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New Trier East High School
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The History of New Trier East High School

Winnetka (population: 12,419) is located along Lake Michigan 16 miles north of downtown Chicago in northern Cook County. Interstate 94 (also known as the Edens Expressway), US 41, Sheridan Road, Green Bay Road, and Hill Road are the major thoroughfares coming thru the area to take people to and from Winnetka, along with the Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad. Up to 97 percent of the families whose incomes are based in professional or managerial occupations for companies and corporations that are based primarily in Chicago live in Winnetka.

The community’s beginnings go back to 1836 when a tavern (i.e. hotel/restaurant) was placed in the area by Erastus & Zeruah Patterson to connect Chicago with Fort Howard in Wisconsin near Green Bay. It grew slow but steadily and in 1854, the Chicago & Milwaukee Railroad laid tracks on 300 acres west of the lakefront, which was named Winnetka (“beautiful place” in Native American terms) by Sarah Peck. The town was incorporated in 1869 as Charles Peck (Sarah’s husband, who was responsible for building the railroad thru Winnetka along with Walter Gurnee) donated land that would become known as the Village Green, east of today’s business district.

Winnetka made municipal improvements, beginning with a 119-foot tall brick water tower in 1870, then formed its’ own municipal electric plant in 1900. The community formed the Winnetka Caucus in 1915 to let citizens have a say in making the decisions that controlled the future of the community, and it remains in force today.

Educationally, Winnetka began to teach its students as early as 1856 when Sarah Peck organized the first private school. The first public school opened two years later and stayed on the site of today’s Village Green until Charles Peck donated the land to the community in 1869.

The name New Trier comes from the name of the town that most of the early settlers came from, Trier, Germany. The earliest-known high school came in 1890’s when the community had Winnetka High School, which was a member of the Cook County League in athletic competition during the 1895-96 school year only. In 1901, New Trier High School was opened by a Roman Catholic priest, the Rev. William Netstraeter, who served as a pastor of a church in nearby Wilmette and was its mayor for three terms.

The school building itself was designed by Norman Patten. As the school grew, it eventually had to be split into two schools because of overcrowding by 1965. New Trier was at 4,000 students at that point, and became New Trier East while a new campus was built in Northfield that would become New Trier West.

Due to declining enrollments thru the late-1970’s, the schools decided to revert back to being one school in 1981, using the Winnetka campus for sophomores, juniors, and seniors while Northfield had the freshmen. That arrangement changed in 1985 when the entire enrollment could be located in Winnetka, but the school board reopened the Northfield campus in 2001 for the freshmen when the numbers started back upward.


School opened as New Trier:           1901

Year that New Trier East opened:    1965

School closed & reverted back:       1981

School colors:                                Green & Gray

School nickname:                           Indians

School song:                                “Here’s to our Team”
Written by Samuel S. Vernon
Submitted by Bill Stillwell (Class of 61)

                                                                     Lyrics Provided by Robert Norheim

Here’s to our team, they’re the green and the grey.
Here’s to our old New Trier.
Long may her name be cherished for her fame.
Loyal and ever true whatever we can do.
Fighting to win is the green and the grey.
And may she never fail.
Proudly wave the banner for our school.
Rah rah for old New Trier.

Da na na na na yea New Trier.
Da na na na na na yea New Trier.
Rah rah rah team let’s fight,
rah rah rah team let’s fight,
rah rah rah team let’s FIGHT! FIGHT!!!
Heres to our team they’re the green and the grey,
and may she never fail.
Proudly wave the banner for our school.
Rah rah for old New Trier.


Like most schools, New Trier East offered many sports, and were successful in them as a member of the Central Suburban League. Football, basketball, baseball, cross-country, golf, swimming & diving, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, track, and wrestling were available for the male students. Girls could compete in badminton, field hockey, soccer, golf, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, and volleyball, although basketball must have been offered because there is no record of any records mentioned by the IHSA or thru an online publication written in 2003 by Mark Braun. If you have any other sports or details to add, please contact us at the address listed below.



You cannot mention New Trier East without acknowledging their swimming & diving program, which began in 1913 at New Trier under Chaucey Hyatt. It continued to build under Edgar Jackson (1918-1952), and continues even today in capable hands. The Indians finished at least sixth or better at 15 consecutive state meets under the tutelage of Dave Robertson and Eric Matz to continue the tradition with 10 state champions and numerous prep All-Americans. A great resource of information about the program’s history is available online thru the New Trier school website:


1967           3rd in State!!!                Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

                      1   Hinsdale Central                 167

2   Evanston Township             118.5

                      3   Winnetka New Trier East    91.5 

                      4   Dolton Thornridge                  83.5

5   Deerfield                               83


                   Relay & Individual Medalists

200 med relay—2nd place

                     400 free relay—STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

                     Rob Jones            100 butterfly—6th place

                     Steve Baumgart    100 breaststroke—3rd place

                     Frank Mutz            400 freestyle—6th place 


1968           2nd in State!!!               Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

                     1   Hinsdale Central                         191

                     2   Winnetka New Trier East          136  

3   Evanston Township                     127.5

4   Dolton Thornridge                        110

5   Moline HS                                    83

Relay & Individual Medalists

                   200 medley relay—5th place

                   400 freestyle relay—6th place

                   Dan Curran             400 freestyle—6th place

                   Mike Cutler             400 freestyle—3rd place

                   Tim Healy               100 freestyle—3rd place

                   Tim Healy               200 freestyle—3rd place

                   Bill Ploehn             Diving—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                   Chuck Ritzen         100 freestyle—5th place

                   Chuck Ritzen           50 freestyle—5th place

                   Rick Townsend      100 butterfly—4th place


1969           2nd in State!!!               Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                          208

                      2   Winnetka New Trier East           153  

                      3   Evanston Township                      124

4   Dolton Thornridge                        104

5   Peoria Richwoods                         82

Relay & Individual Medalists

                    200 medley relay—STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

                    400 freestyle relay—5th place

                    Steve Baird              100 freestyle—5th place

                    Steve Baird                50 freestyle—3rd place

                    John Fyfe                 100 breaststroke—3rd place

                    Ray McCullough       100 freestyle—4th place

                    Ray McCullough       200 Individual Medley—STATE CHAMP!!!

