Toulon Township High School “Trojans”

Toulon High School
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Toulon, Illinois

The History of the Toulon Township High School “Trojans”

Toulon (population 1,400) is located in north-central Illinois in the center portion of Stark County. Illinois Route 17 and Illinois Route 91 intersect in Toulon.  The town of Toulon is located about 25 miles northwest of Peoria and approximately 13 miles south-southeast of Kewanee. Toulon is the county seat of Stark County.

The origin of the school system is has been thoroughly researched by John Ballentine. The current high school building in Toulon was built in the 1920s by a man by the name of Oscar Schneider.  The research conducted by John Ballentine is reprinted with John’s permission and is as follows:

The History of Toulon Township High School

                                       by John Ballentine (TTHS Class of 1970)

     The origins of the Toulon High School system dates to 1847 when a public educational program was established.  Various locations around Toulon have served as the school between 1847 and 1875.  In 1874, a new school building was constructed and opened in February, 1875 which housed both the elementary and high schools of Toulon until 1912.

Toulon High School Building 1912 – 1922
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Courtesy of John Ballentine

The Toulon Academy was organized in 1883 which offered college preparatory classes beyond the high school courses.  In 1884, the Academy and Toulon High School merged, but separated again 1 year later.  In 1896, the Academy Association purchased 6.67 acres of land at Prairie Avenue and Franklin Street for the purpose of constructing a new Academy building and sports facilities for football and track.  This structure opened in february, 1897 and continued as the Academy until 1912, when the Academy permanently closed.

The Franklin Street property and building was offered by the Academy Association to the Toulon High school board which accepted in mid-1912.  The high school transferred locations from the 1875 school building to the Academy building, leaving the entire use of the 1875 school for the grade school’s use.  During this transfer, the high school was reorganized and renamed Toulon Township High School and its’ first class graduated in 1913.

Toulon Twnshp HS’s Graduating Class of 1913
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Courtesy of John Ballentine

T.T.H.S. Class of 1913  (Photo Above)

front   Pauline Chase, Faye Bradley, Pauline Murray, Gertrude Washburn, Hazel Packer, Dayle Buskirk, Maude Murray

back   Leslie Hodges, Walter Hall, Will Carter, Harold Trimmer, Robert Green

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By 1922, increased enrollment at the high school precipitated the construction of a new and larger high school building which was located next to the 1896 Academy structure.  The new facility was first occupied in February, 1923 and continues in use today as Stark County High School.

On June 2, 1970 Toulon Township High School graduated its’ fifty-eighth and last class.  Toulon Township and LaFayette Highs were consolidated beginning with the 1970-71 school year.  Toulon-LaFayette High continued utilizing the Township High school building in Toulon until 1992 when Stark County High School was formed from the Toulon-LaFayetteWyoming, and elective students from Bradford High schools.

The transformation of the current school facilities in Toulon began one hundred and thirteen years ago in 1896.  The desire for a new Academy school building was expressed during a June 18, 1896 graduation ceremony.  Three weeks later, the Executive Committee of the Academy Association chose a site at the intersection of Prairie Ave. and Franklin St. as the location.

An agreement between the Association and landowners Mrs. R. A. Turner and son, Chester M. Turner (first Toulon High graduate 1879), exchanged 6 2/3 acres for $667.  The Turners then donated $350 of this amount to the Academy for the land purchase with the $317 balance provided by community citizens.

Quick funding for this project allowed construction to begin immediately on the new Academy building.  By Jan. 1897, plans were in place to transfer school locations.  A ‘for sale’ ad appeared in the Jan. 1, 1897 issue of The Stark County News for the old Academy building and lot.  The transfer was completed and a dedication ceremony performed on Feb. 4, 1897.

The Academy, organized in 1883, discontinued operating in the spring of 1912.  Discussions about the property transfer from the Academy to Toulon High School continued for several weeks prior to a 1912 vote on the issue.  A favorable vote in July enabled the transfer and Toulon High was renamed Toulon Township High School.  Speculation occurred in early September about the possibility of an athletic program.

Toulon High School Bldg. – 1922
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Submitted by John Ballentine

The Academy building became overwhelmed for classroom space when enrollment at TTHS increased.  Downtown buildings supplemented for the required classrooms which emphasized the need to construct a new high school building.  In 1922, the new Township High School building was completed and classes began in Jan. 1923.  A dedication was held on May 31, 1923 as the school year finished.  Demolition of the 1896 Academy building of only twenty-seven years began the next month and by July was nearly completed.

In early 1948, William E. Lehman [1886-1970], grandfather of Jeanne (Al) Harland, Mary (Tim) McMillen, Carol (Sam) Rice, and the late William C. Lehman, sold 9.9 acres of farmland to the high school for $5,000.  This land runs from Franklin St. on the west to the fence line east of the present school facilities, and from the fence line south of same to the north conjoining with the original 6.67 acres.

Mr. Lehman’s decision to sell this land initiated a sequence of events and construction that altered Stark County’s and Toulon’s school history.  One result was a proposal to eliminate many of the rural one room schoolhouses in surrounding townships.  Township voters passed this consolidation measure with the exception of West Jersey township.

Construction plans began for a Toulon Consolidated Elementary School to be located adjacent to the high school at Franklin Street.  The high school sold 4 acres east and north of its building for $1.00 and the exchange of the then grade school property.  West Jersey township residents procurred funding for construction of their new consolidated grade school a month later.  The chosen site was across from the West Jersey Methodist church on Route 78.

Completion of Toulon’s grade school occurred in Feb. 1950.  Classes commenced Feb. 20, 1950 and the previous school building which had served as the combined high school and grade school prior to 1912 was closed.  It was located at the intersection of N. Olive and E. Thomas streets until it was demolished in late 1956.

West Jersey’s new grade school neared completion 2 months later and on April 23, 1950 a dedication was performed.  This building was the West Jersey 1-8 grade school from 1950-70, then the 5th and 6th grades of Toulon-LaFayette consolidated during 1970-79, and finally the Toulon-LaFayette Junior High from 1979-85.  The 35 year use of this building ended in June 1985 when it permanently closed as a school.  Bryton Technology, Inc. now utilizes the structure ”

                           The Schools at S. Franklin St. in Toulon
Part 2 : 1950-2007

by John A. Ballentine (TTHS Class of ’70)

As part of the 4 acres sold to the grade school board, Toulon High School’s football field, dirt track, and baseball field had to be relocated.  Construction began on the new sport arenas in Aug. 1948 with availability expected in 1 year.  The new baseball field was ready in May 1949.  The football field and cindered track were completed during that summer and dedicated on Sept. 30, 1949.

