Hinsdale Marian Hills Seminary

 The History of Hinsdale Marian Hills Seminary

Hinsdale (population: 17,350) is located in the western suburbs of Chicago in DuPage County, about 20 minutes away from the big city. Interstates 55 & 294, Illinois 83, and US 34 all run thru the area, as does Metra, a rail service that takes residents to Chicago, and the PACE bus service.

The community’s beginnings go back to 1833 following the end of the Black Hawk War when the land around the Old Plank Road (now Ogden Avenue or US 34) by the Brush Creek was settled as Brush Hill, due to its hazelnut bushes and the land that forms a valley in the area.

In 1851, Ben Fuller bought up most of the settlement and renamed it Fullersburg. He petitioned the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy railroad to build its line thru his community in 1858, but due to the land’s hilly terrain, the rail line went a mile south of Fuller’s village. In 1862, the problem was resolved when William Robbins bought 640 acres of land in what is now south Hinsdale, connecting the community with a railroad. The railroad was completed in 1873.

Hinsdale incorporated as a community in 1873, and became a progressive community, adding landmarks such as a water-pumping stations, paved roads, street lights, and telephone exchange services by 1900.

Today, the community is considered on a par with north shore suburb Winnetka for the quality of life that residents enjoy near Chicago, and its’ educational system has been ranked one of the top 25 in the state for its excellence. According to Wikipedia, the community has been in a “teardown” mode since the 1980’s, replacing over 25% of its homes with newer models that have price tags in the millions of dollars.

As the result of talks to start a school for male students whose families were of Lithuanian descent, Marian Hills Seminary was opened in the fall of 1926 by the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The school was a four-year high school, with one year for college to be added on each year until a four-year degree could be conferred.

Marian Hills stayed open until 1931 and merged with Marianapolis High School & College in Thompson, CT, due to the fact that most of the students that attended Marian Hills were from the East Coast.

After that, Marian Hills changed its name to Marianapolis High School and remains open today in Thompson. There is more about the history of the school at this link: http://www.lituanus.org/1992_3/92_3_01.htm


Year opened:           1926

Year closed:            1931


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