Brookport Lincoln High School “Red Devils”

The History of Brookport Lincoln High School

Brookport (population 1,054) is located in far southern Illinois in the southeastern portion of Massac County.  Brookport is situated on the banks of the Ohio River and is connected to Paducah, Kentucky via the U.S. Route 45 bridge.  An unnamed creek passes through the west side of town.  According to Brookport was “laid out” in 1850 and incorporated in 1855.  First named Brooklyn, Brookport began as a small community which grew immensely with the building of a railroad through town.

As stated on the Brookport High School page of this site, the history of the Brookport educational system is needed.  We can only guess, at this point, as to the history of the Brookport Lincoln High School which was once a part of the Brookport School system.

We believe that Brookport Lincoln High School was created for the African-American kids of Brookport.  Our guess is that Lincoln High was initiated in the early 1900s.  Many small towns in southern Illinois had segregated schools for a short period of time in the early half of the 1900s.  Among those are other schools included on this site from towns such at MoundsMound CityDuQuoinColpVeniceEast St. LouisMadisonEdwardsville, and others.

Brookport Lincoln served the community through 1951.  Derrick Martin, whose aunt attended Lincoln school’s first grade when it was merged with Brookport High School, advises that Brookport Lincoln Elementary and Shady Grove Elementary (a small black community about five miles outside of Brookport) fed into Lincoln High School. The possible nickname for the Brookport Lincoln High School athletic teams was the “Red Devils.” It was in 1951 that the Brookport and Lincoln schools were merged.

The Brookport Lincoln High School building, after being utilized as a grade school from 1951 – 1960, was demolished in 1960.

Brookport Lincoln High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                           early 1900s?

Year closed:                            1951

Consolidated to:                       Brookport High School

Lincoln HS team nickname:      “Red Devils” (?)

Lincoln HS team colors:            Red & Black (?)

Lincoln HS fight song:               unavailable


We know through research at other African-American high schools that most of the schools competed in athletics.  We know that Brookport Lincoln competed in sports with other schools.  Basketball, baseball, and softball were among the sports offered to the boys of Lincoln High School. Lincoln High School’s team nickname, uniform colors, coach’s names, team records, and fight song are all items we are searching for.

As researched by Derrick Martin, through family members who attended Lincoln, it was determined that Lincoln did not have a gymnasium of their own.  Games were played at the Brookport High School gym or the high school gym across the river in Paducah, Kentucky.

Extra-Curricular Activities

It is probable that Lincoln High was a well-rounded school.  Band, chorus, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities were probably offered to the students of the school.

Memories and Information

From Michael Melone:

“I manage a business in Brookport and wanted to let you know that the warehouse in which I work was built in the early 50’s, and the steel roof gerters were removed and salvaged from the old high school gymnasium that was torn down around that time.  I am not sure, but the gerters may have been those of the brookport lincoln high school gym.”

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