Atkinson High School “Tigers”

The Original Atkinson High School
Home of the Tigers
Atkinson Water Tower 2013

The History of Atkinson High School 

Atkinson (population 1,100) is located in upper-western Illinois in the upper eastern portion of Henry County. Interstate Highway 80 passes by the south side of town. U.S. Route 6 and County Highway 5 also lead you to and from Atkinson. The Iowa Central Railroad (formerly the Rock Island Line) passes through the north side of Atkinson. The village is located about 9 miles east of Geneseo and 28 miles east of Moline.

An excellent website regarding the town of Atkinson can be viewed at the web address of . The history of Atkinson can be viewed on this website at the web address of . In summary, the area on which Atkinson is located was once the route of the Green River. Native Americans of the Shabbona tribe made their home in the area. A man named Charles Atkinson moved into the area in 1843. He platted the town named after him in 1856 and it was incorporated along the Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific Railroad in 1867. The community is well known for Wyffels Hybrid and the Atkinson Stockyard, both going strong today.

The education system for Atkinson was begun at a very early time in the communities’ development. A grade school was almost immediately established. Atkinson High School began offering classes in the late 1880s. The first Atkinson school building is pictured below.

Atkinson’s First School Building
Photo Displayed at Atkinson Historical Museum / Courtesy of William “Bill” Freddy

In the early 1920s the frame Atkinson High School building burned to the ground. A new brick building was built on the same grounds and was all inclusive for grades 1 – 12. This building served the community for approximnately 20 years. A photo of this building is available below.

Atkinson High School 1920s through the early 1940s
Photo Displayed at Atkinson Historical Museum / Courtesy of William “Bill” Freddy

A new Atkinson High School building was constructed in 1942 (see photo at the top of the page). It included a large gymnasium and several classrooms for the growing enrollment. The brick Atkinson High School building  built in the 1920s was soon razed. It stood on what is now known as Heritage Park. The 1942 building was added onto in the late 1960s/early 1970s. A new gymnasium for athletic events, an auxiliary gymnasium / cafeteria, and state-of-the-art equipment were the highlights of this new facility (see photo below).

The Atkinson High School Addition

Atkinson High School continued to flourish through the 1970s and early 1980s. The mid-1980s forced decisions to be made about the future of the school. It was decided by voters to close the school district after the 1987-88 school year. High School and Grade School students would now attend classes in nearby Geneseo. The Atkinson school would continue to host classes for grades K – 5 for many years to come. In approximately 2005 the Geneseo School District chose to close the Atkinson Elementary School.

The 1942 Atkinson High School building continues to hold classes for students however. The following information was submitted by Rhonda Rusk regarding the use of the Atkinson High School pictured at the top of this page:

“The basement and 1st floor have housed ExCel School since 2003-2004

school year.  ExCel is an alternative school operated by the Henry/Stark

Special Education District (serving 9 school districts).  We currently have

students in grades 3-12  (about 65 in all). It has made many people in the

community happy knowing their school is still “A SCHOOL.”

The newer addition of the Atkinson school building complex has also been utilized very well. It is now home to the villages’ governmental offices and is home to the Atkinson Public Library. The building is very well maintained and should be an asset to the community for many years to come.

William “Bill” Freddy is the proprietor of an excellent historical museum in Atkinson on the town’s Main Street. Located right next to the Village Hall, which was built in 1894, the museum holds many marvelous artifacts, photos, and a vast amount of information regarding the town’s illustrious history. From the “Indian” days through the current times, the Atkinson Historical Museum holds this information as well as many other interesting artifacts. About 1/4 of the museum consists of memorabilia of the former Atkinson High School. A photo of the museum as it looked in August of 2013 is shown below.

Atkinson Historical Museum
Atkinson H.S. Tiger “Quick Facts”

Year opened:              1880s

Year closed:               1988

School nickname:       the “Tigers”

School colors:            Green and Yellow

School building today: ExCel School

School Fight Song:      “Here’s a Cheer for Old Atkinson”

                                             SUNG TO THE NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY FIGHT SONG TUNE

                                             Lyrics provided by Atkinson High School Cheerleader/Athlete ANITA (TABOR) PARKS    

                                  Here’s a cheer for old Atkinson.

                                  We fight for honor, we fight for fun.

                                  Raise our golden banners high.

                                  Shake down the thunder from the sky.

                                  Though our foes be great or small,

                                  Old Atkinson will win over all!

