La Place High School

La Place High School Building in 2010
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The History of La Place High School

La Place (population approx. 200) is located in southeastern Illinois in the southwest corner of Piatt County.  The town is located on County Highway 32 just north of U.S. Route 36. The CSX Transportation Railroad passes through the center of town.

A nice history of the town of La Place and its former high school can be viewed in the book titled “Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Volume 2” which was written by Paul Selby and Franices M. Shonkwiler. This book was published in 1917.

A brief history of the town of La Place can be located on page 698.  A summary of this excerpt states that the town was “laid off” (platted) in 1873 and was originally named Stoner.  It was also known as Gatewood.  The article does not state why the town eventually settled on the name of La Place.

Page 798 of the book briefly describes the school system at La Place. The following has been copied directly from the book:

“The first La Place school was erected in 1884, and another took its place in 1903.  This school has a high school course, and an attendance of about 130 students. Some of the educators connected with this school have been; A.C. Duncan, Arthur Verner, L.F. Nichol, J.E. Underwood. C.E. Leathers, and Everett Garrett.”

We currently have no further information regarding the former La Place High School.  Our guess is that La Place High School offered a 3 year course of study, though it is very possible that a 4 year high school was in place.  We believe that La Place High School existed on its own through the late 1940s.  It was likely at that time that La Place was absorbed or consolidated to Cerro Gordo High School, its neighbor about 6 miles to the north.

It is confirmed that La Place continued to host a grade school for several years after the high school.  It is apparent now, though, that the school building in La Place has been dormant for some years.

La Place High School Quick Facts

Year opened:               1884

Year closed:                 late 1940s?

Consolidated to:           Cerro Gordo High School

LPHS team nickname:  unknown

LPHS uniform colors:    unknown

School fight song:         unknown


We are currently uncertain if the kids of La Place High School competed in interscholastic athletics. We believe that the boys competed in basketball. If anyone has this information we would be glad to share it on this page.

Any information on other activities at La Place High School would be welcome as well.


The boys did participate in basketball for certain. Scores from the IHSA State Tournament were found on a website titled “Illinois Postseason High School Basketball Scores” ( ) and are reprinted below.

1932-33                 Monticello District Tournament          Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd lost to Cerro Gordo 44-14

Monticello beat Cerro Gordo in title game

1933-34                 Monticello District Tournament          Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd Beat Cisco 29-18

                              2nd Rd lost to Monticello 37-10

Mahomet beat Bement in title game


**From D.G. Winchester:

“La Place High School becoming a grade school. Students 7th & 8th grade I can’t currently remember the little town school they went to. Maybe Atwood. But high school did go to Cerro Gordo. I had several older siblings attending those schools. I attended La Place Grade School in this building from 1959 to about 1962. We moved when I was in the middle of 5th grade. I will attach class pictures from this school from 1st through 4th grade. Taken in the classroom of each class. You can see from 1st grade pic it is 1959. Add up from there to next 3 for year. I do not know when it became a grade school. From what I have heard the building became an apartment building later on. I think when the grade school closed down all the students went to Cerro Gordo.”



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LaPlace Grade School 1st Grade Class 1959
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Provided by D.G. Winchester
LaPlace Grade School 4th Grade Class 1962
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Provided by D.G. Winchester

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