Hindsboro High School “Blue Devils”

Hindsboro High School Building in 1940
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Submitted by Bertha Kinsinger – From the 1939-40 HS Yearbook “Hindsborillian”
Hindsboro High School – Built in 1907
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Courtesy of Jeff Mandrell

The History of Hindsboro High School

Hindsboro (population 361) is located in lower eastern Illinois about 35 miles south and a little east of Champaign. The town is located in southeastern Douglas County on Illinois Route 133 two miles east of Illinois Route 130.  The Prairie Central Railroad shadows Route 133 through town.  Branches of the Deer Creek flow by the east and west sides of town.

According to the Illinois Trails web page http://www.iltrails.org/douglas/arcolarecord.html Hindboro’shistory dates back to the mid 1880s. The town is named after the owners of the farnland it was platted on, Frank and Pleasant Hinds.  The Paris & Decatur Railroad laid tracks through the Hinds land and Frank decided ot build a grain building near the tracks.  The town soon began to build itself.  The first school building was erected in 1885 and the town soon became a bustling metropolis of 400 “souls”.

An excellent history of Hindsboro High School was provided to us by David Kent Coy.  It is printed in its entirety below:


Souvenir Edition




(Second Edition)

Including a short history of the school, school colors, nickname, songs, yearbooks, newspapers, activities and organizations, sports; a course of study from 1921, a list of 208 teachers and staff members; a few of the school board members; and a class listing of the more than approximately 555 of the former students and graduates, including those who went to either Arcola or Oakland High Schools, etc. after consolidation in 1948.

First Edition Compiled for the 80th Anniversary of the first graduating class of 1909

Second Edition Compiled for the 100th Anniversary of the first graduating class of 1909


David  Kent Coy

123 North 20th Street

Decatur, Illinois 62521-2114

Email: davidkentcoy@peoplepc.com

First Edition Dedicated to my maternal grandfather, Class of 1925




Second Edition Dedicated to my Mother, Class of 1950-A



First Edition Printed 20 June 1989, Charleston, Illinois

Second Edition Printed 10 June 2009, Decatur, Illinois


(Slightly Updated in 2009)

Being a good listener and having an inquisitive mind are two qualities that most genealogists/historians need.  Belonging to a long-lived family, most of whom have those qualities, plus the wonderful habit of saving things, certainly assisted this compiler in assembling this history of the Hindsboro, Douglas County, Illinois, high school.

My maternal grandparents graduated from the Hindsboro High School with the class of 1925.  They were high school sweethearts and remained close to their classmates.  Names like Odell Petty, Chase Bradford, Lucille Kirchner, and Gladys Mishler, etc., were peppered throughout my many conversations with my grandparents.  I “hounded” them for details on our family history, on the history of their childhoods, and on the history of Hindsboro and Bowdre Township.  I was fortunate that they both were very social, community-involved people, who also enjoyed reminiscing about the past and especially about the people and community so important to them. Oral history is their contribution.

My grandfather’s second wife, Mabel Estel (Jolley) Little Strader, was a life-long resident of the same community and also contributed greatly to this work.  Her patience and home-cooked  meals were especially beneficial when I was grilling my then 83 year old grandfather about details that most people had forgotten 50 or 60 years ago.

My mother and her older sister, both of whom helped, especially with the classes in the 1940’s and 50’s, especially deserve to be acknowledged.

Many other people also assisted assembling this material.  Some of the others are:  Frieda Baxter Clapp, Tyrrhene Howrey (still alive at 102), the late Georgine McDonald, the late Hazel Brown, the late Glendon & Bettye Bennett, my late great-aunt, Thelma Garnet (Strader) Tippett, my late great-aunt Waneta Angeline (Strader) McNabb, the late Olive Dague, the late Olive Brockman, and Sheryl Snyder and Barbara Kreihbel of the Charleston Public Library, the Decatur Genealogical Society Library, all those individuals who put  their family history data into the publications mentioned in the bibliography, all the cemetery caretakers, especially my late uncle, Allen Clifford Strader at the Arcola cemetery, and probably many others I can’t think of right now.

Believe me, there are many errors, typing mistakes, spelling problems (spell check helped), and so on.  Oftentimes I was up typing the original of this thing at 2 or 4 a.m., after working a 10 or 12 hour day.  That shouldn’t be an excuse, but it is a partial explanation . Please send your corrections and additions in to me and I will try to make the needed corrections.  Please be careful, though.  Some things that may appear to be a mistake are not.  Ralph McNabb’s middle name is “Druce,” and his mother is named “Ninnie,“ not Bruce and Minnie.

One of the reasons I felt it was time to throw together this history was that I realized that if I live an average life-span of say 71  or so years, I will probably witness the last graduate of Hindsboro High School passing away before me.  The last graduating class was in 1948, over 61 years  ago.  Most of the earlier classes are already gone;  though Mrs. Leah Cuppy, Class of 1909, the first graduating class, didn’t pass away until 1987,  almost 78 years after she received her diploma.  The school produced many fine citizens, many of whom also went on to college (many at Eastern Illinois University).

I have many happy memories of Hindsboro.  I can remember back to my maternal great-grandparents,  born between 1880 and 1887, all of whom had  a residence in Hindsboro at one time or another.  I can remember Mrs. Maude (Alvis) Bower, and Mrs. Rosalie (Downs) Slater, who were both even older that my great-grandparents.  I am a long-distance member of the Hindsboro Christian Church, (in fact a 6 generation member), and I have many strong,  pleasant, sunny memories of summers spent in or near Hindsboro.  It is my hope that this publication will assist in the preservation of some of these nice memories and that perhaps it will spur on more memories and more preservation.

David Kent Coy


The following history of the Hindsboro High School was taken from the yearbooks of 1921, 1944, and 1946, with a short ending by the compiler.

The Hindsboro Community High School was established in 1900 when the subjects, Botany, Algebra, Bookkeeping, General History, and English were added to the Grade School curriculum. Latin was introduced in 1904, under the direction of Mr. A. Skidmore.

A new district  was formed in 1906 and was known as the Hindsboro Union School District Number 100.  The first Board of Directors was elected in June, 1906, and consisted of  the  following individuals:  W.D. Craig, W.E. Foster, and Ernest Eversole.  A contract was let for the construction of a new school building, which was finished and ready for use by November 1907.  The old school building  was located across from the present Hindsboro Christian Church.

In 1907-08 there were 14 pupils enrolled and the faculty consisted of one teacher, Samuel T. Walker.  The following year, the enrollment had increased until it was necessary for the grammar grade teacher, Miss Coffey, to assist the superintendent in the work of instruction.

It was realized that no courses such as Manual Training (Industrial Arts), and Domestic Science (Home Economics) could be offered because of the limited building space.  Also, there was no provision for organized athletics and the many other activities of an average high school.  The residents of the community voted to increase the size of the school district and create a new school, known as Hindsboro Community High School.

In the spring of 1920, a new Board of Directors, composed of  W.C. Watson,  A.T. Porterfield,  W.H. Hemingway,  E.C. Crawford, and  J.W. Andrews was elected.  The new building was then modern in many ways.  It contained a large auditorium and gymnasium, well equipped  laboratories and class rooms.   The school system was then recognized by the  Accrediting Committee of the State University, as well as the State Department of Education.  The high school addition was completed in 1921.

In the years after 1920, the building was remodeled and redecorated many times.  The library, which was large and well equipped for a school no larger that Hindsboro High  School, was moved from in front of the assembly room to a room of its own in 1940.

In the fall of 1942,  a school bus was purchased to help bring in the students, who lived far from town.  In 1943, another bus was added.  These buses were driven by O.L. “Jackie” Bradford,  Bruce Douglas, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Manning.

With the acquisition of some new territory, the enrollment had reached 74 by 1946.  However, the enrollment was small compared to other nearby schools, and the high school students were transferred to either Arcola or Oakland after the Class of 1948 graduated.  The grade school was eventually closed in the 1960’s.

In 1970, Rev. and Mrs. D.A. May bought the building and opened a shelter-care home, that continued in operation past 1989.  Several former students of the Hindsboro High School resided with the Mays, living and some dying, in their former High School building. After Mrs. May’s death, the building went to the Hindsboro Christian Church and was soon sold. It is currently being used for housing.

A school reunion has been held on and off since about 1967, with many former students, and teachers,  returning to enjoy a pleasant time of old memories.  Many individual classes have held anniversary reunions, also.



School  Colors:  Yale Blue and White                                            Nickname:  Blue Devils School Songs:  Apparently the original school song was: “WE’RE  LOYAL TO YOU,HINDSBORO, H.H.S.”  The 1944 yearbook says the words to the song  “were never written down but just passed down the line from mouth to mouth.”  This I can believe, as I have not found these words and probably won’t, as in 1944, the yearbook states “half or more of the High School students didn’t know it.”  And that was 65 years ago!

The 1944 yearbook states that a new school song was taken from the  Clipper Band Book, the “On Schedule March,” written by George H. Sanders.  The words for the new school song entitled “HINDSBORO HIGH” were written by Norma Douglas.


On, on to be the victors

                                           Let this now be our new battle cry.

                                           Fight, Fight until we beat them

                                           Keep on fighting for Hindsboro High

                                           So, it’s on, on to be victors

                                           Fight for her name and for her fame.

                                           Hindsboro High, Hindsboro High

                                           We’ll win, we’ll win for Hindsboro High.


(taken from the 1921 annual – *(taken from the 1921-22 catalog)


First Term – Required:    English, Algebra, Physical Geography/Physiography*.  Elective:  (choose one) Latin, Ancient History, Agriculture*

Second Term –  Required:   English, Algebra, PhysicalGeography/Physiology*.    Elective: Latin, Ancient History/Agricuilture*


First Term – Required:  English, Geometry/Plane Geometry*,  Latin, Ancient History*.  Elective  (choose one)  Med. And Mod. History/Latin*, Zoology/Agriculture,  A.H., 1921-22*; Ancient History/Domestic Science, 1921-22.

Second Term –  Required:  English, Geometry/Plane Geometry*, Latin, Ancient History*.  Elective:  Med. And Mod. History, Latin*, Botany/Agriculture/Domestic* .


First Term – Required:  English, Med. And Mod. History, Algebra, (and) Zoology*.  Elective: (choose one) Commercial Arithmetic/Agriculture*, Civics/Domestic Science*

Second Term – Required:  English, Med. And Mod. History, Commercial Geography (and) Botany*. Elective: Physical Geograpphy/Com. Arithmetic*, Solid Geometry, Economics, Domestic Science* (and) Agriculture.


First Term – Required: English, Physics, American Histsory/U.S.*.  Elective: (choose one) Civics, Algebra/Domestic Science*, any elective in previous years, (and) Agriculture.

Second Term – Required:  English, Physics, American History/U.S.*  Elective: Solid Geometry/Domestic Science &, Civics, Economics*, any elective in previous years, (and) Agriculture.

Sixteen units are required for graduation.

Admission to High School is by eighth grade graduation diplomas or transference of credits from other high school of creditable standing.  Grade tuition – $2.50 per month, in advance.  A grade of 75 per cent is necessary to merit credit.  The examination grade counts one-fifth and the daily grade four-fifths is the semester average.

School started at 9:00 A.M.., two classes, then a recess at 10:30 A.M., two more classes, with lunch at noon, two classes, a recess at 2:30 P.M., then two more classes, with dismissal at 4:00 P.M.



In 1990 the late John Strader (1912-1996), Class of 1929, and his sister, Betty (Strader) Prosser, Class of 1930, now (2009) living at age 95, in Arizona, wrote down the words to the original Hindsboro High School Song.  Betty says that as Senior, she was “the” cheerleader.  The tune is that of the U. of  I. Fight Song:   “We’re Loyal To You.”

                                     We’re loyal to you, H. H. S.

                                     We’re white & we’re blue, H.H.S.

                                     We’ll back you to stand

                                     ‘Gainst the best in the land

                                     For we  know you have sand, H.H.S.

                                                     Rah!  Rah!


                                     We’re white & we’re blue, H.H.S.

