Techny Brother Candidates High School

 The History of Techny Brothers Candidates High School

Techny (located in unincorporated northern Cook County near Northbrook) was formed by the American branch of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) near what was once called Shermerville. The order was given the deed to a 337-acre farm in June 1899 after arriving in the United States four years earlier, sent by its founder, Saint Arnold Janssen. Illinois 43, also known as Waukegan Road, passes nearby as do a pair of railroads.

The community was known for farming as well as working in the building trades, and established a technical school in 1901, which is the reason for the name Techny. Over time, the Divine Word order phased out farming and annexed a majority of its land to the village of Northbrook, doing so in 1989, when only 157 acres remained, and is today used as Techny Towers Conference & Retreat Center. In addition to having a mission office, its province center, and residence for retired members, the order also kept its post office and zip code as a result of an agreement with Northbrook officials.

Brother Candidates High School was open in 1950 by the Society of the Divine Word, which operated St. Mary’s Mission House. The school’s enrollment consisted of male students who wanted to consider a vocation in religious life with an order.

SVD operated a number of these schools nationwide for students that wished to experience life with an religious order. Half of the school was spent in the classroom, while the remainder was in the shop, just like students that had attended St. Joseph’s Technical High School did from 1901-1914.

Unfortunately, the school did not have a long life, either. According to records from the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Joseph Cardinal Bernadin Archives Research Center, Brother Candidates High School closed in 1966.


Year opened:                1950

Year closed:                 1966


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