St. Charles Valley Lutheran HS “Ventures”

St. Charles Valley Lutheran High School
A large brick building with trees in front of it

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Submitted by Tim Misch / Taken by John Graham (
St. CHarles Valley Lutheran HS Entrance
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Courtesy of Tim Misch / Taken by John Graham

The History of St. Charles Valley Lutheran High School

St. Charles (population 32,134) is located in northeastern Illinois and is one of Chicago’s western suburbs.  Illinois Route 64 is the main roadway leading to and from St. Charles.  Illinois Routes 38, 31, and 25 also travel through St. Charles.  The Fox River and Chicago & Northwestern Railroad both travel through town as well.  St. Charles sits in the east-central portion of Kane County.

According to the Wikipedia website (,_Illinois) St. Charles was first settled in 1834 and became know as the town of St. Charles in 1839.  It was officially incorporated as a city in 1874.  The population of St. Charles was about 1,500 from 1850 through 1900.  It has steadily in creased over the past 100 years to its current bustling status.

St. Charles Valley Lutheran School
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Farnsworth Mansion

The history of the Valley Lutheran High School in St. Charles can be read about at the following address: .  In sumary the school was opened in 1907 as an all-girls school run by the opened by the Dominican Sisters of Adrian, MI., as “Mount St. Mary’s Academy”.  It spent some of its time as a boarding school.  The Sisters ran it as a girls’ high school for some time.

It served in this capacity as a high school until it was closed in the spring of 1972.  In the fall of 1974 it was reopened as Valley Lutheran High School, a co-educational school.  Financial issues caused the closure of the school in 1991.The school has since reopened in Elgin.

The school building that once housed Mt. St. Mary Academy and Valley Lutheran High School was razed to make way for new housing. Special gratitude is extended to Mary Ann Zeszutko for many items of information provided on this page.

St. Charles Valley Lutheran High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                              1974

Year closed:                                1991

Valley Luth. HS team nickname:  the “Ventures”

Valley Luth. HS team colors:       Columbia Blue, Black, and White

School Fight Song:                      “Valley Lutheran”

                                                                    Sung to “On Wisconsin”

                                                                    Submitted by DAVID BLACK

                                     Valley Lutheran, Valley Lutheran
Ventures all are we!
Fight the battle, blue and silver,
On to victory!


                                     In the conquest, to the finish,
This our battle cry!
Ever uphold your glory
Valley High!

Valley Lutheran Gymnasium
A building with trees in front of it

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Submitted by Tim Misch / Photographer John Graham (


The Valley Lutheran High School Ventures competed in both boys and girls sports.  The boys achieved success in basketball, football, and wrestling. The girls enjoyed IHSA success in basketball and volleyball.  It is probable other sports such as softball, baseball, track, and cross country may have been offered as well.  School fight song is being sought.  The Valley Lutheran Ventures competed in the Big 8 Conference.

Boys Basketball

The boys basketball program is covered ont he IHSA website from 1980 through 1991.  The program garnered two winning seasons during that time in a true hotbed of high school basketball.

1979-80       5 – 19

1980-81     10 – 13                                                Coach Barry Kolb

1981-82     17 – 8                                                  Coach Barry Kolb

1982-84                                                               Coach Barry Kolb

1984-88                                                               Coach Rick Garrison

1988-89     13 – 12                                                Coach Jack Pallas

1989-91                                                               Coach Bruce Biedinger

Girls Basketball

The Lady Ventures won two Regional Titles in the 15 seasons covered on the IHSA website.  Coach Larry Eichert led the team from 1979 through 1987.

1975-78                                                        Coach Mary Huebner

1978-79                                                        Coach Larry Eichert

1979-80    14 – 6    Regional Champions       Coach Larry Eichert

1980-81                                                        Coach Larry Eichert

1981-82    15 – 9                                            Coach Larry Eichert

1982-83    23 – 3    Regional Champions       Coach Larry Eichert

1983-84    15 – 10                                          Coach Larry Eichert

1984-85    12 – 12                                          Coach Larry Eichert

1985-86    12 – 12                                          Coach Larry Eichert

1986-87                                                        Coach Larry Eichert


A trip to the IHSA football playoffs in 1986 hi-lited the Ventures of the grid iron. In a September 9, 1978 game against Rockford Lutheran, Venture WR Brian Schultz accumulated 265 rushing yards in the win. That mark is good for thirteenth best in Illinois H.S. Football history.

1976-82                                                                          Coach L. Larrabee

1982-84                                                                          Coach W. Block

1984-86                                                                          Coach Paul Moses

1986-87  6 – 4  Qualified for IHSA Class 2A Playoffs       Coach Paul Moses

                      Lost to Reed-Custer 28 – 19 

1987-89                                                                          Coach Paul Moses

Great player – Don Shaw (Class of 1977) earned an Honarable Mention Defensive Team All-American Lutheran High School Football Team selection as a Linebacker at Valley Lutheran HS. Great job Don!!

Girls Volleyball

The lady netters won a District title in the early 1980s.  Team records and coach’s names of this and other great Venture volleyball teams are not currently available.

1980-81            District Champions


The grapplers of Valley Lutheran High School were the pride of the school as far as seasonal records go. Coach John Vogt led the Ventures for 13 seasons with all but one team having a winning season record and that one team having a .500 record. In addition two individuals brought home medals from the IHSA State Wrestling Meet.  Pete Robson was even crowned the STATE CHAMPION in 1985!!  Coach Vogt’s team records are listed below.

1975-76    14 – 6 – 1                                            Coach John Vogt

1976-77    18 – 3                                                 Coach John Vogt

1977-78    21 – 3                                                 Coach John Vogt

1978-79    17 – 8                                                 Coach John Vogt

1979-80    17 – 9 – 1                                            Coach John Vogt

1980-81    19 – 6                                                 Coach John Vogt

                Individual Medalist

                Mark Handrock        138 LBS. Wgt. Class    4TH Place

1981-82    13 – 9 – 2                                            Coach John Vogt

1982-83    17 – 5 – 3                                            Coach John Vogt

1983-84    24 – 1                                                 Coach John Vogt

                Individual Medalist

 Pete Robson            185 LBS. Wgt. Class    3RD Place

1984-85    14 – 7                                                 Coach John Vogt

                Individual Medalist

                Pete Robson            185 LBS. Wgt. Class    STATE CHAMPION!!

1985-86    14 – 11                                                Coach John Vogt

1986-87    11 – 11 – 1                                           Coach John Vogt

1987-88    22 – 3                                                  Coach John Vogt


From David Black:

“Tom Kaczor recorded a 3 second pin in a match in 1977. See the official Illinois HS wrestling records at This is also a national record since this is the fastest possible pin. Here is the entry:

185 — [31.]  :03Tom Kaczor, St. Charles (Valley Lutheran) vs. Darrin Raab, Aurora (Waubonsie Valley), Jan. 18, 1977.”

Seeking More Information

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