free site that includes all types of history of Lawrence County, Il.”

Donna B.      Submitted February 01, 2014


“Found your website.  Pretty cool historical record.”

Annie B.      Submitted January 31, 2014 


“I enjoyed reading about the good old days at East Lynn High. I taught there in 1967-1969.”

Dick D.      Submitted January 26, 2014


“Your write up on the history of McCray-Dewey High School in Troy is great. I did not know that it had evolved from an old Academy.  That is great to know.”

Gary T.     Submitted January 20, 2014


“I looked through your website. I attended Cisco Grade School from 1972 through 1980. It was an incredible school with amazing teachers. Thanks for posting about it!”

Michele M.      Submitted January 15, 2014


“Thank you for your prompt attention to my information. I really enjoy looking at the website as a former teacher and administrator.”

Dale M.      Submitted January 15, 2014


“This is an incredible compilation of historical information. I would want the same thing for my high school and many of the high schools that have already been closed in the state of Ohio. Keep up the great work!”

Dane B.     Submitted January 12, 2014


“Great website you have there. I am certain people appreciate the work you do.”

Kathleen I.        Submitted January 11, 2014


“WOW! a blast from the past. I am a Near North Grad, class of 89′. I played Football, Wrestled and played Basketball at the North. Great times and great friendships exist because of the North. Rowdy Crew.”

John I.     Submitted January 10, 2014


“Thank you for all your outstanding work on the history of Illinois sports. Please have a safe and happy Holiday season.”

J.V.B.     Submitted December 23, 2013


“Enjoy your collection of school information!  Thanks for all your work putting it together.”

Pam K.       Submitted December 05, 2013


“Thank you for having this website, I love looking at all the educational facilities many of which no longer exist.  I am going to spread the word about this site to some other local historical interest groups I am a member of.”

Sharon F.      Submitted November 19, 2013


“I viewed your website Illinois High School Glory Days.  Very exciting site.  Thank you for the work you have gathered.”

Nancy D.     Submitted November 16, 2013


“I have really enjoyed reading about the many closed schools and looking at the pictures. what a tremendous undertaking. Keep up the good work!”

Dale M.        Submitted November 12, 2013


“Thank you for your appreciation of this history and your efforts to preserve it.”

Jeanine I.      Submitted October 13, 2013


“Keep up the good work with the site. It always brings back memories when I look over some of the places we used to play.”

Evan T.    Submitted September 27, 2013


“Thank you for an interesting article regarding Joy High School.”

Donna J.    Submitted September 27, 2013


“A long time fan of the site.  Love what you and the team have done!”

Tim M.    Submitted September 25, 2013 


“Thank you for maintaining this information!”

Jeff H.    Submitted September 24, 2013


“I discovered your page and want to commend you on all the wonderful

Kelly S.        Submitted August 05, 2014 


“Great job on your website re Elburn and many other High Schools as well.”

Mike McW.   Submitted July 31, 2013


” Loved finding your website.”

Lauren C.    Submitted July 23, 2013


“I just came across the page for school on your website. Very interesting history. Thank you so much for collecting it all. I attended St. Vincent dePaul Seminary. The administration building (the “A Building”, as we called it)  was a beautiful little building.”

Joe R.    Submitted July 11, 2013


“I have three yearbooks (1965-68) for Aurora Roncalli HS but need a functional scanner to send. Thanks for remembering us!”

Dan H,       Submitted July 08, 2013


“I know it makes you and many others sad that Glenarm Ball Township Community High School District # 206 school building is being torn down. District #206 was the District # at that time way back when. But I give you one reason and one reason only for you, myself, and many others not to be sad; THE GLORY DAYS WEBSITE for posting pictures not only taken by me but by others as well. So give yourself some credit where credit is due and pat yourself on the back. If it wasn’t for your Web Site the memories and tears would all be for nothing!! Because of the Glory Days site, the memories and tears will be all for something and not nothing. God Bless You for keeping the memory alive!!”

Paul E.   Submitted July 06, 2013


Great site!”

LeHook    Submitted June 30, 2013


“I realize that the work you have done here is quite an undertaking, thank you.”

Thomas B.   Submitted June 23, 2013


“Thanks for all you’re doing to keep history alive.”

Shelly H. Submitted June 22, 2013


“I found your site and it brought back a lot of memories.”

Cindy T.  Submitted June 4, 2013


“Great Biggsville H.S. website – thanks!”

Loise R.R.     Submitted May 28, 2013


“I recently found your webpage and I could easily spend hours looking at it.  I wanted to update you about the Dowell School.”

Mary M.    Submitted May 05, 2013 


“You would not believe how happy I was to see history in so many pics and seeing this website will keep the past as a memory for those then and those now and those in the future.”

Derrick M.   Submitted April 23, 2013


“Thank you for keeping the memories alive!”

Greg H.    Submitted April 02, 2013


“Congratulations on your web site!  What a great idea!  I refer to your web site often, as I have an intense interest in Illinois high school sports, as well as in the history and geography of Illinois.”

Clifford P.     Submitted March 22, 2013


“The picture that you posted of the school is most beautiful and brings back fond memories. Thanks for keeping the past alive. I appreciate your interest in Loring.”

Donna S.      Submitted March 21, 2013


“WOW- this is very cool what you are doing for people.”

Dan B.     Submitted March 18, 2013 


“It’s unbelievable how many closed schools there are in Illinois.”

Anthony F.    Submitted March 15, 2013


“I really enjoy your Web site. “

George S.    Submitted March 15, 2013


“It was wonderful to come across your web pages on Blandinville High School.”

Bruce M.       Submitted March 09, 2013


“Appreciate you adding our information to your site. We will add a link to your site from ours. Your site reflects a lot of work and dedication. Stay in touch – especially if you win the lotto. Keep up the good work.”