                    Gary Oliphant           Diving—5th place

 1970           2nd in State!!!               Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                         255

                      2   Winnetka New Trier East          137  

                      3   Dolton Thornridge                       126

4   Rock Island HS                            94

5   Evanston Township                      88

Relay & Individual Medalists

                    200 medley relay—3rd place

                    400 freestyle relay—4th place

                    Peter Agnew              Diving—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                    Mark Anderson           200 freestyle—4th place

                    Mark Anderson           400 freestyle—4th place

                    Steve Baird                100 freestyle—2nd place

                    Steve Baird                  50 freestyle—2nd place

                    Peter Smith               Diving—4th place


1971           2nd in State!!!               Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                         280

                      2   Winnetka New Trier East         137  

                      3   Evanston Township                    131

4   Peoria Richwoods                      102

5   Dolton Thornridge                        75


                    Relay & Individual Medalists

                     200 medley relay—2nd place

                     400 freestyle relay—3rd place

                     Mark Anderson            200 freestyle—4th place

                     Mark Anderson            400 freestyle—4th place

                     Rich Baughman           400 freestyle—5th place

                     Casey Cutler                100 butterfly—4th place

                     Peter Smith                 Diving—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                     Ben Swiggert              100 backstroke—5th place


1972           Tied for 3rd in State!!!   Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

1    Hinsdale Central                    213

2    Peoria Richwoods                  115

                      3    Winnetka New Trier East       99  

Evanston Township                  99

5    LaGrange Lyons                      80


                   Relay & Individual Medalists

                    200 medley relay—3rd place

                    400 freestyle relay—2nd place

                    Casey Cutler               100 butterfly—5th place

                    Fred Wall                    100 breaststroke—6th place

                    Ed Woodbury              100 freestyle—2nd place

                    Ed Woodbury                50 freestyle—2nd place


1973           6th in State                   Coach Dave Robertson

                    State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                     215

6   Winnetka New Trier East       70  

Relay & Individual Medalists

Ted Ahlem                    100 breaststroke—2nd place

                    Keith Kenner                Diving—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                    Jeff McBride                 200 freestyle—5th place

                    Jeff McBride                 400 freestyle—4th place


1974           2nd in State!!!               Coach Dave Robertson 

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

                      1   Hinsdale Central                      239

                      2   Winnetka New Trier East         92  

3   LaGrange Lyons                        82

4   Arlington Heights St. Viator        77

5   Northfield New Trier West           61

Relay & Individual Medalists

200 medley relay—3rd place

                     400 freestyle relay—5th place

                     Ted Ahlem                  100 breaststroke—2nd place

                     Dave Dale                     50 freestyle—4th place

1975           3rd in State!!!                Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

                     State Final Team Standings

                      1   Hinsdale Central                   307

2   Oak Park Fenwick                  86

                      3   Winnetka New Trier East      79  

4   Moline HS                              74

5   Evanston Township                 73


                    Relay & Individual Medalists

                     200 medley relay—4th place

                     400 freestyle relay—6th place

                     Bill Brackett                100 backstroke—5th place

                     Tom Porter                  Diving—6th place


1976           2nd in State!!!               Coach Dave Robertson

                    District Champions

State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                  225

                      2   Winnetka New Trier East   140  

                      3   Oak Park Fenwick                 97

4   Peoria Richwoods                  57

5   Champaign Central                56

Relay & Individual Medalists

400 freestyle relay—2nd place

                     200 medley relay—3rd place

                     Skip Ashmore               50 freestyle—6th place

                     Bill Brackett                100 backstroke—2nd place

                     Tom Holmberg            100 breaststroke—5th place

                     Julian Mack                100 freestyle—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                     Julian Mack                  50 freestyle—2nd place

                     Tom Porter                  Diving—5th place

                     Tom Schreiber            100 breaststroke—4th place


1977            4th in State!!!              Coach Eric Matz

                     District Champions

                      State Final Team Standings

                      1   Hinsdale Central                  180

2   Oak Park Fenwick               148  

3   St. Charles HS                      98

                      4   Winnetka New Trier East     97  

                      5   Wilmette Loyola                    89

Relay & Individual Medalists

                      200 medley relay—4th place

                      400 freestyle relay—5th place

                      Skip Ashmore               50 freestyle—6th place

                      Julian Mack                 100 freestyle—STATE CHAMPION!!!

1978            4th in State!!!              Coach Eric Matz

                     District Champions

                      State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                 190

2   Oak Park Fenwick              120

3   St. Charles HS                     73

                       4   Winnetka New Trier East    61  

5   Mt. Prospect Prospect          52

 Relay & Individual Medalists

400 freestyle relay—3rd place

                      Jeffrey Porter           100 freestyle—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                      Jeffrey Porter             50 freestyle—3rd place


1979            3rd in State!!!              Coach Eric Matz

                     State Final Team Standings

1   St. Charles HS                     169

2   Hinsdale Central                    88

                      3   Winnetka New Trier East     67  

4   Darien Hinsdale South            59

5   Moline HS                             57


                     Relay & Individual Medalists

                      400 freestyle relay—3rd place

                      200 medley relay—4th place

                      Frank Levins            Diving—6th place

                     Joe Nash                   Diving—3rd place


1980            7th in State!!!              Coach Eric Matz

                     State Finals Team Standings

1   St. Charles HS                    165

7   Winnetka New Trier East    53  

Relay & Individual Medalists

400 freestyle relay—5th place

                     Tod Folkl                   Diving—5th place

                     Steve Ashmore         200 freestyle—6th place

                     Steve Ashmore         500 freestyle—3rd place

1981            District Champions       Coach Eric Matz

Individual Medalist At State

                     Peter Coxon             100 freestyle—3rd place

                     Peter Coxon               50 freestyle—6th place

New Trier East All-Americans in Swimming & Diving


1967  200 Freestyle Relay (Ford, Chuck Ritzen, Gutstadt, Tim Healy)