Paul Unruh (TTHS Class of ’46) and Jack Winans were speakers at this ceremony.  Asked about the track having been under construction again in 1957, Carl Bland stated ” It wasn’t reconstructed, but the original 1949 cinders were of such poor quality they had to be replaced. ”  New cinders were put down in early ’57 and allowed to settle for a year.  The track was usable the following spring of ’58 for the new track and field season.

In Feb. 1950, with the new grade school being utilized, the next construction project discussed was a gymnasium to be located between the high and grade schools.  It was noted that the new gym should be larger than the one inside of the 1923 high school which had a limited capacity for spectators.  Additionally, strategically located entrances would allow both schools access, thus reducing the need and cost of separate gyms.

These discussions and plans did not come to fruition and for decades there remained an open space of unused land between the schools.  This failure to agree upon a singular facility generated plans to build separate gymnasiums.

The grade school gym was completed in late 1955 and the ‘all-purpose’ (gym) room at the grade school was first used on Dec. 9, 1955.  This additional structure to the grade school became derisively known as “the cracker box” due to its approximate 3/4 size of a standard gym.  A cafeteria hot lunch program was also begun at this time according to Chris McMillen.  An annex room off of the gym served as the first kindergarten beginning in January, 1958 with Mrs. Jeanette (Johnson) Slygh (TTHS Class of ’35) as the new teacher.

The high school’s first add-on construction since 1923 began in 1959 with its new gym.  It was completed in time for the 1960-61 school year.  The spectator capacity increased to twelve hundred from the old gym’s several hundred.  This new gym and agricultural shop were located on the ground where the Academy building had stood from 1896 to 1923.

Major additions to both schools stagnated for nearly 35 years, although there were numerous reconfigurations of existing rooms.  An example was modifying the 1923 gym into a band-music room.  A tennis court was installed south of the high school parking lot during the mid-1960s, but has since been removed to extend the parking lot.

In the past decade, an above ground ‘tunnel’ was added which connected both schools.  It was located between the 2 gyms to allow students dry passage from building to building.  Unfortunately, a recurring leak prone roof bombarded students with a gauntlet of drops as they travelled its length.  This problem made the tunnel expendable for a recent project.

Relocation of the 1949 baseball field, made possible through community volunteers of time and services, commenced in 2003.  The field has been offset approximately 20 yards to the northeast.  This extensive project was completed in 2005 and 1 game in May inaugurated the updated facility.  Its first full season of use occurred in the spring of 2006.  Added ammenities included infield grass, raised pitching mound, a warmup bullpen, a fence enclosing the outfield, and a scoreboard behind it in left field.

One of the latest construction ventures at the schools began in the 2005-06 school year.  The void between the 2 gyms has been filled by a 2 story brick structure which functions as the new cafeteria and music room.  It was ready for use in the 2006-07 school year.  The 2 schools are now merged into 1 contiguous conglomeration.  This addition replaced the leak plagued tunnel.  Plus, the old grade school cafeteria has been converted into a library.  The 1923 high school continues as Stark County High, while the grade school building is now the Junior High.  The grade school is currently located in Wyoming.

Toulon’s school facilities at Franklin Street have gone through many changes during the past one hundred and thirteen years.  The pasture land of 1896 and 1948 has nearly reached its capacity for more additions to the school property.  As these structures age, additional land will be sought or demolition will be required to construct the new buildings of the future.

When this future change does occur, perhaps the diagonal sidewalk, which runs from the street corner to the high school’s north entrance, will be preserved.  Photos show this section of sidewalk traversing to the 1896 Academy building’s front entrance.  If it remains, this would be a tribute to our ancestors who realized the values of education and provided us with the means to obtain that knowledge in suitable surroundings.

Contributors:  TTHS graduates: John Cover (’45), Jack Winans (’50), Carl Bland (’58), Galen Ballentine (’61), Chris McMillen (’61), Don Schmidt (’61), Jeanne Harland (’70); LaFayette H.S. graduate and TTHS/T-L educator Al Harland (’60) ; Stark County High administration- Michael Domico, Jay Melton, and Scott Paxton.”

In 1970 Toulon Township High School was consolidated with La Fayette High School.  This resulted in the renaming of Toulon High School to Toulon-LaFayette High School (located on a separate page on this site). It does not appear that any other information about the school changed.

Several years later (1992) Toulon-LaFayette HS and Wyoming HS consolidated to form Stark County High School which is currently the only high school in the county. High school-aged students from Bradford are also a part of this consolidation effort.

Stark County High School is situated today in the Toulon Township High School building.

Toulon Township High School Quick Facts

Year of first HS graduating class: 1879

Year name changed:                   1912 (Toulon Township High School)

Year consolidated:                      1970

Consolidated to:                          Toulon-LaFayette High School

School nickname:                        the “Trojans” (originally the “Tigers”)

School colors:                             Red & Black

School Fight Song:                      (Excellent Research Below Provided by John Ballentine!)

Prior to the consolidation of Stark County schools that began in the 1992-93 school year, Toulon High (renamed Toulon Township High 1912, renamed Toulon-LaFayette 1970) utilized the ‘ TROJAN MARCH ‘ for approximately 5-1/2 decades as the school’s fight song.  Yet, 2 songs existed before it became the long time standard.

The first song is ‘ THE SCARLET AND THE BLACK ‘, and its verses can be found on page 48 of the 1924 Tolo, the school yearbook.  It’s uncertain how it is sung. The lyrics are :

      The Scarlet and Black we’ll wear,
Aloft the flag we’ll raise,
We’ll sound our shouts and sing our song,
For dear old Toulon’s praise.

Let every heart with joy be filled,
And flash with fire, each eye;
We’ll do our duty man by man,
For dear old Toulon High.

Then hail to the Scarlet and Black boys,
The colors we love so well,
Thy loyal sons now salute thee,
As thy folds on the breezes swell.

