Venice Newport High School

The History of Venice Newport High School

Taken from 1930 Press-Record – under “Venice News”
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Submitted by Donn Hornberger

Venice (population 2,528) is located in southwestern Illinois along the Mississippi River on Il. Route 3 approximately 4 miles northwest of East St. Louis.  The Norfolk Southern Railroad and the Terminal Rail Road Association, or TRRA as most know it, of St. Louis Railroads run through the city.  Venice is located in far western Madison County.

The high school located in the northside Newport neighborhood of Venice was submitted to us by Donn Hornberger:

“Newport High School was a separated neighborhood section for African-American people located within North Venice, Il.  The school building located in Newport was deactivated in 1937 due finanacial hardships faced by the Venice Board of Education the Great Depression.  Today, even the replacement school for Newport known as Dunbar, has been torn down.  In point of fact, there are no high schools left in Venice, whatsoever.

Newport High School was operated to benefit African-American children living in Venice.  Within the town, African-American grade schools on Kerr Island and in North Venice sent their students on to high school at Newport.

When Newport was deconstructed during the late 1930’s, Dunbar School was built on its site.   Later on, throughout the 1950’s, Dunbar became grades 1-8 school only.  These schools are significant in their sociology if only that they represent the local application of the federal doctrine of Separate But Equal facilities.  For that reason, this information is being submitted to this site in order that at least a small part of this memory is available.”

Venice Newport High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                 1920s

Year closed:                  1937

Team nickname:             unavailable

Team uniform colors:      unavailable

School Fight Song:         unavailable


Venice Newport High School likely offered basketball and track, possibly baseball as well. If you have any further information to add about Newport High School, please send it to us via the means detailed below.

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