200 Medley Relay (McCain, Klein, Rob Jones, Gutstadt)

1968  100 Freestyle & 200 Freestyle: Tim Healy

Fancy Diving:  Bill Ploehn

200 Freestyle Relay (Chuck Ritzen, Tim Healy, Wise, Mike Cutler)

1969  100 Butterfly200 IM, & 100 Freestyle:  Ray McCullough

100 Freestyle: Steve Baird

200 Freestyle Relay: (Ray McCullough, Steve Baird, Dan Curran, McLaren)

200 Medley Relay: (Petit-Clerc, John Fyfe, Mack, Kauffmann)

1970  Diving: Peter Agnew

50 Freestyle & 100 Freestyle: Steve Baird

200 Freestyle Relay: (Beiersdorf, Gronley, Anderson, Baird)

1971  Diving: Peter Smith

200 Medley Relay: (Ben Swiggett, Fred Wau, Casey Cutler, Ed Woodbury)

400 Freestyle Relay: (Paul Gronley, Ed Woodbury, Casey Cutler, Mark Anderson)

1972  50 Freestyle & 100 Freestyle: Ed Woodbury

200 Medley Relay: (Jay Ritzen, Fredrick Wall, Casey Cutler, Ed Woodbury)

400 Freestyle Relay: (Steve Jones, Steve Inman, Jeff McBride, Casey Cutler)

1973  Diving: Keith Kenner

1976  Diving:  Tom Porter

400 Freestyle Relay (Bruce Bendix, Skip Ashmore, Julian Mack, Dick Ruderman)

200 Medley Relay (Bill Brackett, Dick Ruderman, Tom Holmberg, Paul Shepherd)

1977  100 Freestyle & 200 Freestyle: Julian Mack

Diving:  George Klauke

400 Freestyle Relay (Skip Ashmore, Jeff Porter, John Snyder, Julian Mack)

200 Medley Relay (Patrick McDivitt, John Snyder, Thomas Schreiber, Jeff Porter)

1978  50 Freestyle & 100 Freestyle:  Jeff Porter

400 Freestyle Relay (Josh Moss, William Elliott, David Hartong, Jeff Porter)

1979  Diving: Joe Nash

400 Freestyle Relay (Josh Moss, John Hursting, Charles Cray, David Hartong)


The girls were just as outstanding as the boys in the pool with a state championship and three second place finishes when the school was open as New Trier East. Betsy Lind won three individual state championships for East in the 50 and 100 freestyle events, while the 200 medley relay took home the gold in consecutive years. It is interesting to note that once East and West merged back together in 1981, New Trier won the next seven state titles!

1975               4th in State!!!                       Coach Eric Matz 

                       District Champions

                        State Final Team Standings

1   Park Ridge Maine South           109

2   Wheaton North                        107

3   Northbrook Glenbrook North       99

                          4   Winnetka New Trier East        94   

                          5   Lake Forest HS                         50

                       Relay & Individual Medalists

                        Relay                           400 freestyle—6th place

 Cindy Allen                  Diving—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                        Ann McDivitt                Diving—2nd place 

                        Joyce Johnson            100 breaststroke—5th place

                        Martha Redding          200 freestyle—6th place 

                        Martha Redding          500 freestyle—4th place 

1976               6th in State                           Coach Eric Matz 

                       State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                      116

6   Winnetka New Trier East         68   


Relay & Individual Medalists

                         Relay                        200 medley–6th place

                         Laurie Guthrie          diving—2nd place

1978               2nd in State!!!                      Coach Eric Matz

                        District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

                          1   Northbrook Glenbrook North       121

                          2   Winnetka New Trier East        103 

                          3   Hinsdale Central                         95

4   Arlington Heights Arlington          80

5   DeKalb                                      64

                         Relay & Individual Medalists

                          Relay                          200 medley—4th place

                          Relay                          400 freestyle—4th place

                          Mary James                100 butterfly—2nd place

                          Laurie Guthrie            diving—3rd place

                          Anne Ward                 50 freestyle—4th place 

                          Anne Ward                 100 freestyle—6th place

1979(FEB)     STATE CHAMPIONS!!!        Coach Eric Matz

                        District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

                          1   Winnetka New Trier East     141  

2   Hinsdale Central                    133

3   DeKalb                                   78

4   Arlington Heights Arlington       76

5   Northbrook Glenbrook North     73

                         Relay & Individual Medalists

                          Relay                         200 medley—STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

                          Relay                         400 free relay—2nd place

                          Mary Kelly                 100 breaststroke—STATE CHAMP!!!

                          Mary Kelly                 200 Individual Medley—5th place

                          Betsy Lind                 50 freestyle—2nd place

                          Betsy Lind                 100 butterfly—3rd place

                          Anne Ward                100 freestyle—5th place

                          Jenny McMahon        diving—6th place

1979(NOV)    2nd in State!!!                       Coach Eric Matz 

                     District Champions

                      State Final Team Standings

                       1   Hinsdale Central                        178

                       2   Winnetka New Trier East         157  

3   Joliet West                                 91

4   Wheaton St. Francis                   62

5   St. Charles HS                            45

                        Relay & Individual Medalists

                         Relay                          200 medley relay—STATE CHAMPS!!!

                         Relay                        400 free relay—4th place 

                         Betsy Lind                 50 freestyle—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                         Betsy Lind                 100 freestyle—2nd place

                         Jane Alexanders       diving—2nd place

                         Anne Madden           500 freestyle—2nd place

                         Mary Kelly                100 breaststroke—3rd place

                         Mary Kelly                200 Individual Medley—6th place

                         Mary James              100 butterfly—4th place

1980              2nd in State!!!                       Coach Eric Matz

                      District Champions

                       State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                    158

                        2   Winnetka New Trier East     155   

3   St. Charles HS                      124

4   Park Ridge Maine South          66

5   Rockford Guilford                     55

                       Relay & Individual Medalists 

                        Relay                         200 med relay—2nd place

                        Relay                         400 free relay—2nd place

                        Betsy Lind                  50 freestyle—STATE CHAMPION!!!
Betsy Lind                  100 freestyle—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                        Tina McCrea              diving—2nd place

                        Mary Kelly                  100 breaststroke—2nd place

                        Beth Bowen               100 breaststroke—3rd place

                        Mary Kelly                  200 Individual Medley—4th place

                        Tana Bowen              100 backstroke—6th place

                        Julie Kelly                  200 freestyle—6th place



The Indians wielded their rackets to victories and a state championship during the schools’ first year of existence as New Trier East. In all, the school never finished below 5th place at the state meet during the time it was called New Trier East. One note of interest: once New Trier East & West merged back together, they won five of the next seven state titles between 1982-88 for coach John Schneiter.