Then hail to the Scarlet and Black boys,
No homage shall she lack,
May the flag of dear old Toulon wave,
The Scarlet and the Black.

The second song which replaced the first is found on page 21 of the March, 1930 Tolo.  It’s uncertain as to what the title is for it.

[ To the tune of “On Wisconsin” – push play button above left]

        On to Victory, on to Victory,
For old Toulon High,
We will beat them, we won’t cheat them,
When the end draws nigh ;

RAH !   RAH !   RAH !

We’ll be leading, we’ll be leading,
It won’t be a tie,
Fight boys and make those points,
For Toulon High.

The third song was the fight song of Toulon Township and then Toulon-LaFayette Highs from 1937 until 1992 when Stark County High School was formed from the high schools of Toulon, LaFayette, Wyoming, and elective students from Bradford.

The original copyrighted version was shortened by removal of the first 4 lines.  From The Stark County News, Wed., April 24, 1940 :  “Certificate of copyright registered from the Library of Congress for the “Trojan March”, official song of Toulon Township High School, was received this morning, according to Superintendent A. R. Wetzel.  Words and music were written by Robert A. Leigh in 1937 (TTHS Class of 1937) and the song was first sung at commencement that year, with arrangements being worked out for all band instruments later for its adaption as the official school song.  Copyright is in the name of Robert A. Leigh and Toulon Township High School.”

The musical arrangements were accomplished by Miss Jimmae Fisher, English teacher at TTHS during that period.

From page 50 of the 1937 Tolo :

TROJAN   MARCH  (original)

      Eleven men with hearts on fire,
Plunge down the field with one desire.
To win the game in a fighting way,
And do their best on every play.

Come on, you crashing Toulon Trojans,
Go in and fight to win that game.
You’re fighting for the fame of Toulon,
And all the glory of her name.

All Toulon High School stands behind you,
So do your best on every play.
Come on and fight, you Toulon Trojans,
Win that game today.

Within a few years, a shortened version with word changes ( because: 1. football games were played at night after field lights were installed in 1938, for example, and 2. the revised wording then covered all sports, not just football) became the song that many of the TTHS/Toulon-LaFayette students sang, and was usually followed by a standard cheer :

TROJAN   MARCH (revised)

       Come on you crashing Toulon Trojans,
Come on and fight to win that game.
You’re fighting for the fame of Toulon,
And all the glory of her name.

All Toulon High School stands behind you,
So do your best on every play.
Come on FIGHT!, you Toulon Trojans,
Win that game tonight !




Toulon High School Gymnasium
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Home of the

The Toulon Trojans competed in the Blackhawk and Lincoln Trail Conferences, bringing home many titles.  The boys offered football, basketball, and track. The girls competed in volleyball, basketball and track.

An early history of the Toulon Township High School athletic program was provided to us by John Ballentine:

“A high school athletic association was formed (in 1912) starting organized sports at the high school which continues today at Stark County  High.  In the fall of 1912, a football team was formed and uniforms ordered.  Mr. Carl Dille McClenahan [1877-1961], long time local Toulon pharmacist, purchased and donated a football which enabled the players to practice and play games.

The first football game in Toulon Township High’s history was at Wyoming.  TTHS won 18-0 over Wyoming High on Oct. 4, 1912.  The next week on Oct. 11, TTHS hosted its first home game defeating LaFayette High by a 45-3 decision.  Charles E. Griffith [1880-1952] was TTHS’s first coach.  He served as an educator and principal at the school and later as Stark County school superintendent from 1922-47.

The first TTHS baseball game was played at Wyoming with Toulon winning 21-6 on April 16, 1913.  On April 25, 1913, Kewanee and Toulon held a dual track meet at Toulon with Kewanee winning. This was TTHS’s first track meet. Obviously, these sport facilities pre-existed and were part of the Academy’s property.

Were these sports fields the same TTHS utilized until 1949 ?  Historical photos indicate the Academy building was just east and slightly offset north of the high school that was built in 1923.  The fact is, there would have been no additional land in which to relocate these sports arenas, so they probably were the same ones.”

John also provided a newpaper article from the Stark County News published on Wednesday, November 18, 1936 which explains how the nickname Trojans came about for Toulon Township High School:

WE are the TROJANS !


“That is what football fans will hear Friday at Galva where Toulon and Galva will battle for the Blackhawk Conference championship.  The name “TROJANS” was chosen this week by the students of Toulon Township High School to represent all their athletic teams — football, basketball, and track.

One of the largest caravans of football fans ever trailing a local athletic team to another city will follow Coach W. J. Metzger and his Trojans to Galva Friday afternoon. Toulon followers will be pulling not only for the Blackhawk Conference championship trophy, but also for the first undefeated and untied football record in the history of Toulon Township High School.

Opening kick-off will be at 2:30 p.m.”

(Toulon would win the game 26 – 0 to capture the Blackhawk Conference championship.)

Toulon  High’s  Historic  1930s

by  John  A.  Ballentine

Toulon Township High School instituted many changes during the decade of the 1930s, some of which became traditions.  Additionally, improvements at and around the school influenced the progression of events held at the campus.  A few of these remain a part of Stark County High.

A need for pavement became apparent as the horse and buggy era fell way to motorized vehicles.  The dirt roads surrounding the school became rutted due to increased and repetitive grooving by vehicle tires.  Rains transformed the ruts into miry traps, so the city streets were paved at the school in order to alleviate this problem.

In the spring of 1930, the original Academy’s three-sixteenths mile track was expanded to one-quarter mile in conforming to the State sports regulations.  Records set on this and other schools’ dirt tracks become more impressive because faster times would have occurred on harder surfaced courses.  A complete cindered track was not installed at T.T.H.S. until 1949.

Homecoming at Toulon High premiered on November 17, 1933 with Aledo as the opponent on the field.  Toulon won their first homecoming football game with a 14-0 shut out.  T.T.H.S. also won its’ final homecoming game October 24, 1969 by a 28-12 score over Walnut.  After the Blackhawk Conference became established in 1933, the 5 charter members of Bradford, Galva, Toulon, Wethersfield, and Wyoming commenced league competition during the fall of 1934.

Toulon’s only undefeated teams in school history were the 1936-37 and 1937-38 football squads.  These teams achieved identical 9-0 seasons, with 4-0 conference records.  In those 2 years, Toulon swept the Blackhawk in football, basketball, and track for 6 championships.  Baseball did not become a Blackhawk sport until 1956.

