Grantsburg High School

The History of Grantsburg High School

Grantsburg (population approximately 100) is located in the far southern portion of Illinois.  Grantsburg sits in the southeast corner of Johnson County.  The town’s location places it both 10 miles east AND 12 miles north of the Ohio River.  Metropolis is about 12 miles south of Grantsburg.  Illinois Route 146 is the main roadway that leads you to and from town.  Route 146 will lead you to Vienna just six miles to the west. According to Grantsburg is about three blocks wide and three blocks long.

The history of the town of Grantsburg and its former high school are in need of research.  We were unable to locate any information on either via search engines on the internet.  We know that Grantsbrg is an unincorporated village with its own post office.  It is located near the Vienna Correctional Facility.

We only know of Grantsburg High School’s existence through research conducted by our good friend, Jamie Driskill.  Jamie came across some basketball information involving Grantsburg High School and forwarded it to us.  This information will be highlighted below.

Our guess is that Grantsburg High School was created in the late 19-teens to early 1920s. It likely was a two or three-year high school.  It is probable the school closed in the late 1940s to very early 1950s.  The fate of the high school building is needed.  The kids of Grantsburg now attend school in nearby Vienna.

Grantsburg High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                             early 1920s?

Year closed:                              early 1950s?

Consolidated to:                         Vienna High School

Grantsburg HS team nickname:   unavailable

Grantsburg HS uniform colors:     unavailable

School Fight Song:                     unavailable


Grantsburg High School definitely competed in boys basketball.  It is possible that other sports such as baseball and track were offered as well.  The school’s team nickname, uniform colors, fight song, coach’s names, and season records are all items we are hoping to share on this page.


Jamie Driskill provided the following information on the Grantsburg High School basketball exploits:

“In 1947, at the Metropolis Regional, Grantsburg H. S. lost to Rosiclare by a score of 64 to 26.  Also, evidently Grantsburg and New Columbia had an early co-op boys baskerball team that played in the Metropolis Regional in 1946.  The co-op team lost that one too In 1946, to Golconda, by a score of 97 to 13.”


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