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Keyesport School Building
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Keyesport School Building 2000s – Built in 1935
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Front Entrance of Building

The History of Keyesport High School

Keyesport (population 481) is located in south-central Illinois in the southeast corner of Bond County. The town actually sits right on the Bond County/Clinton County border, with half of Keyesport located in each county.  The Carlyle Lake is a large body of water that Keyesport is located on and sits on the town’s east site.  The Burlington Northern Railroad passes by the northeast side of town. County Highway 10 leads you to Keyesport from the north while County Highway 1 / 2 leads you to Keyesport from the west.

According to the town of Keyesport was platted in 1846, and incorporated as a village in 1897.  Its first settler was Thomas I. Keyes.  Due to its location on the Cahokia Lake and Kakaskia River, early on Keyesport was a place where rafts were made to ship items such as hogs to the Mississippi River and on down to New Orleans.  A railroad was built through town in 1883 which assisted in making Keyesport a fast growing town.

The first school was built in Keyesport in 1859. We know that at some point the Keyesport school began offering high school courses.  Our guess would be that this occurred in the late 1800s. though it may not have occurred until the early 1920s.  Keyesport may also have never been more than a three-year high school, however this, too, is in need of research.

We know that Keyesport was going strong in the 1931 according to a yearbook of Greenville High School which lists the scores of the District Basketball Tournament that includes Keyesport High School. Our best guess at this time is that Keyesport High School probably closed in the late 1940s.  We do know that the Keyesport children of high school age attend Carlyle High School today.  Keyesport continued to support a grade school until it, too, was closed in the 1980s.

The photos below are of the Keyesport School building taken in the 2000s. The front of the building states the school was known as District 115.

Keyesport School Building Entrance Inscription
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Keyesport School Building Rear
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The fate of the Keyesport High School building is needed.

Keyesport High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                           late 1800s / early 1900s

Year closed:                            late 1940s?

Consolidated to:                       Carlyle High School

Keyesport HS team nickname:  the “Lakers”?

Keyesport HS team colors:       unavailable

School Fight Song:                   unavailable

Keyesport School Scoreboard
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We know for sure that the Keyesport High School boys competed in basketball.  We believe that baseball and track may have also been offered. The Keyesport Grade School closed in the 1980s.  Their sports teams were known as the “Lakers”. Could Keyesport High School been the Lakers as well?  KHS team colors, fight song, coach’s names, and records are needed to share on this site.

Extra-Curricular Activities

As we like to say on all of our pages, athletics was probably just one part of the great experience of attending Keyesport High School. Were there other activities such as a band, chorus, clubs, and dances offered at Keyesport High?  Please let us know so we can share your information on this page.

We Are Seeking Your In-Put

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