Leyden 65      Submitted March 01, 2013


“I had a friend who went to school at St. Mary of Perpetual Help in Chicago….they were the Raiders. thanks:) love the site.”

Aaron      Submitted March 3rd, 2013


“I just found your site and think this is great.”

Steve K.     Submitted February 27, 2013


“…thanks for putting the site together.”

Karl W.    Submitted February 13, 2013


“Thanks for keeping the memory of Chesterfield High “out there.”  It was a small school, 32 students, the town had only 225 residents.”

Lowell G.    Submitted February 02, 2013


“Great site, keep it up…”

Dave S.    Submitted January 27, 2013


“Small matter, but I was thinking of my father as I came in for night after checking the lambing shed.  The Southern High School school song was “Waiting for the Robert E. Lee.” I enjoy your website as always. I wish I knew more to contribute on his high school…Media Wever High School.”

Patrick B.   Submitted January 19, 2013 


“I could go on and on about my four years in Manteno, but then I would have to write a book. It was very interesting to come across your article since I was just browsing on the computer.  Bye now.”

Mary B. H.    Submitted January 19, 2013


“This website is tremendous.  Thanks for bringing back great memories.  I played golf, basketball and baseball at Rockford West in the 80’s and this is the closest thing I have to going back and watching a game at the legendary institution.”

Paul H. (’88 Warrior)     Submitted December 08, 2012


“Just viewed the material you put on the website and I can’t thank you enough.  It came our real good.  Really appreciate your efforts.  Having my 77th birthday tomorrow and this was quite a present.  Thank you again.”

Donald S.   Submitted January 09, 2013


“I would like to start by saying how much I enjoy you sight! With a undertaking of this size, you are bound to miss a school or two. One school that I know of is a grade school building in Wing, IL. Wing is located between Saunemin and Forrest in Livingston County. The building is on the right of the road leading into town after you turn off of IL 47. I also believe that there is a grade school building in Emington, IL, which is also in Livingston County. I just want to thank you for having such a great sight!”

Owen P.   Submitted November 19, 2012

“I always love reading THE GREAT CONFERENCES page on the Illinois High School Glory Days web site.”

Mike L.   Submitted November 15, 2012 


“I am from Minnesota and was traveling in southern Illinois last week doing some antique shopping with my wife when I found several Lowpoint H.S. yearbooks for sale by a dealer in an antique shop in Raymond, Illinois. I did a little Internet surfing from our hotel that night and discovered your wonderful website. I wanted to share some information. Thanks for a great website.  I sure wish we had a similar one here in Minnesota.”

Dave F.    Submitted October 21, 2012


“I really enjoy your site.”

Michael J. N.      Submitted October 09, 2012


“Thank you and again, your website is one of a kind and is truly awesome!”

Ryan T.   Submitted October 01, 2012


“I came across your website this morning, thank you for doing it.  Appreciated the information there on schools my aunts and my mother went to that no longer exist.”

Marcia L.   Submitted September 23, 2012 


“I really enjoy your website – it’s a great tribute to the schools that are no longer with us and helps keep their memories alive. I graduated from the late, great Mendel Catholic (closed 1985). It’s always great to visit your Mendel page.…thanks for all that you do to keep the history of these schools alive.”

Henry H.    Submitted July 30, 2012


“This is a great site – so happy that I discovered it!”

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“Thanks for all the work you have put into your project.  Grandpa died in 1961.  It was amazing to see his accomplishments listed on the internet!  How pleased he would be!”

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“Great job on the site!”

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“Your website, by the way, is amazing.”

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“Found your site from a friend. Her dad was Coach McDonald from Blue Mound. Thank you for the site it was fun looking back.”

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“You did a beautiful job on St Patricks Academy.  I enjoyed my time attending St. Pats very much.”

Kathleen McK.     Submitted April 21, 2012


This site had me rocking in laughter………Thanks for putting it up!

Lordy. the kids of today would think the world ending if they had to follow the yesteryear rules…………but WE SURVIVED!”

Sherry K.      Submitted April 20, 2012


“It’s really nice to this web site brings back alot of good memories wish I could do it all again.”

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“Good job…the website is so interesting!!”

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“I’m really glad there are people out there like you that take the time and have the interest and insight to preserve this information before it’s all gone.”

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“Glad to see someone keeping the “Old IHSA” alive.  Keep up the good work.”

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“Thank you for the Glory Days site.  I am enjoying it.”

Joanne C. T.    Submitted March 01, 2012


“We were looking at your website today and were very impressed at the information available.  I work at the high school in Cullom, IL which is now Tri-Point High School. The entire upstairs Is filled with framed copies of the class pictures from each year. They are available if you have anyone that is interested in information from Cullom, Illinois.  Thanks for all your hard work archiving the good old days!”

Amy S.   Submitted February 22, 2012


“I want to credit anyone who had any part of putting together the Glory Days website. Even though Im not very old (at least in my own mind, Im 37) there are even a few schools that I had played football against in the early 90’s are no longer active. Savanna and Mt. Carroll come to mind. It’s great that these schools have a website like yours. Keep up the good work!”

Greg P.      Submitted February 20, 2012


“Thanks for all you are doing in keeping the closed High School sports moments alive.”

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“I truly enjoy paying many visits to your website for information on former schools.”

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“I really appreciate your site, I have such a good time discovering these places and times.  The 40’s is an interesting time, one which I am too young to remember.”

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“I have told several people about your website, and they all have enjoyed it!”

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“I will let all the people in Buckner know about your web site so they visit and catch up on the history of Buckner and of the good work you do on other schools.”

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“I am extremely glad I stumbled upon your site, and I commend you for taking the time and effort to preserve an ever fleeting glimpse into Illinois’ rich past. Thank-you and keep up the great work!”

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“Great job. I really enjoy it. wish i could find more about my hometowns old high school in Ladd.”