                                     We’re backing you all,  H.H.S.

                                     Our team is our main protector

                                     On boys, for we expect a

                                     Victory from you,  H.H.S.

Betty wrote:…”I’m sure we’ve missed parts of it, but it sounds right.”  I’m glad to get this as, the 1944 Yearbook stated that the words were never written down and that half the students didn’t know the song.  Thanks, Uncle John and Aunt Betty.

The class Photo of 1946 listed the following people:  John Barlow, Mary Clapp, Rosella Cochran, Charlotte Morris, Jeannine Newell, Granville Ramsey, Charles Cottle, Lloyd Cox, Ethel Draper, Harlan Rhoades, Jack Shields, Allen Strader, William Dutton, Beverly Starks Hunt, Jeanne Hayes Latimore, Sammye Swango, Margaret Taylor, and Charles Thomas – this list has several differences from the listings I had before.

Some other former students, who did not graduate, but who attended Hindsboro High School were:  Minnie May (Conner) Waters Titus (1925-2002) daughter of Charles E. & Stella F. Conner;  Thelma Garnet (Strader) Tippett (1904-1991) daughter of Alva Curtis & Maude Luesta (Sears) Strader – attended 2 years and had to drop out because of medical issues; William Casebeer of the Class of 1942, went to school in Hindsboro, but dropped out to enter the service during World War II, Lowell Arthur Greathouse (1907-2000) attended through his sophomore year, and Hazel L. ( Peck) Brown (1896-1998) daughter of Stephen Lafayette Peck and Myrta E. (Allen) Peck, who was probably one of the very oldest former students, when she died at the age of 102 years.”

Jeff Mandrell provided this bit of information about the Hindsboro High School building’s usage after the school was closed:

“Hindsboro High School building served as a grade school after the consolidation with Oakland. My dad taught in this building early in his career. The building was a nursing home for several years and is now owned by a seed corn company.”

Hindsboro was featured in a Illinois schools journal from 1920. Here were some information furnished in the report:

No. of districts consolidated:          3

Square miles:                               8.5

Assessed valuation:                      $450,640

Cost of house:                              $11,000

Annual tax levy:                            $6,500

Tax rate:                                      1.5

Annual tax levy before:                  $2,747

Teachers now:                              7

Teachers before:                           3

Enrollment now:                           180

Enrollment before:                        100

Enrollment in grade school:           120

Enrollment in high school:             60

No. studying agriculture:               10

No. studying home economics:     15

Aid from vocational fund:               No

Public conveyance:                      No

Years of high school course:         4

Months in year:                            9

Hindsboro School Reunion 2009

The Annual Hindsboro School Reunion was held at the Civic Center on Thursday, June 11, 2009 from around 11:30 a.m. until close to 3:00 p.m. Around 45 former students, family members, and friends attended, some from as far away as Indiana, Texas, and Arizona. The former classmates were greeted at the door by Mary Frances (Douglas) Van Voorhis, Class of 1941, who had them register and sign a name tag, which had a picture of the old school on it.

Donnie Douglas, Class of 1942 served as Emcee. He welcomed everyone and asked the Blessing before the group enjoyed a large potluck meal. There was plenty of visiting going on and lots of reminiscing about former high school days and events. After the delicious meal, each person introduced himself or herself, and some told a little bit more about themselves or their family. A collection was taken up for next year’s expenses. There were old yearbook albums, class photographs, and other Hindsboro School memorabilia on display.

Donnie Douglas introduced David Kent Coy, of Decatur, whose mother, and maternal grandparents had attended Hindsboro High School. In 1989 David had compiled a history of the Hindsboro School for the 80th anniversary of the first graduating class. This year, he updated the history in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first graduating class. Each person present was given a copy of the history and many enjoyed looking it over as David gave a short talk about some of the history of the school. There was a discussion about school board members and also about when the hot lunches and school bus service started, which was in the fall of 1942, with Nora Cox doing the cooking and Bruce Douglas driving the bus and Jackie Bradford driving a dark green Packard car, which was used to pick up about 8 students at a time. David also announced that Hindsboro High School is represented on an Internet website of closed Illinois high schools. The address is: www.illinoishsglorydays.com

The first graduating class was composed of three young women. They were: Vera “Pearl” Bacon (later Guinnip), Miss Bessie Mae Dickson, and Leanora Sombert “Leah” Purcell (later Cuppy.) They graduated from the old Hindsboro Opera House on May 31, 1909. There were two years when only one person graduated from Hindsboro High School. That included 1910, when Nellie E. Howard was the sole graduate and 1919, when Everett Payne was the only person to graduate. Over-all nearly 600 students graduated from Hindsboro High School and over 200 individuals were employed as teachers, principals, and staff. This was during the time frame of about 1907 to 1948 when the high school consolidated with Arcola and Oakland.

Those attending this year’s reunion included: Terry Shields (Class of 1949 – Arcola) and his wife, Wanda of Kemp; Shirley (Shields) Jackson (Class of 1944) of Champaign, with a visiting granddaughter from Denmark; Bob Clapp (Class of 1944) and his bride of 62 years, Freda Clapp of near Newman; Paul “Doc” Wingler (Class of 1944) and his wife, Martha of Arcola; Dorothy (Thomas) Aspergren (Class of 1940) of Hindsboro, Jean Ann (Powers) Cottle (Class of 1942) of Paris; Gene and Eileen (Ogden) Wingler of near Oakland – Eileen’s father, the late Richie Ogden was in the Class of 1929; Dan Nixon (Class of 1947) and his wife, Margaret, of Hindsboro, and their friend, Mrs. Nolan Hackler of Tuscola; Amy (Headrick) Stine (Class of 1947) of Tuscola; Mary (Clapp) Pankey (Class of 1946) and her friend, Laura Smith; Jim Jenkins (Class of 1947) and his wife, JaneMarge (Weller) Harrington  (Class of 1950-Arcola) and her husband, Jim Harrington of Arcola; Norman Weller (Class of 1943 Valedictorian) and his bride of 62 years, Joy Weller of Houston, Texas; Hop Conner (Class of 1941) and his daughter, Donna, of Tuscola; Madelyn (Breedlove) Mofield (Class of 1950 – Arcola) and her husband, Joe of Monticello; Myra Joy (Strader) Coy  (Class of 1950 – Arcola) and her son, David Kent Coy of Decatur; Dolores (Strader) Dague, who graduated from Hindsboro Grade School in 1948, of near Oakland; Ed Conner, who left school his Junior year, but later got his diploma, was the oldest former student present at 92 and his bride of  25 years, Juanita (Van Voorhis) McCoskey Conner (Class of 1934) who was the oldest graduate present at age 92, of Tuscola.

Also attending were:  Mary Jane (Eversole) Hippler, who graduated from Hindsboro Grade School in 1948, of Monticello; Joyce (Douglas) Seitz (Class of 1950 – Arcola) and her son, Tom Seitz of Tucson, Arizona; Leon Douglas (Class of 1939) and his Bride of 60 years, Marge (Barnett) Douglas, who attended 3 years at Hindsboro, but graduated from Rantoul in 1941, of Indianapolis, Indiana; Mary Frances (Douglas) Van Voorhis, Class of 1941 of Champaign, Don Douglas (Class of 1942) and his Bride of 59 years, June (Willoughby) who graduated from Brocton, of Hindsboro;  Joyce (Cuppy) Hemingway (Class of 1948) from near Hindsboro; Phyllis (Cuppy) Douglas (Class of 1945) who has been married to Dale Douglas (unable to attend) for 62 years, of Indianapolis; Lois (Jerde) Douglas, widow of Larry “Bub” Douglas (Class of 1950 – Macomb), Mary (Bacon) Douglas (Class of 1943) of Hindsboro, Vera (Whipple) Lutz, whose sons attended Hindsboro Grade School, Kent Grummett (Class of 1941) and friend of near Hindsboro; and Jeanne (Hayes) Strader (Class of 1946) of Hindsboro, who was also celebrating her birthday.

Next year’s Hindsboro School Reunion will be held on Thursday, June 17, 2010 at the Hindsboro Civic Center and anyone with an interest in Hindsboro is invited to attend.

Hindsboro High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                     1900

Year closed:                      1948

Consolidated to:                 Oakland High School

Hindsboro team nickname:  the “Blue Devils”

Hindsboro team colors:       Blue & White

School Fight Song:             “We’re Loyal to You Hindboro High”

Sung to Illinois Loyalty FIght Song Tune

  We’re loyal to you HHS,

                                                We’re white and blue, HHS.

                                                We’ll back you to stand

                                                ‘Gainst the best in the land

                                                For we know you have sand, HHS!

                                                Rah! Rah!

                                                So crack out the ball, HHS

                                                We’re backing you all, HHS

                                                Our team is our fame protector:

                                                On! Boys for we expect a

                                                Victory from you HHS!


Hindsboro High School attained some IHSA (www.ihsa.org) success in boys basketball and boys track.  IT is quite probable that baseball was offered too.  We are searching for the team nickname, team colors, school fight song, and conference affiliation of Hindsboro High School

Boys Basketball

Hindsboro HIgh School boys basketball won a District title during the 1939-40 season.  This is, however, the only information available we currently have available. team records and coach’s names are being sought for this and other great Hinsboro High basketball teams.

1932-33              Tuscola District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd lost to Newman 23-17

Newman lost in 2nd Rd.

1933-34              Tuscola District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

 1st Rd Beat Metcalf 29-15

                           2nd Rd lost to Tuscola 40-19

Longview beat Brocton in title game

1934-35              Tuscola District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd lost to Arthur 30-14

Arthur lost to Villa Grove in semi-final

Villa Grove beat Tuscola in title game

1935-36              Paris District Tournament             Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd lost to Rardin 22-20

Rardin beat Hume in title game

1936-37  Postseason scores, record, and coach’s name needed.

1937-38  Postseason scores, record, needed.        Coach Paul Beam

1938-39  Postseason scores, record, needed.        Coach Paul Beam

Hindsboro HS
A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated
Courtesy of Bertha Kinsinger (From the Yearbook

1939-40   23 – 3   District Champions          Coach Paul Beam

                            Beat Westfield 35-18

                            Beat Redmon 29-19

                            Beat Kansas 28-20

                            Regional Tournament

                            Lost to Newman 31-29


(See Team Schedule Below)

Hindsboro HS Basketball Schedule – 1939-40
A close-up of a document

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Submitted by Bertha Kinsinger

1940-41   Postseason scores & record needed         Coach Paul Beam

1941-42   Postseason scores, record, and coach’s name needed.

1942-43                  Kansas District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd lost to Rardin 21-19

Rardin lost to Oakland in 2nd Rd.

Kansas beat Brocton in title game

1943-44     4 – 14   Postseason scores, record, and coach’s name needed.

1944-45                  Atwood District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd lost to Atwood 52-30

Atwood beat Arthur in title game

1945-46   22 – 8      Kansas District Tournament         Coach’s name & record needed

    1st Rd Beat Westfield 43-36

                               Semi-final lost to Redmon 26-25

Redmon lost to Kansas in title game

1946-47                  Brocton District Tournament        Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd Beat Lerna 88-26

                               Semi-final lost to Kansas 54-34

Kansas beat Brocton in title game

1947-48                  Kansas District Runner-Up       Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd Beat Brocton 42-40

                               Semi-final Beat Oakland 47-34

                               **Title Game lost to Redmon 44-43 (O/T)

**Final Game for the Hindsboro High School “Blue Devils.” The boys go out with a fight! Consolidated with Oakland High School in the summer of 1948.

Boys Track & Field

One Hindsboro High thinclad made his town and school very proud in the early 1920s.  M. HUNTER was STATE CHAMPION in the discus in the 1920-21 State ‘B” Track Meet (for schools of less than 400 enrollment). HIs excellent accomplishment is listed below.

1920-21B     M. Hunter      Discus            STATE CHAMPION!!


According to history information provided by David Kent Coy, The Blue Devil’s competed in football for many seasons.  Often, the Hindsboro was the smaller school on the field, but the competitive spirit of the school led to many victories over the years.

