The History of Ellis Grove High School Ellis Grove (population 363) is located in far southwestern Illinois in the northwest portion of Randolph County. Illinois Route 3 is the main roadway that travels to and from Ellis Grove. The Mississippi River flows about 2 miles to the west of town. Ellis Grove is about 10 miles […]

  The History of McNabb High School McNabb (population 285) is located in north central Illinois. McNabb is situated in the east-central portion of Putnam County. Illinois Route 89 takes you along the east side of town. County Road 500, also known as McNabb Blacktop Road, travels through the center of town. Illinois Route 18 passes […]

Aledo High School Building Constructed in the 1950s The History of Aledo High School Aledo (population 3,613) is located in upper-western Illinois in the center of Mercer County and has served as the county seat since 1857. Aledo is situated at the intersection of Illinois Route 17 and Illinois Route 94.  The Mississippi River flows about 12 miles […]

Woodson High School Building 1947 Submitted by Beth Crowcroft Wisdom The History of Woodson High School Woodson (population 559) is located in lower-western Illinois in the southwest portion of Morgan County. Illinois Route 267 and State Highway 967 both travel through Woodson. Route 67 connects Woodson to Interstate Highway 72 about four miles lto the north. The Spoon […]

The “Old” Winslow High School Building Winslow, Illinois The History of Winslow High School Winslow (population 345) is located in far northwestern Illinois on Illinois Route 73 at the Wisconsin state line.  A nearby town of note might be Freeport located about 15 miles southeast of Winslow.  The northwestern Stephenson County town has one river running […]

Wapella High School Courtesy of David Taylor Wapella High School 1913 – 1923 Wapella Grade School after 1923 (courtesy of David Taylor) The History of Wapella High School   The town of Wapella (population 651) is located on U.S. Route 51 about five miles north of Clinton in northern DeWitt County. This places Wapella about 40 miles northwest of […]

Luther East High School Mascot The History of Luther East High School Lansing (population 28,331) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the far southeastern portion of Cook County. Interstate Highway 80/94 passes through the northern edge of town. Illinois Route 394 passes by the western edge of Lansing. Lansing is bordered on the east by […]

The History of Silvis High School Silvis, Illinois (population 7,269) is one of the outlying communities outside of the Quad Cities in western Illinois and eastern Iowa. Slivis is located right next to East Moline along the Mississippi River. It is home to the River Bend Industrial Park, the TPC at Deere Run (the John […]

Saybrook-Arrowsmith High School 1952 – 1989 Saylbrook-Arrowsmith HS Bldg 1955 Submitted by Pueblo City Colorado-County Library District (Noreen Riffe) The History of Saybrook-Arrowsmith High School Saybrook (population 764) and Arrowsmith (population 298) are located in eastern Illinois in the southeastern portion of McLean County. Both towns are located about 15 – 20 miles east (and a little south) of […]

Plymouth High School with New Addition of 1916 Courtesy of Danielle (Smith) Marinelli & History of Plymouth HS 1883 – 1992 Original Academy of Plymouth School Building 1862 Courtesy of Danielle Martinelli Via History Of Plymouth School Booklet The History of the Plymouth High School “Blackhawks”   The town of Plymouth is situated on the […]