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The History of Luther East High School

Lansing (population 28,331) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the far southeastern portion of Cook County. Interstate Highway 80/94 passes through the northern edge of town. Illinois Route 394 passes by the western edge of Lansing. Lansing is bordered on the east by the Indiana/Illinois state line. Lansing has its own municipal airport and a nice forest preserve. Lansing is about 25 miles due south of downtown Chicago.

The Wikipedia web address of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lansing,_Illinois provides a short history of the city. In summary, the first settler arrived in the area in 1843. In 1846 the area was settled by a man named John Lansing, for whom the town is named after. The town grew slowly and was eventually incorporated as an official Illinois town in 1896. Since that time the growth continued to the curent thriving small city that Lansing has become.

The following is a summary of the history of Luther East High School located in an article on the LansingCommunity.net website. The article is printed in its entirety at the bottom of this page.

In summary, Luther East High School in Lansing was opened in 1978 at 2750 Glenwood-Lansing Road. The school was supported by the local Lutheran Churches and was fed by students of Lutheran based grade schools in the area. It was not until 2006 however that the school was officially accredited by the state of Illinois as a high school. The closing of several local Lutheran grade schools led to the enrollment of Luther East to falter. Lower enrollment and financial strife led to the decision to close the high school at the end of the 2012-13 school year. The final graduation ceremony for Luther East High School was held on May 25, 2013 with 16 students receiving their diplomas.

There is hope that someday Luther East High School will reopen. An article regarding this possibility is found at the web address of:


Today, we are advised that the former Luther East High School building serves as a grammar school.

Luther East High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                 1978

Year closed:                  2013

School team nickname:  “Eagles”

School team colors:        Brown & Yellow

School Fight Song:         (needed)


The Luther East High School Eagles competed in both boys and girls athletics. We know basketball and soccer were offered at the school. It is likely that other sports such as baseball, softball, and track may have been offered. We welcome any information you can share on this page.


The Eagles were early and consistent competitors in boys soccer. The teams of late 1980s in fact enjoyed some great seasons. Coach Allen Bramstadt’s boys had an overall record of 24-10-2 in the fall of 1986 and 1987. Any other information regarding boys soccer is welcome.

1981-82     0 – 6 – 1          Coach Mike Holtmeier

1982-83     7 – 8               Coach Mike Holtmeier

1983-84     7 – 10 – 1        Coach Allen Bramstadt

1984-85     1 – 17             Coach Allen Bramstadt

1985-86     8 – 13             Coach Allen Bramstadt

1986-87   12 – 6 – 1          Coach Allen Bramstadt

1987-88   12 – 4 – 1          Coach Allen Bramstadt

2004-05     5 – 7               Coach Kevin Best


The Eagles of 2004-05 had a real nice season. However, to this point, this is the extent of the information we have. The record was located on the IHSA website, www.ihsa.org.

2004-05     12 – 10           Coach Terry Fleming


It is a fact there were many other clubs and activities offered at Luther East High School. Foreign languages, art, music, student government, and many other items were made available for the students. If you have any information to share regarding these activities please contact us via the means listed below.

We Need Your Assistance

If you have any further information regarding Luther East High School please contact us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.  A photo of the former high school building and other activities offered at LEHS are welcome.  You can send items to us via real mail at:

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Top of Form

Luther East High School to Close

Gregory Tejeda, Times Correspondent

Bottom of Form

May 25, 2013

LANSING | Declining enrollment and recent closures of parochial elementary schools led officials at Luther East High School to decide to close at the end of the school year.

The Rev. Warren Mandel, who chairs the governing board that oversees the high school, said the decision was made by the board April 29.

Enrollment at the high school had declined to 45 students for the current academic year. Of those, 17 are in the graduating class that will receive their high school diplomas today during ceremonies taking place at Trinity Lutheran Church. The school and church are both affiliated with the Lutheran Church, Missouri synod.

Mandel said the small size of the student body was made worse by the fact that area parochial schools that traditionally fed students into the Luther East High School system have closed in recent years.

“It makes it unlikely that the Luther East student body would grow anytime soon,” he said.

Luther East Principal Dale Cooper declined to answer questions about the decision when he was contacted this week, saying only that ceremonies to mark the closing of the chapel on the campus at 2750 Glenwood-Lansing Road were held Thursday.

The school opened in 1978 but was not given full recognition by the Illinois State Board of Education until March 2006. Classes were not in session Friday.

Thursday, “was the last day,” Mandel said of Luther East as a school, although he said the board will continue to pay the 12 faculty and staff members through the end of June. Mandel said those people will focus their attention for the next month on easing the transition for the remaining Luther East students as they figure out where to transfer in order to complete their high school educations.

The Rev. Paul Appold, pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, said the commencement ceremonies at 2 p.m. today will include portions devoted to the closing of the school.

He also said the closing of Luther East does not impact the elementary school operated by the church at 18144 Glen Terrace.

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