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The History of Gladstone and Gladstone / Oquawka High Schools


The village of Gladstone (population 284) is located on Il. Route 164 one mile north of US. Route 34 in northern Henderson County.  Other location landmarks include being approximately 20 miles southwest of Monmouth and five miles east of the Mississippi River.  The A, T & SF Railroad runs through town and the South Henderson Creek also is a part of the village’s history.


The city of Oquawka (population 1,539) is situated on the banks of the Mississippi River in far western Henderson County.  Il. Route 164 is the main highway in town.  A larger town of note in the area is Monmouth which sits 16 miles east of Oquawka.   


Both towns supported their own high schools through the late in 1940s. It was in the fall of 1949 that a consolidation effort took place and the Gladstone / Oquawka School District was initiated.


This District lasted for eleven years.  In 1960 Gladstone – Oquawka HS consolidated with Biggsville and created the Union School District.  The Gladstone – Qquawka HS building still stands proudly, though now used for storage purposes. 

The original Gladstone high school gym is across the street from the old G & O HS/Tri-valley middle school buildings that are shown above.  The gym is connected by the Gladstone grade school that was built in 1969.

Gladstone High School


Different Angle

Gladstone / Oquawka High School Quick Facts


Year opened:           1948

Year closed:            1960

Consolicated to:       Union School District – Biggsville  

School nickname:     the “Blackhawks”

School colors:          Black & White

School Fight Song:   unavailable




The following is information regarding the successes of the Gladstone / Oquawka High School basketball team.  Two District titles and two excellent records were acheived in what might have been their short time together.  The successful seasons of the G.O.H.S. boys are listed below.  We belive the school offered track and possibly baseball as well.


Gladstone / Oquawka HS Boys Basketball


The Gladstone / Oquawka boys were a real threat in the 1950s.  Two DIstrict titles and two twenty-win seasons highlighted the short history fo the school.  Their boy’s basketball success is listed below. Several sores involving the Blackhawks. participation in the IHSA State Tourney were located on a website titled “Illinois Postseason High School Basketball Scores.” These scores are listed below as well.


1948-49                   Aledo Regional Tournament                Coach’s name & record needed.

                                1st Rd lost to Aledo 47-33

                                New Boston beat Aledo in title game.   


1949-50  Postseason scores, record, and coach’s name needed.


1950-51                   Aledo Regional Tournament                Coach’s name & record needed.

                                1st Rd Beat Roosevelt Military 53-46

                                Semi-Final lost to Aledo 69-50

                                Sherrard beat Aledo in title game


1951-52                   Gladstone District Tournament            Coach’s name & record needed.

                                Gladstone-Oquawka scores needed.

                                Bardolph beat Media in title game.                                


1952-53                   Gladstone District Champions         Coach’s name & record needed

                                 1st Rd Beat Media 64-51

                                 Semi-Final Beat Bardolph 77-60

                                 Title Game Beat Kirkwood 45-44

                                 Macomb Regional Tournament

                                 1st Rd lost to Roseville 62-48

                                 Monmouth beat Roseville in title game.


1953-54                   Gladstone District Champions         Coach’s name & record needed

                                 Early Round Scores Needed

                                 Title Game Beat Stronghurst 55-53

                                 Macomb Regional Tournament

                                 1st Rd Beat Roseville 57-47

                                 Semi-Final lost to Macomb 50-34

                                 Monmouth beat Macomb in title game.


1954-55  Postseason scores, record, and coach’s name needed.


1955-56                   Bardolph District Tournament              Coach’s name & record needed.

                                1st Rd Beat Biggsville 58-50

                                Semi-Final lost to Bardolph 76-56

                                Stronghurst beat Bardolph in title game


1956-57      7 – 16    Gladstone District Tournament            Coach Hal Olson

                                1st Rd lost to Biggsville 64-58

                                Bardolph beat Stronghurst in title game.