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“This is a great website!  My dad and I were  East St. Louis Assumption basketball fans back in the 60’s and  70’s.”

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“I enjoy your work, guys. It’s a job well done. Your website is one of my favorites. There are many nights when I sit at my computer and take fantasy trips through the past via your web site. Thanks for one heck of a collection of historical information!”

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“I have just discovered your site and am enjoying it.  Thank you for all the work.”

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“Thank you for the effort that you are making to capture and share the history of our school (Mound City Lovejoy), as well as so many others.  You are providing a very valuable service.  For those of us who went to schools that no longer exist, it is a challenge to keep the history alive, especially as those of us who had the experience get older.  This is particularly true for Black schools, which were generally eliminated and consolidated into the White school upon desegregation.  We all appreciate what you are doing.”

Wendell O.   Submitted August 11, 2011


“Thanks to you, everyone that’s visited the website really enjoys it.”

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“Thanks for the history and wonderful wonderful memories. This was definitely memories fond and recollections which will never “slowly fade away”.

John V.G.    Submitted July 8, 2011

“Your website is done very well.  It is clear, easy to use, and informative.  Are you interested in increasing your content?  I know of a great source of Catholic school history here in Chicago.


St. Elizabeth Alumni meet on the first Tuesday of every month at Pearl’s Place on the corner of 39th and Michigan.  Visitors are welcomed.  It is a breakfast social that starts at 9 AM and runs until 11 AM.  Other Catholic school alums often attend.  The alumni are primarily ’40s and ’50s grads with a few late 1930s and some grads from the 1960s. 


This may be the best resource of Catholic School history in Chicago.”

Stan T.      Submitted May 23, 2011

“What a neat website!  I have some sports data from one of my dad’s yearbooks that could be added to the Woodhull page.”

Kent N.     Submitted May 9, 2011


“Just stumbled on to your super website.  Nice job with content and presentation. Thank you for preserving the history and the memories of the students, teachers and buildings of IL High Schools. THANK You also for updating the history of the Vermont High School!!!!  I applaud you for your professionalism, originality and ingenuity in preserving the entire spectrum of Illinois High School history.  Good job!”

John B.    Submitted April 26, 2011

“It’s a blast from the past to see ole Morton East High…Good times…..graduate of 1977″

Linda A.    Submitted April 24, 2011


“While surfing the web I came across your website earlier today. I am so glad I did! Thank you for making such an interesting website! I love old school buildings and learning about how things were all those years ago. I really enjoyed reading about Flat Rock High School. I realize that consolidation makes sense money wise but it is sad to see all these small schools go.  I’m so glad they got to hang on as long as they did. It’s too bad that the school’s are always the ones getting punished because of Illinois’s money problems.  I just wanted to let you know how much even younger generations appreciate your website.”

Christina P.   Submitted April 19, 2011 

“As a past contributor to some of the extreme southern Illinois schools, I just want to thank all the authors for the amazing work that was put forward into this project.  Thank you for letting me be a very small part of it.”

Howard T.     Submitted April 15, 2011 


“Thank you for creating this site and remembering Mother of Sorrows CHS!”

Chaplain Margaret F.-K.   Submitted April 03, 2011


“I could have sworn that there was a large tree in the outfield (at Bellflower HS) and that prior to each game the umpires and coaches went over the ground rules.  Then, like the time Richard U. hit a ball into the tree, the ground rules changed in the home team’s favor.  Wapella had no grass on the infield and a manufactured home in dead center field.  Easton had no grass in the outfield when I was in the 10th grade. Others can probably provide you with more of the peculiarities of the Kickapoo and Lincolnland Conference pastures. Best regards and keep up the great work!”

Tim R.    Submitted March 29, 2011


“I happily “stumbled” across the Illinois HS Glory Days website while doing some genealogical research a few weeks ago. I hope this information (regarding West Salem HS) is helpful to you and other readers of the Glory Days website.  I enjoy your website immensely and am happy to help fill in some of the gaps.”

Sherry A. W.      Submitted March 27, 2011

“Just found the website and Wow its great.  I went to Normal Community during the Capitol Conference days and could not remember all of the member schools.  It was also great to find the original members of the Big 12 (I had forgotten about Peoria and Streator).  Of course the Capitol and Big 12 “merged” and it is fun to trace the movements of schools and conferences.  Keep up the good work!”

Larry K.   Submitted March 11, 2011


” It has been some time since I dropped by the site, but thanks again for all of the wonderful work you’ve done on it.”

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“Wonderful Site!”

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“You’ve got a neat site.”

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“Thank you for your great website that amazingly includes St. Pat’s. My sister Anne W. sent me the link. Thanks for including such a small school that is no longer in existence.”

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“Thanks for this site. It’s fun to read of my old school.”

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“First of all i would like to thank you for putting up all this information about the old High Schools of Illinois. I’m 15 years old and a graduate of the Coffeen Grade School.”

Gabe O.    Submitted February 13, 2011


“Thanks!  It is an interesting site.  I just e-mailed one of my old HS friends and referred him there.”

John C.      Submitted February 13, 2011

“Thanks to your website, I found pictures of the old 1920 School building in Ellisville, IL. My Dad went to this school and remembers playing basketball games in the sunking gym in the basement in which I got to see from the outside. It sadden me when I went back to Ellisville in 1987 and saw the school ina big pile of bricks.”

Phil H.  Submitted February 10, 2011

“Glad to see someone interested in good memories and paying tribute to them. Thanks for your good work.”

Diana B.    Submitted February 8, 2011

“A friend posted this site on facebook, with Shabbona High School.  It was very interesting to read about.  I have NEVER heard that Shabbona when it moved north pushed out a town named “Corntown”.  I have NEVER heard that Shabbona when it moved north pushed out a town named “Corntown”.  And the story on the ’59 boys basketball team must’ve been so exciting!  I know some of those guys but to me they are the dads of some boys I went to school with and were school board members when I was in school.  In ’59 they were baskeball stars. A great history.  Thank you for this site.  I also read about Rollo & Lee.  I didn’t know Lee had been a high school.  Thank you for this site and I will also pass it on.”

