White Heath Academy High School “Indians”

The History of White Heath Academy High School

White Heath (population 290) is located in the upper southeastern portion of Illinois in the northeastern portion of Piatt County. Interstate Highway 72 runs just north of town and offers an exit ramp that allows you to visit White Heath. The town was originally located on old Route 47 which is now known as East Mead Street.  Meridian Road also passes through town. White Heath is located about 15 miles west of Champaign.

According to a Wikipedia article, the town has a plaque which offer some limited history information. The basic statement reads that White Heath is named after two men, one named Mr. White, and the other named Mr. Heath.

The fact that White Heath one offered two years of high school curriculum was discovered by Roberta VanBriesen. An article found at the web address of http://libsysdigi.library.illinois.edu/oca/Books2008-06/whiteheathcenten00slsn/whiteheathcenten00slsn_djvu.txt advises the following small tidbits about White Heath High School:

“July 15, 1893 – On July 12 work began on the new White Heath School. Many called this The Academy. White Heath got two years of high school.

– After the Academy was built in 1893. The class includes grades 3 though 10. No doubt their two year high school reached its zenith under the leadership of Mr. Alfred Ewington.”

We know that White Heath High School offered a two year course of study beginning in 1893. Another portion of the article discusses a school reunion formed in 1903, so the school was still going strong after 10 years. This is the extent of information we currently have.

Our best guess is that White Heath High School lasted through the 1930s, possibly into the 1940s. We know that the children of White Heath today attend high school in nearby Monticello. We also know that White Heath continues to support a grade school for grades 2 and 3 for the Monticello School District. Another article located on the internet stated that when WHite Heath did support a grades 1 – 8 school the team mascot was the “Indians”.

White Heath High School Quick Facts

Year opened:            1893

Year closed:              1930s/1940s (?)

Consolidated to:       Monticello High School

Team nickname:       “Indians” (?)

Team colors:              ??

School Fight Song:    ??



We are curious if athletics were a part of the White Heath High School experience.  It is quite possible that basketball and other sports were offered to the boys of White Heath HIgh School.  If so, we are in need of the school fight song, team colors, and team nickname.  Coach’s names and team records are welcome as well.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Were school plays, dances, field trips, band, chorus, and other extra-curricular activities a part of the White Heath High School experience too?  If you have any information to share, please contact us via the means below.

To Provide Information On White Heath & White Heath High School:

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