Seatonville High School

The History of Seatonville High School

Seatonville (population 303) is located in north-central Illinois in the southeast portion of Bureau County. The town sits on U.S. Route 6 about three miles west of Illinois Route 89.  Interstate Highway 80 passes about one mile to the north of Seatonville.  The Burlington Northern & Sante Fe Railroad travels through town as well.

An excellent history of the town of Seatonville can be viewed at the web address of . In summary the article states the following:

Seatonville is named after the “Seaton brothers” who owned a mining company which greatly supported the residents of the area.  Mining was a key part of the early development and growth of Seatonville.  The first coal mine was opened in 1878.  In its “boom” time (late 1800s / early 1900s) Seatonville reached a population of more than 2,000 residents.  One interesting comment in the article was that, true to its blue collar roots, the town also supported 21 bars!

By 1930 the coal mine had closed and the residents of Seatonville began moving away.  The population of the town in 1937 was approximately 500.  The town leveled at that number for several years before settling into its current population of approximately 300 residents.

We know that Seatonville residents made certain the kids of the town received a good education.  We are only aware that the town once offered high school courses based on a photo we found at the web address of .  This web page includes a photo of the Seatonville High School graduating class of 1918.  A total of 29 students graduated that year.

We are not certain as to when, however at some point in time Seatonville High School was closed.  We believe this may have occurred in the 1940s.  We do know that the kids of Seatonville today attend Hall Township High School in nearby Spring Valley.

Seatonville High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                     late 1800s?

Year closed:                     1940s?

Consolidated to:                Hall Township High School, Spring Valley

Seatonville HS nickname:   unavailable

Seatonville HS colors:        unavailable

Seatonville HS fight song:   unavailable


Seatonville High School likely offered basketball for the boys. It also may have offered baseball and track. We are in need of an alumnus or area fan to fill us in on this information. Though no IHSA hardware was won by the school, we are confident there are some seasons in Seatonville High School history that interested fans would like to recall. We are hopeful you will share this information with us.

Need Your Assistance

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