Nason High School

The History of Nason High School

Nason (population 234) is located in Elk Prairie Township in southern Jefferson County , about 11 miles southwest of Mt. Vernon .  Modern-day Nason is located on a peninsula between the two northern arms of Rend Lake (“Nason Point”).  The following information on Nason and Nason High Scbool is primarily from the Rootsweb ( and Geneologytrails websites for Jefferson County.

The village of Nason was laid out in 1923.  Coal company owner A. J. Nason was starting a new coal mine and wanted a “model city” near the mine site.  The Nason mine opened in 1924 and the village quickly grew to an estimated 1500 people.  Like many Illinois mining towns, the population of Nason included many people of Italian and Eastern European descent.   The extremely deep Nason mine (over 700 feet) unfortunately was plagued with constant ground water problems.  Around 1927, Nason’s company went into receivership and the mine closed briefly. It was eventually reopened, but closed for good in 1932.  A second mine at Nason opened in 1938 and operated until 1951.  By 1965, the village was nearly deserted.  The opening of Rend Lake in 1973 brought some new construction to the area, along with recreational opportunities.

Nason High School was started in 1924 in a two-room building on the east side of the village.  Nason was a 2-year high school.  A small gymnasium building was located on the north side of town, where Nason played basketball games against other area schools.  In 1935, during the period after the first mine closed, Nason High was also closed.  The gymnasium building was reportedly moved to nearby Waltonville.

Nason students today attend Waltonville High School .  Additional information and pictures of Nason High School are needed.

Nason High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                      1924

Year closed:                       1935

Consolidated to:                  Waltonville High School

Nason HS team nickname:  unavailable

Nason HS team colors:       unavailable

School Fight Song:             unavailable


Though open but a few short years, we know that Nason High School competed in basketball against other schools.  The town even constructed a gymnasium for this cause.  Sports such as baseball and track may also have been offered.  We are searching for the schools team nickname, uniform colors, season records, coach’s names, and any individual accomplishments attained at Nason High School.


We are certain that sports were not the only item offered at Nason High School.  Clubs, plays, picnics, chorus, and band may also have been offered.  If you have this information please forward it to us for inclusion on this page.


Special gratitude goes out to Gerry Halpin for the writing of this page and the research he put into it.  Also to Roberta Van Breisen for pointing out Nason High School’s existence!

Looking for More Info

We are hopeful and area enthusiast can “fill in the blanks” regarding the Nason High School successes and history.  We are always in need of photos of the old school building and great teams.  If you wish to help us out please complete a School Submission Form or Guest Commentary Form.  You may also e-mail us at or write us at:

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