                                  While our golden boys are marching

                                  Onward to victory!

                                  T-I, T-I, T-I-G-E,

                                  G-E, G-E, G-E-R-S,

                                  T-I-G-E-R-S, T-I-G-E-R-S,

                                  TIGERS, TIGERS,

                                  RAH YEA TIGERS!

Atkinson High School Gym West Wall 2020
Submitted by Casey Miller
Atkinson HS Gym Bleachers Southeast Corner
Submitted by Casey Miller
Atkinson High School Duffle Bag
As Displayed at the Atkinson Historical Museum / William “Bill” Freddy – Proprietor


The Tigers have a rich tradition of competitive and highly successful teams in many different sports. First in the Three Rivers, then the Cornbelt, and finally the Indian Valley Conference, the Tigers were a force to be reckoned with.  For many years the battles carried on between Atkinson and their “arch-rivals” Annawan were contests movies could be written about.  This was a real throw out the records game for both schools.  The most successful teams and individuals in each sport the Tigers and Tigresses competred in are listed below.

Atkinson HS Mascot 1938 – 1973
Submitted by Casey Miller

Girls Basketball

During the mid 1980s girl’s basketball in Atkinson kept everyone “abuzz”. The girls won 5 Regional titles in 6 years and made it all the way to the Elite Eight in two of those years. The Tigresses of 1985-86 came within two points of advancing to the Final Four. Only those five years are listed on the IHSA web site and are documented below.

1982-83    N.R.A.    Regional Champs                         Coach’s name unavailable

1983-84    24 – 3      Elite Eight Finalist                        Coach Mick Shinkevich

                              Regional Champs

                              Sectional Champs

                              Super-Sectional Champs

                              Won 41 – 37 against Amboy

                              Elite 8 Finalist

                              Lost 38 – 34 to Bushnell-Prairie City

BPC finished 4th

1985-86    25 – 2      Elite Eight Finalist                        Coach Heidi Hamer

                              Regional Champs

                              Sectional Champs

                              Super-Sectional Champs

                              Beat Byron 60 – 58

                              Elite 8 Finalist

                              Lost 45 – 44 to Metropolis (Massac County)

Metropolis eventual State Runner-up

1985-86 Elite 8 Finalists – Atkinson Tigerettes
(A better photo is needed)

1986-87    N.R.A.     Regional Champs                         Coach’s name unavailable

1987-88    N.R.A.     Regional Champs                         Coach’s name unavailable

1987-88 Regional Champions – Atkinson TIgerettes
(A better photo is needed)

Great Player

**The Quad City Times named an Atkinson grad, Val Wancket (1983-87), as one of the “Top 100 Athletes of the 20th Century.”  Val Wancket was named to the Class ‘A’ All-State team her junior and senior years.

Atkinson High School All-State Player Val Wancket
Moline Dispatch Photo

Here are some of Val Wancket’s IHSA credentials:

  #4 ALL-TIME in IHSA history in consecutive games scoring 10+ points with 100

  #7 ALL-TIME in IHSA history in career rebounds with 1,606

  #7 ALL-TIME in IHSA history for rebounds in one game – 32 (vs. Wyanet, Jan. 28, 1985)   

  #9 ALL-TIME in IHSA history in most free throws attempted in one game with 25 (March 16, 1984 vs. Prophetstown) 

#10 ALL-TIME in IHSA history in games scoring 10+ points with 103  – EVERY GAME SHE PLAYED IN!

#15 ALL-TIME in IHSA history in career points scored with 2,644

#15 ALL-TIME in IHSA history for rebounds in one season – 455 (1986-87)
#36 ALL-TIME in IHSA history for rebounds in one season – 402 (1985-86)


In addition to her stellar basketball career Val also earned three medals at the IHSA Class 1A State Track Meet. See her accomplihments in this sport further on down this page.

**Val Wacket continued her incredible basketball career at Division I Bradley University in Peoria. Her adult life has found her being called “Coach” as she has coached basketball in the Annawan School District for several years. As Annawan’s Varsity Girls Basketball Assistant Head Coach for the past two years the Annawan teams have excelled including a 3rd Place finish in the Class !A tournament for the 2012-13 season.

