Youngstown High School

Youngstown School Building
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  Courtesy of Carol Parrish, Warren County Historical Society / Submitted by John Bybee
                                                        Youngstown School Grounds 2012
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 Photo by Roberta Van Briesen

The History of Youngstown High School

Youngstown (population 50?) is located in western Illinois in the south-central portion of Warren County. Youngstown is situated on County Road 20th Avenue about 3 miles east of U.S. Route 67. County Road 90th Street also leads you to and from Youngstown. Youngstown is about two blocks from north to south and one block from east to west. The town sits about 11 miles north and a little east of Macomb. (

According to the book titled “The Past and Present of Warren County“, as found on-line by John Bybee ( the village of Youngstown was platted in 1872 on a farm owned by the Kidder family. In 1877 there were “one or two stores” in town and “one or two other stores” erected prior to 1877. A railroad was built that traveled through town however, because of Youngtown’s close proximity to Swan Creek (2 miles to the west), the railroad company did not want to make a stop in Youngstown. The town’s people protested and eventually received a depot for the railroad.

The school at Youngstown was said to be established for several years prior to 1877. At that time plans were being made to have the school building expanded due to the large number of students attending. Today all that remains of the school is the grounds that the bulidng once occupied along with the cinder block shed and old pump water well you see in the photo above to the right.


For several years the school district in Youngstown offered a two-year course of high school study. This information was uncovered by our good friend Roberta Van Briesen.  Roberta wrote the following to us:

“I have located information regarding a closed high school, it was in the Tales From Two Rivers book, which was a project from Western Il Univ.  They did several books and book V has an article in it by my dad, it was a senior citizen project.  There is story in there about Possum Hollow.  The man who is referred to in the article attended school in Youngstown, Il.  It was a 2 year high school, in the second floor of the school, and he mentions they had a “compact gym.”  This is a coal mining area in western Illinois,”

This is currently the extent of the information we have regarding Youngwtown High School.  The photo above was obtained by another Glory Days fan, John Bybee. John was able to retrieve the photo of the Youngwtown School building from Carol Parrish of the Warren County Historical Society.

Youngstown High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                         1920s?

Year closed:                           late 1940s?

Consolidated to:                     Monmouth-Roseville School District

Y-town HS Team Nickname:  unknown if sports offered  

Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities

Like many of the smaller schools on this site, we are strapped for information regarding the school and the many activities that were probably offered.  We believe that the Youngstown boys competed in basketball.  We are curious as to whether other sports were offered as well.  If so, school team nickname, colors, fight song, coach’s names, and team records are all items we would like to post on this page.

We are also confident that many other extra-curricular activities were offered to the students of Youngstown High.  Band, chorus, cheerleading, GAA, FFA, dances, plays, and many other activities may have been a part of the YHS experience.  If you wish to share your memories or knowledge of these activities, please contact us via the means below.

Seeking Your Assistance

Youngstown High School should be remembered, and its accomplishments recorded, for all to see and read.  We are hopeful for some in-put from a Youngstown High School alum or resident of the area.  Items can be e-mailed to us at  You can also write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.    60631

Former Principal at Youngstown High School
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Submitted by John Bybee
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