Uniontown High School

The History of Uniontown High School

Uniontown (population 25?) is located in upper western Illinois in the southeastern portion of Knox County. Uniontown is located in Salem Township on County Road 22 about one mile north of Illinois Route 116. The Burlington Northern Railroad line passes by to the east of town. The town of Farmington is about 2 miles to the southeast of Uniontown. Galesburg is a short 30 miles northwest of Uniontown.

A bit of history information regarding Uniontown (or “Union Town”) was located at the web address of http://knox.illinoisgenweb.org/histories/salem.htm#Uniontown . The town was platted in 1839, making it one of the oldest in the area. Uniontown showed great promise in its early days, having several businesses and houses. However, as railroads traveled through the area, none of the tracks were laid near Uniontown. The town eventually dissolved. According to Google Earthmap images, today Uniontown consists of about 5 farm complexes spread out over about a one-half mile section of County Road 22.

We were made aware that Uniontown once supported a school that offered high school courses through research by Roberta Van Briesen. An obituary for Irene Gawthorpe listed that Irene attended Uniontown High School in Salem Township of Knox County. Irene was born in 1916 so she likely attended Uniontown High School in the early 1930s. To view Irene Gawthorpe’s obituary in its entirety please visit this web address:


We are not certain how many years of high school were offered at Uniontown. It is likely, based on the size of the town, that Uniontown High School was a two or three-year high school. We do know that kids who live in the area today attend high school in nearby Farmington.  

Uniontown High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                             ?

Year closed:                              late 1940s?

Consolidated to:                         Farmington High School

Uniontown HS team nickname:  ?

Uniontown HS team colors:       ?

School Fight Song:                     ?


It is quite possible that Uniontown High School competed with other schools in the area in the sport of boys basketball. The boys may have competed in baseball and track as well.  We are in need of information on the team season records, coaches names, and other accomplishments at Uniontown High.


Did the Uniontown High kids have a band? Chorus? Did they host dances and have plays for the community?  If you have this information please write to us via the means listed below.


If you have any information on the history, accomplishments, and memories of Uniontown High School, please contact us via e-mail at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.  We are especially interested in a photo of the former high school building.  Items can be mailed to us at:

IHSGD Website

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