Atkinson HS Girls & Boys Basketball Jerseys
Displayed at the Atkinson HS Posrtion of Historical Museum

Boys Basketball

The earliest Atkinson High School basketball team has been traced back to as far as 1922 when they beat Kewanee in a game by the score of 32-14. The boys basketball teams at Atkinson have had many a great seasons.  The high school gym of the 40s and 50s was one of the premier gyms in the area, always hosting the District tournament.

The AHS kids competed in the annual IHSA Basketball Tournament. AHS teams won a total of SIX District Titles over the years. Several scores from this tournament were located on a website titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores.” The scores we located are printed below.

Atkinson High School Gymnasium 1938 – 1973
Submitted by Casey Miller

All postseason scores, season records, and coaches’ names prior to 1921-22 are needed.

1921-22                    Moline District Tournament         Coach’s name & record needed

Beat Erie 25-13

Lost to Annawan in semi-final

Annawan lost in title game

1922-23 through 1933-34 Postseason scores, coaches’ names, and records needed.

1927-28   24 – 1      Rock Island District Tournament Third Place     Coach Phelan 

Undefeated Regular Season

Tourney held at Augustana College

1st Rd Beat Cordova 38-11

2nd Rd Beat Alpha 27-7

Semi-Final Lost to Orion 26-25 (O/T)

Third Place Beat Port Byron 35-11

1934-35                   Galva District Tournament            Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd. Lost to Galva 41-18

Galva lost in semi-final round

1935-36                   Galva District Tournament            Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd. Beat Cambridge 35-25

                              2nd Rd Lost to Galva 49-24

Galva lost in semi-final round

1936-37 through 1939-40 Postseason scores, coaches’ names, and records needed.

1940-41   17 – 8       Postseason Scores Unavailable    Coach’s name & record needed

1941-42   13 – 9       Postseason Scores Unavailable    Coach William Holloway

1942-43     7 – 9       Atkinson District Tournament        Coach Lucian Fuhrmeister

                              1st Rd Beat Mineral 35-31

                              2nd Rd score unavailable


1943-44    10 – 10    Atkinson District Champs           Coach Paul Earp

                              Title Game Beat Mineral 42-30

Kewanee Regional Tourney

Scores unavailable

1944-45    19 – 9      Atkinson District Runner-up       Coach Paul Earp

                              Team placed 2nd

                              1st Rd Beat Neponset 42-31

                              TItle game – Lost to Sheffield 46-33

1945-46    19 – 8      Atkinson District Champs           Coach Paul Earp

                              1st Rd Beat Neponset 39-31

                              Semi-Final Beat Mineral 46-36

                              Title Game Beat Sheffield 41-39

                              Kewanee Regional Tourney

1st Rd Lost to Galva 46-21

Galva lost in semi-final round.

1946-47    20 – 9      Atkinson District Runner-up        Coach Paul Earp

                              1st Rd Beat Neponset 53-33

                              Title game Lost to Mineral 42-38

1947-48    22 – 7      Atkinson District Champs            Coach Paul Earp

                              Title Game Beat Mineral 40-26

Kewanee Regional Tourney

                              1st Rd Beat Wethersfield 52-27

                              Semi-final lost to Kewanee 51-29

Kewanee won Regional title.

1948-49    28 – 3      Atkinson District Champs             Coach Paul Earp

                              1st Rd Beat Mineral 56-29

                              Semi-final Beat Sheffield 66-27

                              Title Game Beat Cambridge 30-22

                              Kewanee Regional Tourney

                              Beat Wyoming 47-33

                              Semi-final lost to Galva 29-28

Galva lost in title game.

Atkinson HS District Champs 1948-49
On Display at the Atkinson Historical Museum

1949-50    18 – 9      Atkinson District Runner-up       Coach Lawrence Curl

1st Rd Beat Annawan 64-38

                              Title Game Lost to Mineral 50-41

1950-51      6 – 19    Atkinson District Tournament        Coach Lawrence Curl

1st Rd Lost to Sheffield 70-54

Sheffield lost in title game


1951-52    12 – 17    Atkinson District Runner-up        Coach John Haworth

                             1st Rd Beat LaFayette 36-29

                             Semi-Final Beat Neponset 43-42 (2 O/Ts)

