Parkersburg High School “Pirates”

Parkersburg High School Gymnasium – May / 2012
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Photo Submitted by Parker Whitaker

The History of Parkersburg High School

Parkersburg (population 234) is located in the southeastern portion of Illinois in the south-central portion of Richland County.  Parkersburg sits peacefully on Illinois Route 130 about five miles south of Olney.  The Indiana Hi-Rail Railroad passes through Parkersburg as well. The county roadways of Parkersburg Lane and Angle Lane both lead you to Parkersburg.

The history of the town of Parkersburg and its school system is in need of research.  It is probable that Parkersburg had some sort of high school curriculum in place by the late 1800s, certainly by the early 1900s.  Parkersburg High School served the community and surrounding farm kids for several years.  In the late 1940s and early 1950s the major consolidation sweep that struck Illinois caught up to the small towns in the south and eastern portions of Richland County.

In 1947 this consolidation effort included the creation of the East Richland School District.  We are not certain when, however we believe that the Parkersburg High School District consolidated to East Richland in the early to middle 1950s.  Parkersburg school-aged children continue to attend school as part of the East Richland School system.

If you have further information, including a photo and information on the former Parkersburg High School building, please contact us at . The Parkersburg HS Gymnasium is still standing as of 2012. Photos of the gym were provided to us by Parker Whitaker. The high school building has been razed..

Parkersburg High School Quick Facts

Year opened:           Late 1800s / Early 1900s

Year closed:            Early 1950s?

Consolidated to:       East Richland School District (Olney)

PHS nickname:        unavailable

PHS team colors:     Red & White

PHS Fight Song:      unavailable

Parkersburg HS Gymnasium Interior – 2012
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Submitted by Parker Whitaker (As Viewed From a Hole in the Gym Door)


We are certain that Parkersburg High School was a great place to gain an education.  The school likely offered the sports of basketball, baseball, and track for its boys as well.  We currently, however, do not have any information that we can post regarding the PHS athletic program.  We are searching for team records, coach’s names, school team nickname, colors, school fight song, and any other items you may wish to share about Parkersburg High.

From Mark Snyder:

“I have read the book “There Once Were Giants”.  The book is about Hebron High School’s run to the state title.  In the book they reference a high school in Parkersburg, IL.   The book mentions a game Parkersburg High played in basketball against Olney.

The exact reference to Parkersburg High is a game played against Olney High in 1935.  The score was Olney 107,  Parkersburg 13.  In the book, this game is used as a reference for the need for District tournaments prior to the Regionals.”

Boys Basketball


We do not have very much information regarding the basketball program at Parkersburg High School. We did find some scores of games played by Parkersburg High School in the IHSA post season tournament. The scores were found on a website titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores“. The scores we located are printed below.

1934 Flora District Tourney

1st Rd – PHS Beat Alma 27 – 21

2nd Rd. – PHS Lost to Louisville 56 – 22

Louisville lost in semi-final

1935 Olney District Tourney

1st Rd – PHS Beat Sailor Springs 37 – 18

2nd Rd. – PHS Lost to Olney 107 – 12

Olney won District Title

This is the extent of information we were able to locate on this site.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are also certain that other activities were offered to make the Parkersburg HS experience a good one for all of its students.  If you have any stories or information about Parkersburg High School’s other activities please contact us so we can share it with others.


From Dale, a former grade school student from Parkersburg:

“I happened to see your page regarding Parkersburg, Illinois grade school.  I attended there for only 1-2 years.  I was a cheerleader so I remember our outfits were red skirts with white sweaters (Big red “P” on our sweaters).  I think Mr. Lowe was the principal (& teacher). I remember him as a very kind man, as I was a foster child & he was always nice to me. I’d love to get more info as when we are a kid we don’t remember all.  I do remember there would be plays on the stage some nights…..the reason I remember is the adults would put them on.”

To Provide More Information Regarding Parkersburg High School 

Contact us via e-mail at . Pictures of the HS building are especially welcome.  You can also mail items to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva Ave.

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