Granite City South High School

The History of Granite City South High School

Granite City (population 31,303) is located in the southwestern Illinois in the southwestern portion of Madison County.  The Mississippi River flows about two miles to the west of town.  St. Louis is about 6 miles to the southwest of Granite City.  Illinois Routes 3, 203, and 111 will all lead you into town.  Interstate Highways 55, 64, 70, 255, and 270 all surround Granite City.

According to a website regarding Granite City


the city was incorporated in 1896.  Granite City was established in 1892 by brothers William and Frederick Niedringhaus, two successful German-born businessmen from St. Louis.  The brothers started an eating untensil factory in St. Louis and had learned of a way of coating the utensils with granite.  The area where Granite City now sits was bought by the brothers for the purpose of establishing a factory and a town based on this business.  Hence the name of Granite City was given to the town.

Granite City has had a long and rich history of providing educational opportunities as well.  A high school was likely established early in the city’s history.  It was in the early 1970s that a population boom saw for the need of two high schools.  In 1973 it was decided that a second high school would be created.  Granite City High School was renamed Granite City South High School while a new building was constructed on the north side of town.  This school was named Granite City North High School.

Granite City South High School was held in the original Granite City High School building. The two-high school system in Granite City lasted through the early 1980s. In 1983 it was decided that two high schools were no longer needed.   Granite City North High School was subsequently closed.  Granite City South High School simply dropped the South from its name and reverted to the original name of Granite City High School.

Granite City South High School building continues to serve in its original capacity as Granite City High School.

Granite City South High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                  1973

Year closed:                                   1983

Consolidated to:                             Granite City High School

Granite City South team nickname: the “Warriors”

Granite City South team colors:      Black & Red

School Fight Song:                        “Here’s A Song For Dear Old Granite”

Submitted by J’Lynn Snyder


Here’s a song for dear old Granite

Lift up your voice and sing: RAH RAH RAH

Here’s a cheer for dear old Granite

Shout it! Let the echoes ring: RAH RAH RAH

Victory’s our habit; let’s win this game

But win or lose, we’ll keep on fighting just the same

For school’s what you make it

Granite can take it

Fight, fight, fight for Granite High.




Below you will find the accomplishments of the many great Granite City High School teams, athletes and scholars as found on the IHSA website (   We are in need of information such as coach’s names and team records.  As you will see, for only being technically open for 10 years, the Granite City South High School kids were talented and very successful on many levels.


Granite City South High School was the place where State Championship Soccer was a regular occurrence.  During the ten years that Granite City South High School was open, the boys soccer team won an incredible SIX State titles in boys soccer.  In addition, one GCSHS team finished THIRD at the State Tournament Finals. 

Boys soccer was king in Granite City South.  Coach Gene Baker was the leader of this dominate program. Coach Baker went on to coach several seasons at Granite City finishing his career with a record of 462 – 100 – 40 from 1973 through 1996.  This places Coach Baker second All-Time in Illinois HS Soccer history and among the elite high school coaches in the nation.

Among individual accomplishments Mark Goldschmidt’s  102  goals from 1975-77 made him the 32nd all-time leading scorer in IHSA boys soccer history.

1973-74   19 – 2 – 1    IHSA State Finals – THIRD Place    Coach Gene Baker
District Champions

                                   Sectional Champions

Final Four Finalist 

                                   Lost to Morton East 2 – 1 (Penalty Kick)

Third Place Game

                                   Beat Lake Forest 1 – 0 

1974-75                                                                                Coach Gene Baker

1975-76   19 – 3 – 2    Sectional Champions                      Coach Gene Baker

1976-77   26 – 1 – 1    IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!            Coach Gene Baker
Sectional Champions

                                   Elite 8 Finalist

                                   Beat Lake Forest   1 – 0

                                   Final Four Finalist

                                    Beat Highland Park   2 – 0

                                   State Championship Game

                                   Beat Wheaton Central  4 – 0

1977-78   22 – 1 – 4    IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!            Coach Gene Baker
Sectional Champions

                                Elite 8 Finalist

                                Beat New Trier East    2 – 1

                                Final Four Finalist

                                Beat Wheaton Central  2 – 1

                                State Championship Game

                                Beat Chicago Shurz  6 – 1

1978-79   25 – 4 – 1    IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!            Coach Gene Baker
Sectional Champions

                                Elite 8 Finalist

                                Beat Deerfield   1 – 0

                                Final Four Finalist

                                Beat Brother Rice   2 – 1

                                State Championship Game

                                Beat Evanston  2 – 0

1979-80   24 – 5 – 4    IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!            Coach Gene Baker
Sectional Champions

                                Elite 8 Finalist

                                Beat Wheaton Central   7 – 0

                                Final Four Finalist

                                Beat Hinckley-Big Rock    2 – 0

                                State Championship Game

                                Beat New Trier East   3 – 1

1980-81   26 – 2 – 1    IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!            Coach Gene Baker
Sectional Champions

                                Elite 8 Finalist

                                Beat Wheaton Academy   4 – 0

                                Final Four Finalist

                                Beat Chicago Bowen 2 – 1 (4 O/T – P.K.)

