Quincy Christian Brothers HS “Raiders” / Quincy Catholic Boys High School

The History of Quincy Christian Brothers and Catholic Boys High School

Quincy (population 40,366) is located in far west-central Illinois in the west-central portion of Adams County.  Interstate Highway 172 will lead you to and from Quincy via Interstate Highway 72 which runs just south of Quincy.  U.S. Route 24 also leads you to Quincy along with Illinois Routes 57, 96, and 336.  The western most border of Quincy is the Mississippi River with Missouri just a short boat ride across the way.  Quincy Bay is another water mark in western Quincy.  The Burlington Northern Railroad passes through town as well.

A nice history of the town can be viewed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quincy,_Illinois .  In summary, the article states that Quincy was originally settled by caucasian Americans in the very early 1800s.  It was named the county seat of Adams County in 1825, a title it continues to hold today.  Quincy’s location along the Mississippi River made it an important stopping place for steam boats and travelers in the middle to late 1800s.

The history of Quincy’s parochial schools is also a very storied and early development.  The web page address of http://www.quincynotredame.org/info/school/history.html provides the following information about Quincy Christian Brothers and Quincy Catholic Boys high schools.

Quincy’s first parochial school was developed in 1873 as all girls school known as St. Mary Institute which included a two-year high school course of study. The school added a third year of high school in 1890 and a fourth year in 1894. In 1928 the school changed its name to Notre Dame of Quincy.

It was in 1940 that the boys began attending Notre Dame when Quincy College Academy for boys closed.  This arrangement continued for 19 years.  In 1959 a new school building was constructed for the boys.  The scholl was named Quincy Christian Brothers High School.  After 10 years the Christian Brothers advised they were no longer able to staff and support the high school.  Local ownership was assumed and the name of the school was changed to Quincy Catholic Boys High School.

Memories and facts from this change are provided by Paul Richard Harvey (Class of 1972):

“The name changed in 1970. Catholic Boys was chosen as the new name so that much of the logos and related materials could remain the same since the local vernacular for the school was “CB”.

Hence, the mascot and school colours remained unchanged after the transition. The colours are in fact Navy Blue and Gold (akin to Notre Dame University). The team was always the Raiders in modern history.

Useless trivia — The logo of the “Raider” at center court of the gym was copied with permission from Bradley University’s “Brave”.”

Quincy Catholic Boys High School would serve in its “boys only” capacity another seven years.  An agreement between Notre Dame for girls and Catholic Boys high schools was reached in 1975.  The schools would combine their resources and become one co-educational school.  This occurred in the fall of 1976,  The official name of the school became Quincy Notre Dame High School.

Quincy Notre Dame is flourishing today in that same capacity.

Quincy Christian Brothers & Catholic Boys High School Quick Facts

Year Christian Brothers HS established:               1959

Year name changed to Catholic Boys HS:            1970

Year consolidated with Notre Dame HS for girls:   1976

Christian Brothers/Catholic Boys team nickname: the “Raiders”

Christian Brothers/Catholic Boys HS team colors: Navy Blue & Gold

Christian Brothers HS fight song:                         unavailable

Catholic Boys HS fight song:                               unavailable


The Quincy Christian Brothers and Quincy Catholic Boys High School students competed in IHSA sports quite well over the short time the schools were so named.  Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track, and Wrestling were a part of the sports program at both schools for sure.  We are searching for team nicknames, uniform colors, and fight songs of both schools.  We would also be interested in any information on season records and coach’s names as well.

The athletic accomplishments of the Quincy Christian Brothers and Quincy Catholic Boys high school teams and athletes are listed below, as recorded on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org).


The Quincy boys had some nice seasons on the baseball diamond.  The teams recorded four Regional Championships and made one trip to the IHSA Elite 8 round in 1975.

As Quincy Christian Brothers

1959-60                Regional Champions
1960-61                Regional Champions

As Quincy Catholic Boys

1973-74                Regional Champions

1974-75  16 – 4      IHSA Elite 8 Finalist!                     Coach Steve Spanish

                            Regional Champions 

                            Sectional Champions

                            Elite 8 Finalist

                            Lost to Springfield HS 4 – 0


As one who follows high school boys basketball over the past decade, a team with the name of “Quincy” in it faired quite well.  As Quincy Catholic Boys HS, the hardwood court boys really excelled.  Four trips to the Sweet 16, two to the Elite 8, and a FOURTH Place Finish highlighted the successes of the basketball program.

