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Nora School Building 2010
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The History of Nora High School

Nora (population 118) is located in far northwestern Illinois in the northeastern portion of Jo Davies County.  Nora is situated on County Road 6, also known as N.Stagecoach Road.  E.Nora Road also takes you to and from the village.  The Chicago Central & Pacific Railroad line travels through Nora.  Nora is located about 20 miles northwest of Freeport.

A nice history of the early development of Nora can be viewed at the web address of . An oniline book is located there and is titled “The History of Jo Davies County, Illinois”.  The book has copy write year of 1878. Information on the village of Nora is located on page 561.  In summary, the early history of Nora is as follows:

Nora was platted in 1853 by George Stanchfield.  Shortly after the town was officially recognized Mr. Stanchfield constructed the first house.  Small businesses soon followed. Churches and a school system were soon in place as well.

We only know of high school courses being offered in Nora due to a brief comment on this same page.  The comment states as follows:

“Among the active political and educational workers, may be mentioned the names T. Clarkson, Puckett, S. K. Miner, Robert K. Wilson, and Alfonso E. Ricker.  The acknowledged excellence of the high school and public schools in general, and the brilliant success of the Nora Lecture course, is attributed to the energy, intelligence and enterprise of these gentlemen.” 

We have not been able to locate any further information on Nora High School. Our only guess is that Nora High School existed from the late 1870s through the late 1940s, possibly longer.  We do know that the school-aged children of Nora today attend classes in nearby Warren, just 4 miles to the northwest of town.

Nora High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                   late 1870s

Year closed:                    late 1940s?

Consolidated to:               Warren High School

Nora HS team nickname:  unavailable

Nora HS team colors:       unavailable

School Fight Song:           unavailable

Nora School Rear View with Newer Additions
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Athletics & Extra-Curricular Activities

It is not known at this time if athletics were offered at Nora High School.  It is likely that activities, including athletics, such as band, chorus, plays, and graduations were held at the school.

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