1924    3 – 4            Coach Harold Corell

Season Results

HCHS -84-Carmargo-0

HCHS -0-Villa Grove 2

HCHS -6-Toledo -20

HCHS -0-Arcola 39

HCHS -19- Tuscola – 0

HCHS -13-Camargo -0

HCHS -0-Oakland -12

1946    6 – 1 – 1

Other Sports

From the article provided by David Kent Coy:

“School Sports:  1929 – there were 3 football games, 2 against Oakland and one against Lovington: 5 baseball games, 2 against Kansas, 2 against Villa Grove and one against Ashmore:   Hindsboro placed 3rd of 3 at the Douglas County Track and Field Meet, 30 Apr. 1921. The1944 – softball team won 4 of 5 games:  basketball team won 4 of 18 games against  WestfieldRardinHumboldtBroctonRedmon, Oakland, Ashmore, PesotumHammond, and Arthur (2nd team).1946 – won 6 football games, tied and lost one eachat basketball, 22 games were won and 8 lost, including tournament play and one Alumni game. The 1924 Football Squad was composed of the Following: Gerald “Beady” Bagley (played end); Clifford “Moose” Strader (played right half back); Oscar Motley (played tackle); Don Eversole (played center), Joey Hemingway (played end); Lyle Eversole (played sub), Ralph McNabb (played guard); Abe Cuppy played (played sub); John Zeisz (played sub); Robert Fulton (played quarterback); Chase Bradford (played full back); Cecil “Carb” Hardway (played tackle), Ernest “Sik” Porter (played sub); Eli “Binks” Heidlebaugh (played sub), Paul Moss (played left half back) Francis Kritz (played sub); _____ Finley (played guard) and ______ Sargent (played sub) – coached by Coach Harold Corell. Their record for the season was HCHS -84-Carmargo-0; HCHS -0-Villa Grove 2; HCHS -6-Toledo -20; HCHS -0-Arcola 39; HCHS -19- Tuscola – 0; HCHS -13-Camargo -0; and HCHS -0-Oakland -12.”


From Sue Sallee:

“My mother, her brothers, and several other relatives attended Hindsboro High School.  The consolidation effort that took place nearly split the town in two.  I believe this occurred in the early 1950’s.

I graduated from Oakland High School in 1958 and I can remember the “battle” that took place.  They students who lived on the west side of town mostly chose to attend Arcola High School, while those on the east side of town attended Oakland High School.  In most cases the students were allowed to chose which school they wanted to attend.  Two of my cousins (they were brother & sister) split their decision, one attending Oakland HS and the other opting for Arcola High!  At that time there was even an area north of Hindsboro in which students were eligible to attend three or four different neighboring high schools.

At one time Hindsboro had a baseball team that played utilizing both boys & girls.  I don’t know if it was thru the school or not, but my mom played on the team.  If you are familiar with the area, there was a ball field just to the south of Hugo that was often used for games.”

From Bertha Kinsinger (Class of 1941):

Paul Beam was the coach from 1937 to 1941 while I was at Hindsboro High. He was also the math teacher.  Our team’s uniform colors were blue and gold of course.  Our graduating class was 25 or 26 people (the biggest senior class to date).”

From Joanne Russell:

“My name is Mary Joanne (Cuppy) Russell and my sister is Joyce (Cuppy) Hemingway.  We both graduated from Hindsboro High. Joyce’s class was the

last to graduate in 1948.  She was in a class of 11 along with John Hemingway,

Nelson Strader, Raymond Winslow, Shirley (Bradford) Cottle, Lorene (Douglas) Shea,  Joan Seaman, and 4 others that I can not think of at the moment (having a senior moment!).”

Hindsboro High School “Activities”
A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated
Submitted by Bertha Kinsinger (From the 1940 edition of the “Hindsborillian”
**From Teresa Zumbrook:

“My husband just purchased an antique roll top desk.  The store said it was a principal’s desk.  There was a 1912 report card from Hindsboro High School for a student named Meda Mahoney.  It was signed by the principal, S. Adelaide Fleming.”

**From Norman Lee Wingler:

“I was born July 27, 1932 on a farm in Douglas County a few miles north of Hindsboro. Dr. Barlow of Hindsboro delivered me. My father was Raymond Wingler and mother was Josephine Roderick Wingler. Your report was well done and brought back a lot of memories of Hindsboro and family. I have a Grandmother, Belle Wingler buried at a cemetery in Arcola and an Uncle, Lowell Wingler just north of Hindsboro.  When I travel Camargo,IL, Hindsboro and Arcola cemeteries for deceased family, I drive past the building that was the Hindsboro High School.  My parents attended for just a year as I remember.  Thank you again for a well done research article.  Norm Wingler of Bloomington, IL, retired State Farm Insurance Co. and retired U.S. Air Force pilot.”

More Activities Offered

School Yearbooks:       1912- “The Searchlight”

1921 – “The Question Mark”  states that it is Volume I

1944 – “Hindsborillian”

1946 – “Hindsborillian” states that it is Volume IX

(At the 1997 Reunion, Hindsboro High School yearbooks from the years, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1949, 1941, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947,  and 1948 were on display.)

School Newspapers:    1938-1940  – “The Blot”

1941-           “The Bluelite”

1943-1946  – “The Blot,” published every other week in 1944

School Activities:      The yearbooks are full of interesting articles and photos, but

And                         because of limited space, activities will be grouped together

Organizations:          indiscriminately, as follows:

Class plays: Class Wills and Prophecies: Class Day programs:

Class histories and poems: Glee Club: Chorus: Band: F.F.A.: G.A.S.:

Home Ec. Club: Press Club: 4-H Club: Cheerleaders: Senior King and Queen:

Carnival King and Queen: Speech Club: Student Council:

Christmas Party:  Freshman-Sophomore Party: Junior-Senior Banquet:

Leap Year Party: Speech Contest: D.A.R. Award: and so on

Need More Information

If you have any further information you can add on the history and achievements at Hindsboro High School, especially a photo of the high school building, pleae write to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.   You can also write to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.  60631


This is an incomplete listing of teachers and staff, who worked in the Hindsboro School building.  Not all of these taught at the high school level.  The dates in parenthesis are the years of birth and /or death, if they are known.  Hopefully, this list will be added to, as it was compiled from the 1921, 1944, and 1946 yearbooks;  Bowdre Township School Treasurer’s Account Book 1914-17; Directory of the School Officers and Teachers of Douglas County, Illinois 1916; Catalog and Directory of Hindsboro Community High School, 1921-22; newspaper clippings, including obituaries; Eastern Illinois State College Bulletin No. 188, Alumni Register, 1899-1949; Clifford Anthony Strader’s memory; and various other lists and sources.  Not all sources have been exhausted, and much of this can not be verified.

