Potomac Wescove Christian H.S. “Warriors”

Potomac Wescove High School Building – 2012
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Wescove Christian High School Entrance Sign
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The History of Potomac Wescove Christian High School

Potomac (population 681) is located in far eastern Illinois in the central portion of the state. U.S. Route 136 is the main roadway to and from Potomac. Vermilion County Highway 10 passes through Potomac as well. The Bluegrass Creek flows to the east of town and the Bean Creek flows past the south edge of town. Potomac sits about 10 miles northwest of Danville.

The history of Wescove Christian High School is an interesting one. Most of the information located was found on the Facebook page titled “Friends of Wescove”. We know this much about Wescove Christian High School thus far.

Wesleyan Covenant HS – The Maples – Wisconsin
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The school takes its roots from a school called Weslyan Covenant High School established in the 19-teens (according to one on-line source) near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, The site where the school was located was known as “The Maples”.

In 1954 a decision was made to move the school to Illinois near Potomac. The year of this move is not for certain, but it is believed to have occurred between 1954 and 1958. The school was established in a country setting at the Mary Judy School about 2 miles northwest of Potomac. The school name was changed from Wesleyan Covenant High School to Wescove Christian to encourage all denominations of Christians to send their kids to school there.

Mary Judy School 2011
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This lasted until approximately 1969, when the school relocated to another country setting near Potomac called the Mt. Mariah Campus. This site served as the summer camp for the Weselyan Covenant Church.

In the early 1970s the state of Illinois needed the land of the Mt. Mariah Campus for a project. The elders of the school purchased land about 1 1/2 miles west of Potomac just north of U.S. Route 136 to relocate the school. the relocation took place in 1974-75. The buildings were not yet completed so for one semester the students attended school at the recently closed East Lynn Grade School.

The boys dorm was salvaged from the Mt. Mariah Campus and relocated to the new campus known as “136”. A girls dorm, a cafeteria, a school building, and a maintenance building were constructed. An outdoor basketball court was also constructed.

Wescove HS Bldg – 2012
Wescove HS Bldg – 2012
Wescove HS Bldg – 2012
Wescove Building – 2012
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Maintenance Bldg

Wescove Christian High School served its students proudly through, we believe, 1984. The school then closed. We are hopeful for further information from students or area residents to help complete the factual account of the history of Wescove Christian High School near Potomac. All of the information for this page came from comments of former students found on the Facebook page titled “Friends of Wescove.” It is a marvelous page with some excellent vintage photos from the 1970s.

Potomac Wescove Christian High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                     19-teens (Wisconsin)

Year moved to Potomac:    1954 (Judy School, possibly 1958)

Year moved to 136:            1974

Year closed:                      1984(?)

School Team Nickname:     “Warriors”

School Team Colors:          Green, Gold, and White

School Fight Song:            “Cheer, Cheer for Young Green and Gold”

(University of Notre Dame Fight Song Tune)

 Cheer, Cheer for young green and gold,

                                          They are the colors we behold,

                                          They are known from east to west,

                                          They are the colors we like best.

                                          Though the odds be great or small,

                                          Young green and gold will win over all!

                                          As our players go on marching

                                          Onward to victory! 

Wescove Basketball Court – 2012
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In reading some of the items on the “Friends of Wescove” Facebook page, we have learned that the original colors of the Wescove HS teams was blue and white. This changed in 1974 when uniforms were donated to the Wescove athletic program from Potomac High School. The colors were then changed to green, gold, and white.

Wescove HS Athletic Award
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The Wescove Christian High School Warriors definitely competed in the sport of basketball. One schedule we found from the 1973-74 season showed the team traveled into Indiana and St. Louis to play other Christian hIgh schools. The team participated in tournaments and an actual “Church League.” Cheerleading was an active part of the sport as well.


We know that music was a vital part of the Wescove experience. The school chorus was a very successful group. School trips and, of course, religious studies were a very big part of each day at Wescove Christian High School.


As always, we are anxious to add more information regarding the school history of Wescove Christian High School.  If you have any information or photos you would like to add to the site you can e-mail them to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.  You can also write to us at:

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