As Quincy Christian Brothers HS

1959-60    11 – 14                                                 Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1960-61    17 – 7                                                   Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1961-62    14 – 10                                                 Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1962-63    17 – 9                                                   Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1963-64      8 – 16                                                 Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1964-65    13 – 12                                                 Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1965-66    18 – 6                                                   Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1966-67    20 – 5                                                   Coach Elmo “Mac” McLain

1967-68    13 – 12                                                 Coach Bob Bender

1968-69    17 – 8                                                   Coach Bob Bender

1969-70    26 – 3      Regional Champions            Coach Bob Bender

As Quincy Catholic Boys HS

1970-71    25 – 4      Sweet 16 Finalist!                           Coach  Bob Bender

                              Regional Champions

                              Sectional Champions

                              Super-Sectional Finalist

                               Lost to Kewanee  60 – 59

1971-72   19 – 13      Elite 8 Finalist!                                Coach Bob Bender

Regional Champions

                              Sectional Champions

                              Super-Sectional Champions 

                              Beat Piasa SW  78 – 66

                              Elite 8 Finalist

                              Lost to Lawrenceville 57-56

Lawrenceville eventual State Champs

**For more info on the 1971-72 team

see below

1972-73    13 – 14                                                            Coach Mike Otolski

1973-74    17 – 15    IHSA Class A – FOURTH Place!!        Coach Phil Conover
Regional Champions

                              Sectional Champions

                              Super-Sectional Champions 

                              Beat Franklin 70 – 66

                              Elite 8 Finalist

                              Beat Prophetstown 55 – 44

                              Final Four Finalist

                              Lost to Ottawa Marquette 65 – 52

(Marquette finished 2nd)

                              Consolation Game Finalist

                              Lost to Palos Hts. Chgo. Christian 71-62

1974-75    22 – 9      Sweet 16 FinaIist!                            Coach Phil Conover

                              Regional Champions

                              Sectional Champions

                              Super-Sectional Finalist

Lost to Chatham Glenwood 55 – 51 (O/T)

**The following information on the Elite 8 finalist team of 1971-72 was sent to us by Mark Jurenga, as found in the IHSA Tournament program of that year.

“The team was led by Dan Pieper, the 6-6 senior was named to the all-tournament team. He had 45 points and 21 rebounds in two games.

The coach’s son, Bob Bender, was a freshman and was 2nd on the team in tournament scoring with 24 points.

Bob Bender (the son) career highlights.

“The Duke graduate has the distinction of being the only individual to play on two different teams in an NCAA Championship game. He was a freshman on Bobby Knight’s undefeated 1976 Indiana team and played point guard at Duke from 1977-80, including an appearance in the 1978 title game against Kentucky.”


Other career highlights Bob Bender:

– Drafted in the 6th Round of NBA Draft by San Diego Clippers.

– Assistant coach at Duke under Mike Krzyzewski (Four Final Four appearances).

– Head coach at Illinois State 1989-93, 60-57 record with two MVC championships and one MVC tournament championship.

– 1992 MVC Coach of the Year.

– Head coach at University of Washington 1993-2002.

– 1996 Pac-10 Coach of the Year.

– Two years assistant coach for the Philadelphia 76ers.

– Three years assistant coach for the Atlanta Hawks (As of Feb 2, 2008).”

*Macomb Western Holiday Basketball Tournament top finishes as researched by Mark Jurenga:

1974 – 2nd Place

Champ-Chicago (St. Benedict) 50 Quincy (Catholic Boys) 49 (OT)

All-Tournament Team

1973- Chris Curran (2nd Team)

1974- Jay Frericks (2nd Team)

Mike Reel


The Catholic Boys team of 1974 had a great run, making it to the Final Four of the Class 3A playoffs before falling in overtime to Mt. Carmel 3 – 0.  We know there were several nice seasons at QCBHS, however this is the only one listed on the IHSA website.

As Quincy Catholic Boys HS

1974-75               IHSA Class 3A Final Four Finalist!   Coach John Rodeman

                           Beat Taylorville 22 – 6

                           Beat Morton 10 – 8

                           Lost to Mt. Carmel  3 – 0 (O/T)

(Mt. Carmel finished 2nd)


As Quincy Catholic Boys HS

1960-71        Individual Medalist  –  Don “D.A.” Weibring    2ND Place

1972-73        District Champions
1973-74        District Champions

More on D.A. Weibring from Mark Jurenga:

*Played on Sweet Sixteen basketball team in 1970-71.

*Golfed at Illinois State University, graduated 1975.

*Member of Illinois State University Hall of Fame.

*PGA tour professional, 1975-2003.

*Five tour wins.

*Currently (as of January, 2008) on the Champions Tour where he has recorded four tournament wins.


Wrestling was offered to the boys of both QCBHS schools.  The records available on the IHSA website are listed below.

As Quincy Christian Brothers HS

1967-68   5 -10                                     Coach Brother Steven Jalbert

1968-69   8 -10                                     Coach Jim Dwyer

As Quincy Catholic Boys HS

1969-70  10 – 7 – 1                                 Coach Tom Deters

1970-71    9 – 10                                    Coach Tom Deters

1971-72    6 – 14                                    Coach John Rodemann

1972-73    6 – 12                                    Coach John Rodemann

1973-74                 District Champions  Coach John Rodemann

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