1967                STATE CHAMPIONS!!!   Coach W. Hughes Davis

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Winnetka New Trier East   15  

                           2   Hinsdale Central                    8

3   Arlington Heights Arlington     7

4   Danville HS                           6

5   Rock Island HS                     5

Oak Park-River Forest           5

State Final Medalists

                        Chris Nielsen              STATE CHAMPION!!!—singles

                        Chip Clements & Andy Crawford    STATE CHAMPIONS!!!—doubles

                        Brian Hewitt & Doug McLaury         3rd in doubles


1968                Tied for 5th in State        coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                    9

2   Evanston Township                7

3   Arlington Heights Arlington     6

Rock Island HS                     6

5   Granite City                           5

                                Winnetka New Trier East     5  

Skokie Niles East                  5

State Final Medalists

                          Doug Conant & Brian Hewitt            2nd in doubles

1969                Tied for 2nd in State!!!   coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                          1   Oak Park-River Forest             8

2   Hinsdale Central                     7  

                               Winnetka New Trier East      7  

                          4   Ottawa Township                     6

Rock Island HS                       6

State Final Medalists

Dave Brown & Doug Conant            3rd in doubles

                          Miles Harris & Dick Wolff                 5th in doubles


1970                5th in State                      coach unknown

                         State Final Team Standings

                          1   Evanston Township            12

2   Libertyville                         10

3   Ottawa Township                 9

Oak Park-River Forest         9

5   Deerfield                             7

                               Winnetka New Trier East   7  

State Final Medalists

Andy McDowell & Steve Montross 5th in doubles 

                           Dave Brown                                   5th in singles

1971                Tied for 4th in State           coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Oak Park-River Forest           14

2   Hinsdale Central                   12

3   Highland Park                       10

4   Ottawa Township                    9

                                Winnetka New Trier East      9  


State Final Medalists

Dave Brown & Steve Buerger STATE CHAMPIONS!!!–doubles


1972                Tied for 4th in State            coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                  13

2   Oak Park-River Forest          12

3   Highland Park                      11

4   Arlington Heights Arlington    10

                                Winnetka New Trier East   10  


State Final Medalists

Glen Golden & James Ware           5th in doubles


1973                Tied for 5th in State         coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                  15

Highland Park                     15

3   Arlington Heights Arlington   11

4   Galesburg HS                       8

                           5   Winnetka New Trier East    7  

Oak Park-River Forest           7

State Final Medalists

                            Mike Lane & Steve Pollack             5th in doubles


1974                2nd in State!!                  coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Hinsdale Central                    24

                           2   Winnetka New Trier East     15.5 

                           3   Deerfield                               12.5

4   Arlington Heights Arlington       9.5

5   Homewood-Flossmoor             9

State Final Medalist

Geoff Tabin                                      4th in singles


1975                2nd in State!!!                 coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Hinsdale Central                     26

                           2   Winnetka New Trier East      17.5 

                           3   Deerfield                                15

4   Arlington Heights Arlington      13.5

5   Aurora West                          13

State Final Medalists

Bob Frei & Bill Kerr                         4th in doubles

                           Mark Schneider                               6th in singles


1976                2nd in State!!!                 coach unknown 

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Hinsdale Central                     21

                           2   Winnetka New Trier East      19.5 

3   Arlington Heights Arlington      17.5

4   Homewood-Flossmoor            17

5   Lake Forest HS                      16.5


                         State Final Medalists

                           Bob Frei                                           3rd in singles

                           Bill Kerr                                            5th in singles

                           Craig Lee & Rick McNerney             7th in doubles


1977                4th in State!!!                  coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                       25.5

2   Oak Park-River Forest               18.5

3   Arlington Heights Arlington        17.5

                           4   Winnetka (New Trier East)      17  

5   Highland Park                          16

State Final Medalists

Bob Frei & Craig Lee                      5th in doubles

                          Kerry Hall & Rick McNerney            6th in doubles

1978                4th in State!!!                  coach unknown             

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                   22

2   Aurora West                         21

3   Oak Park-River Forest          19  

                           4   Winnetka New Trier East   18  

                           5   Libertyville                           15

State Final Medalists

Bob Frei                                         5th in singles

                         John DeLong & Neil Golden          4th in doubles  

1979                4th in State!!!                  coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                    24.5

2   Deerfield                               17.5

3   Riverside-Brookfield               16.5

                           4   Winnetka New Trier East     15.5 

5   Bloomington HS                    15

State Final Medalists

John DeLong & Scott Lane            3rd in doubles


1980                4th in State!!                                     Coaches Davis & Garden 

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                       18

2   Deerfield                                   17

Barrington                                17

                           4   Winnetka New Trier East        16.5 

                           5   Oak Park-River Forest               16

State Final Medalists

Bob Buerger & Bill Friend             7th in doubles

                          Scott Lane                                     7th in singles       


1981                2nd in State!!!                 coach unknown

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Northbrook Glenbrook North        20.5

                          2   Winnetka New Trier East         20  

3   Aurora West                              18.5

4   Bloomington HS                         17.5

5   Barrington                                 14.5


                       State Final Medalists

                        Bob Buerger & Bill Friend    STATE CHAMPIONS—Doubles

                        Tom Frei & John Sheppard  3rd in doubles 




Consistancy was a key ingridient at New Trier East in almost any sport or activity as the school set its goals high, and the girls’ tennis program was no different. From 1972-79, the Lady Indian netters were among the top five at the state meet seven out of eight times…including 1976, when the school finished second without having a top finisher in either singles or doubles competition.

1972                Tied for 3rd in State!!!         coach unknown           

                        State Final Team Standings

1   Oak Park-River Forest             26

2   Rock Island HS                       21

                          3   Winnetka New Trier East      15 

                               Tinley Park HS                       15

5   Hinsdale Central                     14

Palatine HS                            14  

                          Individual Medalists 

                          Joanne Strom & Elena Cohen    doubles—2nd place

1973                Tied for 4th in State!!!          coach unknown

                        District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

                           1   Oak Park-River Forest          17

2   Northfield New Trier West     12

3   Hinsdale Central                  10

4   Lake Forest HS                     9

                                Winnetka New Trier East    9                               

                       Individual Medalists

                       Julie Clark & Kathy Stearns    doubles—STATE CHAMPS!!!  

