Stewardson Community High School “Tigers”

Original Stewardson High School – 1909
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Courtesy of Brad Friese
Stewardson High School Bldg. From 1942 Yearbook
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The History of Stewardson High School

Stewardson (population 747) is located in lower-eastern Illinois in the southeastern portion of Shelby County.  Illinois Route 32 is the main road leading to and from Stewardson.  A town of note in the area for location sake is Effingham located about 10 miles south and a little east of Stewardson.  The Norfolk & Western Railroad travels through Stewardson.  The Wolf Creek flows just to the southeast of town.

Brad Friese provided the following bit of history on Stewardson High School:

“First Stewardson High School was organized as a two-year high school, 1898-1899.  The two story brick building in photo was built in 1909.  The high school became a three-year school 1911-12.  In 1925, an addition, including a new gymnasium, was added to the two story brick school and became a four-year high school, 1925-1926. The last Stewardson High School class was the class of 1949-50. The building was used as the grade school (1-6 grades) until the spring of 1969. It was purchased by the village and became the Civic Center.  It was used in that capacity until it was finally demolished in 1980.”

It was in the late 1940s that consolidation talks began between Stewardson and its neighbor to the north, Strasburg.  The effort became a reality in the spring of 1950 with the creation of the Stewardson-Strasburg School District.

Stewardson High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                    1898

Year closed:                                     1950

Consolidated to:                                Stewardson-Strasburg School District

Stewardson HS team nickname:         the “Tigers”

Stewardson HS team colors:              Orange & Black

School Fight Song:                            “Cheer, Cheer For Old Stewardson High”

                                                                          Sung to the tune of “Notre Dame Victory March”

                                  Cheer, Cheer for Stewardson High,

                                  Wake up the echoes, Cheering her name,

                                  Send a loyal cheer on high,

                                  Shake out the thunder from the sky.

                                  What though the odds be great or small,

                                  Stewardson High will win over all.

                                  While her loyal sons are marching

                                  Onward to victory!!


Stewardson High School definitely competed in boys basketball (  Baseball (fall and spring), softball, and track were offered for the boys as well.  School team coach’s names and team records are being sought to add to this page.

Boys Basketball

The Stewardson High School boys of 1945-46 won the school’s only IHSA hardware.  This came in the form of a District title.  Unfortunately the team record and coach’s name of this and other great Stewardson High School teams are not currently available.

Stewardson`s only District Tourney Champion Basketball team was the 1945-46 team that defeated Strasburg 44-35.  They were defeated by 10 points, by Effingham, in the Regional Tourney.  The team was coached by Hayden “Dee” Brady.

1940-41     5 – 22

1941-42   13 – 13

1945-46                District Champions     Coach Hayden “Dee” Brady

Boys Softball

As with many small schools of the day, the boys played regular softball games to cut down on the cost of the equipment needed for hardball games.Stewardson also did this completing a 1 – 4 campaign in 1941-42.

1940-41    1 – 4 

Other Activities at Stewardson High School

As seen in the photos below, there were plenty of extra-curricular activities for the Stewardson High School students to partipate in.  Class plays, chorus, band, G.A.A., yearbook staff, student government, and many other activities led to a well-rounded education at SHS.

Stewardson HS Clubs – 1941
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Stewardson HS Activities – 1942
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Need Your In-Put

The great stories of Stewardson High School and its many successes may be fading fast.  We need your help to record them and share them with others before they are lost forever.  If you have a photo of the school and/or other activities by the students please e-mail them to us at .  You can also write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il. 60631

Stewardson HS Class of 1941
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Courtesy of Carolyn Eilts
Stewardson HS Class of 1942
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Stewardson HS Class of 1943
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