1957-58    20 – 8      Stronghurst District Runner-Up       Coach Hal Olson

                                 1st Rd Beat Media 75-32

                                 Semi-Final Beat Stronghurst 75-41

                                 Title Game lost to Bardolph 82-66


1958-59    27 – 3      Stronghurst District Runner-Up       Coach Joe Reynolds

                                 1st Rd Beat Media 61-38

                                 Semi-Final Beat Stronghurst 67-66 (O/T)

                                 Title Game lost to Roseville 62-55


1959-60                    Stronghurst District Tournament         Coach’s name & record needed

                                 **Semi-Final lost to Bardolph 69-55

                                 Bardolph beat Stronghurst in title game.

**Final varsity boys basketball game for Gladstone-Oquawka High School.





The better grid-iron teams of the 1950s are listed below, as researched by our good friend Tom Sikorski


1952  6-2     Wilco Conference Champions         Coach Gene Behnke

1954  6-2     Valley Conference Champions        Coach Vern Chick

1955  3-3     2nd place (tie) Valley Conference

1956  3-4                                                             Coach Marvin “Bud” Maynard  

1957  4-4     3rd place Valley Conference               Coach Marvin “Bud” Maynard

1958  4-3-1                                                          Coach Bob Strickland

1959  4-4                                                             Coach Bob Strickland


G-O last fielded a football team in 1959.  Consolidated with Biggsville in 1960.




Some of the better athletes of the 1950s included Larry Whitmore,Duane Brown, Lawrence Fulleton, Norman Dixon, Ray James, George Olson, Mike Lewis, Bob Schulz, Tom Phipps, Bill Graham, Bob Schulze, Marlin McCabe, Larry Yeoman, Greg Carlson, and Alvin Tee

Coaches of the 1950s included Mr. Vern Chick and Mr. Ziggie.


From Roger Icenogle (Class of 1959):

“Glad to see your site.  I attended G-O High School from the fall of 1955 until graduating in 1959.  It was my pleasure to play on some of those very good basketball teams.  I am very proud that our senior record of 27-3, a school record at the time, has never been equalled.  Here are a few more  basketball facts that I hope you can include in your online annals.

1956-1957  The football team was 3-4 with Coach Marvin (Bud) Maynard
                 The basketball team was 7-16 under Coach Hal Olson

1957-1958  Football  4-4  under Coach Maynard
                 Basketball was 20-8 under Coach Hal Olson, top scorer was senior  Tom Phipps. This began a string of, I believe, seven consecutive 20+ win seasons for G-O and its successor, Union High School, made up of G-O and Biggsville High School.  Both programs had had recent basketball success and the consolidation sustained the great run for several years,

1958-1959  Basketball 27-3 under Coach Joe Reynolds, who was elevated to the head spot after two years as frosh-soph mentor.  Coach Reynolds had a great run of teams for about seven years.  Our outstanding players were 6’4″ Bill Graham and 5’7″ Bob Schulze.  Our three losses were to New Boston (an upset), Alwood (Alpha & Woodhull) and Roseville, who were both a little better than us. I still have the box scores from most of that season’s games.  Bob Schulze hit a season high of 35 points against Biggsville High, a strong opponent.

The Valley Conference, of which we were members at this time, was made up of the following high schools:  Gladstone-Oquawka, StronghurstBiggsvilleMediaKirkwoodLittle YorkKeithsburgNew Boston, and after 1957, Warren (rural area surrounding Monmouth).  None of these schools still exist.  G-O had probably the largest enrollment, around 125, while Media was the smallest with an enrollment of about 70.  I believe all except New Boston & Keithsburg fielded football teams.  In the early ’50s,  G-O participated in 8-man football.

One other note:  In my memory, no G-O players had notable college success, but one man deserves mention as arguably the best player of the school’s 12 year run:  6’6″ Marlin McCabe (Class of ’55) was an outstanding player who anchored at least one district championship team.  Marlin played briefly for Western Illinois University.

Thanks again for maintaining this site.  I have great memories of my high school basketball days.  I later played at Eureka College and coached for 24 years. 

Go Blackhawks!”

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Gladstone Ball Park


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Gladstone High School


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