Donna Sue W.     Submitted February 6, 2011


“I enjoyed reading about Harrison on the web page My parents grew up in Chicago and attended school there. I have the 1929 and 1931 yearbooks and enjoy looking back at the photos of a more peaceful era.”
Rick B.    Submitted January 31, 2011

“Really enjoy your website! So much good and memorable info. not readily found anywhere else. Thanks for the great job that you do for High School Glory Days!”

Coach Dennis K.    Submitted January 30, 2011


“I love your website! I wish there were more Melvin-Sibley pictures on it.”

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*I think this is a great piece of history looking at these things.”

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“I LOVE your website and the historical significance of the information you are providing.  Such a shame these schools are gone, but you are preserving their memories.  Kudos!!”

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“VERY good work on your site!  It is now one of my “official” favs. Thanx again for your time, interest and consideration!”
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“I enjoyed your site!  I grew up in Onarga, Illinois until the age of 9.  I now live in Texas and I love the history!”

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“As a former student and member of Joliet West, class of 1966, I enjoyed your information. Thanks for the memories.”

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“Interesting Site!”

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“I have tons of great memories of the small towns in that area and competing in some of those old gymnasiums like Saunemin!  Even in the 80’s as things were starting to change… it was still fun to have a basketball game in a steamy gym in Chatsworth or Piper City in front of a packed crowd.  Doesn’t get any better for a small-towner!!  Thanks for all your hard work… I love the memories!!”

Michael R.     Submitted June 07, 2010


“You have a wonderful site and so many are very appreciative of your work, for it brings back so many great years of so many great schools. Please keep up the great work you are doing.”

Anthony J.     Submitted May 19, 2010

“Love the site!!  Alden’s high school basketball team was known as the ‘Rascals’ and their colors were dark blue and gold.”

Margo V.D.     Submitted May 18, 2010


“Last summer I started a Facebook page for the former Huskies and others who have lived in and still live in Mason City to get reaquainted. We have tons of pictures on our page. The address is .

Thanks!! And by the way, we all love your site!!

Jim M.    Submitted May 15, 2010

“You have a terriffic site and have sure done a lot of research.”

Larry U.    Submitted May 11, 2010

“This is a fantastic site!”

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“I enjoyed your website very much! Regarding football at Driscoll Catholic High School in Addison, I am certain the Highlanders are one of only seven or eight schools nationwide to have won seven straight state football championships.”

Dave O.     Submitted May 06, 2010


“I’ve followed your “Glory Days” website about high schools since its beginning after I read a story in the local newspaper about the site.  It’s a most amazing website and I know it takes an awful lot of work to keep it up and running. You do quite a service for people who went to these schools and still have a feeling of pride for their colors and mascots.”

Susan V.K.     Submitted May 02, 2010


“Great site, I am originally from Southern Illinois and really enjoyed looking at all the old schools you have on the site.”

Kathy R.      Submitted April 30, 2010


“I came across your site and read the entry about Elburn High School with great interest, especially the commentary from Nels Howard about the basketball team in the mid-50’s.  My father was Mel Lye, who died in 1975 at the age of 36.  I knew he had a memorable basketball career at Elburn High but it was very moving to read Mr. Howard’s first hand account from a time so far removed from mine (and I’m assuming removed from yours).
Please know that it means the world to me that you have preserved a corner of the internet for my dad.”

Lisa L. K.     Submitted April 22, 2010


“You have a great site.”

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“Awesome site. Looking at the website is how I have spent my lunch break for the last week. I am addicted. Great job.”

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Winola High Graduate from 1975. Thanks for rekindling some old memories.”

Terry S.    Submitted April 11, 2010

“I really enjoyed all the information about Fillmore. I now live in Colorado, but I still remember Fillmore with pleasant memories, and some of my good friends.  I appreciate your putting this history and information together for us to read!”

Joe R.   Submitted April 10, 2010


*I just wanted to share that I just had my grandmother’s class ring from Rosiclare (1929) resized so I could wear it, and looked up the history on the net and found your page.  it was interesting to read about the town and the high school!”

Corinne D.   Submitted April 07, 2010

“Absolutely love the web site.”

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“We came upon your web site ( by accident. Congratulations from all those who work on this.”

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“Wow fellas! What an unbelievable site!  What a great undertaking….and a huge undertaking!”

Mike S. Submitted March 30, 2010

“I’ve enjoyed reading several of the schools historys, and I hope my contribution of the fight song is helpful.”

Jean S.H.      Submitted March 16, 2010


Nebo is my hometown I lived there the first 30 years of my life. I think it’s brilliant what you are doing. It’s extremely important to protect our history.”

Diann J.     Submitted March 12, 2010

“This is a great thing you’re doing here.  Some of the old guys I wouldn’t think could turn a computer on talk about this site . Even a little press once in a while.”

Doug A.    Submitted March 09, 2010


“I found the article on Weber very informative and well written.  I appreciate the efforts of those responsible.”

Ted S.  Submitted March 08, 2010


“….the site continues to get bigger and better. Thanks for a great site.”

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“Thank you for your work on preserving the history of this wonderful time in our lives. We’ll try to send memories relative to the history you’re seeking. We are sorry to hear the building will be torn down, but time moves on. Thank you.”

Mary S.    Submitted February 25, 2010


“I attended Smithboro grade school from 1950 to 1958….it was very interesting to find your site. I played basketball and baseball at Mulberry Grove high and many of the schools we played have since closed and are on your list.”