                             Title game lost to Mineral 59-28

1952-53    16 – 12    Atkinson District Champs            Coach John Haworth

                              Title Game Beat Mineral 49-45

                              Kewanee Regional Tourney

1st Rd Lost to Wyoming 50-48

Wyoming lost in title game

1953-54    11 – 15     Atkinson District Tournament        Coach John Haworth

                               1st Rd Beat Mineral 31-29

                               2nd Rd Score Unavailable


1954-55    11 – 13     Atkinson District Tournament        Coach John Haworth

                              1st Rd Beat Mineral 45-44

2nd Rd Score Unavailable

1955-56    13 – 13     Atkinson District Tournament        Coach John Haworth

                              1st Rd Beat Mineral 75-49

                              2nd Rd Score Unavailable

1956-57    11 – 13    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Bill Davis

1957-58    14 – 11    Atkinson District Runner-up        Coach Bill Davis

Title Game Lost to Neponset 55-47


1958-59    16 – 9      Annawan District Champs          Coach Bill Davis

                              1st Rd Beat Buda 71-53

                              Semi-Final Beat Mineral 76-67

                              Title Game Beat Annawan 67-58

                              Kewanee Regional Tourney

                              1st Rd Lost to Dunlap 75-62

Dunlap lost in title game


1959-60      7 – 15    Buda District Tournament              Coach Bill Davis

                              1st Rd Beat Neponset 63-55

                              Semi-Final Lost to Mineral 48-46 (O/T)

Mineral lost in title game

1960-61      3 – 17    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Bill Davis

1961-62    11 – 11    Annawan District Tournament         Coach Bill Davis

                             1st Rd Beat Tampico 50-48

                             Semi-final Lost to Buda Western 60-47

Western lost in title game

1962-63      6 – 17   Annawan District Tournament         Coach Bill Davis

         1st Rd Beat Tampico 69-66

Semi-final lost to Annwan 64-37

Annawan won District title

1963-64      6 – 16   Postseason Scores Unavailable      Coach Bill Davis

1964-65      7 – 15   Postseason Scores Unavailable      Coach Bill Davis

1965-66    14 –  9    Postseason Scores Unavailable      Coach Bill Davis

1966-67      6 – 16   Postseason Scores Unavailable      Coach Bill Davis


1967-68      3 – 19   Bradford District Tournament           Coach Don Dolieslager

                             1st Rd Lost to Toulon 69-58

Toulon lost in semi-final


1968-69    19 – 6     Cornbelt Conference Champs     Coach Don Dolieslager

                             Kewanee District Tourney

                             1st Rd Beat Bradford

                             Semi-final Lost to Neponset 67-53

Neponset lost in title game

1969-70    12 – 12   Toulon District Tournament             Coach Gale Thoroman

                            1st Rd Beat Wyanet 61-59

                            Semi-final lost to Toulon 58-47

Toulon lost title game


1970-71    11 – 13   Neponset District Tournament         Coach Jim Frankenreider

                            1st Rd Beat Neponset 90-73

                            2nd Rd Lost to Buda Western 77-68

Western lost title game

1971-72    20 – 5    Prophetstown Class A Regional       Coach Jim Frankenreider

1st Rd Beat Cambridge 78-67

                            2nd Rd Lost to Prophetstown 56-51

Prophetstown won Regional title.

1972-73    14 – 11    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Jim Frankenreider

1973-74    11 – 12    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Jim Frankenreider

1974-75      4 – 18    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Doug Wilson

1975-76      7 – 16    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Don Steers

1976-77      6 – 16    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Dave Lee

1977-78      4 – 19    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Dave Lee

1978-79    13 – 11    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Chuck Blake

1979-80      9 – 14    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Chuck Blake

1980-81      4 – 18    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Chuck Weber

1981-82      5 – 17    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Lynn Daniels

1982-83      2 – 20    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Lynn Daniels

1983-84    10 – 13    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Jeff Neubauer

1984-85      5 – 17    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Joe Iorio

1985-86    13 – 10    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Joe Iorio

1986-87    14 – 10    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Joe Iorio

1987-88      5 – 17    Postseason Scores Unavailable     Coach Bob Graves

School’s Final Season

Noteable Roundball Athletes


Mike Hamer – Class of 1972 – Selected to first ever Class ‘A’ All-State Team by the Chicago Daily News.

Leslie Arnold – Led the Tigers to a 17-8 record in 1940-41 and ranked among the area’s leading point scorers with 277 points scored.

Dale Van Moorey – Led the Tiger teams during the early 1950s and was a member of the Two Rivers All-Conference team in 1952-53.

