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Assumption High School Building – 2008

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Courtesy of Sarah Dixon

The History of Assumption High School


Assumption (population 1,261) is located in south-central Illinois about 35 miles southeast of Springfield and 20 miles south of Decatur.  The town is located in east-central Christian County.  U.S. Route 51 is the main roadway to and from Assumption.  The Big George Branch River flows through the west side of town.  An unknown railroad line travels from Assumption to its neighbor to the south, Pana.


The history of the town of Assumption and its former high school are in need of further research.  Assumption High School was probably established in the late 1800s.  It served the community and surrounding farm kids through the early 1990s.  It was in 1992 that consolidation talks were finalized with Assumptions’s neighbor the north, Moweaqua.  The result was the formation of the Central A & M School District. 


The high school for the Central A & M School District is located in Moweaqua. Sarah Dixon provided the following information regarding the fate of the Assumption High School building:


“The Assumption high school building became the Central A&M Middle School serving 6th thru 8th grades.”


Assumption High School Quick Facts


Year opened:                                     late 1800s?

Year closed:                                      1992

Consolidated to:                                 Central A & M School District (Moweaqua)

Assumption HS team nickname:          the “Comets”

AHS team colors:                               Royal Blue & White

School Fight Song:                             Assumption Loyalty

                                                                           Lyrics provided by SARAH DIXON


We’re Loyal to you, Assumption High

The White and the Blue, Assumption High

We’ll back you to stand against the best in the land

Cause we know you have sand, Assumption High!


So smash that blockade, Assumption High

Go crashing ahead, Assumption High

And we’ll always back you,

Our brave Assumption High!… GO!

Assumption High School Gymnasium – 2012

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Photo Provided by Bruce Firchau

Regarding the photo of the Assumption gymnasium above:

From Coach Bruce Firchau:  “This gym picture is of Assumption High School that closed a few years ago. It is now the middle school for Central A&M and hosts events for the IESA. In 1979, Blue mound defeated Assumption (89-81) for the Meridian Conference Championship. By the start of the JV game the gym was packed. Some of “old historians” called this one of the greatest games in conference history. Seating capacity 1700.”




The Assumption High School athletic program enjoyed success on many different levels and in many different sports.  The boys competed in baseball, basketball, football, and track while the girls were offered basketball, softball, track, and volleyball.  We are searching for many of the particulars regarding the AHS athletic teams. 


Boys Track & Field


The Assumption High School thinclads had some nice individual efforts to go along with a strong program.  The team of 1909 finished NINTH in the IHSA State Meet.  Team accomplishments and individual medalists are listed below. 


1908-09         Team Finished NINTH in STATE MEET Competition!!


                         Individual Medalist


                          ??  Harpole               Long Jump        STATE CHAMPION!!


                          Final Team Standings


                          1)  Chicago (University)                              21  

                          2)  Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)                 17  
                          3)  Milford                                                 15  
                          4)  Galesburg (H.S.)                                  10   
                          5)  Averyville                                               8  
                          6)  Aurora (West)                                        7     
                          7)  Normal (Community)                               6  
                          7)  Tuscola                                                 6  
                          9)  ASSUMPTION HIGH SCHOOL               5  
                          9)  Biggsville                                               5  
                          9)  Springfield (H.S.)                                    5


1921-22B        ??  Campbell              440 Yard Dash           3RD Place
1922-23B        ??  Campbell              440 Yard Dash           4TH Place

                      ??  Riley                       50 Yard Dash           3RD Place 

1924-25B        ??  Long                       High Jump               3RD Place           

1940-41           Dale Nichols               880 Yard Run             3RD Place


Boys Baseball


The baseball program won a Regional title.  This is currently the extent of the information we have regarding this sport.


1962-63    8 – 4                                                 Coach Mel Roustio 

1963-64  10 – 4                                                 Coach Mel Roustio

1977-78    5 – 4                                                 Coach Robert Firchau


1978-79  14 – 3      Regional Champions       Coach Robert Firchau

                            Meridian Conf. Champs


From former Coach Robert Firchau:


“I was coach of the 77-78 team and I think we were 5-4.  Since we were a small school we had to share our players with track.  The 78-79 season the baseball team finished 14-3 and won a share of the Meridian Conference Championship.  The first in school history .  I believe Maroa, Niantic and Assumption ended in a three way tie.  We lost the sectional championship to Decautar St. Theresa 8-7 in 9 innings (a loss that still hurts today)  Our only losses were to Kincaid, Niantic and St. T.  St. T advanced to the quarter finals that year. Major players on that Comet team where Dan Himes pitcher/short stop who later played baseball and basketball at Mac Murray College, Paul Adcock catcher/pitcher who later played at Northeast Louisianna.