Marvin R.   Submitted February 21, 2010


“Thank you for creating and updating such a great site.”

Marilyn C.     Submitted February 17, 2010

“First, good job on your web site. This weekend I went to your home page. It is a good thing that you all are during. I did not check it at first, I was so elated to find something on Lovejoy, I did not precede on.  As I said I will pass your site on to my fellow Lovejoyans from Mound City, also Douglass HS, Mounds. Ill. and the HS in Cairo.  I went to elementary school in Mounds.  I am quite sure most are not aware of your site.  After they learn about it I am sure you will get more info.”

Harold J.        Submitted February 07, 2010

“I really enjoy this web site! I live in central Missouri but have family roots in the Barry – Pittsfield area. My father used to tell me about many of the schools that he competed against in the 1930’s in west central Illinois . I recognize a lot of places and names. Keep up the good work.”

Carl P.   Submitted February 05, 2010


“Thank you for this wonderful site, I hope many more of the St. Pat’s girls find it!”

Jackie W.H.     Submitted February 04, 2010


“I enjoyed reading the information on the history of Lewis Institute on your website since both my father and his brother were students there in 1912. They were members of Gamma Rho fraternity at the time. I still have my father’s copy of the 1912 Lewis Annual which has some entertaining as well as educational topics of interest.”

Ray F.    Submitted February 02, 2010


“This is a great regional history site! Nostalgic too for me since I attended three of the schools pictured. I only wish you had a picture of Mary E. Riner Kufus Elementary School in Altona, my first school.”

Sharon K.    Submitted February 01, 2010


“Being a native Hoosier, I always have a yearing for the past and as I stated your Glory Days site provides me with a constant reminder of days gone by.  I love reading about the old schools and their past accomplishment in athletics, etc.  This is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable items that I have run across.  As a retired High School Football Coach I love to wander back thru the various schools and see the past. Thank you!  Keep up the great work.”

Phil A.   Submitted January 28, 2010


“Thank you for this site, and for bringing back the loving memories, some diminished over time.”

Margaret P.   Submitted January 27, 2010


“Interesting site, and I’ll see if any of my friends or relatives have photos or details from Palmer.”

Ray L.    Submitted January 25, 2010


“Thank you for posting the photos of Tamaroa Grade and High Schools on your site. It brought back old memories of both elementary and high school days there. It was also great to see the school song posted as I was a junior varsity and varsity cheerleader in elementary school and sang it at each basketball game. It still saddens me that the high school is closed. I will always have many happy childhood memories of both schools. Thank you again.”

LaDonna S.L.T.   Submitted January 21, 2010


“Your site is very informative and extremely enjoyable to view.  Thanks…for the very nice site.”

Dan I.      Submitted January 12, 2010


“I am a native of the Carthage , Illinois area and graduated from Carthage High School in 1964.  I really like your site and appreciate the great deal of effort that you and your colleagues are putting forth.”

Steve M.  Submitted January 11, 2010

“Thanks again, and I think your website is really neat.”

Todd P.    Submitted January 09, 2010

“This brings back a lot of good old memories.  I will try and gather some information on my high school as I graduated in 1952 from Stronghurst High.  Go Trojans! Thanks again from an old 1952 grad of Stronghurst High School.”

Swede J.      Submitted January 07, 2010

“Really enjoyed the web site.  I also sent you some rememberances of a few highlights from my band years.  I look forward to revisiting the site often.”

Jim C.     Submitted January 01, 2010

“Just happened to stumble across your site, love it, and noticed on my HS’s page, Joliet West….”

Jim G.    Submitted December 24, 2009

“I am thoroughly enjoying reading the history of the high schools on the (Glory Days) web site.”

Scott D.   Submitted December 18, 2009

“My mother and father attended Stronghurst HS and I came across your web page.  Keep up the good work.”

Glen P.     Submitted December 17, 2009

“Thank you very much – I appreciate the work that you do on behalf of all of us whose High Schools have closed. While the names have changed for some schools or demolition for others – our memories will never go away.”

Juan B.   Submitted December 17, 2009

“I really love your site!”

Chad I.     Submitted December 13, 2009

“I really enjoy this site. Its fun looking up some of the schools we used to play, because a lot of them are akso closed.  Its even fun looking up non-opponents.  Since my Dad was a coach I am very familiar with many of the other schools.”

John A.     Submitted November 30, 2009


“I enjoyed reading the history of Harrison Technical High School.  I attended and graduated Harrison High School from 1971 – to 1974. Great memories!”

Juan B.   Submitted November 23, 2009 


“I was reading your excellent website cataloging the “Glory Years” at Arlington Heights High School, Arlington Heights, Illinois. It brought back many fond memories, and I really appreciated your efforts in accumulating all of the information.”

Stephanie V.    Submitted November 18, 2009

“Your website is a great idea and wonderful way to preserve history.  Thanks for your efforts.”

Betty M.    Submitted November 15, 2009

“I was looking through the site (which is wonderful, I might add)…..Again, wonderful site….I love small school living!”

Mike S.   Submitted November 08, 2009

“This is, without question, one of the most informationally fascinating web sites I’ve ever been to, period.  What a pleasure!  Enjoyed this site for almost two hours, and particularly loved reading about the school which used to be a baseball throw from my old grade school (St. Alban’s).  I hope you guys routinely back this site up and keep this information safe.  It’s golden!  NICE job!”

Brian H.    Submitted November 06, 2009

“I lived in Kirkland from 1959 to 1968, my father owned the local watering hole…When he bought in in 1959, in the basement was a basketball warm up jacket. Kirkland Comets, it was Gold with Purple lettering.  Love your website, lots of memories there…Thank you for that.”

Gene D.   Submitted November 03, 2009


“What a great website!  Thank you….for a great website for those of us that like the “Old Glory Days”!!!!!