Boys Football

AHS Football Helmets & Conference Champ Trophies
On Display at the Atkinson Historical Museum
Atkinson HS Football Jerseys
On Display at the Atkinson Historical Museum

Many a Friday night were spent cheering for the Tigers on their home turf.  The Tigers rarely were the bigger of the two schools on the field, yet they battled year in and year out.

One season that stands above the rest was the 1985-86 Tiger team which finished the regular season at 9 – 0 as Champions of the Indian Valley Conference. The team progressed to the 3rd round of the 1A playoffs, making an Elite Eight appearance before losing to Monmouth Yorkwood.

The Tiger fans also enjoyed undefeated seasons during the 1952-53 and 1962-63 campaigns. In addition, five of the AHS football seasons ended with only one loss and 28 of the 47 seasons ended with a season record of .500 or better.

Atkinson Football Practice Goal Post
Original Scoreboard in Background (left click on photo for larger view)
Football Press Box
Atkinson HS Football Field

The Tigers’ 47 seasons on the “gridiron” are listed below.

1941-42      3 – 3 – 1                                          Coach Bill Halloway

1942-43      8 – 1                                               Coach Bill Halloway

1943-44      6 – 1                                               Coach Paul Earp

1944-45      9 – 4                                               Coach Paul Earp

1945-46      8 – 4 – 1                                          Coach Paul Earp

1946-47      4 – 4                                               Coach Paul Earp

1947-48      8 – 3                                               Coach Paul Earp

1948-49      5 – 3                                               Coach Paul Earp

1949-50      5 – 4                                               Coach Lawrence Curl

1950-51      3 – 6                                               Coach Lawrence Curl

1951-52      7 – 1                                               Coach John Haworth

1952-53      7 – 0                                               Coach John Haworth

1953-54      3 – 2 – 2                                          Coach John Haworth

1954-55      1 – 7                                               Coach John Haworth

1955-56      5 – 4                                               Coach John Haworth

1956-57      0 – 9                                               Coach George Frasher

1957-58      4 – 5 – 1                                          Coach Bill Davis

1958-59      3 – 7                                               Coach Bill Schehl

1959-60      5 – 3 – 1                                          Coach Bill Schehl

1960-61      5 – 3 – 1                                          Coach Bill Schehl

1961-62      7 – 1                                               Coach Bill Schehl

1962-63      8 – 0                                               Coach Bill Schehl

1963-64      7 – 1                                               Coach Bill Schehl

1964-65      6 – 2                                               Coach Bill Schehl

1965-66      6 – 2                                               Coach Bill Schehl

1966-67      5 – 3                                               Coach Bill Schehl

1967-68      2 – 5 – 1                                          Coach Bill Severino

1968-69      1 – 7                                               Coach Bill Severino

1969-70      2 – 7                                               Coach Bill Severino

1970-71      2 – 6                                               Coach Bill Fulton

1971-72      4 – 3 – 1                                          Coach Bill Fulton

1972-73      5 – 3                                               Coach Bill Fulton

1973-74      5 – 4 – 1                                          Coach Bill Fulton

1974-75      3 – 4 – 1                                          Coach Galen Noard

1975-76      2 – 7                                               Coach Galen Noard

1976-77      7 – 2                                               Coach Galen Noard

1977-78      3 – 6                                               Coach Galen Noard

1978-79      6 – 3                                               Coach Dan Craddock

1979-80      6 – 3                                               Coach Jim Frankenreider

1980-81      4 – 5                                               Coach Chuck Weber

1981-82      3 – 7                                               Coach Chuck Weber

1982-83      2 – 7                                               Coach Gene Eggleston

1983-84      2 – 7                                               Coach Stacy Bandy

1984-85      4 – 5                                               Coach Stacy Bandy

1985-86     11 – 1       Class 1A Elite Eight         Coach Greg Christakos

                                Indian Valley Conf. Champs

                                Undefeated Regular Season

                                Beat Cambridge  34 – 8

                                Beat Bradford      28 – 21

Lost to Yorkwood     8 – 28

1986-87      3 – 6                                               Coach Bob Schumaker

1987-88      0 – 9                                               Coach Bob Schumaker

School’s final year was 1987-88.