                                State Championship Game

                                Beat Hinsdale South    5 – 1 

1981-82                                                                                 Coach Gene Baker 

1982-83   30 – 2         IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!             Coach Gene Baker
Regional Champions

                                   Sectional Champions

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Beat Downers Grove South  2 – 0

                             Final Four Finalist

                             Beat Chicago Senn   1 – 0

                             State Championship Game

                             Beat New Trier  2 – 1


The boys basketball program had a couple nice seasons under the leadership of Coach Don Deterding. However only two seasons were recorded with a winning record.  The East St. Louis area  is a hotbed for basketball action and GCSHS held its own most seasons.

1973-76                                                                    Coach Bryan Wilkinson

1976-77                                                                    Coach Don Deterding

1977-78   13 – 12                                                      Coach Don Deterding

1978-79   18 – 8     2nd Place in Regional                Coach Don Deterding

1979-80                                                                    Coach Don Deterding

1980-81                East Alton-Wood River Tourn.    Coach Don Deterding

(Champs) Beat Piasa (SW) 52-50

1981-82                                                                    Coach Don Deterding

1982-83                2nd Place in Regional                  Coach Don Deterding

**From our good fan Mark Jurenga:

All-time series vs. Collinsville: 1-12

*Collinsville is #2 in IHSA history in wins with 1,939 after the 2006-2007 season.

South victory:

1/16/1982– Granite City (South) 59 Collinsville 57


The girls basketball program won a Regional title, however the coach’s name and team record of this and other great teams are not currently available.

1980-81           Regional Champions


The lady harriers made one trip as a team to the IHSA State Finals meet.

1981-82            Team Qualified for State Finals


The tennis program won two District titles, however this is currently the extent of the information we have available.

1973-74            District Champions
1979-80            District Champions


Two medals were earned in Granite City South High School’s history.  Tom Schooley accomplished this in the 330 Yard Hurdles in 1974 and 1975.

1973-74     Individual Medalist – Tom Schooley   330 Yd. Hurdles   3RD Place
1974-75     Individual Medalist – Tom Schooley   330 Yd. Hurdles   8TH Place


The girls enjoyed their best success in the sport of volleyball.  FIVE District titles, TWO Sectional titles, and a trip to the Elite 8 round highlighted the success of the program. 

1974-75               Team Won District & Sectional Championships  

1975-76   14 – 4    IHSA ELITE 8 FINALIST!                                       Coach Wilma Schulze

                             District Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Elite 8 Finalist

Lost to LaGrange Lyons  (2 – 0)

LaGrange Won State Championship

1976-77                Team Won District Championship
1979-80                Team Won District Championship
1980-81                Team Won District Championship


Granite City is a great town for high school wrestling.  GCSHS had two TOP TEN finishes as a team in the 10 years the school competed in the sport.  Several grapplers also brought home individual medals from IHSA State Match competition.

1973-74   19 – 2       IHSA State Finals – SEVENTH Place  Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt

                              Individual Medalists

                              Brian Wilson            155 lbs. Weight Class       4TH Place
John Niebur             119 lbs. Weight Class       5TH Place

                              Russ Halbrook            98 lbs. Weight Class       6TH Place

1974-75   19 – 1 – 1  District Champions                            Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt


                              Individual Medalists

                              Kevin Page              119 lbs. Weight Class       5TH Place

1975-76   20 – 2       District Champions                            Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt

1976-77   22 – 2                                                                 Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt

                              Individual Medalists

                              Kevin Wilson            185 lbs Weight Class       5TH Place

1977-78   21 – 1       IHSA State Finals – SEVENTH Place  Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt

                              Sectional Champions

                              Individual Medalists
Sam Perkins            138 lbs Weight Class        2ND Place
Darrell Hasty            145 lbs Weight Class        3RD Place


1978-79   22 – 1        District / Sectional Champions         Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt

                              Individual Medalists

                              Dean Perkins           145 lbs Weight Class        3RD Place
Barry Forshee          126 lbs Weight Class        6TH Place


1979-80   23 – 1        District Champions                           Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt


                              Individual Medalists

                              Dean Perkins           145 lbs Weight Class        3RD Place

1980-81   21 – 1                                                                 Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt

Individual Medalists

                              Dean Perkins           155 lbs Weight Class        2ND Place

                              Greg Garland          119 lbs Weight Class         5TH Place

1981-82   16 – 7                                                                 Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt

1982-83   15 – 10                                                               Coach Bill “Red” Schmitt


Granite City South High School had some team successes in IHSA Academic competition as well.  Below you will see the championships won by these teams.  If you have any further information on any event, please send us an e-mail.


1974-75         Team Won Sectional Championship


1973-83         Coaches Richard King & Ron Pennell


1981-82         Team Won District Championship   


1981-82         Team Won District Championship


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