Dick S.    Submitted October 28, 2009 


“Thank you so much for putting this site on net.  It will allow many elders another trail down memory lane….I am a former Muldoonite, and searched the web for many years for a link to the old high school, and was so disappointed when could find NOTHING!”

Sherry K.  Submitted October 24, 2009

“First of all I have to say “What a neat website”  I have some info on the Livingston Eagles basketball teams of the late ’70’s of which I am proud to have been a part of.”

Jim M.      Submitted October 18, 2009

“Thanks for all the memories and keep up the great work.”

Vicky O’D.      Submitted October 18, 2009


“I work at Allendale School and was just directed to your site by a friend! Your site is beautiful!”

Michele L.   Submitted October 06, 2009

“A friend put me on to your site and I love it. Sports seems to be the thing that people remember the most, but fine arts surely has a place in the life of a school too. When we closed the high school in 2001 because of low enrollments (63 the last year) as you know, a part of Bradford sort of died with that. Thanks for your kind words about Bradford.”

Gary B.      Submitted September 27, 2009

“Thank you to all who are responsible for this information. It’s great to be able to go back and read about our school and all the others.”

Dwight B.    Submitted September 26, 2009


“I was searching for people that attended Armington Grade School, (1953-1958) and I came upon this web site.  I have enjoyed it so much, thank you for bringing back some wonderful menories!”

Anonymous      Submitted September 24, 2009


“Thank you for all of your work on compiling the history of Reddick High School.”

Wayne M.   Submitted September 22, 2009


“A friend called to my attention the website featuring Illinois high schools and asked me if I could find any further information about Sadorus High School.  I really like your website!”

Marsha G.   Submitted September 20, 2009

“Hi ! I saw your website,and was quite impressed.”

Rhonda    Submitted September 20, 2009

“Great website, really appreciate the chance to view it.  I graduated in 1961. attended Onarga schools all 12 years.”

Harry M.     Submitted September 10, 2009


“Thanks for the sight.  My father, Emmett Mayhall attended Shawneetown High from ’58-’61 and it was nice to see some pics.”

Gary M.    Submitted September 04, 2009

“Cool site, by the way. My high school is on here (Lourdes High School, on the south side!)”

Laura Marie S.     Submitted August 25, 2009

“Thanks again for the update on the site. We had lots of good times in that old school, and just knowing my parents walked those same halls as high school sweethearts was something special.  My family has been in this area since the early 1860’s. I gotta tell you, every time I get on the Saunemin High School page, I have to sing along with that rousing music of our school song.  My kids think I’m nuts.  Ahhh memories………”

Pam H.G.      Submitted August 22, 2009

“This is a great idea. I had fun cruising the site. My grandmother is a graduate of Rosamond HS. I’ll see what I can find out about it!

Brent B.       Submitted August 22, 2009

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Dick K.        Submitted August 10, 2009

“I have certainly enjoyed the website. Having grown up in New Windsor, graduated from Winola and having married a graduate of East Pike I have a warm spot in my heart for deactivated high schools. Reading about a number of schools that I covered while working as a sports reporter in the ages ago 1960’s has brought a lot of memories to mind. Again, I have certainly enjoyed the strolls down memory lane. Thanks and best wishes for continued success.”

Evan T.    Submitted August 05, 2009

“Thanks for the website. You can never erase the memories when they take away your High School Name and change it to something else. Go Mustangs!!”

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Craig F.    Submitted July 5, 2009

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“I think your page is just so interesting.  I have long loved going to old gyms around the state, and in my former job I used to have I would take a basketball and just shoot around in these old historic gyms.  The sounds of a basketball on these courts and just imagining the loyal fans cheering their sports teams.  Gives one goose pimples when you think about it.  Now if only as a high school student I would have taken pictures of the old Irving gym, the Butler gym, the Taylor Springs gym, and the Donnellson gym, all of which I spent time shooting hoops at.  Now that I am older I wish I would have been a little wiser and took some photos along the way. Same with all the school districts I used to visit in about 55 of the states southern counties.  Oh well, still love the work you do.  It really is nice. GREAT SITE!!”

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Gail      Submitted April 22, 2008

“Wow, after all these years I still recognize the names — many look like they’ve recycled through the school since I’ve been gone! What a fun site; thanks!”

Roni M.    Submitted April 22, 2008

“I’m a Chicago area high school history buff.  My dissertation (The Expansion and Decline of Enrollment and Facilties of Secondary Schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago, 1955 – 1980:  An Historical Study) is about Catholic High Schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago that either opened or closed during the period 1955-1980.  I researched information on about 55 schools that opened, closed or merged during this time period. I look forward to checking out your website & would love sharing facts and information. Thanks!”

George F.    Submitted April 20, 2008

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Jim J.       Submitted April 14, 2008

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Your dedication to the Glory Days Site is amazing and appreciated!”

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“Your web info on our “old school” is nicely done. Thank you.”

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Coach John B.  Submitted February 08, 2008

“Thank you so much for the great site.  Having graduated from one of the schools it means a lot to see them remembered. Keep up the good work on Glory Days.”

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Norm T.         Submitted January 17, 2008

“Thanks for doing all the great work you do on the website.”

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Jenny C.  September 12, 2007

“Wow. I was looking at the history of Sidell HS and found a basketball team photo which included my dad.  Dad passed away in 2001 but his memory lives on through the internet!  He never spoke about his youth so I did not know he had played on such a good team.  Thank you for the info!”

Scott T.  Submitted September 11, 2007

“Love the site!”

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“Really enjoyed the site, it brought back a few memories.”

Rev. Dr. James L. W.   Submitted September 02, 2007

“Congratulations to the creators of Glory Days.  I drive down route 84 from Fulton, Illinois to Rock Island, Illinois often, and pass many schools no longer in service that have been profiled.  I wish more schools had photos of the building included, and mascots of the athletic teams if possible represented.  Great job!”