1974                Tied for 5th in State!!!       coach unknown

                        District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

1   Oak Park-River Forest        19

2   Hinsdale Central                14

3   Rock Island HS                  12

4   Northfield New Trier West     9

5   Aurora West                        8

                               Winnetka New Trier East    8   

                       Individual Medalists

Julie Clark & Stephanie Frei   doubles—5th place               

                        Kathy Stearns                           singles—3rd place

1975               Tied for 10th in State              coach unknown

                        State Final Team Standings

                         1   Oak Park-River Forest          17

10    Elmhurst York                      4

Wheaton-Warrenville             4

Park Forest Rich East           4

                          Winnetka New Trier East    4

                              Oak Lawn Community           4

                         Individual Medalists

                         Stephanie Frei & Betsy Stogin  doubles—5th place

1976                2nd in State!!!                       coach unknown

                        State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                   14

                         2   Winnetka New Trier East      9

Crystal Lake HS                     9

4   Lake Forest HS                      7

5   Arlington Heights Arlington      6

Lincolnshire Stevenson           6

1977                3rd in State!!!                        coach unknown

                        District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                     17.5

2   Crystal Lake HS                     17

                           3   Winnetka New Trier East      11

4   Lake Forest HS                      10.5

5   Arlington Heights Arlington      10

                         Individual Medalists

                          Melanie Harris & Juliet Naft      doubles—3rd place

                          Betsy Stogin & Sally Solberg   doubles—7th place  

1978                4th in State!!!                        coach unknown

                       State Final Team Standings

                           1   Hinsdale Central                  19

2   Champaign Central              12.5

3   LaGrange Lyons                  12

                           4   Winnetka New Trier East   11 

5   Barrington                             9.5

                        Individual Medalists

                        Melanie Harris & Juliet Naft        doubles—3rd place

                        Betsy Stogin & Alicia Cannon     doubles—7th place

1979                3rd in State!!!                        coach unknown

                        District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

                          1   Hinsdale Central                   19.5

2   Lincolnshire Stevenson         15.5

                          3   Winnetka New Trier East    13.5 

                          4   Northfield New Trier West      13

5   Galesburg HS                       12.5

                         Individual Medalists

                          Juliet Naft & Julie Kirby            doubles—2nd place

                          Kim Hatton & Melanie Harris    doubles—3rd place

                          Maeve Quinlan                           singles—7th place

1980                  Individual Medalists

Jenny Nolan & Christine Parr    doubles—5th place      


Beginning with legendary coach Walt Aschenbach and continuing to Eugene (Chic) Cichowski, the Indian football program was known in the northern suburbs as a respectable organization that competed in the Suburban League, winning six conference titles and going to the state playoffs three times when the schools was open as New Trier East.

The school contributed two graduates to the college and NFL ranks as Clay Matthews and Mike Kenn wore green and gray in their prep careers before moving up to successful and lengthy careers in the NFL. Both played together in Atlanta in the 1994, which was Kenn’s final season in 17 with the Falcons (a five-time Pro-Bowl selection), and Matthews finished his 19 year career in 1996. Matthews and Kenn were first-round NFL draft picks in 1978 and selected 12th and 13th, respectively, that year.

1966   3-4     First season                         Coach Walt Aschenbach

1967   4-4                                                Coach Heikkinen

1968   3-4-1                                             Coach Heikkinen

1969   3-6                                                Coach Heikkinen

1970   6-2                                                Coach Schillereff

1971   5-3                                                Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

1972   6-1-1  Suburban League Champs Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

1973   8-0     Suburban League Champs Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

1974   2-7                                                Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

1975   5-3                                                Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

1976 10-2    State 5A Playoff Qualifier    Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

                     Central Suburban League (Shoreline Division) Champions

                      Defeated Arlington Heights St. Viator 34-6 in first round

                       Downed Arlington Heights Hersey in quarterfinals, 18-7

                        Lost to Burbank St. Laurence in semifinals, 21-0

(St. Laurence eventual state champs)                    

1977 6- 3                                                 Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

1978 8- 2    State 5A Playoff Qualifier     Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

                    Central Suburban League (CSL) North Champs

                     Lost to Northbrook Glenbrook South in first round, 35-14

1979 8- 1    CSL North Co-Champs          Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski                

1980 8- 2    State 6A Playoff Qualifier     Coach Eugene (Chic) Cichowski

                    CSL North Champs

                     Lost to Chicago Gordon Tech in first round, 14-0

(Gordon Tech eventual state champs)


After leading Stephen Decatur to a state title at a young age, John Schneiter moved on to New Trier and later New Trier East, where he would guide the fortunes of the Indian basketball program to success as the only boys’ basketball coach in school history (like Mel Sheets was at New Trier West). Among those successes were six regional championships, three sectional titles, two trips to the Elite Eight, and an appearance in the state AA championship game. As an all-tournament selection in the 1973 AA series, John Castino would use that a springboard towards a baseball career with the Minnesota Twins.

1966-67   8-12   First season as NT East  Coach John Schneiter

1967-68 13-10                                         Coach John Schneiter

1968-69 17-  8   Regional Champions        Coach John Schneiter

1969-70 13-  8                                         Coach John Schneiter

1970-71 23-  7   Sweet 16 Finalist           Coach John Schneiter

                           Niles West Regional Champions

                           Palatine Sectional Champions

                            Lost to Oak Lawn Community in Evanston Supersectional, 66-54


1971-72                                                  Coach John Schneiter

1972-73 22-  5   2nd IN STATE!!!             Coach John Schneiter

                            AA Regional Champions

                            Waukegan AA Sectional Champions

                             Sweet 16 Qualifier

                             Defeated Skokie Niles West in Evanston AA Supersectional, 54-50

                              Elite Eight Finalist

                               Downed Collinsville in quarterfinals, 61-59

                                Beat Aurora West in semifinals, 39-33

Lost to Chicago Hirsch in championship game, 65-51

                           (John Castino and Frank Moran named all-tournament)

1973-74 14-  8   AA Regional Champions  Coach John Schneiter

1974-75 10-13   AA Regional Champions  Coach John Schneiter

1975-76 16-  7                                        Coach John Schneiter

1976-77 15-11                                        Coach John Schneiter

1977-78 15-  8                                        Coach John Schneiter

1978-79 17-  7   AA Regional Champions  Coach John Schneiter

1979-80 18-  6                                        Coach John Schneiter

1980-81 19-  8    AA Elite Eight Finalists Coach John Schneiter

                          AA Regional Champions

                           AA Sectional Champions

                            Sweet 16 Qualifier

                            Beat Evanston in Evanston AA Supersectional, 61-58

                             Lost to Chicago Westinghouse in AA Quarterfinals, 62-60


The New Trier East girls were not to be outdone on the tennis courts of suburban Chicagoland, placing in the top five at the state meet six times in seven years and having seven entries (mostly in doubles play) finish fourth or better.

