Ellis Grove High School


The History of Ellis Grove High School

Ellis Grove (population 363) is located in far southwestern Illinois in the northwest portion of Randolph County. Illinois Route 3 is the main roadway that travels to and from Ellis Grove. The Mississippi River flows about 2 miles to the west of town. Ellis Grove is about 10 miles northwest of Chester and approximately 50 miles southeast of East St. Louis. Ellis Grove was established in 1852 and named after George Ellis, an early proprietor and first post master of the town (Place Names of Illinois by Edward Callary).

We learned of Ellis Grove supporting a high school via Illinois State Basketball Tournament scores from the 1930s and 1940s. Ellis Grove High School competed in the annual District Tournament in their area. Unfortunately this is currently the extent of the results of our research regarding Ellis Grove High School.

Based on other research of other communities of similar size we believe that Ellis Grove likely had a high school in place by the late 19-teens to early 1920s. It likely served the community through the late 1940s. We know that today the children of Ellis Grove attend high school in Chester (according to the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org).

Ellis Grove High School Quick Facts

Year Opened:            late 19-teens/early 1920s (?)

Year Closed:              late 1940s (?)

Consolidated to:        Chester High School 

Team Nickname:       Needed

Team Colors:             Needed

School Fight Song:    Needed 


Boys Basketball

We know that Ellis Grove High School supported a boys basketball program. The team competed in the annual IHSA state tournament for certain. Research via newspapers.com has discovered the following basketball scores. Other scores involving Ellis Grove High School are needed.

1937-38                   Red Bud District Tourney                    Coach’s name & record needed

                                1st Rd Beat Valmeyer 29-19

                                Remaining scores needed

1939-40                   Steeleville District Tourney                  Coach’s name & record needed

                                1st Rd lost to Percy 34-22

1940-41                   Campbell Hill District Tourney             Coach’s name & record needed

                                1st Rd lost to Willisville 51-27

                                Campbell Hill beat Percy in title game

1941-42                   Willisville District Tourney                    Coach’s name & record needed

                                 1st Rd Beat Kaskaskia St. Mary

                                 Remaining Scores Needed  

Other Activities at Ellis Grove High School

It is probable that the students of Ellis Grove High School participated in many activities. School plays, student government, FFA, FHA, GAA, dances, and many other activities were probably offered and a large part of student life..


Do You Have More Information…

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  1. I grew up in Ellis Grove, IL.and attended the grammar school in the photo shown here. My childhood home was located behind and to the left of the school building. Our backyard butted up to the school’s ball field behind the school building.
    I have many fond memories of the school, the teachers and my classmates. Our class sizes averaged seven or eight students and there were two grades located in each classroom,ie, first
    & second grades were in one room, third & fourth, et.

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