Richmond High School “Rockets”

The History of Richmond High School

Richmond, Illinois (population 1,103) is located in between Chicago and Milwaukee 60 miles each way as the crow flies. Ill. Rt. 173 and U.S. Rt. 12 all lead you to Richmond. It was first settled in 1844 and named after Richmond, VT. Why? The person who named the town, Issac Reed, won a contest in which the first person to climb to the top of their Mill would get to name the town.

The origins of the Richmond High School system can date back to 1893 when the Class of 1894 consisted of five graduates. For more than 50 years, the town of Richmond was able to support their own school system by itself. Consolidation talks began with the country schools of Burton Township in the late 1940s and it became a reality in 1948 when Richmond-Burton High School was born.

Richmond High School “Quick Facts”:

Year opened:                                      1893

Year consoidated with Burton Twp.:   1948

Building status:                                   Now Richmond-Burton Junior High

School Mascot:                                   the “Rockets”

School Colors:                                    Maroon & White

School Song:                                      Unknown


Richmond did offer Basketball as a sport. Did they offer other sports? They might have not won any IHSA hardware, but we are sure there were many successful seasons over the years.

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