OVERALL SCHOOL FOOTBALL RECORD:  221 – 192 – 11   .534 Winning % 

Tiger Grid Iron Greats:

*Darrell “Bump” DeDecker – “Bump” continued his football success after leaving Atkinson High School in 1956.  “Bump” DeDecker went on to play for the Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois (–1950-74.html ), playing for the varsity teams of 1958, 1959, and 1960. Darrell is listed as a 6′ 02″, 230 lbs. offensive lineman. “Bump” was selected in the 1959 NFL draft by the Chicago “Cardinals” and in the 1961 AFL draft by the Boston “Patriots” (

AHS Great and Hall of Fame Coach Galen Noard

*Galen Noard – After a stellar career at AHS, Galen Noard attended the University of Iowa on a football scholarship.  Galen Noard became Coach Noard and returned to his alma mater (Atkinson High) as head football coach from 1974-77.  Coach Noard continued his successful high school coaching career at Roseville and Biggsville Union, He also coached at Paw Paw High School and continues to coach today at the River Valley Coop Football Program in Varna. His efforts and influence in the game of football have culminated in his induction to the Illinois High School Football Coach’s Hall of Fame!

AFL Player, Hall of Fame Coach Wayne DeSutter

*Wayne DeSutter – Wayne DeSutter left Atkinson High and went on to star at Western Illinois University, eventually joining the Buffalo Bills of the AFL in 1966 ( ).  DeSutter entered the high school coaching ranks and became one of the winningest coaches in IHSA history.  Coach DeSutter’s coaching career landed him a spot in the Illinois High School Football Coach’s Hall of Fame! Coach DeSutter’s spot in the IHSA record books is reprinted below:

“143.]  135Wayne DeSutter, Rock Island (Alleman), 1970-82, Plainfield 1983-96 (135-106-1)”

In addition, as is pointed out by Deborah Davis Jones:

Wayne DeSutter played in the AFL for the New York Jets. When Wayne was in high school and my brother was 4 years old and I was 6 years old, Wayne would carry us around with each of us sitting on his shoulders.”

AHS & University of Iowa Great Tony Wancket
Photo on Display at the Atkinson Historical Museum

*Tony Wancket (1977-80), was named to the IHSA Small School All-State Football First Team. Tony went on to play at the University of Iowa for Coach Hayden Frye where he started at defensive end, being named MVP of the Peach Bowl in 1984.

*In a game against LaMoille in 1977, John Longeville rushed an interception return for 100 yards. One of the longest returns in IHSA history!

Track and Field


The Tiger thinclads had three individuals earn all-state honors, all in the mid-1980s. The three are listed below.

The Cinder Track
Atkinson High School

Girls Track & Field

Val Wancket’s athleticism did not stop on the hardwood court.  Check out her medals won at the IHSA Class ‘A’ State Track Meet!

Val Wancket   1984   200m                6th Place

Val Wancket   1985   400m                5th Place

Val Wancket   1987   300m hurdles   3rd Place

Boys Track & Field

Two Tiger thinclads won medals at the IHSA Class ‘A’ State Meet. One item of note is that former Tiger great Tony Wancket (older brother of Val of girls basketball fame) was probably the only athlete in IHSA history to advance to the state finals in the Shot Put and the 100 Meter Dash!

Jon Ellis            1987   Long Jump        6th Place

Neal Sherbeyn  1988   400 Meter Dash 2nd Place





Atkinson High School had many activities besides athletics to offer to their students. Band, choir, FFA, FHA, dances, homecoming festivities, student government and many other clubs and activities were a large part of the AHS experience.


Atkinson High School had a marching band that compared well with any other in the area. The group performed at halftime of all home football and basketball games and during the annual Homecoming parade. Below are photos of two of the hats worn by the members of the AHS marching band.

Atkinson High School Band Hat
On Display at the Atkinson Hisotical Museum
Atkinson High School Marching Band Hat
On Display at the Atkinson Historical Museum

Seeking Further Information

There is no record on the IHSA web site regarding the Tiger girls volleyball teams. If you have information regarding volleyball or any other information you wish to share regarding the Atkinson High School Tigers please e-mail us at or write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.      60631

Atkinson HS Gym Ticket Booth
Submitted by Casey Miller
Atkinson HS Gym Bleachers 2020
Submitted by Casey Miller
Atkinson HS Gym Bleachers Southwest Corner
Submitted by Casey Miller
Atkinson HS Gym Tiger Mascot North Wall 2020
Submitted by Casey Miller
Atkinson High School Trophy and Display Area
Atkinson Historical Museum, William “Bill” Freddy – Proprietor
Atkinson Railroad Depot 1940s
Photo Displayed in the Atkinson Historical Museum

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