Herald High School

The History of Herald High School

Herald (population approximately 75) is located in far southeastern Illinois in the south-central portion of White County.  Herald was established in what is now a true country setting on County Highway 8 as it intersects with County Road 600N, about 5 miles north of Illinois Route 141.  According to www.mapquest.com Herald is about 3 blocks long from north to south and two blocks wide from west to east.  Herald is about 8 miles west of the Indiana border and 10 miles southwest of Carmi.

The history of the town and the school that once inhabited it are in need of research.  We are not even 100% certain that Herald even supported a high school.  It is a fact that Herald at one time supported a 1st through 8th grade facility however.  This arrangement lasted through the late 1950s, possibly even longer.

Herald kids from 8th grade when on to high school at either Carmi or Norris City.  The fate of the Herald school building is being sought.  The history of the town and former school are needed as well.

Herald High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                            late 1800s

Year closed:                             1940s?

High school students attended:  Carmi or Norris City

Herald HS team nickname:        unavailable – uncertain if a HS or team sports were offered.

Were There High School Classes in Herald?

Did the elementary school in Herald ever host high school curriculum?  We believe that it may have.  If you are aware of this or have knowledge of a Herald High School please contact us at eganann@sbcglobal.net.

Famous Alum

Herald Elementary School had at least one famous alum.  Gubenatorial candidate of 1998, Glen Poshard, attended Herald Elementary School for grades 1 – 8 in 1950 through 1958 before going on to Carmi High School.

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