1.  C. George Appel  (or Appelle), teacher, Superintendent, 1912

2.  Ina Lorraine (Duffle) Armour (born1908-living 2002) teacher, c.1929 and later

3.  Charles S. “Charlie” Bacon (1857-1939) janitor until c.1922

4.  Gertrude Ball (living 1967, very elderly, at Syracuse, N.Y., 3rd & 4th grade teacher

5.  Genevieve (Tiffin) Barlow (1895-1991) teacher

6.  Mrs. Bennie (Vera Wright) Barnett (1906-2005), teacher, c.1929-1932, etc.

7.  Mrs. William (Byrdella A. “Byrdie” (Logan) Berry (1890-c.1981), teacher c.1911-14

8.  Clarence O. “Corky” Blevins (1888-1948) janitor until c.1940’s

9.  Joyce Maree (Thompson) Bradford (1907-1993) teacher, 1930-32, etc.

10.  Owen L. “Jackie” Bradford (1895-1974), bus driver

11.  Mrs. Millard (Arey) Brame, teacher c.1921-22

12.  Millard E. Brame, teacher 1921-22

13.  Mary Brokaw, 5th and 6th grade teacher, c.1916

14.  Clyde Everett. Brown (1898-1946) teacher for 27 years, principal, c.1929-44

15.  Harriet Brown, teacher

16.  Henrietta Brown, assistant principal, c.1920

17.  Mrs.CharlesA.“Todd”Laurada Rae(Land)Bunten,music teacher c.1944-48, alive 2009

18.  Ada M. Butz, teacher c.1921-22

19.  Ardis Cacherat, music teacher, taught piano, 1943-1945

20.  Ethel Louise Cassida, high school social science teacher, c.1943-44

21.  Eldon Lorence Childress (1904-1979) teacher and principal, 1940’s

22.  Asa Rex Clark, teacher c.1916-17, paid $70.00 per month

23.  Herbert A. Clawson (1909-1970) grade school principal, teacher 1940-44

24.  Opal Coffey, teacher c.1908-09

25.  Harold Corell, coach c.1925-26

26.  Fern S. Covalt (1910-2000) later Mrs. Ralph W. Knaus, teacher c.1940’s

27.  Mrs. William “Carl” (Minnie “Lucille” (Wendell) Cravens (1900-1996) teacher

28.  Mr. Joy L. Crites (1915-1994) principal-grade school, after consolidation, mid 1940’s

29. Gertrude M. Davis, math teacher c.1921

30.  Mary W. Davis, English and Latin teacher c.1921

31.  Frank C. Dever (1860-after 1900) Principal (1900 History of Douglas County)

32.  Grace Dotson, 3rd and 4th grade teacher c.1921-22

33.  Flolla Annis Doty (1892-1988) later Mrs. Don T. Lacey, teacher c.1916

34.  Bruce H. Douglas (1906-1988) page 124, bus driver

35.  Evelyn Dunsford, 7th and 8th grade teacher c.1921-22

36.  Betty Ehrhart, later Johnson, 5th grade teacher c.1943-44

37.  Vella Myra (Brick) Eversole (1906-2000) teacher, c.1929 and later

38.  Charles Fesler (widow, Minnie Fesler Berg, age 92 in 1967) Superintendent

39   (? Mr.)  S.A. Fleming, teacher c.1914

40.  Edythe Una (Foster) Frantz (1903-1972) teacher

41.  Fern Susanna Funkhouser, (living 1976) later Mrs. Hubert Hill, teacher c.1909-1913

42.  Edna M. Furness, teacher c.1916

43.  Myra Garner/Gardener, 3rd and 4th grade teacher, art teacher, c.1943-1945

44.  Margerete E. Gerkin, Principal High School, c.1916

45.  Ernest “E. G“. Giggy, Superintendent, c.1920

46.  John Gifford, teacher (his wife, Mary (Ashbey) Gifford died Apr., 1977)

47.  Mrs. Talitha “Litha” Gill, teacher, 1925

48.  Mrs. George Givens (living 1967) teacher

49.  Robert “Rex” Goble (1921-1999) music teacher c.1943-44

50.  A. F. Goldsmith, teacher, Principal 1928

50.  Mrs. Lula (Bales) Gruver (living 1967) teacher

51.  Emma Gwinn, later Laws, English and 8th grade teacher, c.1920’s, alive 1995

52.  Lt. Byron Charles Gwinn (1905-1995) (U.S. Navy, ret.) math teacher, c.1945-46

53.  Walter/William Habeacher/Haberacher, music teacher, late 1930’s-early 1940’s

54.  Mrs. Vernal “Ray”(Lula Pearl (Burgess) Hallowell (1894-1984) teacher-44 years

55.  Ruby M. Harris, teacher, c.1914

56.  Miss Lois Harrison, grade school teacher, c.1930’s -1942 (“Miss Lois“)

57.  Mildred Harting, teacher, 1911-12

58.  Miss Verla Gladys Hays (1895-1973) grade school teacher c.1919-20

59.  Miss Sopha E. Heil (1885-1977) teacher, 1925

60.  Mrs. Thomas Edward (Selma (Eversole) Henley (1894-1984) 2nd grade teacher

61.  Mabel K. (Edmonson) Hobart (living 1967) teacher c.1916

62.  Miss Edna L. Honn (1894-1983) teacher, 1932-34

63.  Mrs. Chester Josephine (Boulware) Honnold (living 1989) business teacher, 1935

64.  Lasca Dewey (Crispin) Hospers, 4th grade teacher c.1917-18

65.  Nellie E. Howard (1894-1974, Indianapolis) 1st and 2nd grade teacher c.1915

66.  Virginia Ann Howrey (c.1926-____) Mrs. Jim Wiseman, secretary c.1946

67.  Zoe Eolene Hutchins (1881-1954) later married William Clement Watson, principal, High School, 1910-1911

68.  Mrs.Randall (Inez “Rosalie” (Turner) Josserand, Home Economic teacher, c.1944-46

69.  Katherine Karch, Latin and German teacher, c.1916-1918

70.  Mrs. Roy (Bessie (Shields) Laws (1899-1986) teacher

71.  Carl G. Livengood,  Agriculture teacher, c.1944

72.  Mrs. John Earle(Madonna Ruth“Bobbie”(Barnett)Long (1906-2000) teacher

73.  Mrs. L. V. (Thursa Marie (Richardson) Lyons, grade school teacher, c.1922-23

74.  Mrs. Robert Thomas (Aletha “Virginia” (Gwin) Lynch (1909-1998), teacher

75.  David E. Mandrell, teacher, last year Hindsboro Grade School was open

76.  Earl “Slim” Manning (1916-2000) bus driver

77.  Mrs. Earl (Helen Mae (Mathews) Manning (1915-2008) bus driver

78.  Ada Maxwell, high school teacher, 1911

79.  Florence Lelia Maxwell, grade school teacher c.1909-11

80.  Miss Georgine Belle McDonald (1910-2000) English teacher, librarian, 1940’s

81.  Helen McMillan, teacher

82.  Ada McVey, teacher

83.  Cecile Merrell, teacher

84.  Marsha R. “Marty” Moody, 7th and 8th grade school teacher, c.1916-1918

85.  Fern (or Bess) Morgason, grade school teacher at Eversole School

86.  Emma Newell, teacher, c.1914

87.  Mrs. Earl Jasper “Jap” (Marie (Lewis) Newman (1910-2007) teacher

88.  Mrs. Gaillard Denzil (Ethel Ione (Marrs) Parker (1905-1971) teacher

89.  John Payne, teacher, c.1912

90.  Evelyn M. Pearson, history and geography teacher, c.1921

91.  Mrs. Frederica Pinnell (living 1967) high school teacher, 1923-24

92.  Frances Purnell (sister to #93) grade school teacher, 1925

93.  ___________________ Purnell (sister to #92) high school teacher

94.  Leslie Quant, Superintendent, baseball and football coach, c.1920-21

95.  Ida B. Reeds (1881-1966) later Mrs. C. W. Swango, grade school teacher, 1932-34

96.  Lucille Kate Guthridge (1918-living 2009) later Mrs. Don F. Reed, teacher c.1946-48

97.  John C. Reynolds (1918-2005), teacher

98.  Sevilla “Isabel” (Larimer) Reynolds (1916-1993) Home Economic teacher, c.1943-44

99.  Cassius A. Roberts (living 1967) Agriculture teacher, 1932

100. Nelson P. Roberts, Agriculture teacher, FFA, 1945-1948

101. Virgil Byron Ross (1903-1987) agriculture teacher, c.1929-32, etc.

102. Vesta A. Royer, Music teacher, c.1921-24

103. Martha Rykert, History and Latin teacher, c.1921-22

104. Orville V.Schaeffer (1883-1969) Principal, Superintendent, Math teacher,c.1918-25

105. EvelynEdith(Brookhart)Shields(1914-2000)Mrs.Don,science/math teacher, c.1940’s

106. Don Franklin Shields (1912-1999) Superintendent, Principal, coach, teacher,1940’s

107. Mrs. Wm.(Charlene C.(Higginson)Shields, commercial & girls P.E. teacher,1944-48

108. Mr. A. Skidmore, Latin teacher, c.1904

109. Helen B. Smith, Principal, c.1920

110. Glenn Sons, agriculture teacher, 4-H leader, 1940-41. etc

111. Laura Tetter/Teetors, 8th grade teacher, c.1920-21, etc

112. Goldeen May (Woodall) Temples (1917-1996) teacher, c.1944-45, etc.

113. Ethel Truax, teacher, c.1914

114. Inez I. Turner (1899-1962) later Mrs. Laurence J. Allen, teacher, c.1918-1919

115. Samuel T. Walker, teacher, c.1907-08

116. Nellie Waller, teacher, c.1915

117. Elmer “Errett” Warner (1898-1989) Superintendent, c.1937-1943

118. Nellie West, 1st and 2nd grade school teacher, c.1920-22

119. Miss Leta Christine Whitacre (1902-1981) grade school teacher, c.1922-26,

120. Mrs. Lloyd Ray (Martha (Hill) Butcher, laterWhite(1897-1979) teacher, c.1917-40’s

121. Carolyn White, 7th grade teacher, from Oakland, Illinois, c.1920

122. Miss Ritta T. Whitesel (1898-1984) grade school teacher, c.1919-20

123. John Adam Wieland, 3rd grade teacher, c.1915

124. Helen “Rowene” Williams, Latin teacher, c. 1923-29 and later

125. Ellen Wright, 5th & 6th grade teacher, c.1921-22  (NOT IN ORDER AFTER THIS)

126. Floyd A. Hexom, Latin teacher, 1932, living 1959- Mayor of Decorah, Iowa

127. Dorothy Joern/Zoern later Mrs. Jesse Edward Bacon, high school teacher, 1940-41

128. Mrs. Stella or Lela Endres, Home Economics teacher, c. 1939-1942

129. H. J. Palmer, teacher, c. 1929 and later

130. Professor Powell, teacher, c. 1929 and later

131. William Henry Harrison Miller, Principal, Hindsboro School, 1896-7

132. W. B. Adams, high school teacher, 1936-7  (STARTS ALPHABETICALLY)

133. Lois Baker, grade school teacher, 1945-6

134. Mabel Bales, high school teacher, 1918

135. Anna Baliner, grade school teacher, 1936-7

136. V. C. Batson, teacher, 1926

137. Paul Beem, high school teacher, 1936-7

138. Thomas Beggs, teacher, 1925

139. Leonard Braham, high school teacher, 1923-4

140. Charles Bunten, teacher, 1947

141. K. N. Clapper, grade school teacher, 1923-4

142. Marguerite Coon, high school teacher, 1929

143. Mildred Corley, high school teacher, 1923-24

144. C. C. Cotton, high school teacher, 1929

145. Elina Dabler, high school teacher, 1937-38

146. Mildred Dunbar, grade school teacher, 1928

147. Edna Eisenderg, high school teacher, 1939-40

148. Leta Evans, teacher, 1919

149. Irene Field, high school teacher, 1936-7

150. Helen Fisher, high school teacher, 1918

151. Stanley Fisher, high school teacher, 1935

152. Mildred Foltz, grade school teacher, 1927

153. Lee Ford, teacher, 1925

154. Virginia Gibbons, grade school teacher, 1937-38

155. Elizabeth Ginn, high school teacher, 1923-24

156. Gwendolyn Goodman, grade school teacher, 1939-40

157. Edith Green, teacher, 1919

158. Gerald Harper, high school teacher, 1936-37

159. Harriett Hawkins, grade school teacher, 1935-6

160. Anna May Hewitt, high school teacher, 1937-37

161. Hazel Honald, grade school teacher, 1928

162. Clifford Howard, high school teacher, 1935-36

163. O. W. Howell, high school teacher, 1929

164. Claire Huckleberry, grade school teacher, 1923

165. Mrs. Paul Howard (Alma Anna (Schottman) Hudson (1908-2002) teacher, 1944-45

166. Alberta Hughes, teacher, 1922

167. Helen (Padgett) Hunter, grade school teacher, 1944-45

168. Myra Huntington, high school teacher, 1925

169. Ruby Jones, grade school teacher, 1944-45

170. Harry Jordan, high school teacher, 1939-40

171. Mae Kimbrough, high school teacher, 1926

172. Theadotia Kimball, teacher, 1944-45

173. Hazel Knight, grade school teacher, 1923

174. Edna Koler, high school teacher, 1937-38

175. Roy Larson, high school teacher, 1940-41

176. Robert Mattix, grade school teacher, 1935 (married Francis (nee Harrison) Breeden

177. Fern McCallister, teacher, 1920-21

178. R. A. Montgomery, high school teacher, 1932-1934

179. Mabel Napel, high school teacher, 1923

180. Claude Nelson, high school teacher, 1935-36

181. Mrs. Charles “Norman” (Thelma “Lorene” (Heinlein) Oakley (1917-2004) grade

182. H. J. Palmer, high school teacher, 1929

183. Marjory Rich, high school teacher, 1940-41

184. Thelma Richardson, grade school teacher, 1923

185. Cleo Robertson, high school teacher, 1932

186. Kathryn Rominger, grade school teacher, 1928

187. Merle Root, grade school teacher, 1920

188. Helen Search, high school teacher, 1939-40

189. M. Shumaker, high school teacher, 1923-24

190. Nida Smith, grade school teacher, 1920

191. A. M. Sones, high school teacher, 1923-24

192. Pauline Sollars, teacher, 1926

193. Nellie Steproe, Filson School, 1923-24

194. S. E. Stewart, teacher, 1919

195. William Henry “Willie” Strader (1895-1956) teacher, 1917-18

196. Lula Swinford, grade school teacher, 1945-46

197. Lillian Talbot, high school teacher, 1940-41

198. Vivian Taylor, Music Teacher, 1937-38

199. Edwin Thompson, high school teacher, 1944-45

200. Nellie Turner, high school teacher, 1928

201. Grace Vandever, grade school teacher, 1928

202. B. Trexler, teacher, 1926

203. Ruth Vaughn, teacher, 1919

204. Harriett Walker, grade school teacher, 1936-37

205. Mrs. Elmer “Errett” (Inez Mazie (Tearney) Warner, sub teacher 1937-38

206. Grace Watson, teacher, 1922

207. Virginia Winkleblack, high school teacher, 1939-40

208. Mrs. John H. (Deloris (Mowrey) Wright (1914-1992) teacher


This is a very incomplete and under researched listing of the various School Boards (District No. 100, Union, Community, etc.) from the same sources as the listing of teachers and staff.

When the Hindsboro Bank closed during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Bill Breeden was the school Treasurer; Jim Shields took over from him, then Alva Curtis Strader (1880-1960) was the School Treasurer from about 1934 until the high school closed, with consolidation, in 1948. Katherine Rugh took over as the grade school treasurer, then Mrs. Allen Gray was treasurer for the grade school.

School Boards

1906 -W.D. Craig – President, W. E. Foster – Clerk, Ernest Eversole – Director

1912 – H. L. Crawford – President, Ernest Eversole – Clerk, W. E. Foster – Director

1914 – Stephen L. Peck – President, Ernest Eversole – Clerk, T. O. Reeds – Director

1915 – Stephen L. Peck – President, Ernest Eversole – Clerk, T. O. Reeds – Director

1916 – Stephen. L. Peck – President, Ernest Eversole – Clerk, W. T. Bower – Director

High School Board – 1920, 1921, 1922 – W. C. Watson – President, A. T. Porterfield – Secretary, W. H. Hemingway, E. C. Crawford, J. W. Andrews (only in 1920)

Grade School Board – 1921, 1922 – Netta Barnett – President, W. T. Bower – Clerk, M. B. Nelms

After Netta Barnett, Jackie Bradford was President of the Grade School Board. Murray Walters became the Clerk and Stephen Peck took over as Director from M. B. Nelms.

In 1938, Clifford Anthony Strader (1906-1997) was elected to replace Stephen Peck, and served on the Grade School Board with Jackie Bradford and Murray Walters, until 1946. Clifford Strader also served on the Arcola High School Board, being elected in 1958, and serving until the fall of 1960, when he moved into Hindsboro. Claude Munson took his place after that.