Stephan P.    Submitted August 28, 2007

“I saw this site on the web and it brought back many memories as i grew up in Tamaroa and was a 1983 graduate of the school.”

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the dates I provided of school (
Weldon) will be helpful to you and wonderful site.”

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djg       Submitted June 23, 2007


“THANK YOU for taking on this project.  There are so many people around the state who appreciate your effort not to let the history of our schools be forgotten.  Kudos! (Big Pat On The Back!)”

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Zephyr were some of the best of my life.  I pretty much wore nothing but
maroon, grey and white during the 1980’s. All my life I want to be a Zephyr.  Thanks for putting a smile on my face.  I also love the music you have chosen.  Great Job!”

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“I”m so tickled about this site, it’s so cool. Thanks for your hard work!”

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“I was born and raised in Illinois in the 1970s and ’80s.  My military career has since taken me to Kansas.  My grandparents went to Burnt Prairie High School, and I know of so many of the little towns around Wayne, White, and Edwards counties.  Your site is amazing, and such a wonderful tribute to the beautiful old schools from my home.  I’ve passed this link to everyone I know, hoping they will have information about these schools that they can share with you.  Thanks for the wonderful hard work you are doing!”

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(Thank YOU, Jami, for your service to our great country!)

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“What a great site!”

Mary     Submitted March 15, 2007

“Thanks for the thrill I got when my Farm Bureau  “Partners” paper came the other day and I saw the article by Kev Varney about old high schools! I coached at Tampico and my name appears in the history of Tampico High School basketball!  When I got on the website and clicked on Tampico all the good memories came back!”

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“Thanks for the time you have put into this site. I graduated from Hopedale High School and enjoyed looking back at some of the old schools I remembered back when I went to high school. Thanks again and hope that people will contact you with updates to the old high schools.”

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“I saw an article about your endeavor in the DeKalb County Daily Chronicle! What a truly wonderful project! Seeing all of these names from my (very distant now, even though I am only 51) past, has actually been a bit of an emotional experience for me…thank you for doing this project! It’s a very worthy one!”

Molly McG.     Submitted September 24, 2006

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Claudie P.      Submitted September 18, 2006

“I would just like to drop you an e-mail to say what a great website you and your friends have created.  It is marvelous that someone is taking the time to preserve our history before it is lost for good. You Guys are doing a great job!”

Mike M.   Submitted September 15, 2006


“What a great site.  There is nothing sadder than to drive through one of the many small communities in Illinois and see a decaying and abondoned school and know that at some point there were those that had real pride in their school and the community.  As these schools disappear and that era of education comes to a close, we also take leave of rural America because when these schools close it is like the heart is gone from the community. Thank you for keeping that spirit alive.  I will pass this site on to others for their enjoyment but also in the hope of attaining more information.  Thank You Again.”

Barry S.   Submitted September 12,  2006


“Hey! Just found this great site after reading Jim Ruppert’s column in today Springfield paper.”

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Lori B.    Submitted September 11, 2006

“Thank you so much for the time and effort you have spent creating this web page.  It’s great to walk down memory lane, not only by myself as a former Panther but with my parents as well who were graduates of Milton and Pearl H.S.”

Joy K.   Submitted September 11, 2006

“I sent your great website out to my classmates from the class of 1959 from Monmouth High School. Thank you for all your work on the website………..”

Ruth S.   Submitted September 09, 2006

“I was not aware of your site on old Illinois high schools until reading an article in our newspaper, The Southeast Missourian, page 2A, Sat., Sept. 2.  I visited your most interesting site…Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing all you have accumulated.”

Carlyn G.   Submitted September 09, 2006

“What a fabulous site!  Read about you in the Quad City Times (Davenport, IA).  I think many people feel about their high school the way you do.  I was never so disappointed as when they tore down the old high school, consolidated, and renamed the school Prairie Central. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this project.”

Nancy     Submitted September 04,  2006

“I like your site very much. It’s nice to go back and look at all the old schools I went to and other schools I visited with friends.”

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“I just visited your lost high schools website and enjoyed the concept of it. I hope to see more of the site when time permits.”

Arlene B.   Submitted September 01, 2006

“This site is great.  I went to Arlington High, but spent about 10 years working in and around west central Illinois. I never took the interstate when traveling, opting to go thru and enjoy a lot of these towns.”

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Deb R.    Submitted August 20, 2006 

“This is a great site and I learned something new. Thanks for all your hard work!”

Belinda M.     Submitted August 18, 2006 

“I appreciate this web page, especially about McClure. I am a 1949 graduate of McClure High High School.

Cliff B.    Submitted August 01, 2006

“As a former graduate from both Tamaroa grade and high school I enjoyed viewing your web site.”

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Courtney B.      Submitted July 12, 2006


“Its been a while since I looked at the site.  WOW!!!!   The Glory Days staff is doing great keeping this site going. I personally love the music throughout the site.  Great Job!!   Go Mineral Leopards!!”

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“We really have enjoyed looking at your website!”

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“Hats off to you for your well-done website.  I am certain that many folks will enjoy seeing their home towns and schools.  Let’s hope that your initial work sparks waves of contributions.”

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Tina L.     Submitted July 04, 2006

I will continue to enjoy your sight!”

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“This site is awesome. I have enjoyed it over and over. If I find out any more information on any of these schools I will let you know. Thanks for this wonderful site again.”

Steve C.      Submitted Jume 25, 2006

“I graduated from Kinmundy-Alma HS in 1978.  The school mascot was the Hornet.  Our colors were purple and gold. Thank you for being interested in my high school.”

Denise A.    Submitted June 24, 2006

“I am a former student/athlete and coach at Rossville-Alvin. Happy to see history preserved as the school closed in 2004-05. The memories are all that remains. Great Job!!