The T.T.H.S. 1936-37 basketball team compiled an 8-0 conference record while finishing at 16-4 for the season.  One year prior in 1935-36, the basketball squad had 4-4 Blackhawk standing during their 19-8 season.  This team won in the State tournament play, the district tournament, placed second in regional play, and won their first sectional game.  At one point that year, Toulon Township High held a 64th State ranking of all Illinois schools.

” WE ARE THE TROJANS ! ” was the column headline in a 1937 issue of The Stark County News.  T.T.H.S. adopted the official team name which the voting student body chose that fall.  The copyrighted TROJAN MARCH was soon written and performed as the new school fight song.  It remained the song generations of students sang at and for Toulon High and Toulon-Lafayette High through the spring of 1992.

The music department became vastly improved and transformed by Mr. C. P. Patterson, who began his nineteen year  tenure at the school in September of 1939.  He presented to the public, a uniformed and marching band complete with Majorettes and The (baton) Twirlers.  This musical corps first performed under the newly installed football field lights at T.T.H.S.  The band competed later in the first Blackhawk conference band festival on April 24, 1940.  Mr Patterson’s high school musicians and choruses competed on a State level amassing numerous awards during his years at Toulon.

Toulon’s track and field teams won the Blackhawk conference meet 4 times in a row from 1936-39.  Nine Blackhawk championships were won, 7 of those consecutively in 3 sports, during those 4 years.  In comparison, the 1970s T.T.H.S. and Toulon-Lafayette High teams captured 8 championships in 4 sports over a 7 year period.

Toulon High’s award cases bristled with medals, silver cups, plaques, and trophies earned during those years between 1929-40.  A guideline of measurement which the future Trojan teams and musical bands were inspired to reach, had been established in Toulon High’s historic 1930s.”

For more information on the Blackhawk Conference check out John Ballentine’s article on the GREAT CONFERENCES page of this site.

The better athletic teams at TTHS, according to the IHSA web site (, are listed below.

Boys Basketball

The following informaton was provided to us by John Ballentine:

Toulon Township High School’s basketball program began on January 17, 1919 in a rented second floor hall of a downtown building.  Basketball was a part of the TTHS history for the fifty-two years through 1970.  TTHS won 5 Blackhawk Conference championships in 1936-37, ’37-38, ’38-39, ’44-45, and finally in 1960-61.

In 1935-36, Toulon’s team achieved a 19-6 season record, yet oddly finished third in the conference with a 4-4 mark.  This team won district in the State tournament, second in regional, and won the first game of sectional against the Blackhawk Conference champions Wethersfield Flying Geese.  The Trojans were defeated in the second sectional game by a strong Moline Maroon squad who eventually lost to State runner-up Danville.

In 1945-46, TTHS’ basketball team put together a winning streak without defeat which earned them a 40th ranking in the State during the first week of January 1946.  The Trojans managed a State ranking of 34th before losing a few games which removed them from the State’s list.  Quite an accomplishment for a small school which averaged about 200 students.

One of the players on this team was Senior Paul Unruh, who continued his playing career at Peoria’s Bradley University helping that team into the national rankings and tournament.  Paul eventually acquired the status of All-American in college basketball and is perhaps one of the best known and revered players from Osceola, Illinois and TTHS.

The 1955-56 season produced Toulon Township High School’s only 20 game winning season in its’ history.  Six of the nine losses that season were to conference opponents which placed the Trojans in 3rd place in the conference standings.  Post season play brought the 19th and 20th wins of the season, but a loss to the Kewanee Boilermakers for the regional championship playoff game ended a brilliant season.

After the 1961 championship season, TTHS experienced a 43 game losing streak during 3 seasons which thankfully ended on a cold January evening in 1964 against the conference rival Bradford Panthers.

TTHS joined the Inter-County Athletic Conference beginning with the 1968-69 school year, which participated in basketball and track only.  Members of the conference included the Brimfield Indians, Elmwood Trojans, Glasford Tigers, LaFayette Panthers, Toulon Trojans, Williamsfield Bombers, and Yates City Eagles .

Several postseason scores involving the Toulon HS Trojans participating in the annual IHSA Tournament were located on a website titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scorers.” These scores are reprinted below. Also listed below are the Trojan’s coaches and team records who hit the hardwoods each Tuesday and Friday night!!.


Year         Record        Head Coach                            Assistants


1912-13      ———          ———                                     —————

1913-14      ———          ———                                     —————

1914-15      ———          ———                                     —————

1915-16      ———          ———                                     —————

1916-17      ———          ———                                     —————

1917-18      ———          ———                                     —————

1918-19      3-8              W. H. Indra                            L. A. McKean

1919-20      7-6                   ”                                               ”

1920-21      6-7              Simon Benson                       Roy Davis

1921-22      8-5              R. H. Hultgren                        Robert N. Wilford

Galesburg District Tourney

1st Rd lost to Cambridge 23-14

1922-23      2-10              R. H. Hultgren                        Robert N. Wilford

                                          (had to wait for new gym)

Postseason scores needed

1923-24      2-9              Edwin L. Myers

Postseason scores needed

1924-25      5-8              Harold Beckman

Postseason scores needed

1925-26      7-9              Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1926-27      6-8              Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1927-28      8-10            Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1928-29      5-13            Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1929-30      9-7              Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1930-31      6-16            Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1931-32      8-12            Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1932-33      5-15            Vernon B. Askew

Postseason scores needed

1933-34      5-15            Vernon B. Askew                   C. H. Martin

Postseason scores needed


Blackhawk Conference began in 1934-35 ( * = Conference Champion)

            season/conference    Head Coach                    Asst Coach(es)

1934-35      11-12/ 3-5    Willis Harms                         H. J. Green

Galva District Tourney

1st Rd lost to Kewanee 41-28

Kewanee beat Alpha for title

1935-36      19-8/ 4-4      William Metzger                  Calvin Castle, John Oathout

                                          Princeville District Champs

                                          1st Rd Beat Elmwood 38-30

                                          Semi-final Beat Yates City 42-25

                                          Title Game Beat Bradford 24-22

                                          Princeville Regional Runner-Up

                                          1st Rd Beat Dunlap 32-24

                                          Semi-final Beat Peoria Kingman 36-25

                                          Title game lost to Peoria Central 40-29


1936-37      16-4/ 8-0      William Metzger                  Calvin Castle, John Oathout

