Stanford High School “Indians”

Stanford Community High School Building
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Submitted by Diana DeWeese
The Original Stanford High School Building
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Built in 1896

The History of Stanford High School

Stanford (population 670) is located in western McLean County approximately 10 miles west and a little south of Bloomington. Illinois Route 122 is the main road that runs just north of town. The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad makes its way through the center of McLean.

Stanford took great care in educating its children throughout the years, beginning with the establishment of a school system in Stanford around 1890. The high school became part of the system shortly thereafter and opened up its own building by 1896, before building again in 1920.

The school first became involved in a consolidation effort with its neighbor Minier in 1968, forming the Stanford-Minier School District for a brief time. It is a fact that Stanford-Minier was then involved in a consolidation effort with its neighbors ArmingtonAtlantaDanversHopedale, Minier, and Waynesville. In 1972, this effort resulted in the creation of the Olympia School District. Stanford was fortunate enough to land the high school just a couple miles southwest of town.

We are aware that the second high school building was torn down in 1980 although the gymnasium was saved and is still standing (see picture below) as a part of the now-closed Stanford Grade School.

Stanford High School graduate (Class of 1968) Diana DeWeese provided the following information regarding the photo of the Standford High School building provided above and the gymnasium used by the high school teams:

“I recently commissioned a local artist – William Crook, Jr. – Springfield, IL – to create a “pen and ink” drawing of the Stanford High School for the program booklet for our annual All-School Reunion which is held in June of each year.

The picture labeled “Stanford High School gym” (below) was actually the gym attached to the grade school.  It was used by both the high school and grade school students.  The high school did have a gym, but it did not have any public seating and therefore was not used for IHSA games.  It was used primarily for gym classes, band and choir classes, and banquets.”

Stanford High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                            1890s

First building opened:                                 1896

Second building opened:                            1920

Year closed/merged with Minier:                 1968

Year merged into Olympia School District:   1972

Building razed:                                          1980

School nickname:                                      Indians

School colors:                                           Scarlet & Black

School Fight Song:                                    “We’re Loyal To You, Stanford High”

                                                                                    University of Illinois Fight Song Tune

                                                                                    Submitted by an anonymous fan

Stanford High School Fight Song

We’re loyal to you Stanford High


We’ll always b true Stanford High

We know you’ll not fail, As your name we will hail,

AS the BEST in the land Stanford High


So fight red and black Stanford High!

And never turn back Stanford High!

Our team is our fame protector,

Our boys are sure to win,

A victory, for you Stanford High!



RAH!    RAH!    RAH!

In Memory


Magnus Richard Mehl

Class of 1963

Stanford High School Gym – Rear View
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Stanford (dark jerseys) vs. Chenoa
A basketball player jumping to dunk a basketball

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1955 McLean County Tournament


Stanford High School definitely offered boys’ basketball. The school brought home three District titles in this sport. It is assumed Track and Baseball were also offered. No record of these sports were found on the IHSA web site ( The best of the boys’ basketball seasons are listed below, at least as far as IHSA hardware is concerned.

Boys Basketball

Can you say back-to-back-to-back?! The folks of the late 1930’s in Stanford could. District titles were won in 1938, 1939 and 1940, creating a very exciting time in town. It would be interesting to know the “whos and whys” of this great run by the SHS boys. We are hopeful someone out there can help us.

1919-20      McLean Co. Tourney Champs  Coach R.C, Moore

1920-21      McLean Co. Tourney Champs  Coach R.C. Moore

1933-34      McLean Co. Tourney Champs  Coach Roland Zook

1937-38      District Champions                   Coach Roland Zook

1938-39      District Champions                   Coach Roland Zook

1939-40      District Champions                   Coach Roland Zook  

                    McLean Co. Tourney Champs

1941-42      McLean Co. Tourney Champs  Coach Roland Zook

Stanford High School Basketball Team
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1933-34 McLean County Tournament Champions

Do You Have Information to Share?

We are hoping a Stanford native or area history “buff” will help us fill in the many gaps of this page. If you have any information you would like to share regarding Stanford and its school system, please complete a School Submission Form or a Guest Commentary Form. We are especially looking for old photos of the original high school building in its prime, along with great teams, coaches, and players from the school. You can e-mail us these items at or you may write us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.   60631

Stanford High School Band – 1931
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Stanford High School
A building that has been destroyed

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Built in 1920 / Razed in 1980

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