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The History of Shobonier High School

Shobonier (population approximately 400) is located in southwestern Illinois in the southwestern portion of Fayette County. U.S. Route 51 serves as the eastern border of Shobonier. County Road 23 passes by the south side of town. Shobonier is located about 7 miles due south of Vandalia.

Shobonier was platted in 1855 along the Illinois Central Railroad. The town is named after a Potawatomie Native American leader who resided in that area in the 1830s. If you have have ANY information about the history of this town or its former high school please contact us at .

The fact that Shobonier once hosted a school that offered high school classes was discovered by Roberta VanBriesen. Roberta found a PodCast in which a gentleman spoke of the former high school Districts of Fayette County. Among were the following:   Bingham, Brownstown, FarinaLa Clede, Ramsey, Shobonier, St. Elmo, St. James, and Vandalia. The underlined schools are now closed and have a page on this site.

We are not certain when Shobonier High School closed her doors. We only know that the kids of Shobonier attend school in Vandalia today.

Shobonier High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                           ??

Year closed:                             late 1940s (?)

Consolidated to:                       Vandalia High School

Shobonier HS team nickname:  ??

Shobonier HS team colors:       ??

Shobonier HS Fight Song:         ??

Athletics & Extra-Curricular Activities

It is not known at this time if athletics were offered at Shobonier High School.  It is likely that activities, including athletics, band, chorus, plays, and graduations were held at the school..

Need Your Assistance

The Shobonier High School legacy should not be forgotten. Athletics and other extra-curricular activities at SHS should be remembered and shared with others. You can e-mail these items to us at or you can write to us at:

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