1972                3rd in State!!!                        coach unknown

                         State Final Team Standings

1   Oak Park-River Forest            26

2   Rock Island HS                     21

                          3   Winnetka New Trier East     15

                               Tinley Park HS                      15

5   Hinsdale Central                    14

Palatine HS                          14

                         Individual Medalists

                          Joanne Strom & Elena Cohen    doubles—2nd place

1973                Tied for 4th in State!!!          coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Oak Park-River Forest           17

2   Northfield New Trier West      12

3   Hinsdale Central                   10

4   Lake Forest HS                      9

                                Winnetka New Trier East     9 


                          Individual Medalists

                            Julie Clark & Kathy Stearns    doubles—STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

1974                Tied for 5th in State!!!           coach unknown  

                         District Champions 

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Oak Park-River Forest        19

2   Hinsdale Central                14

3   Rock Island HS                 12

4   Northfield New Trier West     9

5   Aurora West                        8

                                Winnetka New Trier East   8

                           Individual Medalists 

Julie Clark & Stephanie Frei   doubles—5th place

                            Kathy Stearns                           singles—3rd place

1975               Tied for 10th in State              coach unknown

                        State Final Team Standings

                         1   Oak Park-River Forest         17

10   Elmhurst York                      4

Wheaton-Warrenville             4

Park Forest Rich East           4

                              Winnetka New Trier East    4   

                              Oak Lawn Community           4

                         Individual Medalists

                          Stephanie Frei & Betsy Stogin  doubles—5th place

1976                Tied for 2nd in State!!!     coach unknown

                        State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                   14

                         2   Winnetka New Trier East     9 

Crystal Lake HS                    9

4   Lake Forest HS                     7

5   Arlington Heights Arlington     6

Lincolnshire Stevenson          6

1977                3rd in State!!!                        coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                     17.5

2   Crystal Lake HS                     17

                           3   Winnetka New Trier East      11  

4   Lake Forest HS                      10.5

5   Arlington Heights Arlington      10

                          Individual Medalists

                           Melanie Harris & Juliet Naft      doubles—3rd place

                           Betsy Stogin & Sally Solberg   doubles—7th place

1978                4th in State!!!                        coach unknown

                        State Final Team Standings

                           1   Hinsdale Central                  19

2   Champaign Central              12.5

3   LaGrange Lyons                  12

                           4   Winnetka New Trier East   11   

                           5   Barrington                             9.5

                        Individual Medalists

                         Melanie Harris & Juliet Naft        doubles—3rd place

                         Betsy Stogin & Alicia Cannon    doubles—7th place

1979                3rd in State!!!                        coach unknown

                        District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

                           1   Hinsdale Central                   19.5

2   Lincolnshire Stevenson          15.5

                           3   Winnetka New Trier East    13.5

                           4   Northfield New Trier West      13

5   Galesburg HS                       12.5

                          Individual Medalists

                           Juliet Naft & Julie Kirby            doubles—2nd place

                           Kim Hatton & Melanie Harris    doubles—3rd place

                           Maeve Quinlan                           singles—7th place

1980                  Individual Medalists

Jenny Nolan & Christine Parr    doubles—5th place      


The Indians grabbed the spring sports spotlight with their play on the diamond, winning three regionals and advancing to the state AA finals once under coach Ron Klein. One Indian wound up playing in the Major Leagues as John Castino enjoyed a six-year career with the Minnesota Twins from 1979-84 (batting .278 in 666 games with 41 homers and 249 RBI, according to

1977           AA Regional Champions    Coach unknown

1978           AA Regional Champions    Coach unknown

1980 25- 7  AA FINAL FOUR!!!            Coach Ron Klein

                   AA Regional Champions

                    AA Sectional Champions

                     Beat Joliet Catholic 6-0 in quarterfinals

                     Lost to Bartonville Limestone in semifinals, 7-4  


Even after New Trier split into East and West, the Indian golf program was successful as it won three state championships along with a fifth place finish in the schools’ 15-year history. Six individuals also vied for the top medalist honor as representatives of New Trier East.


1966                STATE CHAMPIONS!!!         Coach Ray Fearheiley

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1  Winnetka New Trier East         660       

2  Lockport Central                         672

3  Galesburg HS                             673

4  Bloomington Trinity                     680

5  Danville HS                                 687

Peoria Richwoods                       687


                          Individual Medalist

                           Dave Gurley tied for fourth (162 score, four strokes behind)


1967                STATE CHAMPIONS!!!         Coach Ray Fearheiley

                         District Champions

                          State Final TeamQualifier

                           1  Winnetka New Trier East         638  

2  Glen Ellyn Glenbard West          645

3  Jacksonville HS                         653

Park Ridge Maine South            653

5  Peoria Bergan                           660

                         Individual Medalist

                           Brian Kotzin tied for ninth (157)


1969                 Individual Medalist

                         Peter Goldsmith tied for ninth (154)


1974                 State Qualifier                      coach unknown

                          District Champions  


1977                 AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!!  Coach Clint Carlstrom

                          District Champions

                           State Qualifiers

                           1   Winnetka New Trier East        616  

                           2   Palatine Fremd                         620

3   McHenry                                  625

4   Moline HS                                626

5   Freeport HS                              628

Individual Medalists
Greg Spray took sixth place (151)

                            Mike DeBartolo was ninth (152)

                            Rick Synek tied for 13th (154)         


1979                 5th in AA State Finals          coach unknown

                          District Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                            State Final Standings

1    Springfield Griffin                  630

2    Peoria Richwoods                 633

3    Naperville North                    635

4    Champaign Central               639

                             5    Winnetka New Trier East    639  


If it had a net and a racket involved, you can tell that New Trier East was good at it, regardless if it was tennis or badminton. In the five years that the school competed in the state meet, it finished in the top four each time, with a first, a second, two thirds, and a fourth, so the New Trier East trophy case was able to feature the fruits of labor from the badminton squad.

