La Prairie High School

LaPrairie High School Building
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LaPrairie Grade School 1880s through 1944
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Driveway to Former LaPrairie School Grounds
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The History of La Prairie High School

La Prairie (population 60) is located in western Illinois in the northeastern portion of Adams County.  La Prairie is aptly named as it appears to sit quietly in the middle fo the prairie along the Burlington Northern Railroad line.  La Prairie is situated between the County Roads of E 2600th St. and E 2650th St. at the County Road of N 2700th Ave.  La Prairie appears to be about 3 blocks from north to south and 5 blocks from east to west.  La Prairie is about 20 miles northeast of Quincy and 24 miles southwest of Macomb.

La Prairie was established in 1855 as a stop along a railroad line. It was initially named Gibbstown before the name was changed to La Prairie in 1863. The town probably grew quickly in its initial years. It is likely that a school was set in place by the late 1800s as well. High School curriculum was probably offered in the 1920s.

LaPrairie High School had a 4-year curriculum through 1944. The high school was closed after the 1943-44 school year with students being bussed to nearby Golden High School to complete their education. The Golden High School closed in the early 1950s, possibly 1955, with students from Golden and LaPrairie joining the newly formed Camp Point Central School District.

La Prairie HS Class of 1942
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La Prairie High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                              1920s?

Year closed:                                1944

Consolidated to:                         Golden High School

HS Students Now Attend:          Central High School (Camp Point)

La Prairie HS team nickname:    unavailable

La Prairie HS team colors:          unavailable

School Fight Song;                      unavailable


We know that La Prairie High School competed in boys basketball.  Baseball and track may have been offered as well.  “Quick Facts” information is needed for the La Prairie High School athletic teams.  Also needed are coach’s names and team records.

La Prairie High School Basketball Team 1940s
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The boys basketball teams competed in the IHSA State Tournament each year. They often found themselves competing against much larger high schools in the area. However the boys held their own. Below are some ot the scores of District Tournament games played by LaPrairie High School on a website titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores“. If you have any further information regaridng the LaPrairie High School basketball program please send us an e-mail.

1922 Qunicy District Tournament

1st Round – New Salem 45, LaPrairie 19

New Salem lost in title game

1934 Quincy District Tournament

1st Round – Hamilton 38, LaPrairie 21

Hamilton lost in title game\

1935 Quincy District Tournament

1st Round – LaPrairie 39, Lima 15

2nd Round – Hamilton 39, LaPrairie 23

Hamilton lost in semi-final

1936 – no scores available

1937 Quincy Regional Tournament (District Tourney not played)

1st Round – Clayton 58, LaPrairie 38

Clayton lost in title game

1938 – no scores available

1939 Mendon Regional Tournament

1st Round – Mendon 33, LaPrairie 30

Mendon won the Regional title over Quincy

Mendon lost in Sectional semi-final round

1941 Golden District Tournament

1st Rd Beat Lima 30-28

Semi-final lost to Golden 31-13

This was the extent of the scores involving LaPrairie High School listed on this website.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports were not the only activity at LPHS.  It is probable that school plays, clubs, dances, and many other activities were a part of the well-rounded experience at La Prairie High School.

Need Your Assistance

If you have any further information regarding the many successes attained at La Prairie High School before its merger with nearby Camp Point, please write to us via e-mail at   You can also write to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.  60631

LaPrairie Methodist Church Built in 1868
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LaPrairie Methodist Church 2016
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LaPrairie Downtown, Post Office
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Former Bank Building
LaPrairie State Bank Building 2016
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“State Bank of LaPrairie” Inscribed over the Entrance


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