Elmwood Regional Tourney

1st Rd lost to Wyoming 31-23

Wyoming lost to Dunlap in Semi-final

Dunlap lost to Peoria Manual in title game

1937-38      19-4/ 7-1      William Metzger                  Calvin Castle, John Oathout

Kewanee Regional Tourney

Title Game lost to Galva 29-25

1938-39       9-10/ 6-2     William Metzger                  Vernon C. Beier

Kewanee Regional Tourney

1st Rd lost to Annawan 35-25

Annawan lost to Kewanee in semi-final

Kewanee beat Galva for title

1939-40       5-13/ 4-6     William Metzger                  Vernon C. Beier

Postseason scores needed

1940-41       8-9/ 4-6        William Metzger                  Vernon C. Beier

Postseason scores needed

1941-42       6-10/ 4-4     William Metzger                  Vernon C. Beier

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

1st Rd lost to Kewanee 48-26

Kewanee beat Geneseo in title game

1942-43      1-12/ 0-10    F. E. Chamberlain/                A. R. Wetzel

replaced by C. P. Patterson

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

1st Rd lost to Cambridge 32-13

Cambridge lost to Kewanee in semi-final

Kewanee beat Galva for title

1943-44      12-13/ 5-5    Harold Ferris

Postseason scores needed

1944-45      16-7/ 8-2 *    Keith Bare

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 43-36

Kewanee beat Geneseo for title


1945-46      19-6/ 7-3*     Keith Bare                             William Farr

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Wyoming 50-37

Wyoming lost to Kewanee in semi-final

Kewanee beat Wehtersfield for title

1946-47      10-14/ 3-9*   Keith Bare                              Harold Stogsdill

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 90-29

Kewanee beat Galva for title

1947-48        5-20/ 1-11   Keith Bare                              Harold Stogsdill

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 60-31

Kewanee beat Galva for title


1948-49        6-18/ 1-11   Robert Wallis                        Harold Stogsdill

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 66-40

Kewanee beat Galva for title

1949-50       14-8/ 6-6     Floyd Stevenson                    I. F. Large

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 66-30

Kewanee beat Galva for title

1950-51        9-11/ 4-8    Floyd Stevenson                    I. F. Large

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Galva 72-39

Galva lost to Kewanee for title

1951-52       11-14/ 3-4#   Walter G. Rucks                     I.F. Large

# — Only counted 1 game against conference foes, vice both games.

                                          Princeville Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Princeville 59-53

Princeville lost to Kewanee in semi-final

Kewanee beat Mineral in title game

1952-53        7-15/ 3-11   Marion Wildhagen                  Robert Watt

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 68-58

Kewanee beat Wyoming for title


1953-54        0-22/ 0-14   Marion Wildhagen                  Robert Watt

                                         Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                         1st Rd lost to Kewanee 66-30

Kewanee beat Wyoming for title

1954-55        6-19/ 2-12     Earl Chism

                                          Princeville Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd Beat Bradford 60-56

Semi-final lost to Kewanee 63-24

Kewanee beat Buda for title

1955-56        20-9/ 8-6       Earl Chism                               Fred Vicini

{ only 20-game winning season for TTHS}

                                          Kewanee Regional Runner-Up

                                          1st Rd Beat Dunlap 67-65 (2 O/Ts)

                                          Semi-final Beat Princeville 78-68

                                          Title game lost to Kewanee 65-50

1956-57        15-11/ 7-7     William (Bill) Boyer                Fred Vicini

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                         1st Rd lost to Princeville 65-53

Princeville lost to Wyoming for title

1957-58        11-12/ 6-8     William (Bill) Boyer                Fred Vicini

                                          Princeville Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Wyoming 42-34

Wyoming lost to Wethersfield in semi-final

Wethersfield lost to Kewanee in title game

1958-59        11-11/ 10-8   William (Bill) Boyer                Fred Vicini

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                         1st Rd lost to Bradford 59-54

Bradford lost to Kewanee in semi-final

Kewanee beat Dunlap in title game

1959-60         5-16/ 5-13    Roger West                             Fred Vivini

( No home games due to gym construction)

                                         Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                         1st Rd lost to Bradford 74-61

Bradford beat Princeville in semi-final

Bradford lost to Kewanee in title game

1960-61         17-6/ 16-2    Roger West                             Fred Vivini

                                         Bradford Regional Tourney

                                         1st Rd lost to Annawan 50-45

Annawan lost to Bradford in semi-final

Bradford lost to Princeville in title game

1961-62         2-18/ 2-16    Roger West                             Richard Switzer

                                         Princeville Regional Tourney

                                         1st Rd lost to Princeville 100-25

Princeville beat Annawan for title

1962-63         0-21/ 0-18    Richard Switzer                      Richard Pohar

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 67-39

Kewanee lost to Annawan in semi-final

Annawan lost to Princeville in title game

1963-64         2-19/ 2-11#  Gary Keefauver                       Richard Pohar

# — North & South divisions began : Conf. Games=2 against div. members &

1 against non-div. members of the Conference for 13 total.

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Kewanee 85-57

Kewanee beat Wethersfield for title

1964-65         10-14/ 5-8    Gary Keefauver                       Al Harland

Postseason scores needed

1965-66          6-7/ 4-9        Wayne Jenkins                      Del PruettAl Harland

Postseason scores needed


1966-67          8-14/ 3-10   Wayne Jenkins                      Del PruettAl Harland

                                          Kewanee Regional Tourney

                                          1st Rd lost to Dunlap 66-37

Dunlap lost to Wehtersfield in title game

1967-68          13-12/ 6-7   Wayne Jenkins                       Ken BourquinAl Harland

Bradford District Tournament

1st Rd Beat Atkinson 69-58

Semi-final lost to Neponset 72-66

Neponset lost to Buda Western in title game

1968-69          17-9/ 8-5/5-2 #  “Wayne Jenkins               Cecil DuffyAl Harland