1977               3rd in State!!!                       coach unknown 

                       District Champions

                         State Final Team Standings

                          1   Arlington Heights Arlington       23

2   Oak Lawn Community             19.5

                          3   Winnetka New Trier East      14   

                          4   Northfield New Trier West          9.5

5   Mt. Prospect Prospect              8

Orland Park Sandburg               8

State Medalists

                         Ann Meeker & Ginny Morris         3rd in doubles  

1978               4th in State!!!                       coach unknown  

                       District Champions

                        State Final Team Standings

1   Arlington Heights Arlington       19

2   Park Ridge Maine South          12

3   Deerfield                                 11

                          4   Winnetka New Trier East       10 

                          5   Hinsdale Central                        8

                        State Medalists

                          Sue McGrew & Sally Solberg       5th in doubles 

1979               3rd in State!!!                       coach unknown  

                       District Champions

                        State Final Team Standings

                          1   Arlington Heights Arlington         19

2   Deerfield                                   14.5

                          3   Winnetka New Trier East         10.5 

                          4   Palatine HS                                 9.5

Riverside-Brookfield                      9.5

1980               Tied for 4th in State!!!                             Coach Leola Kennicke

                       State Final Team Standings

1   Arlington Heights Arlington       20

2   Palatine HS                            10

3   Palos Heights Shepard              9.5

4   Oak Forest                               9

                              Winnetka New Trier East        9   

                      State Medalists

                       Martha Berlin & Sarah Hanlon      4th in doubles

                       Weezie Kerr                                  6th in singles

1981               2nd in State!!!                      coach unknown

                       District Champions 

                        State Final Team Standings 

1   Arlington Heights Arlington       17.5

2   Elmhurst York                         13

Winnetka New Trier East      13

4   Deerfield                                 11

5   Oak Park-River Forest              10.5

State Medalists

                      Liz Butler & Sue Campbell            3rd in doubles 

                      Christy Adams                               6th in singles


When the IHSA decided to offer a state championship in soccer in 1972, the Indians set their sights on being one of the finalists. It took seven years, but the Indians got to the finals in 1979 before succumbing to Granite City South.

1972                District Champions          Coach Tony Schinto

1973                District Champions          Coach Tony Schinto

1977 14-2-2     Elite Eight Qualifiers     Coach Tony Schinto

                         Sectional Champions

                          Lost to Granite City South in quarterfinals, 2-1

1979 17-2-4     SECOND IN STATE!!!    Coach Tony Schinto

                         Sectional Champions

                           Elite Eight Qualifiers     

                            Edged Chicago Quigley South in quarterfinals, 2-1

                             Shutout Chicago Bowen 3-0 in semifinals

                              Lost to Granite City South in championship match, 3-1


When the IHSA held its first-ever volleyball tournament at Eastern Illinois in Jnauary 1975, New Trier East marched downstate and came back with the state championship. To back it up, the Lady Indians also won three district titles in the next five seasons to show the competitive fire that the first state champions had.

1974-75 16-1   STATE CHAMPIONS!!!        Coach Bonnie Beach

                       District Champions

                        Sectional Champions

                         Supersectional Winners

                          Elite Eight Qualifier

                          Beat Rockford West in quarterfinals, 15-10, 9-15, 15-3

                          Downed Red Bud in semifinals, 15-6, 15-8

                          Defeated Park Forest Rich East for title, 15-10, 6-15, 15-3      

1975-76            District Champions                Coach Bonnie Beach 

1976-77            District Champions                Coach Bonnie Beach 

1979-80            District Champions                Coach Bonnie Beach


New Trier East’s boys were competitive in the state gymnastics circles, bringing home several top 10 finishes as a team and four individual state championships, two of them belonging to Ed Howard in the 1967 finals for his all-around performances as well on the horizontal bars.

1967                6th in State                       coach unknown

                         District Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                            1   Evanston Township                 51.5

6   Winnetka New Trier East      29  

Individual Medalists

Ed Howard                 all-around—STATE CHAMPION!!!    

                          Ed Howard                 horizontal bars—-STATE CHAMPION!!!

                          Bob Goldenberg        rings—4th place

1968               Individual Medalists at State

                        Mike Sale                   rings—5th place

                        Chuck Weibel            tumbling—4th place


1969                 4th in State                       coach unknown

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Arlington Heights Arlington      221

2   Hinsdale Central                     182.5

3   Skokie Niles East                    121.5

                           4   Winnetka New Trier East        88.5 

5   Evanston Township                   85.5


                         Individual Medalist

                          Bob Roth                    all-around—2nd place



1970                 District Champions            coach unknown

Individual Medalist at State

                           Bob Roth                    all-around—2nd place

1973                6th in State                       coach unknown

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Hinsdale Central                        120

6   Winnetka New Trier East          80  

Individual Medalists

Tom Pearson             horizontal bars—-STATE CHAMPION!!!

                            Bruce Beiersdorf       parallel bars—3rd place

1976                Individual Medalist at State

                         Brian Avery                trampoline—2nd place


1977                Individual Medalist at State

                         Bill O’Neil                   trampoline—STATE CHAMPION!!!

1980                 5th in State                       coach unknown

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Addison Trail                            158.19

2   Park Ridge Maine East             156.45

3   Elmhurst York                          152.19

4   Arlington Heights Hersey           146.57

                           5   Winnetka New Trier East        144.73  

Individual Medalist

                         Jon Moretta                horizontal bars—4th place


1981                 7th in State                       coach unknown

                          State Final Team Standings

1   Addison Trail                       162.94

7   Winnetka New Trier East   145.46  


Individual Medalist

                         Jon Moretta                horizontal bars—3rd place


In its short history, the softball program at New Trier was a success, getting to the Elite Eight twice, winning four regionals, two sectionals, and taking home a second place finish from the state finals. In all, there were only two losing seasons in school history.

1973   4-0                                                    Coach Bonnie Beach

1974   2-6                                                    Coach Darlene Kluka

1975   4-2                                                    Coach Darlene Kluka

1976   7-4         Regional Champions             Coach Darlene Kluka

1977 15-2         Elite Eight Finalists             Coach Darlene Kluka

                        Regional Champions

                         Sectional Champions

                            Lost to Quincy Senior in quarterfinals, 4-2

1978 18-4         2nd in State!                       Coach Jack Benson

                        Regional Champions

                         Sectional Champions

                          Beat in Joliet West in quarterfinals, 5-4 (8 innings) 

                           Downed Genoa-Kingston in semifinals, 3-2                     

Lost to Quincy Senior in championship game, 10-6

1979 17-5                                                    Coach Jack Benson

1980 19-4         Regional Champions             Coach Jack Benson

1981 6-12                                                    Coach Jack Benson

1982 15-6         Last season                         Coach Jack Benson


The sport of field hockey may have had a short run as an IHSA state-sponsored sport, but New Trier East got to state four times in the six years there was a state tournament, The northern suburbs of Chicago were a hotbed for field hockey as New Trier East and New Trier West, along with Deerfield and Lake Forest contended for the state title.

1975               Sectional Champions       Coach Bonnie Beach

                       State Qualifiers

Lost in quarterfinals to Galesburg 2-1 in two overtimes

1978   14-1      Sectional Champions       Coach Margie Ambrose

                       State Qualifers

                        Lost to Deerfield in quarterfinals, 1-0 

1979   14-2      STATE CHAMPIONS!!!     Coach Vera Henneuse

                       Sectional Champions

                        Defeated Edwardsville in quarterfinals, 1-0

                         Downed Schaumberg in semifinals on penalty shots, 4-2

                          Beat Lake Forest HS 4-1 on penalty shots in title game

1980   12-2      Sectional Champions       Coach Marge Julian

                       State Qualifiers

                        Lost to Edwardsville 5-3 in quarterfinals in two penalty shot rounds


The Indian thinclads were competitive in the spring on the cinder tracks around the state and finished in the top 10 team standings, along with having a number of athletes come home with medals in individual events.

