Broughton High School “Wolves”

Broughton High School Building 1930-47
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Original Broughton HS – Burned Down in 1930
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The History of Broughton High School

Broughton (population 192) is located in the far southern portion of Illinois in southeastern Hamilton County.  Illinois Route 142 is the main roadway to and from Broughton. County Highway 11 passes through town from east to west as well.  Broughton is about 5 blocks long and five blocks wide. The town sits in my favorite township name, Mayberry Township.The North Fork of the Saline River runs about a mile east of the town.

Our good friend and fan of the Glory Days website, Gerry Halpin, provided the following information regaring the town history of Broughton and its former high school:

“The following is summarized from James Gholson’s web site and Carol Yarbrough’s “Yesterdays in Hamilton County ”;

Broughton began as Rectorville in 1857.  A few years later, town was relocated a mile north when the L & N railroad came through that spot.  The Gholson website listed above has much information and many pictures of Broughton.

Broughton had a high school from about 1918 to 1947.  This may have been a 4-year high school for at least part of this time.  An all-school photo from around 1920 shows 35 students; another photo from 1945 shows about the same number.

The original wooden Broughton school burned in 1930, and was replaced by a larger brick building.  After the high school was closed, the grade school continued in Broughton until at least 1969.

The 1929 Broughton gymnasium was a wooden building. The gym was covered with red tar-paper siding with a brick pattern (“ Missouri brick”).  After the school was closed, the school, gym and 6 acres were sold at auction in January 1970.  The school (except for the cafeteria) was torn down a few years later, but the gym was remodeled into a house and is still standing.

Broughton students today attend school as part of the Eldorado School District.”

Broughton High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                  1918

Year closed:                                   1947

Consolidated to:                              Eldorado High School

School yearbook:                            The Beacon

Broughton HS team nickname:         the “Wolves”

Broughton HS team uniform colors:   Black & Gold

School Fight Song:                          unavailable

Broughton HS Basketball Team of 1927-28
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Athletics and Extra-Curriculars

As you can see in the photo to your right, the Broughton boys definitley competed in basketball.  We believe that baseball and track may have been offered as well. Team uniform colors, school fight song, coach’s names, and team records are all items we are seeking.

A schedule for the 1943-44 Broughton team can be viewed on the internet at . In that season the Broughton boys finished the season at 8 – 11 with the coach being Mr. Marr.

Athletics were not the only activity offered at Broughton High School.  Plays, dances, student government, clubs, and other special events were likely a part of the high school experience offered to kids attending high school in Broughton. Please drop us a line if you would like to share this information.

Need Your In-put

If you have any information regarding the Broughton High School athletic program and other school programs offered there, please share them with us. You can reach us by the following means:

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