Winslow High School

The “Old” Winslow High School Building winslowhsmons.jpg
Winslow, Illinois

The History of Winslow High School

Winslow (population 345) is located in far northwestern Illinois on Illinois Route 73 at the Wisconsin state line.  A nearby town of note might be Freeport located about 15 miles southeast of Winslow.  The northwestern Stephenson County town has one river running through it, the Pecatonica, and two creeks that feed into the Pecatonica River, the Indian Creek and the Honey Creek..

The history of the Winslow school system dates back to the mid-1850s.  A small two room school marked the first educational efforts of the community.  In 1902 a “new” two story building was built which continues to serve the communities’ children today.  A high school district was established in Winslow in 1921.  It was in 1948 that the high school district was joined with that of Lena (also on this site).  However 10 more years went by before an actual consolidation went through.  The Lena-Winslow School District was established in 1958, effectively closing the individual schools in both towns.

The building pictured above has a couple of additions since its start in 1902, however it serves the Lena-Winslow school district as an elementary school today.  There are two EXCELLENT sites to check out regarding the istory of Winslow and its school system.  Click on either and enjoy the reading.

Winslow High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                            1850

School building built:                 1902

School District established:       1921

School consolidated with Lena:  1948

Winslow HS closed:                  1958

Building today:                          Winslow Elementary School

School nickname:                      the “Wildcats”

School colors:                           Purple & White

School Fight Song:                    unavailable


Winslow High School competed in boys basketball.  They probably also offered track and baseball.  If you have any information to add regarding the WHS athletic program please e-mail us at

Boys Basketball

The Winslow High School hardwood courtmen had some nice successes during their existence.  The team brought home a total of 5 District titles.  They even managed to win one in their final season as a high school, 1958!  There are no records or coach’s names listed on the IHSA web site ( regarding the WHS basketball program.  We are sure there were many great seasons on the Winslow school hardwood court.  We are hopeful and alumnus or area fan will help us with this information.

1938-39       District Champions

1939-40       District Champions

1941-42       District Champions

1946-47       District Champions

1957-58       District Champions  (Last season of existence)

Searching for More Information

Help fill in the gaps and share interesting and fun information about Winslow High School. Team nickname, school colors, other extra-curricular activitites, all are things that would make the Winslow page more interesting and informative.  Photos are encouraged and welcome.  You can e-mail these items to us at or write to us at:

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Former Winslow High School Also?

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