1966                 Tied for 8th in State       coach unknown

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Evanston Township                      30

 8   Chicago Phillips                            8

                                Winnetka New Trier East            8  


John Davis     880-yd run—2nd place

                         Bill Schopf     Shot put—2nd place

1967                 District Champions          coach unknown


                                                  880-yd relay—2nd place

                           Bob Winter     2-mile run—3rd place

1968                  INDIVIDUAL STATE MEDALISTS

                           Jim Davis       880-yd run—3rd place

                           Bob Winter    1-mile run—5th place

1969                 District Champions          coach unknown

1971                 INDIVIDUAL STATE MEDALIST

                          Chris Krikland 880-yd run—5th place


                          2-mile relay—8th place


                          2-mile relay—4th place


For one shining moment, New Trier East stood among the best of the girls’ golfers when the first-ever state tournament was played, including having one of its own finish in the top 10 individual standings and a fourth-place team finish.

1975                4th in State!!!                     coach unknown

                        State Qualifiers

                         State Final Team Standings

1    Waukegan East                  799

2    Rockford Guilford                 808

3    Galesburg HS                     828

                          4    Winnetka New Trier East   830 

                          5    Libertyville                           848

Individual Medalist

 Allison Finney    7th in state (185, nine strokes back)

1976                State Qualifiers                   coach unknown


New Trier East was competitive on the mats, winning a district title twice and having two state champions out of the five individuals that went to state in their own weight classes.

1967            District Champions           coach unknown

Individual State Medalist

Charles Hammond  145 lbs—6th place

1968            District Champions           coach unknown

1969            Individual State Medalist

                     Bob Mayer               103 lbs—3rd place

1973            Individual State Medalist

                      Ken Stewart            HWT—STATE CHAMPION!!!

1975AA       Individual State Medalist

                      Rick Bickert            185 lbs—STATE CHAMPION!!!

1980AA       Individual State Medalist

                      Jeff Ransom           138lbs—4th place                          


There was plenty of success in speech and individual events for those who didn’t find that sports was their cup of tea at New Trier East. A number of students came home with medals and a couple of state championships as well for the Indians. Here’s a rundown:


1966           Individual Medalist

                   Ron Fuermann        Comedy—3rd place

1968           3rd in State!!!                         sponsor unknown

                   State Final Team Standings

                    1   Homewood-Flossmoor           15

Dolton Thornridge                  15

                    3   Winnetka New Trier East     11

                    4   Wheeling                                8

5   Harvey Thornton                      6

Arlington Heights Arlington       6

                  Individual Medalists
Roger Wilson          Original Oratory—STATE CHAMPION!!!

                   Steve Caton            Prose—3rd place

                   Steve Caton            Verse—3rd place


1971           Tied for 7th in State               sponsor unknown

State Final Team Standings

1   Dolton Thornridge                 26

7   Park Ridge Maine South         8

Winnetka New Trier East     8

                  Individual Medalist

                   Derrick Van Amerongen  Oratorical Declamation—STATE CHAMP!!!

1975           7th in State                            sponsor unknown

                   State Final Team Standings

                    1  Homewood-Flossmoor          21

7   Winnetka New Trier East     8

                        Champaign Central                8

Individual Medalists

                    James Cooney        Extemperaneous Speaking—6th place

                    Della Pollack           Verse—5th place


1967           Tied for 6th in State             sponsor unknown

District Champions

State Final Team Standings

1   Peoria Richwoods                  21

6   Lansing Thorn. Fract. S.         10

Winnetka New Trier East     10

1968           5th in State!!!                         sponsor unknown

State Final Team Standings

1   Dolton Thornridge                    15

Homewood-Flossmoor             15

3   Evanston Township                  14

Mt. Prospect Prospect             14

5   Winnetka New Trier East       11

1969-70      Tied for 7th in State             sponsor unknown 

State Final Team Standings

1   Dolton Thornridge                 26

7   Park Ridge Maine South         8

Winnetka New Trier East     8


1965-66             2nd in State!!!                    sponsor unknown 

                         Sectional Champions

                          State Final Team Standings

                           1   Park Forest Rich East            8-0

                           2   Winnetka New Trier East 

                           3   Aurora East

4   Homewood-Flossmoor

5   Waukegan HS 

1966-67             STATE CHAMPIONS!!!      sponsor unknown

                         State Final Team Standings

                          1   Winnetka New Trier East         10-2

2   Park Forest Rich East                  9-3


                          Ross Ungerleider-Rod Peterson

1969-70             2nd in State!!!                    sponsor unknown

                         State Final Team Standings

                          1   Northfield New Trier West           8-0

                          2   Winnetka New Trier East 

                          3   Park Forest Rich East

4   Chicago University

5   Highland Park  

1975-76             5th in State!!!                                 Sponsor Tom McClain
State Final Team Standings

1   Dolton Thornridge

2   Glenview Glenbrook South

3   Wheaton North 

4   Northfield New Trier West  

                          5   Winnetka New Trier East 

1976-77             Tied for 3rd in State!!!                                 Sponsor Tom McClain

                         State Final Team Standings

1   Lake Forest HS

2   Skokie Niles West

3   Wheaton North

                              Winnetka New Trier East 

                         5   Northfield New Trier West


We would remissed if we didn’t mention this team of intellectual players. The chess program at New Trier East won a state championship and tied for second at the state meet in back to back seasons during the mid-1970’s.

197475            STATE CHAMPIONS!!!  Coach Robert Bosshart

                        State Final Team Standings

                         1   Winnetka New Trier East 

                         2   Northfield New Trier West

1975-76            Tied for 2nd in State!!!  Coach unknown

State Final Team Standings

1   Chicago Lane

2   Winnetka New Trier East  

Northlake West Leyden

Hillside Proviso West

Downers Grove South

What an amazing run as an all-around school!!!

Distinguished Alumni

Adam Baldwin (Class of 1980) – Actor who has had roles in Full Metal Jacket, My Bodyguard and Independence Day. Read more about Bauer at the following link:


Seeeking Even MORE Information!

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