When Jackie Bradford started running the School Buses, he could no longer serve on the School Board, so he was replaced by Lloyd Salmon. Murray Walter continued to serve on the grade school board until about 1955. Floyd Harbarger took Murray Walter’s, and John Tabor of Oakland came on the board to replace Harbarger. Oscar Motley is thought to have served on the High School Board.

High School Board – 1946-until the school consolidated in 1948 – Clarence H. Carnahan, Roy Laws, Carter Hayes, Paul Hudson, and Owen Hackett.

School Trustees at one time were: John Moyer, Bob Hall, and Charles Pfeiffer. When Moyer resigned, Haden Cuppy took his place. Fred Kritz was a School Trustee at one time.

The village of Hindsboro is situated in the southwest quarter of Section 6, Township 14 north, range 9 east, Bowdre Township, in Douglas County, Illinois.  Two brothers, Francis Marion “Frank” Hinds (1827-1916) and James “Pleasant” Hinds (1837-1919) came from Washington County, Indiana in about 1864 with 2 other brothers, Filburt Wright Hinds (1829-1923) and John “Milton” Hinds (1839-1919).  Frank and Pleasant each donated 40 acres of land on each side of the road for the village named in their honor.  The town was laid off in 1874.  The population is about 400.  Having lived near Hindsboro for his first 9 months, and being a frequent visitor, this compiler has many strong, happy memories of the place and its people.

David Kent Coy, June 20, 1989

(updated, June 10, 2009)


(This directory is NOT included in this version of the History of Hindsboro High School)

While originally compiling information for this history, I became fascinated by the wealth of information my maternal grandfather, Clifford Anthony Strader, Class of 1925, knew about so many of the graduates of the school he had attended over 64 years ago. Where ever you see “C.A.S.” that is where he had something to contribute.  Once in awhile he had to pause, for his 83 years old brain to recollect, but not very often.  He rattled off relationships, dates, and even middle names with surprising ease.  He gave me the skeletons, the relationships, the sketchy out-lines, and I tried to fill in with what I could find, using genealogical and/or historical techniques that I have learned in 21 years as a family tree researcher. What follows is the result.

The entries are arranged alphabetically (with a few mistakes – see Moss after Motley) by the last name of the supposed graduate.  In the case of most women, that is by their maiden name.  When there were several families with the same surname, i.e. Allen, I then arranged them by family, listing the siblings in chronological order.  In other words, you will find my maternal grandmother, Thelma Easter (Allen ) Strader, her sisters, Leoma Jewel (Allen) Cox, Minnie Gertrude (Allen) Clark, and brother Montell Ray Allen, listed oldest to youngest;  then Ruth Isabel (Allen) Greathouse (who is no relation, as known), then Ruth’s 1st cousins, Fern Marie (Allen) Hemingway, Hortense (Allen) Cuppy, and John W. Allen, also listed oldest, then 2nd oldest, etc.  This keeps families together and hopefully in correct birth order.

There seems to be little, if any, standardization in the ages of students grouped together in a class. There is as much as 5 years difference in the ages of some people in some classes.  Apparently, sometimes brothers and sisters were held back, or started early, so they could go to class together.  Sometimes there were students, who were advanced because of superior knowledge; others were held back a year or more until they caught up. The youngest graduates seem to be about 16, while the oldest was 21 or 22

Please note that this may not be a truly accurate record of individuals who graduated with the proper amount of credits from Hindsboro High School.  I would assume that the county superintendent of schools may have a record like that; I have not accounted for it, but relied on yearbooks, and memories to compile my list.  If I left you out, please notify me, and I will add you.  If you are here and shouldn’t be, perhaps I can affix a little note to your entry saying thus.  No one was left out on purpose.

I am distantly related to many of the individuals listed here, and many more are related to each other, but perhaps not to me.  I felt that all the relationships might complicate things too much, so I left them off, but in may cases I know them.  Write if you want to  know.  I am very interested in genealogy and in local history.  I am interested in any one who ever lived in Bowdre Township, Douglas County, Illinois, and will correspond with anyone with similar interests.  Please see my name and address on the front cover.

Please send additional or correctional material.  I am also very interested in old yearbooks, postcards, photographs, newspaper, etc., of Hindsboro, Illinois.


The following list of former students of Hindsboro High School, arranged by classes, was compiled from six major sources:  the yearbooks of 1921, 1944, and 1946, and the memories and papers of my late maternal grandfather, Clifford Anthony Strader (1906-1997) (Class of 1925), my aunt, Laura “June” (Strader) England (class of 1947), and my mother Myra Joy (Strader) Coy, who attended the Hindsboro High School until 1948, when she was transferred to Arcola because of the consolidation, where she graduated in 1950.  The list is not a definite standard of who really graduated with enough credits from high school, but rather a grouping of former classmates.  Hopefully this will assist in preserving the memory of happy times in Hindsboro and help all of us to “keep the facts straight”.

In the course of compiling this list, I became very interested in the individual histories and genealogies of the more than 555 students and compiled a much larger volume of 211 pages called “A Biographical Directory of Hindsboro High School Students 1909-1951). I have tried to maintain and update this volume also, but it is not included here. I tried to find information on every graduate of Hindsboro High School and information on each student, who was in the building at the time of consolidation (1948).  Hence, I have files on pupils through what would have been  the class of 1951. The yearbooks of 1921 and 1944 were especially helpful, as the 1921 volume lists all alumni up to that time and the 1944 volume lists those from 1922 through 1944.  Special credit goes to Helen Dickson and Opal Stickles of the 1944 volume, as they are listed as being in charge of the Alumni listing at that time.

Because the larger volume is much more expensive to print and because not everyone is as interested as I in all of this, I decided to make available this 30 page “Souvenir Edition” for the 80th Anniversary of the first class to graduate from the Hindsboro High School (1909 – 1989) and now updated it for the 100th Anniversary.

Below is an example of the format I tried to follow while collecting data on former students for the larger Biographical Directory:

Flo  (Cuppy) Breedlove                                                                Class of 1913

Born: 26 Jan. 1894, between Hindsboro & Kemp, Douglas Co., Il.

Died: 12 Sept. 1976, Urbana, Champaign Co., Il.

Buried: Arcola Cemetery

Father: William F. Cuppy (1862-1942)

Mother: Mary “Esther” (Butcher) Cuppy (1869-1957)

Married: 20 Sept. 1920, Rockville, Ind.

Owen B. “Rusty” Breedlove

Born: 2 July 1897, Kemp, Douglas Co., Il.

Died: ll July 1976, Hindsboro, Douglas Co., Il.

Buried: Arcola Cemetery

Father: Amos Breedlove (1863 -1903)

Mother: Susan “Susie” (Duffle) Breedlove


1.  Patricia “Pat” (Breedlove) Doyle, Class of 1940

2.  Naomi “Sis” (Breedlove) Maxwell, Class of 1941

3. William “Bill” Breedlove,  Class of 1943

4.  Helen “Madelyn” (Breedlove) Moefield, Class of 1950A

Flo was a former employee of the Illinois  Welfare Commission.  She was a member of the United Methodist Church., the V.F.W. Auxiliary, and the Homemaker’s Association.  Her husband was a farmer and a veteran of W.W. I

Address:; Hindsboro, Il.

Sources:  1921; 1944; C.A.S.; VV Cem.; Ar. Cem.; Doug. 1910, p. 674 & 698; 1918 F & B, p. 105; D.K.C.; M.J.S. C.

As you can see, the above expands considerably on the following list.  Copies of the much larger history/directory were available from the compiler. I still maintain this larger directory, but it is not currently available otherwise. 2009

Hindsboro Class Directory Listing

1909 – graduated from the Hindsboro Opera House, May 31, 1909

1.  Vera “Pearl” (Bacon) Guinnip (1890-1957)

2.  Bessie Mae Dickson (1889-1959)

3.  Leanora Sombert “Leah” (Purcell) Cuppy (1891-1987)


1.  Nellie E. Howard (1894-1974)


1.  Maud T. (Shaffer) Nesbit (1892-1972)

2.  Edythe Floretta (Van Buskirk) Reeser (1892-1952)


1.  Lula Pearl “Lou“ (Burgess) Hallowell (1894-1984)

2.  Edna Elizabeth “Freckles“ (Coyle) Moody (1893-1979)

3.  Lelah Blanche “Bill“ (Curry) McBride (c.1893-____)

4.  Cleta Margaret “Tete” (Howard) Smith (c.1895-____)


1.  Marie H. “Mary“ (Bradford) Thompson (1896-1976)

2.  Flo “Flody“ (Cuppy) Breedlove (1894-1976)

3.  Thomas Bartley “Buck” Dickson (1892-1970)

4.  Martha Esther “Margaret” or “Mattie” (Fulton) Cook (1892-1975)

5.  Rose Edna “Rosie“ (Reeds) Haug (1895-1979)

6.  Herbert Clay “Bally” Weller, Ph.D. (1894-1965)

7.  Viola E. “Vi“ (Wilson) Cage (1896-after 1955)


1.  Bernice “Bum“ (Beisley) Bragg (1894-1979)

2.  Edith “Edie“ (Bradford) Kinney (1896-1982)

3.  John Andrews “Andy” Craig (1894-1935)

4.  Helen Elizabeth “Bess“ or “Bessie” (Craig) Munson (1896-1952)

5.  Frank S. “Riley” or “Jupie” Graham (1896-1966)

6.  Hazel Ruth “Dimples“ (Green) Walling (1895-1929)

7.  Robert “Roy” “South Bend” Peck (1895-1976)

8.  Bonnie Irene “Pill Roller“ (Slater) Powers (1895-1985)

Starting in this class in 1910, as freshmen were: Dolly Baker, Don Clapp, Jessie Hinds, Harry Moore, Willis R. “Jake” Merrell, Lee “Brutus” Parker, Roy Peck, Pluma “Squire” Peck, and Bonnie Slater. Their sophomore class included Will or “Bill” Powers, Cordia “Slimmy” Dickson, and Ruby “Sis” Wooten. Not all of these graduated, however and Willis Merrell graduated in the next class.


1.  Basil Benton “PeeWee” Bradford (1896-1918) died in W.W.I flu epidemic

2.  Harold Baker “Every” Eversole (1897-1978)

3.  Maude (Goodwin) Snyder (1894-1951)

4.  Ora E. “Fatty” Kepley (1893-1975)

5.  (Dr.) Willis Russell. “Jake” Merrell (1895-1966)

6.  Byron Forte “Moore” Moore (1897-____)

7.  Hazel “Reesie“ (Reeser) Nichols (1897-____)

8.  Charles Mason “Cassius” Weller (1897-1975)

Starting in this class as freshmen were: Raymond “Rainbow” Cuppy, Lela Mary “Lee” Cuppy (see 1916), Ina “Dinah“ Lane, Gladys “Gladie“ Reeser, Mabel “Shorty“ Cuppy, Don “Sleepy“ Clapp, Natalla Green, Ruth “Reukes“ Barnett, anc Charles “Chick“ Hudson.(


1.  Lela Mary (Cuppy) Watson (1897-1989)

2.  Ethel Marie (Hanks) Douglas (1897-1978)

3.  Dora Fay Peck) Finnegan (c.1898-____)

4.  Okel May (Peters) Bennett (1897-1987)


1.  Blanche Benonia (Bower) Cate (1898-1987)

2.  Lola Childress (c.1896/1899-____)

3.  Rosetta (Evans) Etchison (1898-1975)

4.  Cecile Vita (Foster) Fleetwood Thrasher (1899-1980)

5.  (Dr.) William Roy Fulton (1895-1997)

