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The History of Wentworth High School – West Hammond, Illinois

Calumet City, Illinois (formerly named West Hammond) is one of the east suburbs of Chicago, with a population of 39,072. It is accessible through the Interstate 94 exit onto Illinois 83 (Sibley Blvd.), Torrence Avenue, and State Street, which was a notorious part of the city’s history at one time.

The city came to existance with the merger of two smaller towns: Schrunville and Sobieski Park, according to Wikipedia. West Hammond, which lies across the Illinois-Indiana state line from Hammond, Ind., was founded in 1892. The West Hammond name was in existance for 32 years.

Schools started during the early days of the since-merged communities. High school-aged students had attended Thornton Township High School in Harvey, which lies to the west. A separate high school was started in West Hammond in 1917 in the Wentworth School building. The name of the high school was called Wentworth High School, according to the web address

Two events occured in 1924. The name of the town changed to Calumet City. The Thornton high school district ceded a fraction of their area to the High School to start a district of it’s own. Thornton Fractional High School opened in a new building in time for the 1926-27 school year.

The Wentworth building continued to be used as a junior high school. The original building has since been torn down and replaced with a newer structure.

Wentworth High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                               1917

Year closed:                                 1926

Students now attend:                   Thornton Fractional North HS

School Building:                           Razed

Wentworth HS team nickname:    unavailable

Wentworth HS team colors:          unavailable

School Fight Song:                       unavailable

Athletics and Extra-Curriculars

We are fairly certain that the boys of Wentworth High participated in interscholastic athletics. It is probable that the boys played basketball, baseball, and track. Coaches names and team records are sought as well. Also needed are the team colors, fight song, and team nickname.

Other activities such as proms, dances, class plays, and various clubs may have been a part of the experience as well.  We are hopeful an area fan or alumni can help us with this information.

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