# First year as a member of the Inter County Athletic Conference.

Kewanee District Champions

1st Rd Beat LaFayette 62-44

                                           Semi-final Beat Aledo Western Military 69-62

                                           Title Game Beat Neponset 63-60

Princeville Regional Tournament

1st Rd lost to Kewanee 74-54

Kewanee beat Annawan for title

1969-70          17-9/ 7-6/ 5-2  “Wayne Jenkins               Cecil DuffyAl Harland

Toulon District Runner-Up

                                            1st Rd Beat Neponset 58-54

                                            Semi-final Beat Atkinson 58-47

                                            **Title Game lost to Bradford 73-63


**Final basketball game as Toulon Township High School.  Toulon Township and LaFayette high schools merged for 1970-71.

Toulon High School Football / Track Field
A picture containing grass, sky, outdoor, field

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Toulon High School has a long, storied history of Friday night football games.  There is limited information on the IHSA web site that records their successes.  The following information was provided to us by ardent Toulon and Stark County schools fan John Ballentine:

    “Toulon Township High School’s first football game in its history occurred at Wyoming Highs field on October 4, 1912.  TTHS defeated WHS by an 18-0 score.  In a unique twist of fate, TTHS’ final football game occurred on November 7, 1969 against WHS in Wyoming.  The Trojans won 14-6 over the Indians.

TTHS football continued each fall from 1912 to 1969 for a total of fifty-eight seasons until the consolidation of Toulon and LaFayette Highs.  In those fifty-eight years, TTHS captured 3 Blackhawk Conference championships in 1936, 1937, and 1957.  Each season and conference records are listed below along with the coaches and assistants who directed their teams on those crisp autumn Friday evenings.


Year        Record         Head Coach                      Assistant Coaches


1912-13   6-1                Charles E. Griffith

1913-14   4-3-2             Eugene L. Mendenhall          Fred Brown

1914-15   7-2-1             L. A. McKean

1915-16   4-4                        ”                                 Eugene L. Mendenhall

1916-17   5-3-1                     ”

1917-18   4-3                        ”

1918-19   1-1 ***                   ”             ***  (Influenza epidemic shortened the season)

1919-20   8-2                        ”

1920-21   7-1                Simon Benson                     Roy Davis

1921-22   8-1-1             Robert N. Wilford                  R. H. Hultgren

1922-23   8-1                        ”                                            ”

1923-24   6-1-1             Edwin L. Myers

1924-25   3-5                Harold Beckman

1925-26   6-1-1             Vernon B. Askew

1926-27   7-1                         ”

1927-28   4-4-1                      ”                                H. Ray Hartley

1928-29   5-4                         ”

1929-30   8-1-1                      ”

1930-31   7-1                         ”

1931-32   6-1-2                      ”

1932-33   2-6-1                      ”

1933-34   4-5                         ”                                C. H. Martin


 Blackhawk Conference began in 1934-35   (* = Conference Champion)

   season/conference     Head Coach                    Assistant Coaches

1934-35   1-7-1/ 0-4        Willis Harms                       H. J. Green

1935-36   4-6/ 2-2           William Metzger                  Calvin Castle, John Oathout

1936-37   9-0/ 4-0 *                 ”                                              “

1937-38   9-0/ 4-0 *                 ”                                              “

1938-39   4-1-3/ 2-1-1              ”                                Vernon C. Beier

1939-40   2-5-1/ 1-2-1              ”                                              ”

1940-41   0-6-3/ 0-2-3              ”                                              ”

1941-42   2-4-2/ 1-1-2              ”

1942-43   0-7/ 0-5           F. E. Chamberlain

1943-44   1-5-1/ 1-3-1     Harold Ferris

1944-45   3-4-1/ 2-3        Keith Bare

1945-46   4-4/ 2-3                  ”                                  William Farr

1946-47   2-6/ 2-4                  ”                                         ”           , Harry Stogsdill

1947-48   3-5/ 2-4                  ”                                         ”

1948-49   6-2/ 5-1           Robert Wallis                              ”

1949-50   2-6/ 1-5           Floyd Stevenson                   I. F. Large

The Toulon Torjan Returning Lettermen of 1949-50
A group of men posing for a picture

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Submitted by Jack Winans (left click on photo for larger view)

1950-51   2-6/ 1-5                  ”                                         ”

1951-52   0-7-1/ 0-6-1     Walter G. Rucks                         ”

1952-53   1-7/ 1-6           Marion Wildhagen                Robert Watt

1953-54   2-6/ 2-5           Robert Watt                        Marion Wildhagen

1954-55   2-6/ 2-5           Earl Chism

1955-56   4-3-1/ 4-2-1            ”                                  Fred Vicini

1956-57   4-3-1/ 3-3-1     William Boyer                              ”

1957-58   5-1-2/ 5-1-1 *           ”                                         ”         , Elmer Hampton

season=conference record began:

1958-59   1-7-1                       ”                                         ”             ”

1959-60   2-6                 Roger West                                  ”             ”

(1959 Wethersfield game canceled due to winter storm)

1960-61   5-4                          ”                                         ”             ”  , Rev. Joseph Clay

1961-62   1-8                          ”                                Richard Switzer,    ”

1962-63   1-8                 Richard Switzer                    Richard Pohar,       ”

1963-64   1-8                 Gary Keefauver                                ”

1964-65   3-6                        ”                                              ”               , Al Harland

1965-66   2-6-1              Del Pruett                             Wayne Jenkins,      ”

1966-67   3-6                           ”                                              ”              ”

1967-68   6-3                 Ken Bourquin                                      ”              ”

1968-69   1-7-1              Cecil Duffy                                          ”             ”  ,Elmer Hampton,

1969-70   2-5-2                        ”                                              ”               ” ,Darryl Sturgill,


Toulon Township High and LaFayette Highs merged for 1970-71

*In 1930, in their second week of play, TTHS defeated soon-to-be-state power Geneseo by the score of 2-0. This is according to a 1931 Geneseo yearbook.

Boys Track

The following THS thinclads took home IHSA medals from the state track meet.  In addition, conference team championship winners are listed as well.

