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The History of Long Grove Academy in Pavilion

Pavillion (or Pavilion;  population approximately 100) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the northwest portion of Kendall County.  The town is situated on Illinois Route 71 just west of Illinois Route 47.  The town of Yorkville is just a few miles northeast of Pavillion.  The area was first settled in 1834. As of December of 2009 the small hamlet of Pavillion has not been incorporated as a village or town in Illinois.

Though the village started out with great promise it did not prosper through the years.  Pavillion (or Pavilion) may have never been more than a one-street town, , that street being the main thoroughfare which eventually became Illinois Route 71. It appears as though the area saw its best of times in the middle to late 1800s.  By the 1930s the town was no more than a few homes.

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It appears like to all new residents moving to Illinois that education was an important part of daily life.  In the middle to late 1840s a school of higher learning was extablished in Pavillion.  It would become known as the Long Grove Academy.  This academy offered grade school classes and some classes for those who attended school after the 8th grade. The school was well attended for years with children coming from miles around, sometimes boarding with other families during the week.  More informaton on Long Grove Academy can be read at the following two web addresses:

The Long Grove Academy however soon met an unfavorable fate.  The Academy was closed in the early 1870s.  The building was torn down in 1875. Its bricks were utilized to construct a new school building.

Long Grove Academy Quick Facts

Year opened:           mid-1840s

Year closed:            early 1870s

Building fate:            torn down in 1875

Athletics not offered.

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