Coach Kevin T.   Submitted June 23, 2006

“I think this a great idea. I like to see the pictures of my grandpa (Ben Morey) playing basketball and my grandma (Phyllis Morey) a cheerleader cheering him on to victory!! I like seeing all the pictures from “way back when”!!! I think it’s a good idea to honor all of those graduates of Mineral HS!!! Good job!! Keep up the good work!!!

Angie D.    Submitted June 20, 2006

“Wonderful!  It was such fun reading what you already had and then adding “my $.02 worth”.  I’ve forwarded your web address to my brother who is 5 years older than me.  He’s also fond of remembering Hopedale High.  I thank you for creating the site.”

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Joan B.   Submitted May 03, 2006

“I am a proud alumni of Yates City HS, I graduated in 1950.  I loved our old school and really hated to see them close it. Thanks for the memories and the pictures of the school are great.”

Joyce T.   Submitted May 03, 2006

“What a FANTASTIC web site! I am a retired teacher and coach of 36 years in Illinois, now living in Wisconsin. During all those years I was Head Track coach and Head Cross Country coach. I loved every minute of it.

Bruce S.            Submitted April 26, 2006

“Thanks for the site.  It is a good idea!”

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“Wonderful, wonderful site and I can appreciate all the hard work that you have put into this!  Our small schools are disappearing and it really is a shame!”

Peggy C.       Submitted April 01, 2006

“Your website has sparked great curiosity in my family and I plan to scour through old yearbooks to sure up some of that Iroquois info as well as getting some more history on early conference affiliation for Milford.  Thanks for a great website.”
Brandon F.      Submitted March 28, 2005

“…I enjoy doing anything that our kids and parents will be proud of.  Thank YOU for have such a site that allows this to happen.”

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“Wonderful memories and friendships were developed in the smaller atmosphere and what you are doing will preserve it for always – congratulations, good idea and may you be able to touch all the bases, not to mention many hearts, in time. Your efforts have sparked a new interest in our village of Hume, I went to a community supper last night and couldn’t hardly get out of the building but for answering, “what about this school website”? Which I gladly answered and hope I was being somewhat factual and correct. I would imagine this is how it works for your good purpose, word of mouth, renewed interest of “those good ole days” and let the facts come forth !!!”

Harold S.      Submitted March 19, 2006

(Thank you Harold)

“Great job on the Hume High School story!!!  I have not lived there for many, many years but it will always be “home” to me.”

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Paul M. ( AHS 1948)     Submitted January 24, 2006


“Thanks guys! I was a teacher at Cowden after WWII, in 1945-46.    This is an interesting website.”

David H.    Submitted January 24, 2006 


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“This web site is truly amazing, so much information. So glad to see all the knowledge of the Mineral Leopards.  Both of my parents are graduates of MHS. I especially enjoy the vintage photos, much like the one on this page.  My sources tell me the guy shooting free throws was a great man (and they are correct). Thanks Again!”

“Pork”      Submitted January 07, 2006


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“Thank you. I absolutely love your site.  It took me down memory lane to a lot of the schools I used to officiate in.  Fascinating. 

Larry Young – Major League umpire.”

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“It’s nice to see such great care in remembering our old “CHS” (Chenoa).  Of course, Chenoa High School will live forever in our hearts.  It was, and continues to be, a wonderful school. Thanks for recording the history of Chenoa High — and the too many schools like it.” 

Laurie S.  submitted August 08, 2005 


“The site is great and it is a shame so many schools are let go — usually due to monetary reasons.  ….. Keep up the good work!!

Amy S.   submitted July 27, 2004   


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I love your guy’s site!  I was very happy to see Waynesville included.  I hope I can add to it.  Keep up the good work!

Coach K    submitted May 17, 2005


Awesome web site!  I love the old local history.  I stumbled on to this web site and soon found that DuQuoin once had an all (African American) High School with a very strong athletic program.  I have lived here 50 years and was not aware of this until I began researching. 

Jeff P.   submitted May 03, 2005


Very nice way to keep these old schools alive! There are several schools in (my) immediate area that should be included also: Crossville, Sumner, St. Francisville, Allendale. I did not attend any of these schools however and do not possess accurate information on them.

Stlb          submitted May 02, 2005


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I just wanted to say I really enjoy your site.  I don’t know if this site is run by the same person who asked about small school history on the Peoria Journal Star message board (it is). I replied posting a suggestion of a website instead of an actual building.  This is beyond what I could have imagined though, outstanding job!  I am going to to do some research to try to get some more information regarding (the schools in my area).  Again, enjoy your site.  Keep up the good work.

Coach N.    submitted April 08, 2005      


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I saw your site the other day and really enjoyed it.  Thought that I would forward this newspaper article from the CU News Gazette in case you have not seen it.  I am originally from eastern Illinois (Danville) but have lived in the Bloomington area since going to college in 1963.  I was Athletic Director for the El Paso school system for 20 years before retiring 2 years ago. 

Keep up the good work!

Bob H.   submitted March 21, 2005


I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your site. It is great that someone would take the time to collect all that you have on deactivated high schools in Illinois. Hopefully word continues to spread about this so it can expand as much as possible, because the cause behind the site is great.  Thanks. Excellent Site!!

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Wow – Great Site!  Brings back some memories!!  You might as well add Bath Balyki to the list  –  they used to have some battles with Havana in hoops before they were absorbed by Havana.

“Cubkid”  submitted March 06, 2005


What a great idea and a great job!  I really enjoyed the Manlius page on the site.  I should have some additional facts to pass on to you soon!

Chris J.  submitted March 01, 2005    


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Marty G.   submitted February 22, 2005 


“…a friend e-mailed me a link to your site and I like it. I am going to forward it to a friend of mine who is somewhat of a state historian for his feedback.  Great Job!! 

Brandon B.  submitted February 25, 2005