1935-36                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1936-37                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1937-38                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1938-39                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1941-42                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1943-44                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1944-45    Paul Unruh      440 Yard Dash      4th Place @ State Meet

                               Blackhawk Conference Champions

1945-46    Paul Unruh      440 Yard Dash      3rd Place @ State Meet

1956-57                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1957-58                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

1969-70                    Blackhawk Conference Champions

In addition to individual accomplishments, the Toulon High School boys won a few Stark County High School Track Meets over the years.  The following information regarding this meet was provided to us by John Ballentine:

“The Stark County track/field and declamatory meet was a major event for decades.  It was fiercely fought in order to win that particular year and claim county bragging rights.  Businesses and schools, even the grade schools, were closed early in order to attend the afternoon meet.  Main streets resembled ghost towns because a majority of the county’s population was at the contest.

Records were kept and trophies, plaques, ribbons, etc. were awarded.  Yet, in 1990 the county meet could no longer be held.  Castleton High no longer existed, Toulon and LaFayette Highs were consolidated, and Bradford began co-opting with Tiskilwa to form a track team.  Since Tiskilwa was not part of Stark County, this eliminated Bradford’s participation leaving only Toulon-LaFayette and Wyoming as the competitors from the original 5 schools.  Therefore, the meet was permanently discontinued after 1989.”

Toulon High School boys reigned as champions of this once annual event during the following spring seasons:

1919, 1920, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1934, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1949, 1950, 1956, 1958, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970

The Toulon High School boys track program won a total of 27 Stark County Track Meet Championships before consolidating with LaFayette to form Toulon-LaFayette High School!


Year         Record                    Head                                     Assistants

1912-13                                    Charles E. Griffith

1913-14                                    Eugene L. Mendenhall

1914-15                                    L. A. McKean

1915-16                                           “

1916-17                                           “

1917-18                                           “

1918-19                                           “

1919-20                                           “

1920-21                                    Simon Benson

1921-22                                    Robert N. Wilford

1922-23                                           “

1923-24                                    Edwin L. Myers

1924-25                                    Harold Beckman

1925-26                                    Vernon B. Askew

1926-27                                           “

1927-28                                           “

1928-29                                           “

1929-30                                           “

1930-31                                           “

1931-32                                           “

1932-33                                           “

1933-34                                           “


                   Blackhawk Conference began in 1934-35 ( * = Conference Champion)

1934-35                                    Willis Harms

1935-36        *                           William Metzger

1936-37        *                                  “

1937-38        *                                  “

1938-39        *                                  “

1939-40                                           “

1940-41                                           “

1941-42        *                                  ”                 /replaced by A. R. Wetzel

1942-43                                    Clarence Powers Patterson,  A. R. Wetzel

1943-44        *                           Harold Ferris

1944-45        *                           Keith Bare

1945-46                                           “

1946-47                                           “

1947-48                                           “

1948-49                                    Robert Wallis

1949-50                                    Floyd Stevenson

1950-51                                           “

1951-52                                    Walter G. Rucks

1952-53                                    Robert Watt

1953-54                                           “

1954-55                                    Earl Chism

1955-56                                           “

1956-57         *                          William (Bill) Boyer

1957-58         *                                 “

1958-59                                           “

1959-60                                    Roger West

1960-61                                           “

1961-62                                           “

1962-63                                    Richard Switzer

1963-64                                    Gary Keefauver

1964-65                                           ”                ,                  Al Harland

1965-66                                    Del Pruett         ,                       “

1966-67                                           ”                ,                       “

1967-68                                    Ken Bourquin,                          “

1968-69                                    Al Harland

1969-70         *                                 “


Toulon Township and LaFayette Highs merged for 1970-71


The Trojans had some nice seasons on the ball diamond too. The conferenece championship team of Toulon High School, listed below, is proof of this success.  John Ballentine provided the remaining coach’s names for the Toulon HS baseball program.


Year              Record              Head                                               Assistants

1952-53                                   Marion Wildhagen

1953-54                                          “

1954-55                                   Earl Chism


                    Blackhawk Conference competition started ( * = Conference Champion)

1955-56                                   Fred Vicini                 # (Southern Division Champions)

1956-57                                   William (Bill) Boyer

1957-58                                          “

1958-59                                          “

1959-60                                   Roger West

1960-61                                          “

1961-62                                          “

1962-63                                   Richard Pohar

1963-64 *                                        “

1964-65                                          “

1965-66                                   Wayne Jenkins

1966-67                                          “

Division winners played for championship


                                                               Best record determined championship

1967-68                                          “

1968-69                                          “

1969-70                                          “


Toulon Township and LaFayette Highs merged for 1970-71

Cross Country

It has been noted that the earliest Cross Country meets took place in halftimes of football games as far back as the 1930s.


There is said to have been some excellent performances and accomplishments by the school’s band program in “sweepstakes” competition. The IHSA website only covers this information beginning in 1973.  If you have any items you can share about the Toulon Township High School Band that enjoyed many successes in the 1940s and 1950s, please write to us so we can share them on this page.

Mr. Patterson, the music director at TTHS 19 years, started the marching band and the “Twirlers”.


Honor  Students  of  T.T.H.S.

  by  John  A.  Ballentine

A total of 80 graduation ceremonies were conducted from 1913 to 1992 for Toulon Township and Toulon-LaFayette high schools.  Valedictorians and salutatorians of their class delivered speeches during graduation, as well as the featured speaker.  The principal speaker for TTHS’ first and last classes were Dr. Benjamin Otto, pastor of Peoria’s Baptist church, who addressed the class and audience in 1913 and James D. Nowlan, a member of the Illinois House of Representatives from Toulon, who spoke to the audience and Class of 1970.

Research has yet to discover if Toulon High recognized honor students between 1879 and 1912, inclusively.  Beginning in the spring of 1913, The Stark County News recognized the top 2 students of the graduating class each year with a front page item of interest.  In addition to the following lists, Margaret Hazen was the high honor student of the Toulon Academy’s final class in 1912.  The Academy merged with Toulon High to form Toulon Township High, beginning with the 1912-13 school year.  In 1971,  the first class of Toulon-LaFayette High graduated and continued through 1992 until Stark County High was formed for 1992-93.

