Ashmore High School “Golden Aces”

Ashmore High School Building – 1947
Submitted by Robert Bayes
Ashmore HS Faculty of 1947
Thank you to Robert Bayes

The History of Ashmore High School

Ashmore (population 809) is located in lower eastern Illinois in the east central portion of Coles County. Ashmore sits about seven miles northeast of Charleston on Illinois Route 16. County Highway 3 also travels through Ashmore. The town was platted in 1855 and named after one of its earliest settlers, H.J. Ashmore. According to a Wikipedia webpage ( Ashmore is home to one of Illinois’ most haunted buildings, the Ashmore Estates.

The Illinois Geneology website ( advises that Ashmore established a school for its children very early in its existence. A school building was built in the 1850s  An official school district organized in 1869. We believe a curriculum for high school students was established in the late 1800s.

Ashmore High School Commencement Program 1904

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Submitted by Ann Winkler Hinrichs (left click on photo for larger view)

The commencement exercise program pictured to the left was created in 1904. It announces that year’s program as being the “Tenth Annual” program. Therefore the first graduation exercise for Ashmore High School was held in 1894. If you place your cursor over the photo and ‘left click’ you will be able to view a larger version of the photo. Thank you to Ann Winkler Hinrichs for sending it to us.

A newspaper article from the Journal Gazette – Times Courier of Mattoon and Charleston ( states that the school districts of eastern Coles County agreed to consolidate their efforts into one district.  According to the article, beginning in 1947 Illinois legislation called for a school district to have an average attendance of 10 students per day in order to receive state-aid. Individual districts had until 1949 to comply.

Ashmore residents agreed to the united community school district of eastern Coles County. The district was formed, by popular vote, in July of 1948.  The high school students of the area, including those of Ashmore, would now be attending school in Charleston.

The fate of the original Ashmore High School building is needed. Ashmore is home to an elementary school for students in grades K – 4.

Ashmore High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                             early 1890s

First graduation exercise:            1904

Year closed:                              1948

Consolidated to:                         Charleston High School

Ashmore HS team nickname:      “Golden Aces”

Ashmore HS team colors:           Lavender & White

School fight song:                       unavailable

(School colors and nickname provided by Robert Bayes – Class of 1947)

Ashmore High School Gymnasium
Courtesy of Robert Bayes
Ashmore HS Athletics – Basketball & Girls Gym
Submitted by Robert Bayes

Athletics and Extra-Curriculars

We are fairly certain that the boys of Ashmore High participated in interscholastic athletics.  It is probable that the boys played basketball, baseball, and track.  The coach’s names and team records are needed.  Also needed are the team colors, fight song, and team nickname.

Other activities such as proms, dances, class plays, farmer’s institutes, and various clubs may have been a part of the Ashmore High School experience as well.  We are hopeful an area fan or alumni can help us with this information.

Do YOU Have Any Further Information?

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Ashmore HS Graduation Ceremony of 1907
(Woman in center is INA PEPPER (Submitted by Ann Winkler Hinrichs)
AHS Freshmen & Sophomore Classes of 1947
Submitted by Robert Bayes
Ashmore HS Class of 1947
Courtesy of Robert Bayes
Ashmore HS Girls Gym Class
Submitted by Ann Winkler Hinrichs (Eliza Galbreath in photo)

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