6.  Edna (Hill) Jackson (1899-1980)

7.  Lines Leon Peck (1897-1976)

8.  Bessie (Shields) Laws (1899-1986)


1.  Helen Ursel (Bagley) Van Voorhis (1899-1937)

2.  Blanche Barnett (1899-1985)

3.  Goldie Louisa (Beasley) Weller (1899-1972)

4.  Ruth Sabina (Cuppy) Weller (1899-1983)

5.  Helen Virginia (Eversole) Jones (1899-1975)

6.  Jennie Marguerite “Peg” (Eversole) Hackett (1900-1989)

7.  Helen May (Fulton) Barker (1899-____)

8.  Frank Harmon (c.1900-____)

9.  Florence E. (Peck) Bryant Hjelm (1900-1979)

10.  Everett “Red” Scott  (c.1900-before 1999)

11.  Floyd Eggleston Weller (1899-1975)


1. Everett Payne (c.1901-____)


1. Wanda (Barnett) Bryant (1903-1972)

2.  Oliver “Kenneth” or “O. K.“ Bower, Ph.D. (1902-1992)

3.  Forrest Jennings Bryant (1901-1979)

4.  Anna “Fern” (Burgess) Redden (1900-1986)

5.  Pauline Elizabeth (Carnahan) Sass (1902-1975)

6.  Lois E. (Cuppy) Miller (1900/1902-1964)

7.  (Dr.) Marion W. Davis  (1901-1990)

8.  Mildred (Dickson) Lindsey (c.1899-1971)

9.  Josephine “Gladys” “Babe“ (Green) Coffey (1902-2001)

10.  Amelia Helen (Hayes) Derrough (1902-1992)

11.  John Hill (c.1902-____)

12.  Louise W. (Moore) Elliott (1902-1950)

13.  James W. Orr (1900-1958)

14.  Minerva (Powers) Chenowith (1900-1968)

15.  Lowell Reasor (c.1902-____)

16.  (Rev.) Russel Murphy Taylor (1899-1995)

17.  William Raymond “Bill” Walters (1903-1983)


1.  Fern Marie (Allen) Hemingway (1901-1988)

2.  Vivian (Bills) Beam (c.1904-____)

3.  Cleoh S. Brading (1903-1981)

4.  Edythe Una (Foster) Frantz (1903-1972)

5.  Grace Harmon (c.1903-before 1944)

6.  Montelle “Big Monk” Hunter (1900-1972)

7.  Beatrice Hurley (c.1903-____)

8.  Hortense Smith (1903-1990)

9.  Lucille (Wilson) Reed (c.1903-after 1955)


1.  Ned Cole Bagley (1902-____)

2.  Florence “Irma” (Beasley) Bagley (1904-1986)

3.  Bennie Barnett (1905-1982)

4.  Gifford William Brown (1902-1989)

5.  Charles Leland “Chick” Burgess (1902-1993)

6.  Elden Lorence Childress (1904-1979)

7.  Beulah Belle (Eversole) Weaver (1903-1988)

8.  Forrest Henry “Esaw” Eversole (1904-1953)

9.  John Truman Eversole (1904-1949)

10.  Pauline (Ford) Stroker (c.1904-____)

11.  Gladys Harmon (c.1904-____)

12.  Mary Pack (c.1904-____)

13.  Erma (Stiff) Sandiford Swinford (1904-1981)


1.  Thelma (Andrews) Weidknecht (1906-2002)

2.  Madonna “Ruth” or “Bobbie” (Barnett) Long (1906-2000)

3.  Marguerite Ruth (Bower) Dillman (1905-1997)

4.  Lenore Imogene Carnahan (1905-____)

5.  Otto Theodore Cuppy (1905-1974)

6.  Lucille (Hemingway) Harvey (1905-1965)

7.  Armilda Jewell (Nelms) Cuppy (1905-1962)

8.  William B. Poore (c.1905-____)

9.  Alice “Feral” Reeds (c.1905-after 1990)

10.  Dean Quine Slater (1905-1984)

11.  Vieva “Eva” (Stone) McBride (c.1905-____)

12.  William H. “Bill” Vermillion (1904-1994)

13.  Gladys Naomi Vickroy (1903-1985)

14.  Helen Frances (Zeisz) Alexander (1906-1999)


1.  Hortense “Tensy“ (Allen) Cuppy (1906-1995)

2.  Effie Ethel (Bishop) Slater (1906-1977)

3.  Frederick Winfield “Fred” Brown (1908-1970)

4.  Lora “Bernice” (Dowler) Chambers (1905-1958)

5.  Wadema (Heidlebaugh) Pickens (c.1906-___)

6.  Paul Howard Hudson (1905-1982)

7.  Hazel Amelia (Innes) Childress (1905-2005)

8.  Homer Austin McGrath (1905-1993)

9.  Ina Elizabeth (Moore) Heil (1906-1983)

10.  Martha “Tyrrhene” (Moss) Howrey (1907-____)  still alive 2009

11.  Desmond Elroy Orr (1907-1948)

12.  Vivian Mae (Scott) Little (1905-1999)

13.  Dorothy Swift (c.1905-____)

14.  Ivan Cecil Tippett (1904-1975)

15.  Gordon Henry Vermillion (1906-1968)


1  Thelma Easter “Teddie” (Allen) Strader (1908-1984)

2.  Chase Lloyd Bradford (1905-1983)

3.  Gladys Marie (Butcher) Ingrum (1906-1995)

4.  William Theodore “Bill” Clapp (c.1907-1958)

5.  Eunice (Ditzenbarger) Busbey (1907-1995)

6.  Robert Everett “Bob” Fulton (1906-1983)

7.  Lucille Marie (Gill) Kirchner (1906-1990)

8.  Mabel I. (Greathouse) Fitzimmons Scott (1905-2004)

9.  Elsie Marie (Jordan) Ross (1906-____)

10.  Francis Carol. Kritz (1906-1987)

11.  Lucille Marie “Mimi“ (Mahoney) Largent Largent (1905-2004) married bro-in-law 2

12.  Spencer “Paul” Moss (1905-1972)

13.  Maurine Esther (Nelms) McLean (1907-2005)

14.  Mildred “Odell” (Petty) Abell (1906-1989)

15.  Ernest A. Porter (1907-1951)

16.  Gladys (Smith) Mishler (1908-1998)

17.  Clifford Anthony “Moose” Strader (1906-1997)

18.  Geneva Madge (Vickroy) Edwards (1908-1990)


1.  John W. Allen (1909-1995)

2.  George Armour (1908-1983)

3.  Gerald Bagley (1909-1975)

4.  Paul Chittenden (1909-1988)

5.  Gladys Laverne (Clapp) Albin (1907-1979)

6.  Helen (Crawford) Gilbert Urquhart Cuppy (1908-1995)

7.  Irene (Crawford) Swinford Gaertner (1908-2005)

8.  Abraham Morris “Abe” Cuppy (1909-1983)

9.  Effie Cleo (Cuppy) Williams (1908-1992)

10.  Faribel (Curtis) Wilson (1909-1992)

11.  Ina Lorraine (Duffle) Armour (1908-____)

12.  Lyle Ernest Eversole (1909-1974)

13.  Edward Finley (c.1908-before 1997)

14.  Madonna L. (Fulton) Stanley (1908-1959)

15.  Ruth (Grant) Wingler (1908-1986)

16.  Ray Kenneth Greathouse (1908-1996)

17.  Ruth Hall (c.1908-before 1997)

18.  Cecil V. “Carb” Hardway (1907-1973)

19.  Joseph Lester “Joe” Hemingway (1908-1960)

20.  Gladys “Lorene” (Hemingway) Seaman Scholl McGrath (1907-2003)

21.  Marjorie Amelia “Marge“ (LeGrand) Douglas (1909-1996)

22.  Catherine (Lippincott) Motley (1909-1960)

23.  Georgine Belle McDonald (1910-2000)

24.  Oscar Harmon Motley (1907-1975)

25.  Gladys Marie (Ramsey) Patridge (1907-1979)

26.  Lois (Shields) Thompson (c.1909-before 1986)


1.  Fred H. Childress (1909-1993)

2.  Asa Chapman Halsey (1905-1988)

3.  Eli Heidlebaugh (c.1909-____)

4.  Faye Pearl (Hunter) Eveland (1909-2002)

5.  William Cleo “Bill” or ”Goof” Largent (c.1906/7-c.1983)

6.  Ferrel Wayne Ogden (1909-1977)

7.  Cora Velva Turner (1909-2001)


1  Leoma Jewel “Om” or “Pug” (Allen) Cox (1909-1990)

2.  Ruth  Isabel (Allen) Greathouse (1910-1999)

3.  Lou Ellyn “Toots” (Bryant) Moler (c.1910-1959)

4.  Francis (nee Harrison) (Breeden) Mattix (1909-1943)

5.  Margaret “Beulah” (Byerly) Montgomery (1910-1982)

6.  James Milton “Jim” Cox (1909-1969)

7.  Lawrence Elmer “Frosty” Cuppy (1910-1997)

8.  Emma Dixon (c.1910-____)

9.  Wayne C. “Bouse” Greathouse (1911-l976)

10.  Buford E. “Pete” Halsey (1909-1995)

11.  Nellie Grace (Innes) Stahl (1910-1982)

12.  Marie (Lewis) Newman (1910-2007)

13.  Ralph Druce McNabb  (1910-1983)

14.  Dolly (Shaffer) Andis (1910-1990)

15.  Verna Grace (Stone) Edwards (1910-1990)

16.  Waneta Angeline “Neat“ (Strader) McNabb (1910-1993)

17.  James Frederick “Jim” Trueblood (1910-1999)

18.  Geneva (Vermillion) Nicholson (1910-1992)

19.  Juanita “Olive” (Butcher) Walker Brockman (1910-2005)

20.  Wilma (Wallace) Hunter (1910-2003)

21.  John William Zeisz (1910-2004)


1.  Minnie Gertrude “Tom” (Allen) Clark (1911-2003)

2.  Eva “Lucille” (Blevins) Foote (1911-1982)

3.  Mildred “Fern” (Byerly) Fosnaugh (c.1911-before 1996)

4.  Marie F. (Duffle) Samuelson (1911-2007)

5.  Morris “Keith” Eversole (1912-1991)

6.  Charles Rolland Fulton (1911-1973)

7.   Pauline Iona (Kritz) Trueblood (1911-____) still alive 2009

8..  Montelle Mahoney (c.1911-1969)

.9.  Harold Richmond “Richie” Ogden (1911-1974)