The 1985 Alumni booklet partially covered the years (1943-1986) and left most years 1913-1942/1987-1992 without the names of the class valedictorian and salutatorian.  Maiden names for the ladies are not listed because of possible name changes since 1985, and the dedication of time required involved with collecting/obtaining the corrected last names.  If you definitely know someones present last name, please contact Mary and Tim Milroy or The Stark County News office at 309-286-4444 or use email —


Year     Valedictorian                            Salutatorian

1913     Harold J. Trimmer                        Pauline Murray

1914     Enolia Worley                             Miles A. Newton

1915     Jean E. Jackson                         Elsie Fleming

Helen M. Nicholson

1916     Marilla Dewey                             Anna Farley

1917     Blanche C. Fuller                        Sarah A. Chase

1918     Francis B. Kinney                       Mary L. Sorenson

1919     Miles Hartley                              Ruth Leigh

1920     Helen Kinney                              Ruth Oliver

1921     Mary Walker                               Carolyn Chase

1922     Dorothy Price                             John R. Jackson

1923     Esther Armstrong                       Bessie Hankins

1924     Nona D. Miller                            Melva L. McKee

1925     Florence Bangson                      Geneva Ham

1926     Alberta Welch                            Arthur Pierson

1927     Helen Jackson                           Ruth Schmidt

1928     Lucy Griffith                               Maude Davis

1929     Ruth Fuller                                Dorothy McClellan

1930     F. Keith Brown                          Thelma I. Ward

1931     Elizabeth Tomlinson                  Eleanor Rist

1932     William McClellan                      Lucile Fritz

1933     Pauline A. Addis                       A. Pauline Crow

1934     Marjorie O’Keefe                       Bernice Heaton

1935     Dorothy Henderson                   Pauline Durbin

1936     Kathlene Ham                          Frances Berfield

*  Anna Lee Fuller had the highest grade average, but was a transfer student and therefore not allowed to be valedictorian.

1937     Mary A. Berfield                      Alice Bennett

1938     Ruth Shearer                          Dorothy Appenheimer

1939     Margaret C. McManus             Dale Addis

1940     Dorothy Brian                          Margaret Edlin

1941     Patricia A. Cover                     Doris Cobb & Velma A. Eckley

1942     Phyllis Nelson                         Hazel Cobb

1943     Ruth Hedges                           Lee Turnbull

1944     John McWilliam                      Winston M. Murray

1945     Gwendolyn Caverly                  Jane Trimmer

1946     Phyllis Armstrong                   Doris Hutchens

1947     Joyce Carter                           Lillian Gingrich

1948     David Fouts                            Ellen Milburn

1949     Virginia Whitten                      Donna J. Kidd

1950     Eloise Franklin                       Charles Howell

1951     Dean Milburn                          James Briggs

1952     Diane Elliot                            Marjorie Dunn

1953     Shirley Berfield                       Mary Dutton

1954     Margery Heaton                      Shirley Dunn

1955     Alice Nowlan                          Keith Failon

1956     Karen Field                            Kerry Newman

1957     Raymond Thompson               Leuetta Schmidt

1958     Ronald Schmidt                     Ted Hocking

1959     James D. Nowlan                  Wayne Nowlan

1960     Lee Dutton                            Michael Newman

1961     Donald Schmidt                     Lynn Shearer

1962     Mary Luckett                         Richard Colver

1963     Anne Shearer                        Barry Warren

1964     Sharon Witten                       Alexis Schmidt

1965     Nancy Streitmatter                David Doden

1966     Theresa Ham                        Roger Whittaker & Larry Williamson

1967     Martha Creasey                    David Daum

1968     Mary Matson                        Beth Witte & Gail Witte

1969     William Ebert                        Kenneth Jackson

1970     Leila Mowers                        Eldon Ham

Toulon High School Enrollment (Grades 9 – 12) in the Mid-1950s

1954-55        157

1955-56        156

1956-57        166

Seeking Further Information

We are seeking a photo of the old high school building as well as any other information you would like to share.  Please write to us via e-mail at or write to us via USPS at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.  60631

Toulon Township High School Class of 1952
A close-up of a person's face

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Submitted by John Borto
Toulon Township HS Football Team of 1914
A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated

T.T.H.S. 1914 football team

front  Clarence Appenheimer, Traverse Durbin, Roy Walker, coach’s son McKean, Raymond Long, John Walker, Ralph Cover

back  Coach L. A. McKean, Williard Eltzroth, Earl Dunlap, Lawrence Foster, Eddis Johnson, Joseph Chase, Harry Lloyd, Neil Leitch, Supt. Eugene L. Mendenhall

Toulon Trojans Basketball 1927-28
A group of men posing for a photo

Description automatically generated

T.T.H.S. 1927-28 basketball team

front    Paul Bragg, Paul Walker, John Gibson, Charles Hackwith, Gerald Sweat

back   Marion Burcham, Keith Brown, Joseph Claybaugh, Coach Vernon ‘John’ Askew

Toulon Track Team of 1915
A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated

T.T.H.S. 1915 track & declamatory team

front   Victor Armstrong, Williard Eltzroth, Traverse Durbin, Eddis Johnson

back  Supt. E. L. Mendenhall, Florence Anderson (declamatory speaker), Ray Porter, Neil Leitch, Raymond Long, Lawrence Foster, Marvin Linker, Milo Nowlan (declamatory speaker)

Toulon HS Class of 1950 Parade Float
A picture containing text, person, military vehicle

Description automatically generated
Courtesy of Jack Winans
Toulon HS Class of 1950 Reunion
A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated
Submitted by Jack Winans (Left click on photo for larger version)

Class of 1950 Reunion September 16, 2000

(Photo is above to the left)

Front row seated left to right:

Bob Turner, David Biba, Jim Eadie, George Eierman, Ann Heaton, Joyce (Behnke) Daehler, Nancy (Chamberlain) Tracy, Mildred Hillard

Second row standing left to right:

Ruth (Egert) Bigham, Joan (Wilson) McMullen, Lois (Elliot) Seger, Eleanor (Peterson) Anderson, Nadene (Porter) Phillips, Martha (Bruning) Finnegan, Gene Webster, Alice King, Juanita (Jackson) Catton, Audrey (Gerard) Stapel

Third row standing left to right:

Jack Winans, Willard Carroll, Eugene Wallace, Joan (Briggs) Gredell, Ardelle (Jones) Giesenhagen

Toulon High School Class of 1958
A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated
Photo Taken in 2005 – Submitted by Ruth Talbert
Toulon HS Class of 1957
A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated
Photo Taken in 2005 – Submitted by Ruth Talbert

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