Union High School

Union High School Building
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Union High School Building – Now a Museum
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The History of Union High School

Union (population 576) is located in the southwest portion of McHenry County in the far northeast area of Illinois.  Union is approximately 25 miles east of Rockford. U.S. Route 20 passes by Union about one mile to the south and Illinois Route 176 travels by town about one mile to the north.  The county roads named T65 and Union Road will take you directly to this busy community.  The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad also passes through town.

The history of the town of Union began in 1849 when discussions of building the Chicago and North Western Railroad began. This railroad was completed in 1852.  The first house in Union was built in 1851, the first post office in 1852.  The town was officially recognized in 1897.

The first school building was erected in 1870.  It included a two-year high school course of study plus grades 1 – 8.  The two-year high school was discontinued in 1900. High school courses of some sort continued to be offered until 1918.  The second floor of the building was transformed into a gymnasium in 1938.

The original Union High School building, pictured at the top of this page, continues to be used as part of the McHenry County Historical Society museum. Union is home to the Illinois Railway Museum and the McHenry County Historical Society.

Union High School Quick Facts

Year opened as 2-year HS:    1870

Year 2-year HS ceased:        1900

Year all HS classes ceased:  1918

Consolidated to:                    Marengo High School

Athletics:                              unknown if athletics offered

Union School Building – 2011
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Now a Museum & Community Center


We are currently uncertain if the kids of Union High School competed in interscholastic athletics.  If anyone has this information we would be glad to share it on this page.

Any information on other activities at Union High School would be welcome as well.


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