10.  Lenora May “Lenore” Phelps (1911-1977)

11.  Mary “Blanche” (Porter) Bryant (1911-1977)

12.  John William Strader (1912-1996)

13.  Theo “Nadeena” Tuttle (1911-2004)


1.  Bus Barnett (c.1912-before 1991)

2.  Helen Inez (Cox) Butcher (1912-2003)

3.  Helen (Greathouse) Trantina (1912-2003)

4.  Gwendolyn Frances“Gwen”(Hammer) Walters Hayes (1913-____) still alive in 2009

5.  Maude Evelyn (Innes) Stahl (1913-____) still alive in 2009

6.  Marjorie Ellen (Lewis) Abel (1912-2002) her obituary says she graduated in 1926?

7.  Elwood Motley “Dutch” McNabb (1913-1974)

8.  Helen “Kathryn” (Moss) Hodge (1912-2008)

9.  John Finley Pedigo (1911-1972)

10.  Maxine (Silence) McKinney (c.1912-____)

11.  Sarah Elizabeth “Betty” (Strader) Prosser (1913-____) still alive 2009

12.  Adelia Christine (Tuttle) Duffle (1913-____) still alive in 2009

13.  Jean (Walters) Nichols (c.1912-1970)


1.  Geneva (Armour) Shonkwiler (1913-1997)

2.  Thomas Stafford “Tom” Cox, Jr. (1911-1995)

3.  Forrest Ivan “Jack” Craven (c.1913-____)

4.  Andrew Simpson “Andy” Duffle (1914-____)

5.  Lucinda Maxine “Cindy” (Eversole) Creviston (1913-1981)

6.  Catherine Elizabeth “Betty” (Gill) Galbreath (1913-2000)

7.  Dorothy (Stites) Wilson Witt (1913-2001)

8.  Claude “Pete” Vermillion (c.1913-_____)

9.  William “Vincent” Watson (1914-2001)

10.  Lowell Webster Woodall (1913-1995)


1.  Mary Dorothy (Addis) O’Hair Franklin (1915-____) still alive 2009

2.  Montelle Ray “Monk” Allen (1913-1985)

3.  Mary “Mabel” (Blagg) Stewart Motley (1914-1989)

4.  Garland Castle (c.1914-____)

5.  Harold Glick (1914-1970)

6.  Top Riner Gutheridge (1914-____)

7.  Paul Samuel “Buck” Halsey (1913-1990)

8.  Fred Trowbridge. Hammer (1915-2005)

9.  Helen (LeGrand) Rowland Quane (c.1914-after 1996)

10.  James “Paul” Montgomery (1914-1996)

11.  Keith Ellsworth Mood (1911-1976)

12.  Coey Jackson “Jack” Motley (1914-1967)

13.  Jesse Dean Motley (1915-1976)

14.  Thomas Orbon “Tom” Petty (1915-1998)

15.  Bruce Swinford (1914-1980)

16.  Ethel (Toland) Carey (1914-1985)

17.  Max Gerald Van Voorhis (1914-1995)

18.  Buel Murray Walters (1914-2008)


1.  John Rexford “Rex” Beasley (1914-1999)

2.  Eugene E. “Gene” Byerly (1915-1996)

3.  Mildred Antoinette “Midge” (Cox) Romine, R.N. (1914-2002)

4.  Elmer D. “Pookey” Farrier (1913-1979)

5.  Garold Wayne “Boots” Farthing (1913-2007)

6.  Lois Marie (Gaede) Farthing (1914-2001)

7.  Teil Osker Gutheridge (1912-1990)

8.  Odas V. Hardway (1913-1946)

9.  Wanda (Hartman) Scovil (1915-2003)

10.  Kathryn Marie “Kate“ (Heinlein) Brandenburg, R.N. (1915-____) still alive 2009

11.  Mary Esther (Newman) Bumpus (1916-____)

12.  Hortense (Shields) Biggs (c.1915-____)still alive 2009

13.  Eileen (Wright) Knapp (1916-1943)


1.  Bentley E. Barnett (1914-1992)

2.  Ellis Elmer Combs (1914-1977)

3.  Frances May (Combs) Halsey (1916-2006)

4.  Martha (Cuppy) Juntenan (1917-____) alive 2009

5.  Mildred (Eversole) Johnson (c.1917-before 1994)

6.  Jantha (Hall) Hampton Muse (1916-2005)

7.  Faye Lois (Innes) Lynam (1916-1998)

8.  Lois Martin (c.1916-c.1962)

9.  (Captain) Billie Slater Powers (1916-1972)

10.  Dean F. Van Voorhis (1916-1962)

11.  Juanita Amanda (Van Voorhis) McCoskey Conner (1915-____) still alive 2009

12.  Marcia “Eolene“ (Watson) Brown (1916-2008)

13.  Goldeen May (Woodall) Temples (1917-1996)

14.  Regina Mary (Zimmerman) Finnegan (1916-____) still alive 2009


1.  Charles “Elmer” Bacon (1917-1995)

2.  Paul Eugene Blagg (1916-1997)

3.  June Arlene (Douglas) Walters (1917-2008)

4.  Betty (Greathouse) Helton Sullivan (1917-2003)

5.  Thelma “Lorene” (Heinlein) Oakley (1917-2004)

6.  Carter Edwin Honn (1916-____) still alive 2009

7.  Eva Cuma Honn (1917-2001)

8.  Earl “Slim” Manning (1916-2000)

9.  Helen Marie (Turner) Adams (1915-2008)

10. Helen (Walters) Tolliver (c. 1917-____) still alive 2009

11. Lois Belle (Wingler) McCarthy (1916-1998)


1.  Mary K. (Beasley) Replogle (1918-1968)

2.  Elmer Brown (c.1918-____)

3.  Carl Collins (c.1918-____)

4.  Martha “Jane” (Cox) Dunn (1917-1991)

5.  Lucille (Crane) Childress (c.1918-____) still alive 2009

6.  Dorothy (Davis) Moore (c.1918-____)

7.  Florence Davis (c.1918-____)

8.  William Marsellas “Bill“. Douglas (1918-1978)

9.  Leon Duffle (c.1918-1997)

10.  Lucile Kate (Guthridge) Reed (1918-____) still alive 2009

11.  Thomas Eugene “Tom” Innes (1917-2008)

12.  Alyce Ileen (Ratts) Myers (1918-2009)

13.  Herman Dolphon Ratts (1915-2003)

14.  Glenn Seaman, Jr. (1918-____)

15.  George “Lowell” Wingler (1918-1992)


1.  Jesse Edward “Bud” or ”Buddy” Bacon (1917-1995)

2.  Charles A. “Todd” Bunten (1917-2006)

3.  Jack N. Eversole (1919-2008)

4.  Pauline Mary (Greathouse) Waggoner Drohan (c.1919-____)still alive 2009

5.  John Isom “Johnny” Hall (1919-1997)

6.  Malden Jones, Jr. (1919-1998)

7.  Ronald Martin (c.1919-____)

8.  Clifford L. Thomas (c.1919-____)

9.  Thelma Marie (Thomas) Phillips (1920-2007)

10.  Emery Forrest Tuttle (1918-1989)

11.  Leland Hutchins “Count”or ”Le” Watson (1919-1995)


1.  Virginia Ellen (Clapp) Motley (1920-____) still alive 2009

2.  Anna May “Ann” (Cox) Fritz (1920-____)

3.  William Gene “Bill” Crane (1920-2007)

4.  Marjorie Jane (Heinlein) Johnson Davis (1920-2005)

5.  James Charles “J. C.“ Henegar (1919-1996)

6.  Tacy Elizabeth (Henegar) Stevens (1921-____) still alive 2009

7.  Ruby Alice (Innes) Stites Winters (1919-1990)

8.  James Byrd “Jim” Motley (1920-1996)

9.  Louise Mae (Ramsey) Pierson (1920-2005)

10.  Irene (Turner) Fleener (1918-1984)

11.  Ruth (Turner) Honn (1919-____) still alive 2009

12.  Mary Elizabeth (Van Voorhis) Hall (1920-____)still alive 2009

13.  Carolyn (Walling) Dander (1921-1995)

14.  Helen L. (Warren) Swinford (1919-____)still alive 2009

15.  Virginia (Welch) Phillips (1921-1991)

16.  Jean (Wilbur) Barnes (c.1920-before 1978)

17.  Edith Mabel (Honn) Hoots (1920-2006)

Others who were listed as freshmen in this class were: Joe Hearn, Kenneth Blagg, Tom Blagg, Don Smith, Robert Shields, Aadin Frey, Edith Honn, Evelyn Swick, Hazel Rhoades, and Lucille Guthridge,


1.  Louise May (Bennett) Plank Ney (1921-deceased)

2.  Norma Jean (Bradford) Crane (c.1921-after 2007)

3.  Laverne H. (Bunten) Tuttle (1921-____)

4.  Melba Louise (Dickson) Jones (1921-1944)

5.  Dorothy Maxine Douglas (1921-2004)

6.  Howard “Leon” Douglas (1921-deceased)

7.  Mary Elizabeth (Duffle) Hemingway Blaricom (c.1921–deceased)

8.  Jean Harvey (c.1921–deceased)

9.  Mary Grace (Honn) Coslet (1921-deceased)

10.  Marjorie (Jones) Heimburger (1921-2008)

11.  Myron Matsler (1921-1997)

12.  Virginia (Rhoades) Cannoy (1921-2009)

13.  Mary (Shields) Campbell (c.1921-c.1986/1995)

14.  Maxine (Temples) Young (c.1921-deceased)

15.  Howard Mason Weller (1921-2001)

16.  Pauline V. (Wingler) Lane (c.1921-2015)

17.  Barbara G. (Zeisz) Goodrich (1921-____)


1.  Norma Mae (Bacon) Baugh (1922-1987)

2.  Patricia Joy “Pat“ (Breedlove) Doyle (1922-____) still alive 2009

3.  Clarence Edwin Conner (1919-____) still alive 2009

4.  Mary “Catherine” (Craven) Spanhook Miller (1922-____)still alive 2009

5.  Harriet “Louise” (Craven) Childress Witt (1921-____)still alive 2009

6.  Kathleen (Evans) Irwin (c.1922-____)

7.  Robert H. “Bob” Maxwell (1922-1997)

8.  Robert Lee Pankey (1923-1998)

9.  Lois Wanneta (Parrish) Plummer Basham (1923-2005)

10. Dale Wilson. Stiff (1922-1985)

11. Jack Nelson Swinford (1921-1991)

12. Dorothy Elizabeth (Thomas) Anderson Aspergren (1922-____) still alive 2009

13. Robert Townsend “Bob” Van Voorhis (1922-1986)

14. John Abner “Johnnie” Walters (1922-1998)

15. Dale J. Warner (1922-____)still alive 2009


1.  Dorothy Rose (Bennett) Thomas (1922-1960)

2.  Naomi Eleanor “Sis” (Breedlove) Priest Maxwell (1923-____) still alive 2009

3.  Robert Daniel “Tex” Carleton (c.1923-____) still alive 2009

4.  Harland Hopkins “Hop” Conner (1921-____) still alive in 2009

5.  Wilma Caroline (Cox) Fonner (1923-____)

6.  Frieda Marie (Douglas) Roberts (1923-____) still alive 2009

7.  Mary Frances (Douglas) Van Voorhis (1922-____) still alive 2009

8.  Horace Jean “Snuffy” Duffle (1924-2002)

9.  Shirley (Evans) Chism (c.1923-____)

10.  Carlyle William “Ky” Gilbert (1923-2005)

11.  Kent K. Grummett (1922-____) still alive 2009

12.  Donald Burley “Don” Henagar (1923-____)still alive 2009

13.  Benjamin Phillips “Ben” Hall (1923-2005)

14.  William Glen “Bill” Harbarger (1924-1983)

15.  Roy McQueen “Mack” Harvey (1923-1995)

16.  Robert James “Bob” Harvey (1924-2002)

17.  Carter Edwin “Eddie” Hayes (1923-1958)

18.  Loren Daniel Honn (1923-____) still alive 2009

19.  Austin “Elwood” Idleman (1924-1980)

20.  Bertha Laura (Laws) Kinsinger (c.1923-after 1991)

21.  Helen Louise (Rhoades) Bishop (1924-2007)

22.  Jack Swisher (c.1923-____) still alive 2009

23. Robert “Gene” Swisher (1924-2001)

24.  James “Jim” Toland (1923-1979)

25. (Dr.) Howard “Dale” Tuttle, M.D. (1923-before 1989)

26.  Ned F. Van Voorhis (1923-2005)

27.  Gerald Eugene Welch (1924-1978)

Marjorie L. (Barnett) Douglas (1923-____) still alive 2009 – attended 3 years, but actually graduated from Rantoul High School in 1941.


