Lisbon High School and Academy

Lisbon H.S. Building
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Photo: Cody Cutter – September 2010
Lisbon Academy & High School Building 2019
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The History of Lisbon High School & Lisbon Academy

Lisbon (population 248) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the southwest corner of Kendall County.  Lisbon sits at the interesection of County Roads 5 and 19 just south of U.S. Route 52.  The town is about 6 miles north and a little west of Morris.

A nice history regarding the town of Lisbon was once available on a rootsweb internet page however this article is no longer available.

In summary the article stated the area where Lisbon was eventually established was first settled in 1836.  A school was established in town soon after. According to the book titled “Place Names of Illinois” by Edward Callary the town of Lisbon was named after a town of the same name in New York state by its founders Levi Hill and John Moore.

The residents of Lisbon wanted the best for their children in the realm of education. Schools were built and occupied from the first year the area was settled. A rootsweb website once outlined the creation of a school known as the Lisbon Academy, however this site is no longer on the internet.

In summary the article stated the Lisbon Academy building was constructed between the years of 1844 and 1849.  The school flourished until its closure in the late 1880s.  The article goes on to state that upon the closure of the Lisbon Academy, the school building would serve as the Lisbon Grade School and Lisbon High School.

Lisbon Academy & High School Building 2019
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We are not certain how long Lisbon High School served the area.  Our only guess would be that it was a two or three-year high school which may have lasted into the middle to late 1940s.

The Lisbon Academy and High School building is still standing in town today. Over 170 years old and still in very good shape. Locals say it has housed several businesses over that years including an auto repair shop and a restaurant. The current owner is said to be attempting to make an apartment building out of the structure.

If you have any further information you can share with us regarding Lisbon High School, such as an older photo of the school building, please contact us at .

Lisbon Academy Quick Facts

Year opened:                  between 1844 and 1849

Year closed:                   1889

Lisbon High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                  1890s?

Year closed:                    1940s?

Consolidated to:              Newark High School

Lisbon HS nickname:      unavailable

Team uniform colors:      unavailable

School fight song:           unavailable

Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities

The Lisbon High School boys may have competed in basketball.  We need someone to help us research and verify this information. School team colors, team records, and coach’s names are also items we would like to add to this page.

We know that the Lisbon High School experience did not rest soley in the gym or on the field.  Many other “extra-curricular” activities may have been offered as part of the educational plan too.  FFA, FHA, GAA, band, chorus, and many other events probably helped to make the Lisbon school a special one.

Special Gratitude

A big ‘Glory Days’ thank you goes out to our good friend and long-time contributor Roberta Van Briesen.  It was her research that brought us to creating this page. Thank you Roberta!

Do You Have Information to Share About Lisbon High or Lisbon Academy?

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Lisbon School Bus Garage 2019
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Lisbon School Bus Garage 2019
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