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Reynolds High School Building – 1940
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Courtesy of George Carpenter
Reynolds High School Building – 1890
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Courtesy of George Carpenter

The History of Reynolds High School

Reynolds (population 508) is located in southern Rock Island County in northwestern Illinois.  Illinois Route 94 connects Reynolds to the county namesake, Rock Island, located 11 miles to the north of Reynolds. Mill Creek flows through the center of Reynolds.

A booklet was sent to us by Reynolds High School Class of 1951 graduate George Carpenter.  The title of the booklet is “Reynolds High School, Reynolds, Illinois, 1890 – 1957”.  The follwing history of Reynolds High School was written from information collected by Paul and Ardith Mongerson and is copied directly from page 1 of the booklet:

“Reynolds High School started in the fall of 1888 as a 2-year high school. The first four students graduated in the spring of 1890.  The smallest graduating class was 1 student in 1892 with one teacher.  The largest graduating class was 61 students in 1951 with 18 teachers.

In 1921, RHS became a 3-year school and in 1931, it became a 4-year high school.  In 1922 a Community High School District was organized and in 1940, ninety-one square miles of area were added for a total of 150 square miles in the Reynolds Community High School District. In the spring of 1957, the last senior class graduated from RHS.  In the fall of 1957, RHS moved into the new centrally located facility at Edgington and became Rockridge High School.

Memorabilia from Reynolds High School are on display in the hallway at Rockridge High School.  The Reynolds High School Alumni Banquet is held each year on the second Saturday in June.”

The photo below is of the current Reynolds Grade School for grades K – 6.

Reynolds High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                 1888

First grad. class:            1890

Two-Year HS:                 1888-1920

Three-Year HS:               1921-1931

Four-Year HS:                1932-1957

Smallest class to grad.:  1 student (1892)

Largest class to grad.:     61 (1951)

Last class to grad.:         1957 (49 students)

Year closed:                   1957

Total number of grad.:      1,312

Consolidated to:              Rockridge High School (Taylor Ridge)

School team nickname:   “Rockets”

School team colors:        Maroon & White

School Fight Song:          unavailable


Reynolds High School competed in baseball and track.  It is a fact they fielded a boys basketball and football team. Any further information on Reynolds High School’s athletic program would be appreciated.

Boys Basketball

The Reynolds High School boys basketball team may have had many great seasons, however only one netted an IHSA title.  The team of 1936-37 won their District and advanced to the Regional Tournament.  The team record and coach’s name of this and other great RHS teams are not available. Some scores involving Reynolds High School participating in the annual IHSA State Tourney are available on the website titled Illinois Postseason High School Basketball Scores. A few of these are listed below.

1921-22         Moline District Tournament              Coach’s name & record needed.

1st Rd lost to Annawan 35-15

Annawan lost in title game to Moline

1936-37         IHSA District Champions               Coach’s name & record needed.

District Scores Needed

Moline Regional Tournament

1st Rd lost to Orion 28-13

1956-57         Sherrard Regional Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed.

1st Rd Beat Sherrard 57-50

                      **Semi-final lost to Aledo 55-48

Alwood beat Aledo in title game.

**Final boys basketball game for Reynolds High School, became part of the Rockridge High School district in the summer of 1957.



We know that Reynolds competed in the Corn Belt Conference.  The football team of 1956-57, their last as an independent school, saw the school pride ring out as the team captured the Conference title.

1955  4 – 4                                                                          Coach Walt Thorpe

1956  6 – 1 – 1    Corn Belt Conference Champs

Reynolds last independently fielded a football team in 1956.  Consolidations formed Taylor Ridge-Rockridge for 1957

If You Have ANY Further Information…

about the history and many accomplishments of Reynolds High School please forward it to us so we can help RHS’ memories live on forever.  This is not limited to sports, ALL information is welcome.  You can e-mail photos and information to  You can also write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago,  Il.   60631

Reynolds Grade School (Former H. S. Building?)
A brick building with a sign on it

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Reynolds, Illinois

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