1.  Leoma Margaret “Lee” (Bennett) Roller Allison (1925-____) still alive 2009

2.  Dwight “Courtney” Clapp (1924-2003)

3.  Harry Edward Conner (1923-1989)

4.  Everett L. Cottle (1925-2001)

5.  Harold Wayne Cuppy (1923-2000)

6.  Roy Deweese (1924-1996)

7.  Donald Ray “Don” Douglas (1924-____) still alive 2009

8.  Robert Eugene “Bob” Douglas (1924-1944) WWII casualty

9.  Wallace “Wallie” Endres (c.1924-____)

10.  Ivan Richard “Dick” Harvey (1922-2006)

11.  Merceedes Rose (Haun) Creech (c.1924-____)

12.  Eleanor (Maxwell) Trimble (1924-____) still alive 2009

13.  Jean Ann (Powers) Cottle (1924-____) still alive 2009

14.  Neoma June “Toots” (Ramsey) Harvey (1924-____) still alive 2009

15.  William “Bill” Shields (c.1924-____)

16.  Gale William Stiff (1923-1980)

17 . Thelma Ruth (Tutt) Bartimus (1923-____)

18.  Juanita Ellen (Tutt) Gay Woods (1925-____)

19.  Lily Ann (Walters) Hainlein (c.1924-1980) may have been in the Class of 1944

20.  Robert Samuel “Bob” Warner (1924-1994)


1.  Mary Elizabeth. (Bacon) Douglas (1925-____) still alive 2009

2.  William Bentley Breedlove (1926-1988)

3.  George Wesley Coffey (1925-____) still alive 2009

4.  Helen G. (Cox) Duzan (1925-1984)

5.  Helen Margaret (Craven) Key (1924-____) still alive 2009

6.  Dale Roth Douglas (1925-____) still alive 2009

7.  Eileen Eveland (c.1925-1996)

8.  Mary Louise (Hemingway) Wingler (1925-____) still alive 2009

9.  Helen “Louise” (Maxwell) Warner (1926-1970)

10.  Paul Franklin McCoskey (1924-1945) W.W. II Casualty

11.  Phyllis Maxine (Pankey) Draper (1925-____)

12.  Harold Eugene “Shorty” Rhodes (1925-____) still alive 2009

13.  Jean Lynnette “Nickie” (Slater) Hallian (c.1925-____)

14.  Harold Macy “Bub” Tuttle (1925-2001)

15.  Norman Richard “Dick“ Weller (1926-____) still alive 2009


1.  Charles Robert “Bob” Clapp (1926-____) still alive 2009

2.  Larry Paul Cuppy (1926-1978)

3.  Helen Marie (Dickson) Gallington (1926-1988)

4.  Max Wayne Douglas (1926-1989)

5.  George Evans (c.1926-____)

6.  Barbara (Hackett) Muehrcke (1927-1979)

7.  Virginia Ann (Howrey) Wiseman (c.1926-____) still alive 2009

8.  Hazel Irene (Hughes) Miller Nye (1926-____)

9.  Robert Dale “Bob” Innes (1925-1984)

10.  Patricia Ann “Pat“ (Laws) Cooley (c.1926-____)

11.  Mary Lucille (Maxwell) Jombock (1927-2004)

12.  Helen Mae (Neese) Drake (1926-1999)

13.  Frances Jean (Ramsey) Wells (1926-____)

14.  Charles Albert “Shorty” Rardin (1927-1992)

15.  Shirley (Shields) Jackson (1926-____)still alive 2009

16.  Opal Maxine (Stickles) Rush (c.1926-____)still alive 2009

17.  Harry “Maynard” Warner (1926-2000)

18.  Paul Alvin “Doc” Wingler (1927-____)still alive 2009


1.  Shirley Louise (Britton) Clapp (1927-____)still alive 2009

2.  Lauretta (Carleton) Caliscebetta (c.1927-____) still alive 2009

3.  Phyllis June (Cuppy) Douglas (1927-____) still alive 2009

4.  Forrest “Ray” Dickson, Jr. (1927-1987)

5.  Bennie Frank Douglas (1927-1981)

6.  Norma Ruth (Douglas) Goble (1927-1952)

7.  Jack Nelson Howrey (1927-____) still alive 2009

8.  Betty Ann (Hughes) Ramsey (1927-2006)

9.  Glendon Richard “Dick” Jolley (1926-1974)

10.  Barbara “Jean” (Parrish) McGregor (1928-1952)

11.  Robert “Bob” Smith (c.1927-____)

12.  Lorene Ann (Welch) Goodwin (1927-2007)


1.  John Leland Barlow, R. Ph. (1928-____) still alive 2009

2.  Mary Lucille (Clapp) Pankey (1928-____) still alive 2009

3.  Rosella Faye (Cochran) Jolley Reddick (1928-1976)

4.  Charles J. “Charlie” Cottle (1928-____)

5.  Lloyd L. Cox (1928-1989)

6.  Hazel Burdilla (Drake) Aufdenkamp (1929-____)

7.  Ethel May (Draper) Dean (c.1928-____)

8.  William Edward “Bill” Dutton (1928-_____)

9.  Richard “Neil” Harbarger (1926-1983)

10.  Amelia “Jeanne” (Hayes) Latimore Strader (1928-____) still alive 2009

11.  Beverly (James or Starks) Hunt (c.1928-____)

12.  Jeannine (Newell) Manning (1929-____) still alive 2009

13.  Charlotte ( Morris) James (1927-2005)

14.  Granville Edward “Bud” Ramsey (1928-____) still alive 2009

15.  Harlan Rhoades (c.1927/8-____) still alive 2009

16.  Jack Barlow Shields (1928-1995)

17.  Allen Clifford Strader (1928-2002)

18.  Sammye Lou (Swango) Aikman (1928-____) still alive 2009

19.  Anna “Margaret” (Taylor) Davis (1928-____)

20.  Peggy Joan (Temples) Ashmore Rhodes (1929_____) still alive 2009

21.  Charles “Chuck” Thomas (1928-2001)

22.  Loren Dale Welch (1927-2008)


1.  Carlysle Eugene “Spud” Coffey (1929-____) still alive 2009

2.  Helen (Connour) Daugherty (c.1929-____)

3.  Winifred Lucille (Craven) Pope (1928-____) still alive 2009, did not graduate

4.  Joanne (Cuppy) Russell (1929-____)still alive 2009

5.  Norma Jean Harbarger (1928-1945) died of spinal meningitis, did not graduate

6.  Amy (Hedrick) Stine (c.1929-____)

7.  William “Bill” Heidlebaugh (c.1929-1988)

8.  Josephine Elaine (Howrey) Gerrie (c.1929-____)still alive 2009

9.  James “Jim” Jenkins (c.1929-____)

10.  Donald “Dean” Johns (1929-____) still alive 2009

11.  Helen (Parrish) Kemper Bakke (1929-____)

12.  Rose (Maxwell) McCoin (1929-1999)

13.  Carrie “Aleen” (Motley) Ramsey (1929-____) still alive 2009

14.  Marjorie Louise “Marge“ (Neese) Nolan, L.P.N. (1929-____) still alive 2009

15.  Dan Nixon (1928-____) still alive 2009

16.  Everett Dale Pankey (1928-2002)

17.  Vivian Lorraine (Pankey) Moore (c.1929-____)

18.  Harold Lee Pribble (c.1929-____)

19.  Barbara “Joan” (Rhoden) Lange (1929-2005)

20.  Robert “Bob” Russell (c.1929-____) still alive 2009

21.  Wallace Lee “Shorty” Starwalt (c.1929-____)

22.  Laura “June” (Strader) England (1929-____) still alive 2009

23.  Glennadine (Warner) Clough Fuller, L.P.N. (1929-2006)

24.  Jeanne Tinsman (c.1929-____)


1.  Shirley (Bradford) Cottle (1930-2007)

2.  Helen (Coffey) Grimes (c.1930-____)

3.  Joyce Lorene (Cuppy) Hemingway (1930-____) still alive 2009

4.  Jessie “Lorene” (Douglas) Shea (1930-____) still alive 2009

5. Chloe (Hedrick) Walker (c.1930-____)

6.  John Leland Hemingway (1930-2005)

7.  Charlotte Irene (Little) Nixon (1930-1995)

8.  Ferrel “Bus” Seaman (c.1929/1930-_____)still alive 2009

9.  Joan Elizabeth (Seaman) Dutton (1930-____)still alive 2009

10.  Keith “Nelson” Strader (1930-____) still alive 2009

11.  Raymond Winslow (1930-____)still alive 2009

The following classes did  NOT  graduate from Hindsboro High School, as the district was consolidated and was split between Arcola and Oakland, Illinois after the 1948 graduation.  A=Arcola, O=Oakland, others as indicated


1.  Mary Genevieve (Barlow) Medearis (1931-____)  A, still alive 2009

2.  Betty Lou Dickson (1929-2007)  O

3.  Carlyle A. Dickson (c.1930/1-____)  O, still alive 2009

4.  Delores Dutton (c.1931-____)  ?

5.  John East (1931-____)  O

6.  Rita Henkes (c. 1931-____)  ?

7.  James Alva “Jim” Howrey (1931-____)  A, still alive 2009

8.  Lila “Joan” (Idleman) Jividen Wingler (1932-____)  A, still alive 2009

9.  Hazel Ingram (c.1931-____)  Charleston

10.  Richard Ted “Dick” Lanman (1930-____)  Charleston

11.  Wilma Marshall (c.1931____)  Charleston

12.  Harold James “Jim” McQueen (1931-2003)  A

13.  Margaret Carleen (Neese) Aydelotte Harrier (1931-1995)  A

14.  Marie “Josephine” (Porter) Stephens (1930-2007)  Charleston

15.  Betty Grace (Rhoades) Rann  (1931-____)  A, still alive 2009

16.  Terry Shields (c.1931-____)  O

17.  Natalie (Slater) Finn (c.1931-____)  A

18.  Phyllis Swisher (c.1931-____)  O

19.  Sara Taylor (c.1931-____)  Charleston

20.  Martha Jean (Toland) Reimer (1931-____)  A, still alive 2009

21.  Cynthia “Marie” (Warner) Robinson, R.N. (1931-2002)  O


1.  Stella Bennett (c.1931-____)  Villa Groce

2.  Helen “Madelyn” (Breedlove) Mofield (1932-____)  A, still alive 2009

3.  Mervin Wentz Britton (1932-1999)  A

4.  Rex Burgess (1932-1996)  A

5.  Dean L. “Candy” Cordts (1931-1993)  ?

6.  Otto“Maurice” “Ace” or “Cup” or “Sonny” Cuppy (1932-____) A, still alive 2009

7.  Armilda “Louise” (Dickson) Miller (1932-2001) O

8.  Joyce Darlene (Douglas) Seitz (1932-____)  A, still alive 2009

9.  Lawrence William “Bub” Douglas (1932-2004)  Macomb

10. Maurice Green (1932-1985)  A

11.  Don Lee Herrington (1932-1995)  A

12.  Everett Ingrum (c.1932-1971?) O

13.  Doris (Lough) Bertner (c. 1932-____) O

14.  Mary Mason (c.1932-____)  Charleston

15.  Frances Jean (Maxwell) Cordts (1932-2005) A

16.  Jaunita McQueen (1932-____) O

17.  Jack Dean Motley (1932-1984) O

18.  Bonnie Belle (Ramsey) Mason (1932-____) A, still alive 2009

19.  Helen Maxine (Seaman) Stenger Byers (1932-2006) O

20.  Eldena Slagley (c.1932-____) Charleston

21.  Myra Joy (Strader ) Coy (1932-____)  A, still alive 2009

22   Merle Elberta (Tuttle) McGregor (1932_____)  A, still alive 2009

23.  Helen Waggle (c.1932-____)  Charleston

24.  Marjorie Ilene “Margie“ (Weller) Harrington (1932-____)  A, still alive 2009

25.  Helen Louise (Wooten) White Blaskovich (1932-1983)  A

26.  Charles Van Sickle (1932-____)  Newman


1.  Doyle E. Anderson (1932-____)  O, still alive 2009

2.  Lois (Childress ) Snyder (1933-____)  O, still alive 2009

3.  Donald Cox (c.1933-____) Charleston

4.  Helen Deweese (1933-____)  A

5.  Gene Dutton (c. 1933-____) ?

6.  Marilyn Phyllis “Lynn“ (Edgar) Dabbert York (1932-2003)  A

7.  Ted Henkes (c.1933-2000)  A

8.  Floyd Henson (c.1933-____)  Charleston

9.  Donald Duane “Don” Howrey (c.1933-____) A, still alive 2009

10. Shirley F. (Hughes) Anderson (1932-____) O, still alive 2009

11. Louis Ingram (c.1933-____)  Charleston

12. Marie (Lough) Duzan (1934-____)  O

13  Howard Glenn “Buck” Neese (1933-1998)  O

14. Phyllis (Randolph) Keal (c.1933-____) A

15. William “Bill“ Parrish (1933____) Charleston

16. Frank Thomas (c.1933-_____)  Villa Grove

17. Harley Thomas (c.1933-_____) Villa Grove

18. Wayne Winslow (c.1933-____)  O

19. Jerry Dean Wyeth (1934-____)  A, still alive 2009

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