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Balcom High School Girls Basketball 1923-24
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The History of Balcom High School

Balcom (population 50?) is located in southwestern Illinois in the southeastern portion of Union County. Balcom is located about 22 miles south of Carbondale. The village sits on County Highway 6 at the intersection of Balcom Road. The Illinois Central Railroad line runs past Balcom about 1/4th mile to the east.

A brief history of the town of Balcom is available at . In summary, Balcom is named after “a high official of the Illinois Central Railroad.” It quickly became known as a fruit shipping center of the area. Balcom reached its peak as a community between 1900 and 1930. As transportation efforts improved, the importance of Balcom to the fruit industry began to diminish. Balcom soon became the quiet, small community it is today.

The history of of Balcom High School is needed. We believe that Balcom supported a school system for its children from the late 1800s through the mid 1900s. It is probable that Balcom High School was a two-year high school that existed from the early 1920s through the late 1940s. We know that Balcom High School existed at least through the 1934-35 school year due to basketball scores listed on the web address of .

We are not certain if Balcom Grade School continued on after the high school closed. It is likely the kids of Balcom today attend school in nearby Anna-Jonesboro School District.

Balcom High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                 1920s?

Year closed:                  1940s?

Consolidated to:             Anna-Jonesboro High School (?)

Balcom HS nickname:    unavailable

Balcom HS colors:         unavailable

School Fight Song:        unavailable


The boys of Balcom High School definitely competed in the sport of basketball. The web address of shows that Balcom High School played Mound City High School in the first round of the Anna District Tournament. Balcom would lose decisively as Mound City would go on to win the District Tourney that year.

It is probable that other sports such as track and baseball were offered at Balcom High School as well. We are in need of season records, coaches names, team nickname, uniform colors, and school fight song.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports were probably not the only activity at BHS.  It is possible that school plays, clubs, dances, and many other activities were a part of the well-rounded experience at Balcom High School.

Need Your Assistance

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