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The History of Quincy College Academy for Boys


Quincy (population 40,366) is located in far west-central Illinois in the west-central portion of Adams County. Interstate Highway 172 will lead you to and from Quincy via Interstate Highway 72 which runs just south of Quincy. U.S. Route 24 also leads you to Quincy along with Illinois Routes 57, 96, and 336. The western most border of Quincy is the Mississippi River with Missouri just a short boat ride across the way. Quincy Bay is another water mark in western Quincy. The Burlington Northern Railroad passes through town as well.

A nice history of the town can be viewed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quincy,_Illinois. In summary, the article states that Quincy was originally settled by caucasian Americans in the very early 1800’s. It was named the county seat of Adams County in 1825, a title it continues to hold today. Quincy’s location along the Mississippi River made it an important stopping place for steam boats and travelers in the middle to late 1800’s.

The history of Quincy’s parochial schools is also a very storied and early development. The web page address of http://www.quincynotredame.org/info/school/history.html provides a brief mention of what once was known as Quincy College Academy for boys.

According to this page, Quincy College Academy existed in the early 1900’s, possibly even as early as the late 1800’s. It was a school for boys which existed until 1940 when it was closed so that the Franciscan Fathers who operated Quincy College could give more emphasis to the college. Upon its closure, the students began attending the formerly all-girls school of Notre Dame of Quincy. This arrangement lasted until 1959 when the boys were again separated from the girls.

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Quincy College Academy for Boys Quick Facts

Year opened:                          ?

Year closed:                          1940

Consolidated to:                     Quincy Notre Dame High School

Quincy Coll. Acad. nickname: unavailable

School uniform colors:            unavailable

School Fight Song:                unavailable


We believe that Quincy College Academy competed in basketball against other schools.  Sports such as baseball and track may also have been offered.  We are searching for the school’s team nickname, uniform colors, season records, coach’s names, and any individual accomplishments attained at Quincy College Academy.


We are certain that sports, if played, were not the only item offered at Quincy College Academy.  Clubs, plays, picnics, chorus, and band may also have been offered.  If you have this information please forward it to us for inclusion on this page.


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