Plattville High School

Plattville School Addition
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Photo by Cody Cutter, June 2010
Old Plattville High School
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Plattville, IL

The History of Plattville High School

Plattville (population 245) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the southwest portion of Kendall County.  According to the Wikipedia web address of,_Illinois the town was officially incorporated in March of 2006 making it one of Illinois’ newest villages.  Plattville is located on the county roads named Chicago Road (County Highway 8) at the intersection with Church Road.  Plattville is about five miles southeast of Yorkville and five miles northwest of Minooka.

We know of the one-time existence of a high school in Plattville from research conducted by Roberta Van Briesen. The Plattville area began education for the children of the area as early as 1836.  The town’s founder, Daniel Platt, hosted the school in his own home.  A schoolhouse was constructed in 1849.  In 1928 a new school house, pictured below, was built that housed a grade school and a high school.

Plattville School Building 2019
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It is likely Plattville High School was either a two or three-year high school.  It is also likely the school closed in the 1940s.  If you have this information please contact us so we can add it to this page.  The kids of Plattville today attend high school in nearby Yorkville.

Plattville High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                           1920s? (possibly earlier)

Year closed:                            1940s?

Year school function ceased:  1975

Consolidated to:                       Yorkville High School

Unknown if athletics offered


We are unclear if the Plattville school offered athletics. If you have this information, please write to us via e-mail so we can include the information on this page.

Plattville HS Gymnasium 2019
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**From Lee Ann McKay:

I grew up in the area and went to Plattville school.  In the 1970s the school was a grade school.  In the single story building you walked in the door into a gymnasium and on your left was offices, a stage and a kitchen.  On the right of the gym was two classrooms divided with a small hall and bathrooms.  In the two story building, was a library and additional offices.

The school at that time had a classroom that had 1st and 2nd grade in one room and 3rd and 4th grade in the other room.  After that you were sent to the Yorkville school system.  Hot Lunches were brought in from Yorkville and heated up and served from the kitchen.  The school was part of the Yorkville school district.

The school was closed in 1975, after the school year, and all children were then sent to Yorkville.

It was my understanding that the school used to house children up to the 8th grade before they were sent to Yorkville for high school.  I had never heard that it was a high school.”


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Plattville HS Building Side View from East 2019
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Plattville HS Building Front View 2019
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Platteville HS Gym Entrance 2019
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Plattville HS Baseball Field 2019
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Plattville Baseball FIeld Concession Stand 2019
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