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Landes High School Class of 1928
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The History of Landes High School

Landes (population approximately 50) is located in southeastern Illinois in the far southwest corner of Crawford County. Landes is about 15 miles southwest of Robinson, and 45 miles southeast of Effingham. County Highway 18 is the main, and only, roadway to and from Landes. A view on Google maps reveals that Landes consists of about 10 homes and a church, as well as what appears to be a grain storage facility. The town was named after Silas Z. Landes, a Congressman from Mt. Carmel in the 1880s. A post office was established in Landes in 1887. This is currently the extent of information we have regarding Landes.

We have very little information regarding the former Landes High School. We were made aware of the fact that Landes High School existed by reviewing a website that lists basketball scores from the IHSA Basketball Tournaments between 1920 and the 1970s. The web address is . It lists Landes High School playing Calhoun High School in a first round game in the 1935 District Tournament at Olney.

Through research of similar-sized towns we believe that Landes supported a two or three-year high school from at least the 1920s through the late 1940s. It is probable that Landes High School students were sent to Oblong High School just a few miles to the north upon the closure of Landes High.

Landes High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                         1920s?

Year closed:                           late 1940s?

Consolidated to:                     Oblong High School (?)

Landes HS Team Nickname:   ??

Landes HS Team Colors:        ??

School Fight Song:                 ??


Landes High School definitely competed in basketball. It is possible that baseball and track were offered as well. We are seeking information including the Landes High School team nickname, uniform colors, fight song, season records, and coaches names.


The Landes High School boys competed in the District Tournament in the 1930s for certain. The following scores were found on the web address .

1935 Olney District Tournament

Calhoun HS 34, Landes HS 29

1936 Bridgeport District Tournament

Allendale 39, Landes 21

(Allendale would go on to be District Champs)

If you have any further information on the Landes High School basketball program please write to us at .



We are certain that the kids of Landes High School had a well-rounded education. It is likely that chorus, band, plays, and clubs were offered to the kids of LHS.


We are seeking further information about Landes High School, especially a photo of the school building. If you wish to contribute to this or any other page on the site please e-mail us at or write to us at:

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