Boys Basketball


Though apparently not winning any IHSA hardware, the basketball program lists some nice season records on the IHSA website ( 


1975-76        22 – 5   Mt. Auburn Tourney Champs  Coach Ralph Hallum

1976-77        18 – 7                                                  Coach John Lawson

1977-78        20 – 7                                                  Coach Bruce Firchau
1978-79        21 – 5                                                  Coach Bruce Firchau
1979-80        16 – 9                                                  Coach Dan Denton
1980-81        18 – 9                                                  Coach Dan Denton
1981-82        18 – 8                                                  Coach Dan Denton

1989-90        17 – 8

1990-91                                                                  Coach Dan Himes 


Vandalia Basketball Tourney info from Mark Jurenga:

1977 – Consolation Champs – Assumption def. Neoga
1978 – 4th Place – Nokomis 58 Assumption 56
1977 – Tim Dial
Assumption’s Cheerleaders won the Cheerleading competition in both 1977 and 1978.


Coach Bruce Firchau adds the following information about the Comet basketball program:


“I researched Assumption basketball history going back to the 1920’s.  As I remember they had outstanding teams in the 20’s and 30’s, but could not get past the Witt(Speed Boys) in state playoffs.  Later, they ran up against the Taylorville(Tornadoes).  Dan Himes scored over a 1000 points and Paul Adcock scored over 900+ in their careers as Comets.  Today Dan coaches the Central A & M basketball team at Mowequea.”






The football program also had some great seasons.  The team qualified for the IHSA playoffs on three ocassions and had some incredible season records as well.


1974-76                                                                                   Coach Monty Cater
1976-77      6 – 2 – 1                                                                  Coach Monty Cater
1977-78      8 – 1                                                                       Coach Keith Sinclair
1978-79      9 – 1       Team Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs      Coach Keith Sinclair

                                          Undefeated Regular Season

                                          Lost to Arcola 14 – 0

                                          Arcola Eventual State Champs 
1979-80      7 – 2                                                                       Coach Keith Sinclair
1980-81                                                                                    Coach Keith Sinclair
1981-83                                                                                    Coach Doug Foster
1983-84                                                                                    Coach Ron Graham
1984-85      6 – 3                                                                        Coach Ron Graham
1985-86    10 – 2       Team Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs        Coach Ron Graham

                                           ELITE 8 FINALIST

                                           8 – 1 Regular Season

                                           Beat Elvarado  20 – 0

                                           Beat Moweaqua 37 – 7

                                           Lost to Hardin Calhoun 14 – 7  
1986-87      8 – 2                                                                        Coach Ron Graham
1987-88      9 – 3        Team Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs       Coach Ron Graham

                                           ELITE 8 FINALIST

                                           Beat South Fork  14 – 9

                                           Beat Moweaqua 20 – 12

                                           Lost to Hardin Calhoun 20 – 8

                                           Calhoun Finished 2ND 
1988-89      6 – 3                                                                         Coach Ron Graham

1989-90      4 – 5                                                                         Coach Keith Skinner


Assumption Football By The Numbers:


10 – Number of interceptions by Jim Manley in 1979, which set the school record. It was tied by Curt Mink in 1987.

11 – Games in 1985 in which Steve Zuber rushed for over 100 yards.

23.1 – Rushing average (yards per carry) by Todd Hutchens in 1987; another school record.

293 – Number of rushing yards allowed by the Assumption defense in entire season of 1985, which is fifth best in Illinois H.S. Football history.

380 – Yards ran on punt returns by Hutchens from 1986 to 1987; another school record.

633 – Total yards allowed by the Assumption defense of 1985, which is third best in Illinois H.S. Football history.


Girls Volleyball


The lady netters had a nice early run in volleyball.  Coach’s names and records of the better teams are listed below.


1973-74     5 – 0                Coach Francis Fisher
1974-75     9 – 0                Coach Francis Fisher
1975-76     6 – 4                Coach Francis Fisher
1976-77     7 – 6                Coach Carol Hourigan
1977-78                            Coach Carol Hourigan
1978-79                            Coach Pam Rincker
1979-80                            Coach Pam Rincker
1980-81   11 – 11               Coach Cindy Tapscott
1981-82                            Coach Cindy Tapscott

1982-85                            Coach Irene Hubbard
1985-88                            Coach Angie Adams


Girls Basketball, Softball, & Track


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